White’s Abuse Antidote!

Darts World have noted an alarming rise in the volume of social media abuse directed at dart players in recent times. However, during his exclusive conversation with Phil Lanning, Stoke’s Ian White revealed his ‘Diamond’ distraction tactics.

Ian White dabs his way past social media diatribes.( Photo : PDC)

Several players, including World Champion Peter Wright and reigning Matchplay winner Rob Cross, have commented in recent weeks that the abuse they recieve has increased and that the nature of it has worsened during LockDown. It seems, sadly, that Ian is not immune:

“A lot of the people who criticise you on social media would love to be in my position”.

‘Diamond White’, as Ian is known, has a somewhat different approach, to the trolls and other miscreants, than the often heard “ignore or block them” type clichés.

“I do read it….. people are entitled to their Opinions,

[But] we’ve got to watch what we Say, being in this spotlight”.

But, as anyone who follows Whitey on twitter will know, he doesn’t remain silent. Rather than respond in kind, or allow such bile to affect him, he offers Attenborough like clips of the wildlife in his garden, comic asides and even his own version of ‘Carpool Karaoke’!

White’s ‘Carpool’ singing and madcap antics seem to provide an insulation from much of the nastier social media abuse.

So I just sing on Twitter instead.

“That’s who I am!”

Ian was talking to Phil Lanning, for Darts World, and will soon be back in action at the Betfred World Matchplay.

Check out his full conversation, his tour posse, and the extent of his ambition here.

A Real Diamond? White’s Humour Shines Through.

Stoke-on-Trent’s Ian ‘Diamond’ White is not often thought to be one of darts’ natural entertainers. But those you know him, and his many twitter followers, often witness a different side to the likable major finalist. .

The crowds can look forward to Ian White’s dab celebration should he be victorious in the Matchplay!

Talking exclusively to Darts World, White revelled in discussing his quirky humour and where it comes from:

My era was Morecambe and Wise and it was like their sketch of Eric walking off at the end of the show

In his earlier days, playing in the BDO, Ian formed a successful partnership with fellow thrower Andy Bolton. Known as ‘A & Ian’ they would entertain as much with ‘madcap antics’ as with their impressive darts.

Ian added:

I’m a good character at exhibitions and on Twitter, everyone sees how much fun I am.

‘Whitey’ tends to show less of this personality on the big stages or during competitive Pro Tour days. As a former factory worker, he is well aware of his privileged position and knows that its his skill with tungsten, rather than his ‘sparkling wit’, that pays the bills.

He remarked:

But when I’m up on stage I’m up there to do a job. I don’t jump around the stage.

I might give it large if I win the game, that’s the extent of it though.“I know people went on about my quarter-final thing but at the end of the day I’ve got the best job in the world….

Pix: L Lustig / PDC

Read Phil Lanning’s full and exclusive conversation with Ian here.

Jones Defies Q-School ‘Smash & Grab’ To Stage A LockDown Resurgence

Staffordshire’s Jake Jones looked all set for a top-flight darts career. After a string of impressive results, now almost a decade ago, the Stoke-on-Trent thrower suddenly seemed to disappear without a trace. During the LockDown however he has reemerged and his tremendous talent is beginning to shine again.

Jake Jones - Mastercaller.com
Jake Jones, rumour has it he was nicknamed ‘Goldenballs’

Darts World contributor Shaun Rodgers caught up with Jake earlier this week for a long chat, more to come on that, and its fair to say that 2020 has been a mixed year for the twenty-six-year-old.

After a spell out of competition Jones had decided, albeit a bit late, to enter the PDC’s Q-School and attempt to secure a Pro-Tour card for 2020. After a solid first day Jones was struck by a horrid moment when his car was trashed and darts were stolen:

I left my car at the venue overnight right in front of the…. doors. I come to the venue Saturday morning…… and
found out that someone had smashed my car up, robbed my darts and other stuff out of my car.

so I had to play with a borrowed set off a complete stranger in the venue.

While no-one can ever know for sure Jones had seemed to be settling well, after his self imposed break, and may have challenged on the final two days.

He added:


Jake refused to allow the experience to destroy his return to the competitive game, reaching the last sixteen of a Challenge Tour event early in the season, and was just beginning to recapture his best form when Covid-19 struck the UK. The former Development Tour finalist has managed to use the opportunity of not being able to work normally, he is a scaffolder by trade, and get stuck in to his darts:

as soon as lockdown came and furlough became apparent, it was an
opportunity for me to get on the board and play like I’ve always wanted to.


The rewards have begun to flow and Jones is once more looking like the player he promised to be. Look out at dartsworld.com for Shaun’s full conversation and some great quickfire questions!

Look out for more from Shaun and Jake in the coming days!

Darts World Revs Up With Suzuki – Tomorrows Exclusive.

Tomorrow is ‘Ladies’ Day’ at Darts World. Our lead reporter chatted with Target’s Mikuru Suzuki and the conversation turned into quite a chat! See our latest stories from 8 am tomorrow. From risking family offense, to ‘the wall’ that faces women darts players. Oh yeah, ‘The Miracle’ loves her rugby too!

Look out for the full, and exclusive, story tomorrow morning and then keep your eye on Darts World twitter feed throughout the day.

Pic: Taylor Lanning

Whitlock Adds Joins Remote 9-Dart Club.

Simon Whitlock became the latest player to hit an online nine-darter on his way to winning a ‘remote’ knockout tournament featuring other top names this weekend.

Winmau’s Simon Whitlock has had a relatively successful spell and seems to have adapted well to the distanced darting situation.

Former World Championship semi-finalist Whitlock took out his nine-dart finish during a second-round encounter with the in-form Jake Jones. The Australian’s nine-darter and the later final (vs Dobey) were not streamed online due to regulations that come alongside owning a tour card.

Simon had a disappointing time in the newly instituted PDC Home Tour but has acquitted himself well, in remote darts events, since.

‘The Wizard’ came through a field of 128 players in the tournament including Michael Smith and Chris Dobey last Saturday afternoon defeating Chris ‘Hollywood’ Dobey in the final. The event was put together by Australian Danny Kilbane, Dobey had conquered Michael Smith and the dangerous Andy Boulton en route to the final.


Meanwhile, the ‘Aussie Wizard’ removed Joe Murnan, William Borland before clinching victory over Dobey During his earlier encounter, with Englishman Jones, Whitlock hit six 180s in ten legs with two of those coming back-to-back in the final leg, Simon then completed the regulation 141 check-out to become the third big-name player to his a nine-dart finish during the lockdown months.

Unfortunately, neither Whitlock’s nine-darter nor his final against Dobey were allowed to be streamed online due to regulations that come alongside owning a tour card.

Feature pic: PDC (L Lustig)

Freemium Day 17: A Fond Farewell.

With a recent change in ownership, Darts World is embarking on a new era in its history and exciting times lie ahead, including some innovative developments that are coming this summer. Make sure you keep up to date at dartsworld.com

June 2018 (548) was, perhaps, the last to feature ‘The Crafty Cockney’. Read JR Lott’s tribute to Eric’s legacy here. Scroll down to find out how you can read this issue, and over 50 more, totally free, during this Lock-Down period.

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Winmau Give Your Practice A Boost.

From the start of these Covid affected times Darts World has sought to give credit to those, within the darts ecosystem who have stepped up to provide players, and fans,, with extra opportunities to help out.

Practice boards at the PDC

Winmau have put together a threesome of free/trial offers that will boost your practice performances and may improve your game. Amongst them is SwitchBlade, a game which Darts World introduced to the world a few weeks back. Great to see our friends giving it an even wider audience!

With more people playing darts at home right now than at any other time on earth, we want to make sure that your putting your time to good use and progressing as well as you can. This treble of FREE games developed with our amazing partners GoDartsPro will make sure you have the easiest way to play some really exciting practice games that add a real edge to your game and understanding of how to get better – good luck we hope you enjoy them and as ever feedback always really welcome.


Lockdown Challenge


A. I. M: The iinventors of SwitchBlade

WDDA Winmau World Cup and Festival of Disability Darts 2021

Next year’s WDDA Winmau World Cup and Festival of Disability Darts has been scheduled to take place across the weekend of 29th April to 2nd May 2021 at the Hilcroft Hotel, Whitburn, Scotland.

The four-day event will be headlined by the second iteration of the WDDA Winmau World Cup, hosted by Disability Darts Scotland, with disability darts teams from around the globe playing in both Compris and Classic classified tournaments.

Full details of the darts festival are as follows:


29 April – 2 May 2021

The Hilcroft Hotel, East Main Street, Whitburn, West Lothian, Scotland, EH47 0JU.

Thursday 29th April; All countries will be collected from the Airport and taken to your Hotel.

Thursday 29th April 7.30pm; Pairs Event in the Cawburn Sports Bar £10 entry (transport provided ).

Friday 30th April 10.30am until 5.00pm; Cultural coach trips – two trips taking you to some of Scotland’s beautiful historical landmarks and sights (optional).

Friday 30th April 7.30pm; A Ladies only tournament in the Cawburn Sports Bar £5 entry (transport provided)

Friday 30th April 7.30pm; Men’s Singles event, Hilcroft Hotel Main Hall £5 entry.

Saturday 1st May 10.00am; Bagpipe opening ceremony, followed by the WDDA Winmau World Cup Team Event, Hilcroft Hotel; 9.30pm Karaoke in Hotel Lounge.

Sunday 2nd May 10.30am; Finals Day, see the World Cup come to a conclusion in the Hilcroft Hotel.

Sunday 2nd 8.00pm; Farewell Supper Dance with cabaret, buffet and disco.


Winmau and Disability Darts Scotland look forward to welcoming you to Scotland.

All information and bookings are available by e-mail to dartsscotland@gmx.co.uk

Notice originally published at: winmau.com

Freemium Day 15: Hogan is Champion of Champions.

Darts World magazine’s cover stars are often the games biggest attractions. But in October 2017 the honour was claimed by Paul Hogan. Paul has a superb record of causing big upsets and going deep in major events. Finally, he had gone all the way and claimed a notable title!

Crocodile Dundee a.k.a Paul Hogan claimed his cover spot in October 2017.

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