A Good Afternoon at the O2 – Players Refuse to be Dragged Down by Adversity.

Today’s afternoon session followed a mixed weekend from the O2. The BDO had looked as if it may salvage something, on Saturday, from the wreckage of pre-event troubles. Yet Sunday has ended with very poor crowds, and an awful atmosphere, which had generated bad press and social media. Yet those involved on Monday afternoon put up a very good showing:

Pescaru played well but was outgunned by Justin Hood.
Pic: dartfreak/Van den Berk

Justin Hood proved a decent player under pressure and held off the Romanian challenge of Pascaru. At one set all, it looked like it may get tougher. Hood then busted his score, hitting a treble twenty whilst on tops for the leg! Yet he recomposed himself ran out a comfortable winner and came across very well in his interviews.

Nick Fullwell finally showed a little of his talent on our TV screens. Nick has made the PDC World Champs previously, and a handful of other major events, but had not lived up to the talent he is known for. After what has been a terrible time

Nick Fullwell may be beginning to show his true talent.
pic: PDC

for him, and his family, he seems to have found a new calm and perspective which suited him well. Cameron levelled at one set all but it was the only time he was in the game. Fullwell v David Evans could be the highlight of tomorrow.

The final game of the afternoon featured the number one seed. Wesley Harms has had a mixed year he has one some very big events and also had some poor performances. Andreas Harryson seems determined to expose the later. He refused to give in and fought throughout. Harms scrapped through in the end but could not be happy with anything other than the end result.

All in all a good session of darts. Some very good quality was witnessed and very competitive matches in the main. It seems the players are determined to showcase their skills and not let external matters put them off their game.

Good luck to them all.

Afternoon Session
Gabriel Pascaru (ROM) 1 v 3 Justin Hood (ENG) 
David Cameron (CAN) 1 v 3 Nick Fullwell (ENG) 
(1) Wesley Harms (NTH) 3 v 2 Andreas Harryson (SWE)