Wayne Warren: I am Done With The BDO.

Wayne Warren does not have much sympathy leftover for BDO’s current leadership and therefore does not believe in a future for the formerly powerful organisation.

“If god threw darts he’d through em like Wayne Warren!”

He won the BDO World Championship back in January, but now 57-year-old Wayne Warren says he no longer believes in a future for BDO. Instead, he chooses to focus on WDF tournaments and a possible future in the PDC next year. Warren was speaking to journalist Phil Barrs

Warren won the BDO title on January 12, after defeating his compatriot Jim Williams in the final. However, the victory resulted far from the career boost that any previous world champion could have expected in advance. 

Because after the victory Warren received only £23,000, a fraction of the previous year when Glen Durrant claimed the title. In fact, Warren’s prize money was the lowest cash prize awarded to a BDO World Champion since 1989.

Wayne stated:

Everyone dreams of becoming a world champion. I’ve been dreaming of that myself since I was a kid…..

– But getting what I got – it can’t be right, can it? It’s a nightmare, not a dream.

Wayne Warren’s frustrations stem, among other things, from the fact that players prior to the BDO World Cup had been informed that the prize money would be reduced – though not to the extent that it was. Warren seems to blame BDO chairman Des Jacklin for.

“The only thing Des has done just a little bit right was to move the World Championships to the O2. 

But what he has done otherwise has not been good enough…..

“We knew full well that the prize money would not be £100,000 at all, but I had heard rumors that it would be £50,000 or £60,000. “So I couldn’t fathom it when I got an email saying it was reduced to 23,000 pounds. It’s a damn big reduction”

Wayne continued.

“The original premium would have been life-changing for someone my age. It is simply a joke. It’s a disaster, to be honest. 

BDO is done. There will be no more BDO if you ask me.

“BDO no longer has my interest. I want to dedicate myself to WDF tournaments now, and then we take it one step at a time. But BDO is done for me….”

Although Warren turns 58 by June, he still has ambitions for a future in the PDC, to which he expects to attend Q-School until January.

” I expect to attend Q-School. I was originally signed up this year, but when I got that email from BDO, ……. so I didn’t have my head with me. 

But I have the level of winning a Tour Card, Wayne Warren concludes.

A different form of this article was originally published, here.

Words: Daniel Tyge Thybøl


BDO Headed Toward Liquidation.

The following notice was issued this afternoon:

The BDO’s commercial arm British Darts Organisation Enterprises Ltd files Notice of Intention to Appoint Liquidator.


The commercial arm of the British Darts Organisation – British Darts Organisation Enterprises Ltd – is set to file a Notice of Intention to appoint a liquidator in a move that will secure the future of grassroots membership darts in the UK.
British Darts Organisation Enterprises Limited was founded on 30 May 1980 and has its registered office in Tonypandy, Wales. It has been the commercial arm of the sportsmembership body the BDO, since its formation.
The Directors of the BDO have taken the difficult decision to liquidate the commercial arm as a result of the COVID crisis. British Darts Organisation Enterprises Ltd has faced increased cashflow pressure following the cancellation of a major event in Spain on the very day the country went into lockdown and due to social distancing, for the foreseeable future we are not able to run any of our other events.

Given this the company faced a cashflow crisis
which it could not trade out of. A BDO Director, stated:

“The British Darts Organisation has a long and proud record of standing by and for its members. Today’s announcement does not change that in the least. Our focus is ensuring the longevity of the organisation and despite this setback and some tough decision making, we are committed to making the BDO a successfor its members. British darts is safe.”
“We are and will remain totally focused on our members and the Notice of Intention to appoint a liquidator does not change this.”

A Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) is a formal insolvency procedure which involves the directors of an insolvent company voluntarily choosing to bring their business to an end.

The Directors will work closely with the Administrator to ensure creditor claims are addressed.

However, our message to the membership is that our organisation is financiallysecure and that our commitment to British darts as a sport for everyone remains now and in the future,” concluded a BDO Director.

BDO Adopt ‘Back to the Future’ Strategy: Jacklin Re-Takes Chair.

Des Jacklin has returned to the hot seat of the BDO, little more than a month after deciding to stand down.

Des Jacklin (right) return to the ‘hot seat’ as Chairman of the BDO

Jacklin was returned to the board during Sunday’s meeting after several representatives encouraged him both to stand and then to accept a position.

Most understood that Des would not be returned to the Chairman’s position although that seems to have been a premature assumption. Jacklin, who resigned on March 17, was thought to be vulnerable to difficulties, related to financial questions, at the forthcoming AGM.

In a reversal of such thought, 24 hours later, he has been confirmed as BDO Chairman once more after receiving a unanimous vote from the new group of board members.

It was noted that Jacklin’s impassioned support for the BICC structure had convinced a majority of representatives to support him, he certainly seems to be presenting a strong front.

The past four weeks has given me the time to reflect on the events of the past 18 months and re-evaluate my position, thoughts and vision required to take the company forward.

On a personal level Jacklin seems keen to put the past behind him and get on with the task at hand:

“I also feel I’ve had chance to re-charge my batteries, so to speak.”

The new Board of Directors is made up of Jacklin (BDO Chairman), Peter Gilchrist (Vice-Chairman), Stephen Gittus (Financial Director), Bob Foster will act as Commercial Director, and Graham Manning representing players.

Jacklin highlighted many issues that he intends to tackle with fellow board members, these included recovery of funds from a hotel company and the dealing with social media and its impact on the BDO.

 “We will be appointing a committee whose purpose is to monitor social media and more importantly where the BDO, its directors, county officials and players fit in.

“We will be taking a very hard stance on what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour and as soon as this is in place, all counties will be expected to adopt our new ruling.

“As soon as this is legally adopted, there will be a consequence to your actions both in the way of fines and exclusion.”

A full explanation of the current position, including the above quotes, was sent to the Counties yesterday in letter form.

Jacklin ended the letter by thanking those that had given him the “kick in the rear” he needed to accept the position and vowed: “together we will win.”

Darts World understands that the meeting on Sunday, and the discussions before and after it, have been very constructive and that a plan was in place that would enable the organisation to move forward legally and positively.

It is unclear how the events of the last 24hrs will affect these plans. It is our sincerest wish that all outstanding matters are concluded, in the best interest of darts and players, speedily in order that any new structure can hit the ground running as soon as life (post covid-19) returns to more normality.

Jacklin Returns To BDO Frontline.

After yesterday’s marathon meeting, remote obviously, the BDO seem to have opted for a “Back to the Future” approach. Des Jacklin has been reelected to the board, after resigning earlier this year, and several other directors have been chosen.

Can a ‘Back to the Future’ help the BDO?

Despite the immense difficulties that seem to exist, in terms of establishing the viability of the constituent companies, it is reported that there was a strong collective will to resolve many of the outstanding issues, with particular regard to the BICC and ensuring its long term future.

Reaction on social media was much as could be expected with current and former players expressing their incredulity at Des’s return. Dave Whitcombe, with tongue planted firmly in cheek tweeted:

Fantastic news that Des is back.

The players must be overjoyed at this and looking to a great future within the BDO.

I’ll get me coat.

Dave Whitcombe via social media.

It may be that the BDO have managed, yet again, to snatch a defeat from the jaws of ‘victory’ with the decision for Des to return. Although credit must be given to Des’s passion, and ability to inspire loyalty, the vote was far from universally supported.

It is to be hoped that the work of many who have tried to salvage something from the current wreckage, including the excellent work done by Frank Branscombe, in trying to put a workable solution in place, and safeguard various areas for the future, are not to be in vain.

DW Editorial Team: Once again we wish all those involved every success in restoring the BDO to once again be able to promote our game and support those who love it.

Wayne Warren – Wales’ Secret Weapon.

World Finalist Wayne Warren is one of those mysterious players that darts has a habit of throwing up. Darts World has a regular series about such players, it’s called Unsung Heroes. The Welshman (57) certainly fits the first part of the bill, if could secure the BDO World Professional Darts Championship today he will claim the hero status to match.

Warren is vastly experianced, unassuming and as such a little unsung. Perhaps this is about to change.
Pic: L Lustig

Since first appearing, on the main scene, back in 2003, ‘Yank’ as Wayne is known, has had had both great highs and barren spells. He qualified for the BDO World Championship as far back as 2005 and reached the last 32. Unfortunately, this promising start was followed with a run of poor form and near misses and it was not until 2012 that glimpses of Warren’s real ability began to emerge.

After some promising early season results Wayne won the BDO International Open, reached the final of The Gold Cup and qualified for another World Championship. He again reached the last 32 stage, losing out to Alan Norris.

Again, a couple of hit and miss years followed but the Welshman had done enough to again qualify for the Lakeside event in 2018. This time he was to make a big impression. He knocked out talented continental players Willem Mandigers and Wes Harms before losing out in an epic battle with ‘Gladiator’ Mark McGeeney.

Although no major titles came his way Wayne now settled into the role of highly ranked payer, repeatedly reaching the later stages of major BDO/WDF events all over Europe. He was selected to play the 2019 Grand Slam of Darts. He had again qualified for the World Championships!

Red Dragon, never slow to spot, & back, Welsh talent, produce and market Wayne’s signature dart.

Wayne is a non nonsense player. He has a simple technique and uses a simple design dart, produced and marketed by Welsh brand Red Dragon, that are similar to an old Eric Bristow type barrel but with a grip more like (early) Bob Anderson‘s. At 20g he is another member of, what has been termed, “The Light Brigade“.

As our resident coach is fond of saying “there is nothing new in darts were just very good at repackaging!”

‘Yank’ has been on a tremendous run in this years World Championship, he almost seems to have allowed himself to shine. His run has also showed, yet again, the depth of talent in the darting world. While many obsess with the ‘cult of youth’, it can be smarter, and more profitable, to look at the other end of the age spectrum. At 57 Warren will be one of the oldest to grace a World Final and certainly for for the first time.

His defeats of Justin Thompson and Andy Hamilton were based on patience and superb doubling. He seemed to barely miss an opportunity to finish a leg. Against Chris Landman he showed that he could adapt and score heavily in order to establish a dominance. He also showed he could cope with things going his opponents way, Landman repeatedly seemed to be about to get back into the game yet Warren held him at bay and completed the win.

In his semi final Wayne demonstrated he can be a complete player. Playing a player of Scott Mitchell’s standing, in a World Semi-Final, can be intimidating and draining, esp at 57. Wayne Warren simply stepped up a gear and put Scott away with relative ease.

The final takes place later today against fellow Welshman Jim Williams. Williams was a pre-event favourite who has built up his game through the event. Williams seems a more resilient player than the one who appeared at the Grand Slam in November. Let’s face it, against Warren he is going to need to be!

From the Archive: Eddie Norman Retires From Darts.

Darts World recently published news of Dr. Eddie Norman’s retirement from his, hugely significant, involvement with the sport of darts:

As a former player and founder member in the West Of England Darts Super League when it was first formed way back in 1970, I would like through your columns to say a big thank you  on his retirement on January 1 2020, to Dr. Eddie Norman the founder of The West of England Darts Organisation and  West of England Super League for giving so many players past and present the chance to play top quality darts in the West of England region. 

As well as founding the West Of England Darts Organisation, Eddie was a founder member in January 1973 of the British Darts Organisation when it was established at Muswell Hill in London  along with other founder members including, Olly Croft, Sam Hawkins, Les France, Jock Cameron , Alan Mabbut, Norman Byram, Bill Sheppard and Ken Nicholas amongst others. 

Eddie was the first Competition Secretary of the British Darts Organisation. 

Eddie went on to found the World Masters, The British Open Individual Championship in Bristol and the First Home International Darts Championships between the national teams of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England again held in Bristol. 

Further international darts matches were played  and organised by Eddie for the first time between the national teams of Ireland, Wales , Isle of Man and Scotland when they played the West of England team in Dublin, Pontypool and Glasgow. 

Eddie arranged for the  national teams of Sweden and the  full USA teams to tour the UK playing  several counties and international matches. 

In 1985 his firm The House of Darts International was included in the Queens Christmas Day Speech the first time she had ever mentioned darts. 

Dr Norman also arranged for members of the West  of England Darts Organisation to travel to Australia,  Norway,  Russia, Malta, Sweden, Gibraltar , Turkey, Singapore , Bermuda, Philippines,  Hong Kong, New Zealand, Denmark , Holland and Germany to play international matches. 

After leaving the British Darts Organisation and  the West of England Darts Organisation behind , Eddie went on to found the United Kingdom Darts Federation and the British Inter City Darts Organisation in  which  inter-city teams , including teams from  amongst others the cities of Bath, Wells, Worcester, Cardiff,Leeds,  Winchester, Exeter, Birmingham , Bristol, Gloucester, Coventry and Leicester played twelve a side matches across the UK on Saturday nights each month.  

Eddie also organised and sponsored many charity darts events for hospices and children’s hospitals. 

He founded in 1982 the World Amateur Darts Organisation in Barbados , the first individual championship  and Gold Medal being won by Bernie Manton of Worcester, with Kevin Hayes of the USA winning the silver medal and Herbie Brown of Jamaica winning the Bronze. Medal. 

Over fifty years involved in organising darts both globally and in the UK , Eddie Norman has helped to create the precursor of darts as we see see it today. . 

And on behalf of many , many players like myself who have played in darts competitions organised by Eddie, I would like to say thank you to this unique darts organiser and wish him well on his retirement after over fifty years being involved in the  organisation of the sport of darts , both globally and in the United Kingdom. 

Pete  and Valerie Barnes (and on behalf of others

GB Darts Figures Make Bid For Future of Grassroots Darts.

Readers will be aware of the difficulties recently, and ongoing, experienced within the British Darts Organisation. We at Darts World have been reporting regularly on the matter and on the response from other organisations. Twice so far it has appeared that a new grouping would be formed but nothing quite materialised. In the meantime the WDF seemed to be stepping in to ramp up their own organisation. The Covid-19 Virus has limited that possibility for this year. Today we have received a press release from a new group known as Tri-Nations Darts. They have put forward a proposal for the future of grassroots darts within England, Scotland and Wales. The full statement is reproduced below. We wish them every success:

“A Path for the Future” Though no-one can know how long the Covid 19 crisis will last or how seriously the affects will have on our lives generally and or in darts specifically. However, the newly appointed executive of Tri-Nations Darts felt that the following statement of intent was appropriate at this time.

As we are all aware there has been considerable uncertainty concerning the future of the BDO these past few months and it’s a situation that worsened with the recent abdication of the majority of their directors. Without dwelling on the well-publicised reasons for this continuing uncertainty, members interests have clearly not been best served with the ongoing lack of transparency or information, more so since the publication of their latest accounts, during which even our own auditors questioned the company’s ability to continue as a going concern, a point perhaps endorsed further by these resignations.

As a direct consequence to the auditors alarming warnings, the Tri-Nations have been working these past few weeks to put together an alternative proposal which will hopefully provide a viable and sustainable future for grass roots darts in Britain.

This proposal has been very accurately costed to ensure all members can have that future free from the threats of possible litigation and significantly, free from the damaging consequences that all the recent adverse publicity has caused. If the members so choose, it will also allow us all to move forward together and when doing so protect the core events that we have all spent so many years enjoying and supporting. Without making any unrealistic promises we all feel – as a new entity, that the new beginning this proposal could provide will also hopefully afford all members of Tri Nations Darts to negotiate and explore fresh contracts and sponsorship possibilities and do so unsullied by the damaging reputation that currently dominates our side of darts.

County Organisations will have a major say in the success of Tri-Nations Darts Ltd.

We obviously accept these potential opportunities can only be explored if and once the proposal is accepted by a majority of the three country’s current county members, and once the level of support has been ascertained, we will at the earliest opportunity and “national crisis permitting” then organise a meeting to openly discuss everything in more detail.

In the meanwhile we do ensure everyone that we will update everyone with any progress and do so in the hope that everything if accepted it could mean everything is in place for the new season – September/October 2020.

Yours Faithfully

Tommy Thompson (On Behalf of the Directors of The Tri-Nations Darts Ltd)

“If God Threw Darts, He Would Throw ‘Em Like Wayne Warren!”

Listening to a new video with new World Champion (BDO) Wayne Warren, I was reminded of the above quote. Sadly God does not pay out prize money!

In conversation – Wayne Warren

It is a lovely chat with Wayne who is very authentic and obviously not an example of the modern, slick and media trained sportsman. Instead you actually see the real person!

From talking about his “god given” or natural talent, although he confesses to have sped up slightly over time, to first realising he might be a bit good when invited to join a winning team, at the age of seventeen, when no young players were allowed in the pubs! Then winning the individuals title in such company confirmed his thoughts.

Leighton Rees – Welsh Darts legend.

One delightful section reveals the importance of the carrying of the Welsh darts ‘torch’ Wayne clearly values his connection to the trailblazing greats such as Alan Evans and Leighton Rees and hopes that other young Welsh players will see him in the same light.

Wayne cites the infuence of the legendary Martin Phillips as part of the reason for his late career success. Time spent with Martin over many years and seeing his career example seems to have taken off for the fifty-seven-year-old Warren. He speaks about the lull in his career after playing Merv King in the 2005 lakeside, and how he faded for a while, before reaching the semi final in 2019.

On this years event Wayne offers some superb insights for those who might follow his path. He is aware that he has become a fraction slower on finishing and match winning darts and that this may be simply the result of time and patience.

Wayne’s restraint when talking about the controversy surrounding the event, especially the massively reduced prize fund, is admirable and even more so when its clear how unhappy he is with the situation. His reasons for this become apparent when he is asked how important it is that the alternative/grassroots structure of the BDO/WDF continues:

Its Vital…without it I think it could be the end of darts as an an amateur Game

Wayne Warren
Warren is clearly unhappy, with the BDO’s behaviour, yet shows admirable restraint.

Hopefully Warrens plans to recoup some of the financial reward by having a very busy year with his World Championship Trophy will pay dividends and he will both have the chance to defend the trophy and perhaps, give the PDC a try next year when things are a little more stable.

The closing section of the interview shows us an extremely well regarded, and down-to-earth, sportsman who has risen to the very top of his game. Darts World wishes Wayne all the success, and rewards, in the coming years.

Williams Wins Title While Greaves Triumphs Over Sherrock In Scottish Open.

The Scottish Darts Association’s 27th Winmau Scottish Open Championships kicked off at the Normandy Hotel, Renfrew with the traditional ice-breaker threesomes with over 100 teams competing for the title.

The 2020 Scottish Open marks the 27th holding of the current event.

By the end of the night Stampers Crew represented by Cleveland trio Cameron Anderson, Simon McKenner and Carla Boyes defeated a mixed Scotland/England side, Titanium 3, Gary Stone, Mitch Butler and Paula Jacklin in the final.

The quarter finals of the Mens Open featured a 5-3 win for Scotland’s Darren Beveridge over Neil Duff from Northern Ireland, a 5-1 win for Steve Hine from England against English player Jason Heaver, runner-up in this year’s BDO World Championship Jim Williams from Wales defeated Scotland’s Gary Stone 5-3 and finally three times World Champion Martin Adams beat Paul Hogan from England 5-2.

The first Mens Singles semi-final was between Jim Williams, the current BDO World Trophy winner, from Wales and Darren Beveridge from Scotland.  Both players shared the opening two legs before Darren edged ahead 2-1 with the aid of a 180.  Jim took the fourth and fifth legs to lead 3-2 and then added the seventh leg to lead 4-2.

Darren fired back with a 13-dart leg which included three 140’s, to reduce the deficit before Jim hit a 180 in the eighth leg and check it out for the match, 5-3. Jim Williams (27.00) & Darren Beveridge (28.70)

In the second semi-final the 2005 Scottish Open champion, Martin Adams, took on the Muffin Man, Steve Hine from England.  Martin opened the semi-final with the first leg but a 144 checkout levelled the score for Steve, who then took the third leg to move ahead 2-1.

Steve then took the fourth leg and with the help of a 180 in the fifth leg went 4-1 ahead.  Steve finished off the match in the sixth leg, winning 5-1.  Martin Adams (26.40) & Steve Hine (33.30).

Williams, a former World Cup Singles winner took the opening leg of the final in 12 darts with a 180 only to see Hine level the match at 1-1 in the next leg.

Williams notched a 180 and a 177 in the second leg checking out in 11 darts for a 2-1 lead before hitting another two maximums in leg four for a 14-dart leg and a 3-1 lead.

Williams stated the fifth leg with his fourth maximum of the final and took the leg in 14 darts for a 4-1 lead.  Hine hit a 180 and a 103 checkout to bring the score back to 4-2 only to see Williams hit his sixth 180 in the next leg and check out on 72 to go within one leg of the title.

Despite Hine hitting a 177 in the eighth leg Williams took his chance at double sixteen and became the Scottish Open champion, winning 6-2.  Jim Williams (33.23) & Steve Hine (26.40)

The opening semi-final in the Ladies Singles had Beau Greaves taking on five times previous champion Deta Hedman and it was the 16-year old Greaves who took the match 5-1, winning the last two legs with checkouts of 102 and 142.  Deta Hedman (24.93) & Beau Greaves (28.33).

In the second semi-final Anastasia Dobromyslova, twice a Scottish Open winner played Fallon Sherrock the 2017 champion. Anastasia took the opening leg but was quickly pulled back level by Fallon with the help of a 122 checkout.

Fallon hit a maximum in the third leg and edged 2-1 ahead and followed that by another leg win to go 3-1, despite Anastasia hitting a 180.

Fallon then started the next two legs with maximums, winning both, which gave her an overall result of 5-1 and a place in the final to face Beau Greaves.  Anastasia Dobromyslova (22.40) & Fallon Sherrock (28.60).

This would now be a battle between two England International colleagues, six-times finalist Fallon versus the first-time challenger Beau Greaves.

Beau took the opening two legs before Fallon won leg three to cut the deficit to 2-1.

Fallon started the fourth leg with a 180 and with the help of double tops went on to tie up the match at 2-2.  Beau edged ahead again with the fifth leg and added the sixth leg before wrapping up the title in the seventh leg to win her first Scottish Open title. Fallon Sherrock (27.46) & Beau Greaves (27.50).

Making up the last eight were Paula Jacklin, Lorraine Winstanley, Corrine Hammond and Casey Gallagher

In Sunday’s doubles the first semi-final had Jim Williams & Tony Martin, a doubles champion in 2009, playing the current Dutch Open champions Martin Adams & Ross Montgomery and booking their place in the final with a 3-0 victory.

In the final they would meet Scottish duo Cameron Menzies & Ryan Hogarth who defeated Paul Hogan & Jason Heaver 3-1 in their semi-final, taking the winning leg in 12 darts.

Then opening leg in the final went to Ryan and Cameron who quickly followed it with the second leg before a 180 from Cammy and a 76 checkout from Ryan gave them the title 3-0 to become the first all-Scottish partnership to lift the title.

The quarter finalists were Pall Arni Petursson & Horour Por Guojonsson, Carl Dockeril & Will Harwood, Nick Fulwell & Antony Allen and Brian Welsh & Wayne Shepherd.

In the Ladies Doubles the defending champions Deta Hedman and Beau Greaves defeated the England/Scotland duo of Carla Boyes & Lorraine Hyde 3-0 in the first semi-final.

Making it a Wales versus England final would be Jan Robbins & Chris Savvery who took out Amanda Harwood & Jo Locke from England 3-1 in their semi-final. Chris & Jan have been in the semi-finals of the Scottish Open Pairs three times and were runners-up in 2013.

After playing against each other in the first ladies semi-final Deta and Beau teamed up to face their Welsh opponents in the doubles final and went on to win in straight legs 3-0.

The losing quarter-finalists were Anne Kirk & Jordan McNally, Laura Patton & Ann Marie Potts, Laura Turner & Paula Jacklin and Irene Hogarth & Lyn Scott.

Via: Scottish Darts Press Update


World Championship Contestants Remain Unpaid.

News reaches us that the BDO World Championship players are becoming evven more restless as the 28-day deadline has now passed for players receiving prize money from the 2020 World Championship.

Wayne Warren may set an unwanted record for lowest prize for a World Champion!

The already much reduced, £23,000 for the men’s Champion and £10,000 for the Ladies, prize fund for the recent BDO World Professional Championship remains unpaid and players are expressing their understandable upset. Players have doubted that they will be paid since the event closed with Andy Hamilton saying he’s ‘leaning on the side it won’t’ in a later interview.

The usual deadline, for post tournament payment, as stated in the pre event contract expired on Sunday February the 9th.

‘Any prize money awarded to you at the World Professionals will be paid out by way of a BACS payment to your designated bank account within 28 days of the conclusion of the World Professional Championships.’

Ryan Hogarth reacted by stating he hadn’t received anything yet and that he is planning potential legal action tweeting ‘enough is enough’.

Breaking news! I’ve just checked my bank account and you’ll never guess…

Still nothing…

Former World Master Adam Smith-Neale also commented, remarking that he’d phoned the BDO office, who replied that chairman Des Jacklin was behind the hold up.

BDO Logo

The news follows the BDO releasing a statement last week repeating that their tour was continuing and that further meetings were scheduled to further develop the BDO side of the game.

dartsworld.com would like to think that this was merely an administrative delay and a mere glitch. Yet we would also like to believe that the moon is made of cheese!