Ando’s Gunnar Do It!

GARY ANDERSON is ready to do a ‘Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’ and come off the bench to be a sensational PDC winner.

Anderson is ready to ‘do a Ole’. LFC fans might prefer to think of their own ‘Supersub’ David Fairclough!

The Flying Scotsman went viral after The Sun newspaper exclusively revealed on April 17 that a lack of strong WiFi signal made him pull out of the Home Tour.

However, thanks to that story a local firm sorted his broadband and now the double World Champ is unbeaten in nine matches. Ando goes into the final tonight (Friday) aiming to go out in a blaze of glory in Solskjaer style, who famously came off the bench to win Sir Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United the Champions League in 1999.

He said: “I could be the first name on the Home Tour trophy – and I hope I’m the last.“If we are playing this tournament again in 2021, we’ll know the virus is still around. “I’m still getting used to the set-up because I’m useless with technology. I had to get Rachel to help me on the first night. “Playing at home over the internet, using screens and tablets to find out how the other guy is doing, has been weird and I’ve found it quite difficult at times”.

“But now I’ve come this far, it would be nice to win it – and maybe, in years to come, we’ll look back at 2020 as the summer we were locked down.

“I was the first winner of the Phil Taylor Trophy when it was named after him at the World Matchplay, so maybe this is a chance for another ‘first’. But I’m really looking forward to getting back on stage – I want the hunger back.”

The PDC are ready to reveal their plans for the World Matchplay which was set to be played at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool from July 18. It is likely that will be played behind closed doors, possibly at a different venue.

There may be a lot for Gary to ponder over the coming months?

Anderson added: “It’s always a laugh at Blackpool because the start of the tournament coincides with the start of the kids’ school holidays in Scotland, so there were always loads of Jocks in the crowd.

“The Winter Gardens is always a great place to play, but if we have to hold it behind closed doors this year it will be very different”.

“As it stands, the players coming from overseas will have to go into quarantine for two weeks when they arrive in the UK. “Even if you are only coming over from Holland, that means you have to spend two weeks in a hotel before you come out to play darts – and not many hotels are open yet. Where are they going to stay? “And how are players based in Britain supposed to get to the venue if there are no hotels available? Do we drive ourselves to the venue? There are lots of things to sort out”.

Double World Champion, and the first winner of the Phil Taylor Trophy, would miss the ‘Jocks’ in the crowd at Blackpool.

“If they move it to later in the year, so be it – but there is already going to be a heck of a lot of darts at the back end of the year already, and you wonder if there will be enough hours in the day for all of it.”

Pix: Taylor Lanning