Darts World Secure Danish Collaboration.

Darts World has always looked further afield than its home audience. From its beginnings, in 1972, the magazine has sought to provide a snapshot of as much of the ‘Darts World’ as possible.

A ‘great Dane’ Per Laursen has carried the flag for Denmark many years, but new players are coming through.

The newly re-invigorated publication is again seeking to build relationships with friends and partners across the globe.

The DW team is delighted to report a newly agreed collaboration between ourselves and Denmarks, No.1 darts site, Dartnyheder.dk. A Darts World spokesperson said:

“Darts World has always sought good relations and mutual cooperation with a publication, governing bodies throughout darts.

We are delighted to cooperate with a site as devoted to darts as dartnyheder.dk

The growth of mainland Europe’s dart scene, over the last decade, has been rapid and extensive. The Nordic/Scandinavian arena has provided an increasing number of talented players and an affiliated (PDC) tour of its own.

Juniorlandstræneren efter ECY: Vi havde håbet på mere – dartnyheder.dk
Danish and Scandinavian players have been making a big impact in recent years.

Darts World hopes to provide its new friends with content and entertainment for their readers whilst, at the same time, offering a detailed window into the fast developing Danish/Scandinavian darting sphere.

Daniel Thybol said:

Thank you to Darts World ……I’m very excited about the new possibilities and our new cooperation.

Daniel hopes to expand the arrangement to include more PDCNB information and insight. We look forward to a thriving relationship in the coming years.

How Darts Can Be Covid Secure.

THE UK is seemingly headed for an imminent, though staged, release from the Covid-19 lockdown it seems prudent to look around the world and see how things are shaping up toward the return of ‘normality’ on the darts circuits. Darts World looked to our friends in Denmark who are a couple of stages further along the road:

Lido Dart Club in Horsens is one of the many Danish dart clubs that can now open the doors for its members.

Denmark is in the third phase of its reopening after the corona eruption. In this connection, indoor sports is back on the list of permitted activities, which means that the Danish dart clubs can open up to their members.

However, the reopening of the Danish darts clubs does not occur without restrictions and guidelines. The Danish Dart Union has issued a statement on which guidelines the clubs recommend to adhere to. The full message can be found here.

First, DDU points out that the health authorities’ guidelines and the current Danish legislation still do not allow assemblies larger than 50 people.

DIF guidelines relevant to DDU

However, the Danish Sports Federation has also had a hand in matters, with a view to making recommendations for compliance in the respective Danish dart clubs. These recommendations and guidelines can be read below:

  • If possible, keep a distance of 2 meters for activities in motion or for physical exertion. However, sports and sports activities with physical contact can be carried out if you pay close attention to the recommendations of the health authorities – especially hygiene and
    contact contamination – and otherwise follow the guidelines below.
  • The current assembly ban must always be respected (as of June 8, 50 people). There must be more than one assembly ban at one sporting facility – but only for so long, there are talks about different activities and groups, each of which stays within the assembly ban.
  • If there are several groups present in / at the same sports facility, make sure that there is sufficient distance between the groups so that they do not form a single group. The recommendation is that there be at least 2 meters between each lane. It is possible to divide large lanes into smaller zones. Here cones, tops, leashes, partitions or other clear markings are used that clearly delimit the path / zone. Course sizes and area of ​​activity are different in the respective sports, which is why the assembly density can vary from sport to sport. However, the assembly density must not fall below 4 sqm per person.
  • Organisers can run a competitive tournament if it complies, with social distancing and general health recommendations can be complied with in a proper manner.
  • In competition and tournament activities, the general guidelines for grouping and zones should be followed. Individual conventions must not be held where more than a total of more than the current assembly ban (pt. 50) meet across the board, as the assembly ban is thus not upheld.
  • There should be either staff or volunteers present during the activities tasked with preventing the building of close assemblies.
  • There must be one trainer or volunteer present at group for activities for children and young people.
  • The participants of the activities must, upon arrival at the sports facility, place themselves in the group with which they participate during the activity. Groups may not be merged and participants may not switch between different groups during the activity.
  • Social activities may be arranged in connection with the sporting activities, but attention must be paid to the fact that the groups from the sports activities are not merged with each other and that the assembly ban and distance requirements are complied with. Social activities should include staff or volunteers who are tasked with ensuring that groups are not merged and that the assembly ban and distance requirements are respected.
  • Bathing and changing facilities and toilets may be opened if the health authorities’ instructions for cleaning can be observed and if they can be arranged so as to avoid queuing. In addition, facilities, associations and other players are encouraged to find good local solutions for cleaning and supervising changing rooms.
  • Clubhouses, etc. can be kept open. When opening cafes and canteens, special attention must be paid to complying with the recommendations of the National Board of Health. It will be the owner of the individual facility that will decide in particular whether to allow access to toilets and clubhouses and possibly more detailed guidelines for this.
  • Frequent and thorough cleaning of common contact points should be done at least once a day and more often with many touches.
  • If props are used in connection with the activities and use of facilities (eg rackets or golf clubs), it is recommended that personal props are used as far as possible. If this is not possible, special attention should be paid to cleaning common contact surfaces.

DDU’s own guidelines

In addition to the guidelines recommended by DIF, DDU has also formulated its own recommendations for the reopening of the associations. These recommendations read as follows:

Darts Props

  • Use your own arrows, the same chalk or chalk holder, the same chalkboard etc.
  • If you use the club’s dart props, they must be handed in after use and cleaned according to the club’s own recommendations.

Distance between players

  • If possible, use every other course/lane/ Oche in the club.
  • When you pick up the arrows from the board go away opposite the board leader.

Drawing guidelines

  • The board leader must avoid face-to-face with the players.
  • Do not touch the players arrows.
  • Use the same chalkboard own chalk / chalk holder and chalkboard sponge.

Special conditions regarding cleaning and club rooms.

  • If you are in rented premises, be it the municipality or private, then there may be some special guidelines determined by the landlord.
  • If you share leases with others, then it is important that you cooperate on common guidelines for the premises.
  • It’s all about breaking contagion chains, so we recommend the clubs to draw up their own club rules on cleaning toilets, liquor stores, disposable towels, cups, fixtures, light switches, cash registers, refrigerators, set schedules with the record of the time of cleaning so you have documentation for the municipality, etc.

And then just the one with alcohol

  • At the same time, we request and encourage the clubs to take their precautions in relation to the pouring of alcohol, including the necessary protective equipment, as well as not to indulge in
    drunken persons, in order to limit any. infection.

The entire DDU booklet with guidelines for reopening can be found here.

If your involved with darts events, whether social, charity or other the information above is thorough, useful and very timely. (DW Ed. Team).

Mant thanks to our Danish friends at: www.dartnyheder.dk/

Voltage – Digging For Glory!

REVVED-UP Rob Cross won a small fortune but ditched plans to buy a Bentley and went for a JCB DIGGER instead.The Hastings battler landed a fairytale William Hill World Championship just 18 months into his professional career in early 2018.

However on the eve of aiming to regain his World Matchplay crown, Voltage admits he didn’t splash the cash on four-wheeled glitz, he bought something for digging a ditch!The former electrician, nicknamed Voltage, said: “My mates thought I was mad, it was like I’d won the Lottery getting 400 grand at the Ally Pally after beating Phil Taylor.

“I was in a whirlwind for a month, like an out of body experience, seriously it was very weird”.

“My mates thought I had seriously lost the plot when I said I was buying a JCB.“To be honest, that’s just the way I am. I’m not a flashy bloke, I don’t wear jewellery or even an expensive watch. It’s not my thing.“All I had in my mind is that I wanted to invest in a new house and knew I’d need a new digger so I bought one.“The maddest thing of all now is that I’ve got the house and so much work is being done. My first instinct is to do it all myself like I would have in the past.“Now I haven’t even got time to do the wiring so I’ve had to get an electrician in to do my own job. How crazy is that?“

“But I’m really bad to work for because I check and double-check all the work done. If I don’t like it the poor guy has to start all over again. I’m a perfectionist and I expect everything done to my standard.” Cross, 29, was invited to JCB HQ in Uttoxeter at the end of last year after they found out his love for their diggers.

Voltage was undoubtedly blown away by the outstanding story of the family-run JCB company which was founded by Joseph Cyril Bamford CBE in 1945 in a garage in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. Now they employ 15,000 with a turnover of £4.1billion, making around 100,000 machines every year. The company makes their own engines – and they have just powered the JCB Fastrac tractor to a Guinness World Record as the world’s fastest tractor reaching 135mph!

JCB is a family business and the son of the founder Lord Bamford been at the helm as Chairman since 1975 and celebrates its 75th anniversary on October 23rd, 2020. Cross added: “I love to see British succeed. I’m very patriotic and this is a great British firm which has been built from nothing by one family to a major global company, supplying machinery all over the world.

“What a great story that is. The plant in Uttoxeter is so impressive. The likes of The Queen, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair, Nancy Reagan have all visited”.

The tour was conducted by a brilliant guy Les Humphries who had been with the company for 51 years! “Their media man Nigel Chell, another great character has been there for over 20 years. That shows how much they all love the firm and care for it. Some families have got four generations who have worked there.

“I was like a kid in a candy shop at JCB. What an amazing company and to see all the history of a family firm was fantastic. But I could have bought at least three diggers”!

“It seems a bit iconic considering how close to Stoke this place is, and that’s the home of darts legends like Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis.”

“The most amazing thing is that Eric Bristow’s son worked for JCB recently and so did Ray Reardon’s boy. I couldn’t believe that.“I suppose this is the perfect place for me. Even while playing I get myself into some right holes which I need to dig myself out of.“I beat Daryl Gurney in the World Matchplay semi-final 17-15 after being 15-9 down. I said that night I needed a digger to get myself out of trouble. I’ve always been like that. I did that a few times in my run to the World Championship in 2018.”

Cross has certainly buried any chat of his being a one-hit major wonder, adding the World Matchplay and European Championship titles in 2019 and reaching the Premier League and UK Open finals – taking his prize money to a shade under £1million in two years.

He added:

“I’ve done alright, I’ve proved myself this year I think a bit more. But there’s more work to do, I want to be World No.1″

“…… always set fresh targets.“I still believe I’m very inexperienced at the top level. My best is definitely yet to come. I certainly want to add more World Championships, many more. “I look at Lewis Hamilton winning six Formula One titles, that’s seriously impressive to be at the very top for so long in any sport. I don’t think anyone appreciated with Phil Taylor did in darts to win 16 Championships.

“….. I love my country, I love seeing my country doing well. I was buzzing to see us win the cricket World Cup, Ben Stokes was just unbelievable”.

“I must admit those sort of performances really get me fired up. I’m straight back on the practice board wanting to achieve more.” “That’s what makes me tick really. The motivation for me comes in all different ways. That’s why I know I can go on to achieve so much. I’ve done a great deal in a very short space of time. Now I can focus on a big future.“There’s a lot to win. And a lot more diggers to buy!”

A previous version of this article appeared in OCHE magazine.

Picture by Taylor Lanning

Wayne Warren: I am Done With The BDO.

Wayne Warren does not have much sympathy leftover for BDO’s current leadership and therefore does not believe in a future for the formerly powerful organisation.

“If god threw darts he’d through em like Wayne Warren!”

He won the BDO World Championship back in January, but now 57-year-old Wayne Warren says he no longer believes in a future for BDO. Instead, he chooses to focus on WDF tournaments and a possible future in the PDC next year. Warren was speaking to journalist Phil Barrs

Warren won the BDO title on January 12, after defeating his compatriot Jim Williams in the final. However, the victory resulted far from the career boost that any previous world champion could have expected in advance. 

Because after the victory Warren received only £23,000, a fraction of the previous year when Glen Durrant claimed the title. In fact, Warren’s prize money was the lowest cash prize awarded to a BDO World Champion since 1989.

Wayne stated:

Everyone dreams of becoming a world champion. I’ve been dreaming of that myself since I was a kid…..

– But getting what I got – it can’t be right, can it? It’s a nightmare, not a dream.

Wayne Warren’s frustrations stem, among other things, from the fact that players prior to the BDO World Cup had been informed that the prize money would be reduced – though not to the extent that it was. Warren seems to blame BDO chairman Des Jacklin for.

“The only thing Des has done just a little bit right was to move the World Championships to the O2. 

But what he has done otherwise has not been good enough…..

“We knew full well that the prize money would not be £100,000 at all, but I had heard rumors that it would be £50,000 or £60,000. “So I couldn’t fathom it when I got an email saying it was reduced to 23,000 pounds. It’s a damn big reduction”

Wayne continued.

“The original premium would have been life-changing for someone my age. It is simply a joke. It’s a disaster, to be honest. 

BDO is done. There will be no more BDO if you ask me.

“BDO no longer has my interest. I want to dedicate myself to WDF tournaments now, and then we take it one step at a time. But BDO is done for me….”

Although Warren turns 58 by June, he still has ambitions for a future in the PDC, to which he expects to attend Q-School until January.

” I expect to attend Q-School. I was originally signed up this year, but when I got that email from BDO, ……. so I didn’t have my head with me. 

But I have the level of winning a Tour Card, Wayne Warren concludes.

A different form of this article was originally published, here.

Words: Daniel Tyge Thybøl

OCHE Magazine: Issue II, Out Now!

For those who like their darts, with a dash of GQ style, the second edition of OCHE magazine is imminent.

A new vision. OCHE has certainly grabbed the attention of darts people.

The smooth, image laden publication is the pet project of sports journalist Phil Lanning with many of the images being provided by his son Taylor.

As the link above shows, readers can expect more big name interviews and a slick, glossy presentation.

It can only be good for our sport that a more varied media offering is available to fans, players and commercial partners. Good luck OCHE!

New Darts Magazine Launch: OCHE!

After years in the mind, and months of preparation, a new style of darts magazine is ready to go. OCHE! is the brain child of Phil Lanning. Long time sports journalist Phil, son of legendary commentator Dave, has been working flat out to see his ambition fulfilled.

Noticeable, from the off, is an ‘up market’ GQ meets OK styling, with an amphasis on innovative use of font, photography and graphics.

Interviews and clubs from top draw names, from players through to TV presenters together with those from the business itself, also feature heavily.

All-in-all it looks as if Phil, and his photographer son Taylor, have hit the bullseye.

(DW EiC): As a superb darts journalist and the son of a former Darts World stalwart, we wish Phil, Taylor and OCHE every success! (CJHH)