BDO World Championships Preview – The Ladies.

Jacco Krook’s personal view of the BDO World Championship continues with a look at the ladies event. Follow Jacco ( for more insights and interesting interviews.

Lisa Ashton will be looking to reclaim her crown.
Pic : BDO

Many people would say the champion of the ladies event will be Mikuru Suzuki and Lisa Ashton. In my opinion they are indeed the favourites after Fallon Sherrock had chosen to withdraw. Few people knew Mikuru before her qualifying for last years BDO World Championship and probably even fewer people expected her to win the first round match after she had drawn Lisa Ashton. Well, the rest is history. Lisa Ashton is a four times BDO World Champion and certainly knows what it takes to take the title and wants revenge for sure. 

Deta Hedman is one of the most experienced and constant players in the ladies competition. However she hasn’t won the BDO World Championship yet despite playing three finals. Perhaps the change of location will help Hedman winning the title a player like she has to win at least once.

Never underestimate Anastasia her experiance could be telling this year.

Anastasia Dobromyslova is a three times BDO World Champion. She however won her last world title back in 2013. Of course she had played fewer tournaments for some time after becoming mother. However she still made it to five finals in 2019, including the World Masters.  The Russian star is always a player to reckon with. 

Lorraine Winstanley is one of the players who is in the top of the ladies competition for several years now. She started 2019 with a second place at the BDO World Championship. Since then 2019 wasn’t her best year, but who knows what she might bring on the big stage. 

Aileen de Graaf is also one of the players who is in the top of the ladies competition for some years. Aileen won the Finder Masters twice and also the World Masters 2015 and World Trophy 2017. So she know what it takes to win a big event, however at the World Championship her best result is reaching the semi final in 2016 and 2017.

Laura Turner has had a great 2019. Laura won the Isle of Man Open and reached the quarter finals of the World Trophy after making also her BDO World Championship. She however has a tough first round match against Deta Hedman, but if she can beat The Heart of Darts Laura certainly has a chance of going far.

The massively talented Beau Greaves could pose a threat.

Beau Greaves is known as a very talented player for some years now. In 2019 she played several events between the ladies despite being only 16 years old. Beau showed her class winning the Welsh Classic, Welsh Open, England National Championships and England Open which made her the number 6 seed. 


Aileen de Graaf meets in Kirsty Hutchinson a player who developed enormously in 2019. In first instance Kirsty just came short of qualifying, because she ended just outside of the top 14. At the qualifiers she showed she deserves to be in the world championship and she made also clear that the field of the ladies world championship might be extended because there are more and more players breaking through. Aileen is of course the favourite in this match, but if Aileen doesn’t turn up Kirsty might certainly take her chances.

Deta Headman is vastly experienced and would be a hugely popular winner.

Deta Hedman against Laura Turner sounds very interesting to me. Deta is a player who certainly deserves to win a world title, but until now it haven’t happened for her. This year Deta has a tough first opponent in Laura, who have had a great 2019 and if Deta isn’t in top form Laura is certainly capable of beating Deta.

Mikuru Suzuki will be regarded as one of the favourites in the upcoming World Championship. However her first opponent Maria O’Brien is a very tough opponent, who is hard to beat and have made some upsets on the big stage in recent years. So if Mikuru can’t cope with the pressure she might feel as defending world champion and which Maria might put on her this could become a very interesting match.

A wide open event, with an ever improving standard and depth of field. This could be the best ladies event seen on TV.