8 Ball and Arrows Promoting Healthy Competition.

If like us, you love a decent open competition you should visit Green Street in Kidderminster. Madhouse Events have partnered with the venue to bring new zest to the open event scene.

The 8 Ball and Arrows venue in Kidderminster has announced a raft of dart competitions in the coming months. A variety of formats, prizes and timings are being offered to attract darters of all types to this sports dedicated space.

Sadly we missed the chance to tell you about the first of the new monthly events that kicked off in August. But with Sept – Dec already scheduled perhaps we should all give it our support. These regular events used to be the lifeblood of the open circuit and a great place for developing competitive matchplay skills.

The 2019 Kidderminster Open, in association with Madhouse Events, will again be held at this venue, previous Opens have been well thought of and enjoyed by a variety of players familiar to dartsworld.com We are sure you will enjoy it too.

Check out the posters above and keep an eye out for more from this dynamic outfit.