Hollywood’s Close Up! The Darts World Q&A.

Fresh from his appearance on our ‘Players Lounge’ Facebook Live last night Darts World thought readers might like another shot of Hollywood tittle-tattle:

Chris Dobey gives Darts World his quick fire answers.

FULL NAME: Christopher Dobey.

BIRTHDATE: 31st May 1990.

NICKNAME: Hollywood.

HOBBY:  Family time.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT?  First interview after winning my game, didn’t know what to say.

BEST CHAT UP LINE? Never used chat up lines they come to me.


FAVOURITE MATCH EVER? Darts? I would have to say Taylor v Lewis was an incredible game to watch I’m sure you can guess what one it was.



LEAST FAVOURITE SMELLS? Other people’s dropped guts.

FAVOURITE SOUND? Voice of my little boy.



Surely a meeting with Big Al cannot be that hard to sort out?


FUTURE CHILD’S NAME? No more kids!

WHAT’S YOUR RINGTONE? iPhone ringtone. 

FAVOURITE FOODS? Chicken Madras/ Spaghetti Bolognese.

CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA? Chocolate all day.

DO YOU LIKE TO DRIVE FAST? Don’t drive but no I wouldn’t.



FAVOURITE HOLIDAY DESTINATION AND WHY? Tenerife as a family holiday it’s just so nice and it’s hot all year round. 






IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB YOU WANTED WHAT WOULD IT BE? I would have loved to be a footballer. 



FAVOURITE MOVIES? Step Brothers/ Drop Dead Fred/ Happy Gilmour.


WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE NUMBER? I always had 10 as a football number so it was that but now I choose 13 as it’s my boy’s birthday.


IF YOU COULD CHOOSE TO BE AN ANIMAL, WHICH ONE AND WHY? I would choose a dog as they are loved by all.

WHAT’S THE BEST THING ABOUT DARTS? Oooh, there’s a lot of reasons to love the game but it would have to be the enjoyment of playing the game for me. I’ve not even been playing 10 years yet but I enjoy it a lot and so be where I am now is unbelievable.

Pix: Taylor Lanning

How Darts Can Be Covid Secure.

THE UK is seemingly headed for an imminent, though staged, release from the Covid-19 lockdown it seems prudent to look around the world and see how things are shaping up toward the return of ‘normality’ on the darts circuits. Darts World looked to our friends in Denmark who are a couple of stages further along the road:

Lido Dart Club in Horsens is one of the many Danish dart clubs that can now open the doors for its members.

Denmark is in the third phase of its reopening after the corona eruption. In this connection, indoor sports is back on the list of permitted activities, which means that the Danish dart clubs can open up to their members.

However, the reopening of the Danish darts clubs does not occur without restrictions and guidelines. The Danish Dart Union has issued a statement on which guidelines the clubs recommend to adhere to. The full message can be found here.

First, DDU points out that the health authorities’ guidelines and the current Danish legislation still do not allow assemblies larger than 50 people.

DIF guidelines relevant to DDU

However, the Danish Sports Federation has also had a hand in matters, with a view to making recommendations for compliance in the respective Danish dart clubs. These recommendations and guidelines can be read below:

  • If possible, keep a distance of 2 meters for activities in motion or for physical exertion. However, sports and sports activities with physical contact can be carried out if you pay close attention to the recommendations of the health authorities – especially hygiene and
    contact contamination – and otherwise follow the guidelines below.
  • The current assembly ban must always be respected (as of June 8, 50 people). There must be more than one assembly ban at one sporting facility – but only for so long, there are talks about different activities and groups, each of which stays within the assembly ban.
  • If there are several groups present in / at the same sports facility, make sure that there is sufficient distance between the groups so that they do not form a single group. The recommendation is that there be at least 2 meters between each lane. It is possible to divide large lanes into smaller zones. Here cones, tops, leashes, partitions or other clear markings are used that clearly delimit the path / zone. Course sizes and area of ​​activity are different in the respective sports, which is why the assembly density can vary from sport to sport. However, the assembly density must not fall below 4 sqm per person.
  • Organisers can run a competitive tournament if it complies, with social distancing and general health recommendations can be complied with in a proper manner.
  • In competition and tournament activities, the general guidelines for grouping and zones should be followed. Individual conventions must not be held where more than a total of more than the current assembly ban (pt. 50) meet across the board, as the assembly ban is thus not upheld.
  • There should be either staff or volunteers present during the activities tasked with preventing the building of close assemblies.
  • There must be one trainer or volunteer present at group for activities for children and young people.
  • The participants of the activities must, upon arrival at the sports facility, place themselves in the group with which they participate during the activity. Groups may not be merged and participants may not switch between different groups during the activity.
  • Social activities may be arranged in connection with the sporting activities, but attention must be paid to the fact that the groups from the sports activities are not merged with each other and that the assembly ban and distance requirements are complied with. Social activities should include staff or volunteers who are tasked with ensuring that groups are not merged and that the assembly ban and distance requirements are respected.
  • Bathing and changing facilities and toilets may be opened if the health authorities’ instructions for cleaning can be observed and if they can be arranged so as to avoid queuing. In addition, facilities, associations and other players are encouraged to find good local solutions for cleaning and supervising changing rooms.
  • Clubhouses, etc. can be kept open. When opening cafes and canteens, special attention must be paid to complying with the recommendations of the National Board of Health. It will be the owner of the individual facility that will decide in particular whether to allow access to toilets and clubhouses and possibly more detailed guidelines for this.
  • Frequent and thorough cleaning of common contact points should be done at least once a day and more often with many touches.
  • If props are used in connection with the activities and use of facilities (eg rackets or golf clubs), it is recommended that personal props are used as far as possible. If this is not possible, special attention should be paid to cleaning common contact surfaces.

DDU’s own guidelines

In addition to the guidelines recommended by DIF, DDU has also formulated its own recommendations for the reopening of the associations. These recommendations read as follows:

Darts Props

  • Use your own arrows, the same chalk or chalk holder, the same chalkboard etc.
  • If you use the club’s dart props, they must be handed in after use and cleaned according to the club’s own recommendations.

Distance between players

  • If possible, use every other course/lane/ Oche in the club.
  • When you pick up the arrows from the board go away opposite the board leader.

Drawing guidelines

  • The board leader must avoid face-to-face with the players.
  • Do not touch the players arrows.
  • Use the same chalkboard own chalk / chalk holder and chalkboard sponge.

Special conditions regarding cleaning and club rooms.

  • If you are in rented premises, be it the municipality or private, then there may be some special guidelines determined by the landlord.
  • If you share leases with others, then it is important that you cooperate on common guidelines for the premises.
  • It’s all about breaking contagion chains, so we recommend the clubs to draw up their own club rules on cleaning toilets, liquor stores, disposable towels, cups, fixtures, light switches, cash registers, refrigerators, set schedules with the record of the time of cleaning so you have documentation for the municipality, etc.

And then just the one with alcohol

  • At the same time, we request and encourage the clubs to take their precautions in relation to the pouring of alcohol, including the necessary protective equipment, as well as not to indulge in
    drunken persons, in order to limit any. infection.

The entire DDU booklet with guidelines for reopening can be found here.

If your involved with darts events, whether social, charity or other the information above is thorough, useful and very timely. (DW Ed. Team).

Mant thanks to our Danish friends at: www.dartnyheder.dk/

Ando’s World Cup Recap: England Would Have Been Sweeter!

Gary Anderson has been recounting his struggles to get ‘match fit’, and in the groove for doubles, before Scotland tremendous win in the 2019 World Cup of Darts.

This years event has been delayed by Covid-19 and will now take place between November 6-8th. In the meantime the PDC have released a special highlights program with some of the events stars recounting their memories.

Anderson said: “It’s the only time in the year I play pairs and I’ve said that to Peter. Back years ago in the BDO you always played pairs, triples, games like that, you were used to it.

“So once a year is bad enough. It’s hard to get into, hard to get into your throw. “When I came back to darts my main target was the Worlds and a floor tournament, that was the first step”

“I think I had played in one or two ProTours prior to the World Cup, I was struggling”.

“Once we got across there, you know what you’ve got to do.

“Unfortunately we never got to play Netherlands or England because that would have been even sweeter”.

“Even when we started that tournament we kicked off well, I felt we were on it here. It just clicked from there.

“William and Steve had played well the whole tournament. But it was just good to get back.

“It’s not just yourself you are playing for, it’s someone else as well. If you lose a game you’re a bit naff because you are putting all the pressure on your partner. It works both ways.

“It was long overdue. We had lost in two finals to the two teams you couldn’t get harder with the players. We finally did it.

“But Willie and Steve are a pair of good lads. You have a cracking laugh with Willie. 

“I reckon we’ve got a few good years left hopefully. To be 21 again in this day and age would be great. We can still show them the way.

Although the tournament has been moved back to be held from November 6-8, fans can look back on some classic games in the World Cup’s history in PDCTV and at the OfficialPDC YouTube Channel.

Pix: Taylor Lanning

Peter Wright: Don’t Get Pooped Again!

PETER WRIGHT admits he “pooped” himself in World Cup finals before finally landing the trophy for Scotland. 

Wright had had a tough time in previous World Cups. Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis had produced their best against him. (Pic: Taylor Lanning)

The Dartan Army pair of Wright and Gary Anderson had been beaten finalists twice in the previous four years before finally ending the jinx against the Republic of Ireland in Hamburg 12 months ago.

Snakebite, 50, revealed that he felt he had let the side down in the losing finals against England and Netherlands.

Wright told PDC Re-Watch: “The most important thing was that I didn’t want to let Gary or the country down. It’s so hard playing pairs. Like Gary said, the last time I played pairs was in the BDO, it’s very difficult.

“To play for your country puts even more pressure on. I found it very nervy.

To be honest I pooped myself in the finals that we lost.

“But I must admit that in the matches with England and Phil Taylor and Adrian Lewis was bashed up by Gary but I didn’t. Taylor had 116 and Lewis 108 average, they got lucky against me. I was just poo!

“You have to remember that Gaz was going through a lot of back problems and still was when he was playing.

“He had pulled out of the Premier League as well,

I was privileged that Gary and I could practice behind closed doors at the World Cup. That meant a lot to me”.

“I didn’t want to let him down for putting that hard work in. But before that last game he just said to me ‘make sure you win’!

“But for me it was hard to get into all these finals and keep losing. Then letting Gaz down and Scotland with the finals we’d lost before, it was because of my playing. Gas was playing fantastic and carrying me.

Finally a Scots pairing had their hands on The World Cup of Darts (Pic; L Lustig)

Only England and Netherlands had won the PDC World Cup prior to 2019 and Scotland’s record had been patchy to say the least. They had previously been KO’d by so-called minnows like Spain, South Africa, Northern Ireland and Singapore.

But in more recent times with Wright and Anderson as the pair they had narrowly missed out in finals.

“I was totally focused that it wasn’t going to happen again this year, this is our year. That was it. There was no other thought in my head”.

A determined and passionate Snakebite can be tough to keep up with!

“Steve and William played well the whole tournament, we were up against it. I’ve obviously had the experience of being in those finals, it’s taken the best players in the world to nick it from us. 

“To get over that line and actually for me to hit the winning double, it was nice.”

The 2020 BetVictor World Cup of Darts had been set to be staged from June 18-21, as 32 nations competed for the prestigious title. The tournament has been moved back to be held from November 6-8!

Watch World Cup ‘Highlights With The Stars’, here.

Dobey & Dobey: Father Figures and A New Darting Double Act?

CHRIS DOBEY, is delighting in the role of dad, but it has reminded him of the efforts, and sacrifices, made by his own father. The northeast star wants to help his dad become an oche star as a thank you for putting him on the road to glory.

The Bedlington barnstormer is in the Scottish management team of Dunvegan Darts, owned by Tommy Gilmour MBE, and he’s gradually becoming a big hitter on the oche. But his biggest wish is to help dad Gordon – a long-time pal of Gary Anderson – finally get a chance at the big time.

Throughout the 1990s Dobey senior chose to support his young family in Northumberland as a foreman on a building site rather than go for darting success.

Now Chris wants to pay for his dad to enter Q School at the age of 57. He added: “I would love to see my dad give it a crack, even one go at Q School. I still believe that he could get a Tour Card. 

“He did so much and didn’t play as much so he could work and give us all a good upbringing. 

“If not this January, the one after, and we’ll see what he’s got.”

Dobey, 30, is now up to No.20 in the PDC Order of Merit after a cracking 2019 which included reaching the semi-finals at both the World Grand Prix and Players Championship Finals.

He said: “I was playing good stuff on the back end of last year. I made two major semis and had a decent run at the Worlds again. 

“I also had a good run at Minehead for the UK Open and obviously I was setting myself up for playing the Premier League at Newcastle, the same week everything just stopped. It was going to be a north-east derby with Glen Durrant.

Dobey and Durrant (The Double D’s) are scheduled to appear in Darts World ‘Player’s Lounge’ very soon!

But Hollywood’s career was given a huge boost prior to 2020:

“The one good run at the Grand Prix in Dublin when I reached the semi-final and then took that into the Players Championships and I reached another last four,

it’s all about confidence and experience.

“It’s actually going to be hard going back after lockdown. Obviously the virus needs to be cleared up beforehand. But it is nice to spend time with the family. I have been on a couple of long walks just to get a bit of fresh air and try and keep myself fit a little bit.

“To be honest it’s not as bad as what I thought it would be. It’s given me the kick up the backside to practice and that’s all I seem to be doing. That and just spending time with the little one.”

It seems that the Dobey’s enjoy more than just a love of darts. Two dedicated father figures could be about to become a unique double-act on the PDC tour

Pix: Taylor Lanning

Elusive Exclusive: Superchin Rested & Ready!

You could be forgiven for thinking that Daryl Gurney had vanished into thin air over recent weeks. Unlike many darts stars, Superchin has been barely visible recently. After poor facilities meant he missed the Home Tour and has hardly appeared in the media. Darts World’s reader contributor Elias Wilhelm was keen to track down the elusive two-time major winner:

DARYL GURNEY was a whisker away from the final of the World Matchplay last year, but he lost out after an incredible chase by Rob Cross. It was one of his most painful defeats. He wants to do better this year.

In a short conversation Elias the World Grand Prix Champion admits that he enjoyed the time-out a lot. He was able to “spend more time with his son after the three and a half years of non-stop playing”.

The Northern Irishman added that he hadn’t had a dart in his hand for a long time. It is only very recently that he started his preparations for the continuation of the Pro Tour, which begins with the Summer Series on July 8.

“To be honest, I enjoyed the time not playing. […] I didn’t
touch a dart for 12 weeks. I’ve just started playing again.”

Daryl did not participate in the Home Tour due to his bad internet. In addition, his set-up has been temporarily hanging on his father’s bathroom door. Laughing, he said that there would be problems if someone needed the bathroom.

In addition to the Summer Series, the World Matchplay will also take place in mid July. Whether spectators are admitted will only be announced at short notice. In this respect, ‘Superchin’ agrees completely with the decisions taken by the PDC.

He has no doubt about what Barry Hearn and Matthew Porter determine:

“I think, Barry [Hearn] and Matthew [Porter] know what They are doing.

I trust them.”

Although it will be hard for the Players Championship winner to “get used to strict conditions”, he said that he has no other choice if he wants to play again.

Above all, Daryl is looking forward to the World Matchplay, which will start on July 18. Last he lost to Rob Cross in the semifinals despite an interim 7-leg lead. Now he is more hungry than ever for the Phil Taylor-Trophy.

“Yes, I’m very hungry. Especially after what happened last

Despite this, he yearns most for winning the World Championships. He never made it there further than the quarterfinals. He often lost in the first rounds of the tournament. He’d give anything to call himself a world champion:

“I would swap everything I’ve won to be called World Champion. I yearn for it more than any other title.”

Daryl will try to return to ‘fitness’ upcoming in the Summer Series. Afterward, it will be very exciting to see if the Winmau thrower can do better at the World Matchplay than last year if he can count himself among the glorious winners of the Phil Taylor Trophy.

Pix: Taylor Lanning.

This Week – Pentathlon Kings and Fairy Tale Princes.

JUNE 21-27 has been a mixed week over the years, some remarkable efforts and some almost barren spells. But Darts World’s ‘This Week’ has managed to locate a selection that includes a ‘Founding Father’, a Fairy-tale Prince, a ‘Dark Side Darter’, and one who is ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ for one more title. A random Scandinavian also manages a guest’s appearance.

Forty-Four Years Ago:

John Lowe captured the initial staging of an event that would become almost his personal property. The British Pentathlon involves playing a selection of different darting games, including round the board doubles, and it’s your overall performance that counts. A player capable of the consistency level showed by’ Old Stoneface’ should and did thrive!

Lowe receives his MBE last year. Perhaps it should have been for services to The British Pentathlon?

During the first dozen holding of this challenging event (1976-87), Lowe won an astounding ten! He was runner-up on another occasion (1981), defeated by Eric Bristow, and only in 1977 did he not make the top two. Before the 1994 split, only two others had claimed the event more than once. Eric and Phil Taylor. Surely no other tournament has been dominated in such a way from its inception?

Twenty Four Years :

The British pentathlon seems to spawn remarkable runs of domination. Perhaps its that the event rewards a set of qualities that are often held to extremes by only one or two players in each era? This week in 1996 Martin Adams picked up his second Pentathlon title. Not for the last time Ronnie Baxter was runner up in a major trophy, Colin Monk, father of, recent 9-Dart hitter, Aaron, was third and the Norwegian, Thor Helmer Johanson was fourth. Adams went on to dominate the event in a similar way to Lowe, but has been stuck on nine since 2011!

Fourteen Years Ago:

Darth Maple, John Part, was striding forth in the second qualifier for the PDC’s Las Vegas Classic. Part qualified, after a failed attempt the day before, by defeating Darts World columnist Colin Osborne, and Steve Maish, in the later stages. The outstanding feature of this effort was not his qualification, but the fact that he went on to win the main event the next day!

Coral UK Open - Day Two Round-Up
John Part has managed many ups and downs throughout his career, but fourteen years ago he pulled of a very rare feat! (Photo: Chris Dean/PDC)

The double World champion (later to claim the hattrick) had many peaks and troughs in his career, but this was another example of his knack of delivering on home turf. The Unicorn man clinched the crown after defeating Barney 6-3 in the final.

Four Years Ago:

A Challenge Tour event in June 2016 does not seem likely to have been a major turning point in the history of the PDC. But the winner of that year’s thirteenth second-tier event was engaged on a project, whether he knew it or not, that would validate the entire modern PDC system. On the way to a fine first PDC tournament win, the victor also hit a nine-dart finish.

It is safe to say that for a player who had broken through only months before, this was a decent effort in itself. Yet , after only another few months he claimed his tour card, via the CT order of merit, and twelve months after that he reached his first World Championship. Perhaps we should mention that the winner of CT 13 in 2016 was……………Rob Cross!

Rob Cross sealed his first PDC title as he won Challenge Tour 13 ‘This Week’ in 2016. Photo : Chris Dean

Look back through previous ‘This Week’ selections here.

Bunting’s Back! Bullet Gunning for Matchplay Spot!

The Bullet is currently World No.17 and will miss out on qualification unless he can outgun his nearest Order of Merit challengers in Milton Keynes. He also admits it will be a weird scenario at the Marshalls Arena, unlike any other ProTour event held before.

“I’m 17 in the rankings. There’s also a possibility that not all the top 16 seeded players are going to come over for it,

you just don’t know what’s going to happen. I can never count my chickens.

“Obviously I’ll be trying my hardest in Milton Keynes to earn that spot. I think I’m about £3,000 behind on the ProTour Order of Merit. “If I can have a good five days in Milton Keynes then I can make it to Blackpool in my own right”.

Dependant on the government statement, due at the start of July, there are multiple ways for the Liverpool ace to make it into the final thirty-two. Over the five day of the Summer Series he could play his way into an automatic place. Failing that other players may opt or be prevented from attending.

But BUnting is intent on overcoming the many challenges he faces in order to compete on the biggest stages once again.

He added:


Perhaps Stephen, a passionate LFC fan, will be inspired by Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool side, who return to action on Sunday!

Read the full conversation later today on dartsworld.com

Exclusive: Bunting ‘On His Bike’? The Bullet Battles COVID Risks!

Stephen Bunting will need to hit the ground running to be ready for the Summer Series and reach the Matchplay on July 18. He acknowledged the task ahead during an extensive conversation with Darts World.

Can Stephen get to the Matchplay? (pic: Taylor Lanning)

Bunting also reveals that he has made a huge decision to change his diet and lifestyle with so much information regarding Covid-19 affecting the vulnerable in society, which includes diabetes sufferers. For diabetic players such as himself, Ian White, Andy Hamilton, and Jamie Caven, the return to action poses extra problems.

The former BDO World champion said:

“My wife has bought me an exercise bike and I’ve been on that every day.

I’ve changed my diet and I’m trying to do things away from the oche to make myself fitter”.

The Bullet has made several other changes in order to give him the best chance and darting success and reduce his increased COVID risk. “We’re on a healthy meal club and we get set 12 meals for a week sent to you”.

“It’s perfect and I’m enjoying that and getting used to the exercise regime.”

Other areas, of the Liverpool thrower’s daily routine, are are also receiving attention:

“I’ve also tried to change my lifestyle by not staying up so late at night on the PlayStation.

I’m going to bed earlier and waking up fresher with more energy.”.

He added: “The way it has worked out for me it makes it very difficult. Obviously I’ve just got to get to Milton Keynes and forget about everything and go and play.”

More from our exclusive chat with ‘The Bullet’ tomorrow!