WDF Move To Fill Vacuum.

The World Darts Federation seem to be stepping up to fill the void being created by the slow demise of the BDO.

The following statement was released on the WDF website earlier:

The World Darts Federation is delighted to announce our intentions for the 2020 season and a brand new world ranking structure.

The WDF are fully committed to establishing two new major tournaments within the next 12 months.

The first will be a ‘World Masters’ style multi-board event for men, women and youth that will provide the opportunity for players from all member countries to compete, including the winners of every WDF sanctioned event in the calendar year.

We will also be launching an end of season finale in the traditional format of a staged ‘World Championship’ type event, where the top men, women and youth players within our global system have the opportunity to become WDF champions.

The WDF ranking system now includes over 100 events from almost 50 countries in 2020 and is explained in detail below.  These include a number of “Gold” events, which will see their champions promoted directly into our new major competitions.

We will also look forward to announcing news of additional staged international events under the WDF banner in the near future.

Further details on the dates, location, prize fund and the full qualification criteria for our new major tournaments will be released as soon as it is available.

Our WDF youth system is also a priority.  It will be fully reviewed in the coming weeks and further details of qualification for the majors will be announced.

We would like to emphasise that 2020 will be a transitional year for the World Darts Federation and that no tournament restrictions will be made regarding seeding, format or prize money.  A clear structure and definitive rules with regards to the 2021 WDF calendar and the world ranking system, tournament seeding, playing format and prize structure will be issued in due course.

Wayne Warren – A Secret Well Kept.

World Finalist Wayne Warren is one of those mysterious players that darts has a habit of throwing up. Darts World has a regular series about such players, it’s called Unsung Heroes. The Welshman (57) certainly fits the first part of the bill, if could secure the BDO World Professional Darts Championship today he will claim the hero status to match.

Warren is vastly experianced, unassuming and as such a little unsung. Perhaps this is about to change.
Pic: L Lustig

Since first appearing, on the main scene, back in 2003, ‘Yank’ as Wayne is known, has had had both great highs and barren spells. He qualified for the BDO World Championship as far back as 2005 and reached the last 32. Unfortunately, this promising start was followed with a run of poor form and near misses and it was not until 2012 that glimpses of Warren’s real ability began to emerge.

After some promising early season results Wayne won the BDO International Open, reached the final of The Gold Cup and qualified for another World Championship. He again reached the last 32 stage, losing out to Alan Norris.

Again, a couple of hit and miss years followed but the Welshman had done enough to again qualify for the Lakeside event in 2018. This time he was to make a big impression. He knocked out talented continental players Willem Mandigers and Wes Harms before losing out in an epic battle with ‘Gladiator’ Mark McGeeney.

Although no major titles came his way Wayne now settled into the role of highly ranked payer, repeatedly reaching the later stages of major BDO/WDF events all over Europe. He was selected to play the 2019 Grand Slam of Darts. He had again qualified for the World Championships!

Red Dragon, never slow to spot, & back, Welsh talent, produce and market Wayne’s signature dart.

Wayne is a non nonsense player. He has a simple technique and uses a simple design dart, produced and marketed by Welsh brand Red Dragon, that are similar to an old Eric Bristow type barrel but with a grip more like (early) Bob Anderson‘s. At 20g he is another member of, what has been termed, “The Light Brigade“.

As our resident coach is fond of saying “there is nothing new in darts were just very good at repackaging!”

‘Yank’ has been on a tremendous run in this years World Championship, he almost seems to have allowed himself to shine. His run has also showed, yet again, the depth of talent in the darting world. While many obsess with the ‘cult of youth’, it can be smarter, and more profitable, to look at the other end of the age spectrum. At 57 Warren will be one of the oldest to grace a World Final and certainly for for the first time.

His defeats of Justin Thompson and Andy Hamilton were based on patience and superb doubling. He seemed to barely miss an opportunity to finish a leg. Against Chris Landman he showed that he could adapt and score heavily in order to establish a dominance. He also showed he could cope with things going his opponents way, Landman repeatedly seemed to be about to get back into the game yet Warren held him at bay and completed the win.

In his semi final Wayne demonstrated he can be a complete player. Playing a player of Scott Mitchell’s standing, in a World Semi-Final, can be intimidating and draining, esp at 57. Wayne Warren simply stepped up a gear and put Scott away with relative ease.

The final takes place later today against fellow Welshman Jim Williams. Williams was a pre-event favourite who has built up his game through the event. Williams seems a more resilient player than the one who appeared at the Grand Slam in November. Let’s face it, against Warren he is going to need to be!

Sebastian Steyer – Living ‘The Dream’.


Steyler is known as The Dream and uses Bulls darts.
Pic: Bulls.nl

Sebastian Steyer guaranteed himself a spot in the first round of the BDO World Championship by being the number 24 of the BDO Invitational Table at the cut-off date. He is the third player I have interviewed. Steyer will be the fourth Polish player to participate in the BDO World Championship. Krzysztof Ratajski was the first Polish player at the BDO World Championships after qualifying for the BDO World Championship 2009. He however lost his first round against Edwin Max (3-2). In 2017 he did slightly better reaching the last 16 where he lost 4-3 against Darius Labanauskas. Krzysztof Kciuk qualified for the BDO World Championship 2019 reaching immediately the last 16, where he was beaten 4-0 by Scott Mitchell. Karolina Podgorska is the only Polish lady to have qualified for the BDO World Championship, like Kciuk she did so in 2019. However she lost her first round match against Trina Gulliver 2-1.

In 2018 he reached the last 32 of the World Masters, where he was beaten 3-0 by Richard Veenstra. Steyer impressed at the World Trophy 2019, where he reached the semi finals eventually losing 7-4 against number one seed Richard Veenstra after he had beaten Ross Montgomery, Scott Mitchell and Roger Janssen on his way to the semis.

Steyer is however still waiting to win his first international event, however that seems just a matter of time looking at his results of 2019. Just like Boris Koltsov he came one point short of winning a PDC tour card at Q-School. He reached the final of the Polish Open in his home country, where he was beaten by Toon Greebe with 6-3. Further he was a runner-up at the Greek Open after losing 6-2 against Thibault Tricole from France. He however has a good weekend in Greece, because a day earlier he also reached the semi finals of the Acropolis Open. He also was a semi finalist at the Lithuania Open and Ukraine Open. He also made it to the PDC European Tour in Prague, where he however lost his first match.

Who are you?
I am Sebastian Steyer and own a car rental company.

When and how did you start playing darts?
I played football first, however after a knee injury I started playing darts.

What are your best achievement(s) so far? 
The semi-finals of the World Trophy and the finals of the Greek and Polish Open.

Who are the top 5 players from Poland (either man, woman, youth, may of course be players of the past as well)? And why?
Krzysztof Ratajski, Tytus Kanik, Krzysztof Kciuk, Lukasz Waclawski and Sebastian Bialecki.


Krzysztof Ratajski doesn’t need any introduction. The Polish Eagle has played five World Championships, twice in the BDO and three times in the PDC with respectively a last 16 and last 32 as best result. He won a tour card by the money won at the European Tour 2018, some Players Championship events and World Championship 2019 which means he won on those events enough money to make it into the top 64 of the PDC with many players playing the whole PDC tour for two years.

Tytus Kanik earned himself a PDC tour card via PDC Q-School 2018 by winning on day three. He however hasn’t been able to reach the last 64 and therefore needs to go back to Q-School to earn a PDC tour card again. Tytus has played three European Tour events, the Austrian Darts Open 2019 reaching the last 16 was his best result, and reached the last 32 of a Players Championship four times.

Krzysztof Kciuk is one of the two Polish players having played at both the PDC and BDO World Championship. He reached the PDC World Championship 2010 by winning the Polish qualifier, however he didn’t win a game on the big stage. At the BDO World Championship he did better reaching the last 16 by beating Dave Parletti, who is the number four seed at the upcoming BDO World Championship before losing against Scott Mitchell. Krzysztof also made it to the last 32 of the World Masters.

Lukasz Waclawski has won the Ukraine Open 2018 and the Kiev Masters 2018. At the first Challenge Tour of 2019 he reached the last 32, however he only played the opening weekend, four events, of the Challenge Tour last year. Ukraine seems to suit Lukasz, because in 2019 he made it to the quarter finals of both the Ukraine Open and Kiev Masters.

Sebastian Bialecki is a great talent. He has just turned 16 years of age and already reached the last 32 of the Polish Open 2019 and the last 64 of the Polish Open 2017.

What is your favourite tournament and why? 
I don’t have a favourite tournament. Each tournament is a new experience and I’m glad participating in it.

What is your goal for 2020 and the further future? 
A good performance at the BDO World Championship and getting a PDC tourcard.

How often do you practise? How do you practise? 
Two times a day for two hours in the morning and evening.

Did you ever hit a 9-dart leg?
I did twice, however only during practise.

What are your good and bad sides within darts?
My good side is striving for a goal. I won’t say anything bad.

What do you think about darts in Poland?
I am happy that the Polish players perform well and Polish darts is developing all the time.

Sebastian played in the 2020 BDO world championships from the 02 arena. He was involved in the first game but lost out to Mario Vandenbogaerde.

Jacco Krook writes for various publication and is often featured in dartfreakz.nl

He can be followed on twitter @jaccokrook or



Tricole Carries French Colours in BDO Worlds.

Our colleague, from dartfreakz.nl, @jaccokrook has been looking at some of the European players heading for the 02 fir the BDO Worlds.

After having interviewed the Romanian Gabriel Pascaru before (visit Dartfreak Jacco on Facebook) it is now time for Thibault Tricole, who will be the first ever French player to play in the BDO World Championship. He qualified by being the highest ranked player on the Western European ranking which hadn’t qualified yet by being in the top 27 at the cut-off date. He will play Saturday night 4th of January against Ross Montgomery.

Tricole won in 2019 the Greek Open and the Torremolinos Open. In Greece he had beaten Sebastian Steyer 6-2 in the final after being a runner-up at the Acropolis Open the day before. He won the Torremolins Open by beating Kay Smeets in the final. Thibault also made it to the finals of the Belfry Open in Bruges where he was beaten by Brian Raman 3-2 in sets after a deciding leg in the final set. Thibault Tricole have played nine times in the World Masters. His best result is reaching the last 32 in 2019. He also gave Q-School a try in 2019, something he will do again in 2020. Hopefully for him he will do better in 2020, because in 2019 he only got 6 points, while 10 points were needed to win a PDC tour card.

Who are you?
‘’I am Thibault Tricole for a living I am a landscape architect. But I have to confess it is hard to combine my work with playing darts. The last couple of months I have worked only a little. I am born in Auray in Bretagne in the west of France. I lived during my childhood in Pluvigner where started playing darts. At the moment, I live in Malguénac in the middle of Bretagne. I have a girlfriend, Marie, and two children. She owns the bar ‘le Ty Lou’ where I play darts in Malguénac.’’

When and how did you start playing darts?
‘’I’ve started playing darts when I was 13 years, because I want to be like my father who played only for a year back then. He introduced me into darts. I’ve started playing darts at bar du Stade in Pluvigner amongst Bob. That is a familiar club in French darts.’’

Which darts do you use?
‘’I use 23 gram Harrows Atlantis. Unfortunately, they don’t exist anymore in the market. So I hope they don’t get broken during the World Championships.’’

What are your best achievement(s) so far?
‘’I would say becoming the first French player in history to qualify for the BDO World Championship. However, I also reached the quarter finals at the WDF Europe Cup in the Nederlands in 2016 and the last 16 at the WDF World Cup 2019.’’

Who are the top 5 players from France (either man, woman, youth, may of course be players of the past as well)? And why?
‘’I would say: Cyril Blot, Jacques Labre, Carole Frison, Jean-Luc Leclerq and Glenn Brooksbank. Because the marked darts in France by their domination. I could have mentioned some others, mainly ladies.’’

Some background information about the players mentioned by Tricole:
Cyril Blot won the Mediterranean Cup 2007 beating Stathis Pathelidis from Greece 4-2 in the final, Cyprus Open 2008 beating Roy van Bilderbeek in the final and Italian Open 2009 beating the Italian Marco Apollonio in the final. In 2009 he again made it to the final of the Mediterranean Cup, where he lost 4-3 against Greek John Michael. He also made it to the last 32 of the WDF World Cup singles 2005 and WDF Europe Cup singles 2006. His best result at the World Masters in six appearances dates from 2007, when he reached the last 40.

Jacques Labre won the Mediterranean Cup pairs together with Michael Estevez beating the Romanian Gabriel Pascaru and Adrian Frim 4-2 in the final. Labre represented France at the PDC World Cup 2014 together with Lionel Maranhao, where they lost the first round 5-4 against Mark Webster and Richie Burnett from Wales. Jacques Labre played the World Masters five times with his best result reaching the last 48 in 2017.

Carole Frison has won three BDO-ranking titles. She won the Gibraltar Open 2009 beating Paula Jacklin in the final. She also was the best player at the Italian Open 2009 beating Elisa Brunetti in the final. She also took the trophy at the Austria Open Vienna 2009 beating Zsofia Lazar-Kontos. She played four times at the World Masters. At the WDF World Cup singles 2014 she made it to the quarter finals eventually losing against Lorraine Winstanley.

The results of Jean-Luc Leclerq go way back. He won the French Open back-to-back in 1987 and 1988 beating Raymond van Barneveld and Paul Reynolds respectively. Dave Askew prevented Jean-Luc Leclerq from making it three in a row at the French Open final 1989. His best result at the WDF Europe Cup dates from 2002, when he reached the last 32.

Glenn Brooksbank made it to the semi final of the News of the World 1985 and reached the last 16 of the World Masters 1999 where he lost against Denis Ovens. His best result at the WDF Europe Cup was reaching the last 32 in 2004, while he booked the best result at the WDF World Cup in 2001 when he reached the last 64.

For many readers the News of the World is of course a concept, but for the younger readers, including myself, I will give some information about this once held major tournament. The News of the World Championship was one of the first major organised darts competitions, which began in 1927. In 1947 it became England’s first international darts competition, becoming gradually international until its demise in 1990. It has long been regarded as ’the tournament every player wants to win’ and might be seen as the first world championship of darts with players from different countries. Players like Bobby George, John Lowe, Eric Bristow, Mike Gregory and Dave Whitcombe have won the event. The Swede Stefan Lord won it twice being the only winner from outside Great-Britain. With Rick Ney from the USA being the only finalist outside Europe.

For more information about the Mediterranean Cup I would refer to the information offered in my post about the Romanian Gabriel Pascaru or feel free to contact me if you want to know more about that event.

What is your favourite tournament and why?
‘’I love the Dutch Open, however I only went there in 2017. It was unbelievable to see so many players at one location. The atmosphere was tremendous as well and it was well organised.’’

What is your goal for 2020 and the further future?
‘’My goal is to stay in the top 20 of the BDO if I don’t succeed qualifying for the PDC during the upcoming Q-School.’’

How often do you practise? How do you practise?
‘’This year I practised very litte, because I played almost every weekend a tournament. The tournaments are the best way to practise. I think I practise more or less one hour a week. I play games on my own, because I have nobody to practise with.’’

What is your favourite moment in the history of French darts?
‘’My favourite moment is very personally. I would say the Coupe de France 2015 in Pluvigner and the Coupe de France 2018 in Malguénac. Those are the two national events I have organised. The Coupe de France is the biggest tournament in France with some 500 players each year. I wanted to organise that tournament and was inspired by what I had seen across the border. I gave it a personal touch by organising some concerts and spectacles as well throughout the weekend like a festival. Besides from being a darts player I also want to help develop the game of darts in France. I love organising events.’’

‘’I would add playing for the national team and being commentator during the PDC World Cup 2019. It was the first time a darts event was available in France on a free channel. Unfortunately, since then there hasn’t been any event broadcasted in France.’’

Have you ever hit a 9-dart leg? If so when and against who?
‘’No, I never hit a 9-dart leg. By the way when I practise I play 501 very seldom. I play games where I need more focus.’’

What are your good and bad sides within darts?
‘’My good sides: I never give up. I am very steady. My bad sides: I am a bad loser, but I am trying to cope better with defeat. I am still a little bit too nervous at the big tournaments and I need to improve my high checkouts.’’

What do you think about darts in France?
‘’The number of players in France is increasing the last couple of years after it tumbled around 2000. We have now an equal number of players as we had in 2000. It is very little for a country like France. Softtip is slightly more popular in France. I have hope that one day France will be like Germany or even the Netherlands. Of course it depends on the results by Frenceh players. At the moment the French media isn’t interested in darts. There are four major national tournaments in France: the National Open, the Federal Open, de Coupe de France and the National Masters. Besides those you have the French Open, which is an international tournament.’’

Thanks Thibault Tricole for taking the time to answer the questions.

Jacco writes on darts and interview players as regularly as possible. Checkout his FB page or follow him @jaccokrook for more, and unusual insights.

Darts Historian Pays Tribute to Olly Croft

In next months DartsWorld Dr Darts, Patrick Chaplin pays fulsome tribute to Olly Croft (OBE). Here is a section of the piece:

For more than forty-five years there has been no more charismatic or controversial character in world darts than Olly Croft OBE.

I was privileged to have met Olly on a number of occasions and always found him to be very amenable and helpful and, not surprisingly, so passionate about the sport he loved. From the early 1970s Olly and his colleagues on the BDO transformed darts and, naturally, we are all extremely grateful for that.

When Olly first joined a darts team in the London Super League in 1967 he was hooked and soon became involved with the organisation of the league. At that time darts was in the doldrums and although there was an extant national darts association it was floundering and becoming ineffective. Olly, a self-made businessman, visualised the potential of darts and set about changing the game forever. He had ‘massive aspirations’ for darts locally, nationally and globally and he was to achieve them all.

After several meetings with interested parties during 1971 and 1972, Olly invited darts organisers from across the country to meet at his home in Muswell Hill in north London in January 1973 to formally discuss the setting up of a new national darts organisation. The British Darts Organisation (BDO) was established and from that day forth the game of darts was transformed, first into a national and subsequently, by the establishment of the World Darts Federation (WDF) in 1977, a world sport. Darts was no longer bound to the public house. It was all around, at live venues and on television. The world was becoming one huge oche………

The Full version of this tribute will appear in next months edition of Darts World.

Lakeside to Host Major New Darts Events.

A brand new World Darts Event is scheduled for Lakeside. Known as the ‘Home of World Darts‘, the first new-look Lakeside event is currently planned for Easter with tickets to go on sale by the end of November. Sources say that major new consortium seems to have joined forces with Bob Potter to bring these events to fruition.

Glen Durrant - The Story So Far...
Glen Durrant may well be the final Lakeside World Champion. It appears the venue has moved on.
Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Darts World notes some of the reactions to this news becoming public. It is not unusual for players and others involved to become instantly critical and a little tribal in response to any new initiative in our sport. However, our response, to the information we received from sources close to the matter, is that it is possible to see these events as a big boost to grassroots and mass participation darts.

“Lakeside and Bob Potter has been a friend and by far the biggest financial contributor to darts, outside the PDC, for 37 years and we are as passionate and committed to the game as anyone. In fact, the BDO was still in discussions with us to hold the World Championships at Lakeside until just before the new O2 venue was announced in early August.

This matches with our well-sourced information that it was not solely a Lakeside decision and that the BDO may have been looking for a new venue.

“However, our relationship started with Olly Croft and has always been a partnership of friends. The conversations with the new representatives from the BDO did not recognise this. So whilst still talking to the BDO we had also been working with others who had a broader vision, we had agreed to potentially sponsor and support a series of events to help everyone and try to remove the politics and entrenched positions we have seen hold back world darts for many years”.

Again this matches with the view that for too long the rival camps within darts have held back its development as a sport. It appears that new figures with determination and imaginative strategies have teamed up with an iconic venue to instigate something new.

“Following the O2 announcement we decided to hold fire on our support to see what happened with the BDO event. After 2 months with no confirmation, there was going to be an event and no tickets being put on sale we decided, with our new partners, to announce an event in January to ensure there would definitely be a Championship this Xmas.”

More evidence here of a sensible approach that may enable a new stream of darts opportunities for players and all others involved in the game.

“Now that the tickets have gone on sale and there is definitely going to be an event we do not wish to compete with or damage the BDO after 4 decades of being their biggest supporter. However, based on the feedback following our previous announcement and the exciting possibilities presented by our new partners we have decided to announce a new event next year which will hopefully be just the start of new broader support of Darts”.

Bristow & Deller – Champions of Darts First Golden Age.

“We and our partners are putting on a totally open and non-tribal event which will feature the top players from all bodies and codes worldwide (not including PDC tour cardholders) who will compete for over £200,000 in Prize money.”

It seems from this section that Lakeside and some forward-thinking folk are hoping to develop much more than a one-off event and may have long term goals of which this is merely the first stage.

“So we look forward to supporting a new exciting phase for darts, continuing to be its biggest partner and friend while remaining the Home of World Darts“.

Darts World suggests that all those who, like us, ‘Champion the Sport of Darts’ may wish to take a longer view and see this as possibly the start of something new and complementary to the current infrastructure of the game. Who knows perhaps it could, one day, bring them together.

O Shea & Ashton Claim Masters Titles

John O’Shea saw through a tremendous run to claim the BDO World Masters title with victory over Scott Waites 6-4 in the final.

View image on Twitter
John O’Shea is crowned the 2019 BDO @One80Dart @Lstyle_Japan #WorldMasters Tip Top Pics
Tip Top Pics

Despite patchy form performances since his 2019 Lakeside final appearance Waites came into the final as the favourite. As a former champion, he was expected to make it tough for O Shea, who had never previously reached the final stages of a TV event.

It was ‘Too Hotty’ was soon on the back foot with O’Shea taking a 2-0 lead. However, the former world champion hit back to level the match at 2-2.

O’Shea, though, was resilient and refused to bow to his opponents greater experience. He again lead at 3-2 and he continued to build from there. Waites had chances to make it a deciding set but couldn’t punish and ‘The Joker’ threw a 16 darter to claim victory in the tenth set.

The Ladies event was claimed, again, by Lisa Ashton who boosted her ever-growing haul of titles. Her opponent did not make things easy for her and forced Ashton to produce a stirring comeback.


Anastasia Dobromyslova has been in very good shape in recent months and even recorded a record average (BDO) recently. However ‘The Lancashire Rose’ hit back from 2-4 down before she turned things around to win 5-4 and claim the title once again.

Sunday, October 27
Afternoon session

Lisa Ashton (79.59) 5-1 (72.11) Kasumi Sato
Anastasia Dobromyslova (80.09) 5-1 (68.43) Lorraine Winstanley
Graham Usher (86.74) 2-4 (90.82) Mario Vandenbogaerde
John O’Shea (84.17) 4-1 ( 86.00) Neil Duff
Ciaran Teehan (77.39) 2-4 (79.16) Michael Warburton
Scott Waites (90.12) 4-0 (77.70) Carl Hamilton

Evening session

Men’s Semi-Finals
Mario Vandenbogaerde (90.04) 1-5 (91.55) John O’Shea
Michael Warburton (81.96) 1-5 (91.28) Scott Waites

Women’s final
Lisa Ashton (85.50) 5-4 (82.76) Anastasia Dobromyslova

Men’s final
John O’Shea (88.89) 6-4 (86.24) Scott Waites

Wales Enjoy World Cup – Preview John Williams’ November Welsh Round-Up.

Every month Darts World features a round-up of darts in Wales. John Williams’ November piece includes a section on the recent WDF World Cup and Wales efforts. We preview it here:

Wales Men’s Team narrowly missed out on their 4th Men’s WDF World Cup title when they finished second to the Netherlands, as they are crowned Men’s Team Champions with Nick Kenny securing a bronze in the Men’s Singles at the 22nd WDF World Cup held in Romania.

Welsh Men’s team.

A 9 – 7 win, in the team final, saw the Welshmen finish with a total of 87 points overall, just three points behind the Netherland’s who scored a total of 90 points from the three events challenge. England finished third on 73 points.

The Welsh side of Nick Kenny (Gwent), Jim Williams (Montgomery & Radnor) and the Gwynedd duo of Darren Bingham and Arwyn Morris clinched the team title with a last leg win over a Hong Kong side with the famous Paul Lim in their line-up who had knocked out England in the Semi-finals with a 9 – 5 scoreline.

The Men’s final saw the opening four legs shared with the Welsh wins coming through Jim Williams and Arwyn Morris at this opening stage, before victories for Darren Bingham and Nick Kenny moved Wales 4 – 2 in front, however, the far East-side hit back to level at 4 – 4. The next two sets were shared with Wales win being hit by Nick Kenny then victories for Arwyn Morris and Darren Bingham saw Wales move into 7 – 5 lead, Hong Kong narrowed that lead by winning two of the next three sets, Nick Kenny was our winner here, before Darren Bingham secured the title for Wales in 16th and final leg.

Semi-final saw Wales defeat Netherlands 9 – 4 following on from a nail-biting 17th leg Nick Kenny play-off win for a 9 – 8 verdict over a strong New Zealand side in the quarter-finals after fighting back from 4 – 1 and 7 – 5 down in the match. Earlier Knock-Out stage wins came over Australia 9 – 4 and the Isle of Man 9 – 3 after finishing top of their group of round-robin matches after 9 – 0 wins over Pakistan and Trinidad & Tobago, and 9 – 1 result over Lithuania.

In the Men’s Singles, Nick Kenny collected the bronze medal after losing out to Australia’s Peter Machin in the semi-finals, after coming through six previous round of matches against Andreas Harrysson (Sweden) 5 – 3, Joe Chaney (USA) 4 – 1, Jozsef Rucska (Hungary) 4 – 1, Keith Geraghty (Ireland) 4 – 0, Dean Biskupic (Croatia) 4 – 1 and Ki Jung Kim (Korea) 4 – 0, while Jim Williams lost out in the deciding leg against Justin Thomson (Australia) in the 3rd Round with Darren Bingham and Arwyn Morris going out to Kevin Luke (USA) AND Daniel Jensen (Denmark) respectively in their second-round matches.

Men’s Pairs event saw England end both Wales challenges, Mitchell and Day defeating Williams and Morris 4 – 2 in the last 16 round while Bingham and Kenny went out in the opening round to Heydon & Atkins.

Wales Women line-up of Rhian O’Sullivan, Chris Savvery (both Glamorgan), Katie Bellerby (Montgomery & Radnor) and Ann-Marie Potts (Cleveland) ended in joint 7th position overall with Switzerland) in the WDF Women’s World Cup with a total of 33 points as the Women’s Gold Cup went to England with 132 points, Japan were second on 100 points and Australia third on 93 points.

In the team event Wales Women went out to England in the Quarter-Finals 9 – 2, after defeating South Africa 9 – 4 in the last 16 Round after fighting through their Group stage Round-Robin matches with a 100% record with victories over Spain 9 – 5, Brazil 9 – 1, Mongolia 9 – 1, Japan 9 – 6 and Austria 9 – 4.

Women’s Pairs – O’Sullivan and Bellerby went out in the second round to Leung and Lee from Hong Kong 4 – 2, while Potts and Savvery lost 4 – 3 in their first match against O’Neill and Dunn from Northern Ireland.

Women’s Singles – Chris Savvery just fell short of the medals when she lost to Sweden’s Vicky Pruim 5 – 4 in her last 8 match after earlier wins over – Djurdjina Miscervice (Serbia) 4 – 2, Zeltite Strade (Latvia) 4 – 0, Anne Willkomm (Germany) and Cali West (USA) 4 – 3.

Rhian O’Sullivan reached the last 32 before missing out in the deciding leg against England’s Deta Hedman 4 – 3 after successful rounds against Jargalsaikhan Purevdorj (Mongolia) 4 – 0, Nora Fekete (Hungary) 4 – 0, Marjolein Noijem (Netherlands) 4 – 1.

Katie Bellerby lost in her second match versus Lena Zollikofer of Germany 4 – 2 after a win over Loli Cascales (Catalonia) 4 – 2 in her first match, while Ann-Marie Potts lost her first encounter to Veronika Ihatz of Hungary 4 – 0

John Williams summary of Welsh darts appears every month in Darts World magazine. Grab your copy of the current edition or subscribe (print or digital) here: http://www.dartsworld.com/product/magazine/

Mic Drop, with John Fowler. Episode 3 Preview.

One of the most popular new features in Darts World is the Mic Drop column. John’s style, and many anecdotes, are proving popular with readers across the darting world.

Here is a taste of what to come in the November Edition (Print):

Mic Drop: Tales from the Open Road!
Every MOnth with John Fowler (BDO Referee & Official)

Hello, again Darts family. Where do I start this edition?

Only one word needed, WOW!!! Having recently become a contributor to Darts World, I was wondering what would be next on the agenda. Then, a couple of months ago, I was in Germany and noticed two missed calls on my mobile phone and a message on Facebook saying “Call me urgently please”. So I rang, the number turned out to be the BDO Chairman and I was pleasantly surprised to be asked if I was available to join the new group of BDO referees and if I was available for the World Darts Trophy weekend in Blackburn.

Naturally, I was only too happy to accept. 

On the afternoon that my appointment was due to be made public, I decided to go out for a training walk along the canal towpath. From the moment it was announced, I had to sit down on a bench by the lock for 90 minutes because my mobile phone went into meltdown.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that took the time to contact me for your very kind messages.

Very humbling to an old country boy like me…….

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Grand Slam Representatives Decided. Ashton, Williams, Suzuki & Durrant Among BDO Selections.

BDO Representatives confirmed for Grand Slam of Darts

Glen Durrant and Mikuru Suzuki will headline the eight BDO representatives at the 2019 Grand Slam of Darts next month, with five players set to make their Wolverhampton debuts.


The BDO representatives among the 32-player field include the 2019 Lakeside Men’s and Women’s Champions, with Durrant returning for a fourth successive year, while Japan’s Suzuki makes her first appearance in the event.

The top-ranked male and female players in the BDO system, Wesley Harms and Lisa Ashton, will also be competing at the Aldersley Leisure Village, alongside BDO World Trophy winner Jim Williams.


Meanwhile, Dutchman Richard Veenstra, England’s Dave Parletti and Welshman Wayne Warren will all make their Grand Slam debuts next month.

The Grand Slam of Darts sees the 32 players split into eight groups of four players for the round-robin phase, with the top two players from each group then progressing to the knockout stage from the last 32 onwards.

The tournament will be held from November 9-17 at the Aldersley Leisure Village. Tickets are available through SeeTickets at pdc.seetickets.com and the Midland Box Office via www.wolvescivic.co.uk.