Whitlock Adds Joins Remote 9-Dart Club.

Simon Whitlock became the latest player to hit an online nine-darter on his way to winning a ‘remote’ knockout tournament featuring other top names this weekend.

Winmau’s Simon Whitlock has had a relatively successful spell and seems to have adapted well to the distanced darting situation.

Former World Championship semi-finalist Whitlock took out his nine-dart finish during a second-round encounter with the in-form Jake Jones. The Australian’s nine-darter and the later final (vs Dobey) were not streamed online due to regulations that come alongside owning a tour card.

Simon had a disappointing time in the newly instituted PDC Home Tour but has acquitted himself well, in remote darts events, since.

‘The Wizard’ came through a field of 128 players in the tournament including Michael Smith and Chris Dobey last Saturday afternoon defeating Chris ‘Hollywood’ Dobey in the final. The event was put together by Australian Danny Kilbane, Dobey had conquered Michael Smith and the dangerous Andy Boulton en route to the final.


Meanwhile, the ‘Aussie Wizard’ removed Joe Murnan, William Borland before clinching victory over Dobey During his earlier encounter, with Englishman Jones, Whitlock hit six 180s in ten legs with two of those coming back-to-back in the final leg, Simon then completed the regulation 141 check-out to become the third big-name player to his a nine-dart finish during the lockdown months.

Unfortunately, neither Whitlock’s nine-darter nor his final against Dobey were allowed to be streamed online due to regulations that come alongside owning a tour card.

Feature pic: PDC (L Lustig)

Adams Hits Perfection- Icons of Darts Sees Second 9 Darter.

Martin Adams struck the second nine-dart finish of the Icons of Darts League completing his win over former World Youth Champion James Hubbard. Adams has performed well, in the MODUS promoted remote darts event, and at the age of sixty-three showed he can still produce outstanding darts.

Wolfie Howls Still at 63! (Credit: Modus Darts)

Three-time Lakeside World Champion Adams, joins Arron Monk who hit ‘the niner’ early in the league’s existence. His was the third overall in the current batch streamed tournaments with Luke Woodhouse also hitting ‘a perfect leg’ from his kitchen in Bewdley!

Wolfie went the traditional route hitting scores of 180, 180 & 141 (T20, T19, D12), it appears that this may have been his first recorded 9-dart finish!

Power And Glory – Taylor’s Unique Moment 10 Years On.

PHIL TAYLOR believes that his historic two nine-darters in the Premier League final can be repeated.The Power produced that epic night at Wembley Arena 10 years ago this weekend against James Wade in an epic 10-8 final win.It was without doubt one of the greatest nights in darts history and The Power reckons it can be done again.

The Power said:

“Course it can be done again, maybe even three nine-darters”

“The way things are now with the coronavirus and everything, I don’t know what’s going to happen to sport in the future, any sport, whether it’s football, golf, snooker. Whether we’ll ever get the atmospheres like we had before, I don’t know.


“It depends on the fans and the atmosphere. It’s like if you play football behind closed doors, it just doesn’t seem the same. “Could it happen? 100 percent. Peter Wright could do it, Gerwyn Price could do it, the way he’s been practicing. Gary Anderson definitely could and Michael. Adrian Lewis could, it all depends on the day and how they feel.“Now they’ve had a rest, you will see the best darts coming out now.”It was a bizarre 24 hours after the original staging of the final was postponed due to a power cut. But a day later it went ahead and there was not cutting the darting Power. He added:

“To be honest with you, you could have done eight nine-darters it wouldn’t have made a scrap of difference. It still would have been 10-8.“

It was one of those games. I remember coming off for a break and telling Rod Harrington there could be two nine-darters in this game. “I wasn’t saying that I was going to hit them, maybe get one each. We were both practicing and playing that well and both full of confidence. “The crowd, I wouldn’t say 50/50, I’ve played in good atmospheres but the atmosphere was probably the best I’ve ever played in.“It’s a massive feat. It sets a record really.

All the players want to break records. Michael (Van Gerwen) loves competing against my records, which he should do. “I was the same with Eric (Bristow) and John (Lowe). It was a talking point. I didn’t realise really what I’d done.

“I wish now I’d got the third one. But on the day you’re just happy to win the leg.”

Taylor believes it was a game-changing night for the sport due to Stephen Fry being alongside Sid Waddell and Dave Lanning in the commentary box. Phil said: “It was unbelievable. Sid and Dave were like Morecambe and Wise, they were brilliant. I’ve never known two commentators like it. “Dave was so knowledgeable and Sid was so funny. I know you’ve got the new commentators now Rod Studd and Wayne Mardle who are very good. But I think Sid and Dave will never be replaced. “They were the ultimate for me. That was my era anyway. So I love them two. 

“It created a new audience. Stephen is massive on his social media and I kept in touch with Stephen after that, we text each other. He just loves the darts, he admires anyone who is good at whatever they do. “He knows what you have to put into it.

‘Are you OK Stephen, I’m like a pig in Chardonnay’

One of the best quotes I’ve ever heard was ‘Are you OK Stephen, I’m like a pig in Chardonnay’. I’d never heard that before and I thought it was brilliant.“For his first live darts match and the first time in a commentary box at the best game ever on TV, I think, is an extra bonus.”

Home Tour II – Woodhouse Hits First Kitchen TV 9-Darter!

Luke Woodhouse landed a brilliant nine-darter and claimed victory in the Unibet Home Tour’s Group Two on a memorable Saturday night for the internet-streamed event.

Luke Woodhouse has been knocking on the door for
a while, could the PDC Home Tour be his key?

Bewdley’s Woodhouse, who made his breakthrough last year, achieved a moment of perfection during a superb 5-0 win over world number three Gerwyn Price during his three games on the second night of the Home Tour.

Woodhouse was leading 3-0 as he scored back-to-back 177s against Price, before checking out 147 to record the first nine-darter in competition against an opponent from their respective homes.

Embedded video

Woodhouse went on to complete a 5-0 win over Price with an average of almost 114, with 5-2 wins over Ted Evetts and Rowby-John Rodriguez giving him the Group Two victory.

Reigning Grand Slam of Darts champion Price followed World Champion Peter Wright – who competed in Friday’s Group One – in finishing in second place with two wins on the night.

Price had opened proceedings by defeating Austria’s Rodriguez 5-2, and repeated that scoreline to see off Evetts, ending the night with a 130 checkout and a 102 average.

Evetts was a 5-3 winner over Rodriguez in their tie as he finished in third spot, with the Austrian youngster finishing bottom on the night.

The Unibet Home Tour continues on Sunday night with Group Three, which sees Dave Chisnall, Jan Dekker, Jonathan Worsley and Scott Waites competing in the third of 32 nights of action.

The Unibet Home Tour can be watched live and free through PDCTV for registered users (new users can sign up for FREE here), as well as through bookmakers’ websites and international broadcasters.

PDC Home Tour

Registered PDCTV members can also watch for FREE through the official PDC App.

Phil Taylor and Michael van Gerwen

Nine Dart Nuggets: Who’s Missing? Who Stands Out and Who Dominates?

Since the start of the 2020 season there has been much comment on the regularity of 9-Dart Legs. These perfect moments are one of darts unique features and, as such, they are the source of much discussion. While looking into them we came across a few nuggets of 9-dart news that were too good not to share:

Lewis & Barney Head HappyBet German Darts Masters UK Qualifiers
Lewis & Barney – Twenty Perfect legs between them. Pic: L Lustig

Nine: How many times Nine?

Competitive and authenticated 9-dart legs have been struck by 131 different players between today in 1976 and 2020. Only thirty-six players have done it more than once. fifteen three-plus times and The Power, MVG and Jackpot are alone in the ‘double figures club’.

Eight: Oatcakes are the Key.

Stoke-on-Trent is the ‘official’ home of the nine dart hitter! Potteries natives, and adopted sons, have collected over forty perfect legs between them. Phil Taylor (21) Adrian Lewis (11) Ian White (5) and Andy Hamilton (3) lead the line for ‘The Potters’.

Seven: Nowt for the Count.

A glaring ommission?

Missing from the list are a number of legends both past and present. Ted Hankey, for example, has not recorded a ‘niner’. Less surprising are those who rose to fame before John Lowe’s breaking of the bogey. Martin Adams does not seem to have claimed a perfect moment despite multiple world and major titles.

Six: One Shot John?

Old Stoneface may have fired the starting gun, hitting the his TV nine darter in 1984, but did not register another. Despite playing at the highest level for another twenty years, after picking up £100,000 for being the first, John Lowe only features once. Perhaps the drop in prize money was too big!

Duzza holds a special place in the 9-Dart annals. Pic: Christopher Dean

Five: On a Pair.

Glen Durrant has a unique claim. He and Claire Stainsby hit the 9-Dart doubles leg during the British international Open in 2013. Glen also appears, solo, in our list. Thus Duzza, is the only person to have officially recorded perfect legs as part of a pair and whilst standing alone!

Four: The Iceman Not Yet Cometh.

Gerwyn Price is the highest ranked player not to have made his mark on the 9-Dart bedpost. The Welshman famously hit a ‘unofficial 9-darter’ between sessions during a televised match in 2019 but he has yet to hit one in the heat of battle.

Unicorn Darts is voted Best Darts Brand 2016
Perfect Darts? Unicorn seem to dominate the 9-Dart stats.

Three: Chasing Unicorns.

Unicorn darts can easily claim the greatest success rate, and barrel style, even a casual look at the table reveals that the first TV 9-darter, the first live UK 9 darter, the first Ally Pally and many more were completed by Unicorn men. Taylor, Barney, Jackpot, Wade, Anderson and White have hit many with their Unicorn barrels. A rough count gives them over 50 of darts great moments.

Two: Original & Unique.

Kyle Anderson stands out from other players toward the top of the list. The Australian has hit 6 ‘niners’, in his relatively short career, placing him seventh overall . He is yet to win a major trophy or even reach the final. He has claimed only a single Pro Tour level win and has not troubled the elite rankings in terms of the top ten, or even top sixteen,and is currently ranked outside the top forty. It should be remembered that he is only 32 years old, and may well have more to come.

Even with new arrows MVG hits a perfect note

One: Mighty Impressive!

MVG appears set to blow a hole in most of these stats. He is still only thirty, and at the peak of his powers, but has already hit the youngest TV ‘niner’ and the first World Championship one with a varied the route (he went T19 on his 6th dart). Micheal heads most lists, for total 9-darters hit, and has already added a couple more in recent times. The fact he has hit one, or more, with his new weapons should bode well for those wishing to see records broken and new ground struck.

9 Dart Stats, all events from 1976-2020, courtesy of: http://dartsdatabase.com

Darts World Logo


Congratulation to Daniel Larsson who added his name to the list of those who have enjoyed a perfect moment, The Swedish Federation released the following statement:

Daniel Larsson

We would like to inform you with great pleasure that our player Daniel Larsson (recorded) a 9 darter in the ongoing singles event in Swedish Championships 27/02/2016. This is the first time it happens in a Swedish Federation event.

Previously it has been done twice in a district event in Stockholm, Gunnar Glasö and Magnus Caris and by Oskar Lukasiak in Danish Open.

Picture & Text: Swedish Darts Federation

MVG Adds to 9-Dart Tally – World No.1 Has Perfect Moment vs Superchin.

Micheal van Gerwen ensured that Johnny Clayton would not claim all the ‘9-Dart’ glory at this year’s UK Open. This year’s, Ladbrokes sponsored, event witnessed a second perfect leg during the Semi-Final between MVG and Daryl Gurney.

Micheal, who recently started using new darts after switching to Winmau, has seemed a little up and down so far in the 2020 season, with good averages and wins on occasion but some unexpected, and below par, defeats.

The World No.1 went on to claim the match 10-3 and move into the final where he would take on Welshman Gerwyn price.

Watch Clayton’s Magic Moment: 9- Dart Perfection at Ladbrokes UK Open

Jonny Clayton landed his first nine-darter in a televised tournament as he won through to the Ladbrokes UK Open quarter-finals on Saturday.

Clayton Claims 9! (PDC)

The Welshman achieved the feat in leg 12 of his 10-8 win over Chris Dobey in Saturday evening’s sixth round at the Butlin’s Minehead Resort, following two 180s with a 141 checkout.

He went on to win the game – despite Dobey’s brave fightback from 5-0 down to pull back to 9-8 with finishes of 117 and 104 – to move into the last eight for the first time in the UK Open, where he now challenges for the £100,000 title in Sunday’s final stages.

Smith’s Perfect Moment – BullyBoy Adds Name to Premier League 9-Dart List.

Michael Smith celebrated his first televised nine-dart finish in the in Dublin on Thursday, as Michael van Gerwen moved back to the top of the Unibet Premier League table.

Micheal Smith brought the house down with his perfect moment.
Pic- PDC

Smith followed two 180s with a sublime 141 checkout to bring 9,000 fans to their feet at a sell-out 3Arena, hitting the Premier League’s first perfect leg for almost three years.

The moment of magic came in the fourth leg of a tight contest as he levelled, with Gurney then leading 5-4 before seeing Smith claim the game’s final three legs to take victory.

“It’s a feeling you can’t explain – it’s amazing,” said Smith. “I’ve never hit a nine-darter on TV before and this was special. I’ve never felt my heart beat so fast in my life!

“It’s something on my list that I’ve ticked off now and I’m over the moon, but even more pleased to get the win too. I could have played better but I’m chuffed to get the win.”

Smith has now put himself in pole position in the race to claim a £50,000 bonus from sponsors Unibet should a player achieve two nine-darters during the 2020 season, with his perfect leg being the first in the event since Adrian Lewis in April 2017.

Smith is one of five players sat on five points in a congested league table, one behind reigning champion Van Gerwen and Nathan Aspinall, who both enjoyed wins in Dublin.

MVG Adds To 9-Darter Tally.


Micheal van Gerwen had the latest 9-dart moment. The World no.1 added to his ever growing list of perfect legs during his Players Championship semi-final over the weekend.The latest nine-darter (vs Krzysztof Ratajski) means that MVG is closing in on Phil Taylor who had 21 official 9-dart finishes during his career.

MVG has recently produced a range of new darting products with his new sponsor.

His latest effort will also be pleasing to Van Gerwen’s new darts sponsor. The Dutchman moved to Winmau in January and has had a slightly up and down time since.

He has won well in the Premier League and recorded some high averages, but seemed to be a little less consistent that in previous years. Perhaps a corner has been turned.