The Worst Final Ever? Saved By The Big Fish!

Speaking to Darts World this week, world number seven, Nathan Aspinall described how his 170 ‘Big Fish’ checkout rescued the game from being remembered as an appalling game:

To be fair to both Rob Cross and ‘The Asp’, it was clear that both guys were almost out of steam. The latter stages of ‘the Open‘ are draining with two important, and often long, matches on both Saturday and Sunday. Cross, despite being a World Champion, had little experience of this and Aspinall even less.

Both players had huge incentives to ‘finish the job‘ with Cross eager to prove his World Championship was no ‘one-hit wonder‘ and Aspinall clearly intent on claiming his first ranking ‘Major’. The combination of nerves and exhaustion resulted in both players slumping from their previous levels and it seemed that ‘The Asp’ just had more in the tank and would inch his way to victory.

The one question remaining was could Nathan hit a major winning double on TV? Here’s his answer!

Up Close & Personal: Ricky’s Rapid Q&A.

In the spirit of Ricky Evans reputation as the fastest darter in the west, or any other place for that matter, Darts World hit the world number twenty-nine with a rapid round of intimate but fun questions to help you get to know him better:

Says it all really.

FULL NAME: Ricky Evans

BIRTHDATE: 29/07/1990

NICKNAME: Rapi and Evs.

HOBBY:  Darts, watching sports, playing snooker and pool. Music of all genres, quizzing.

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT? Losing my passport/wallet numerous times on airplanes and in airports.

BEST CHAT UP LINE? Are you from Ireland? Because when I see you my penis is Dublin!

FAVOURITE CHILDHOOD MOMENT? Watching Kettering Town at Wembley, visiting Old Trafford and getting picked for England Youth.

FAVOURITE MATCH EVER? Versus Simon Whitlock 2016 PDC world champs

FAVOURITE MAGAZINE? The TV guide that comes in the Saturday paper.

FAVOURITE SMELLS? Freshly cut grass, Paco Rabanne aftershave and sizzling bacon.

LEAST FAVOURITE SMELLS? Cheese and Onion crisps, gravy and David Pallett’s feet. 

FAVOURITE SOUND? ‘Game shot and the match Ricky Evans’.

WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD? Being lonely, not playing to my best ability, watching other darts matches on TV.

WHAT IS THE FIRST THING YOU THINK OF WHEN YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING? Check the phone, take the dog for a walk, go for practice. 

FAVOURITE COLOUR? Yellow, bright. 

FUTURE CHILD’S NAME? Ronnie or Archie.

WHAT’S YOUR RINGTONE? Phone’s always on silent…hardly answer anyway 😉

FAVOURITE FOODS? Hot curry, bacon, Jaffa cakes, sausage rolls.


DO YOU LIKE TO DRIVE FAST? Don’t drive, but as a passenger no!

DO YOU SLEEP WITH A STUFFED ANIMAL? Only if nobody else will keep me company.


FAVOURITE HOLIDAY DESTINATION AND WHY? I love Portugal as a country, and will be visiting again June 2019.

IF YOU COULD MEET YOUR HERO – DEAD OR ALIVE – WHO WOULD IT BE? My dad’s my hero but I’d love too meet David Beckham and Lee Mack.




TATTOOS COOL OR NOT COOL & IF YOU HAVE ONE WHAT’S YOUR BEST? Would love to have a three lions one sometime or a KTFC badge.

IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB YOU WANTED WHAT WOULD IT BE? At school I wanted to be a sports journalist, I used to make my own sports paper.


WHAT WAS YOUR FIRST LOVE? Football and comedy.

FAVOURITE MOVIES? Happy Gilmore, See No Evil Hear No Evil, The Naked Gun trilogy.

WHAT’S UNDER YOUR BED? Old darts and football memorabilia.


FAVOURITE SPORT TO WATCH? Football and Snooker.

WHAT’S THE BEST THING ABOUT DARTS? The camaraderie, top quality competition and obviously career changing money up for grabs.

Images: Target

Feature Pic: PDC

Big Names Rally Around Fallon:

FALLON SHERROCK became the latest victim of social media abuse after a fan called her a “s***” and “slag” following an online defeat. The yob messaged Sherrock “Your so s*** you slag” and also “I’d love to stamp on your ugly head”. Sherrock responded on Twitter: “All I did was not win a game of darts, this is so wrong.”

Laura Turner also hit back on Twitter, saying:

“Seeing so much of this at the moment…absolutely disgusting. @Fsherrock – you’re playing fab darts and you’re a beautiful person on and off the oche…

don’t let this idiot or anyone else make you think differently.”


Jamie Caven added: “Disgusting….. we’ve all been on the end of it at some point, and more than likely due to a bet going wrong. It’s peoples choice to bet, but the players are just doing their job. These trolls ruin social media for the real fans.”

Sky Sports commentator Stuart Pyke backed her as well saying: “Absolutely disgusting. Report him straight away and stay strong Fallon.”

ITV presenter Jacqui Oatley tweeted:

“I’d love to stamp on your ugly head,” says the big guy with his cute little girl in his profile pic.

What would he do to someone who sent a similar message to his daughter when she’s older? 

It’s not the first time Sherrock, who also drew with Glen Durrant in the Premier League earlier this year, has been given abuse.

World No.1 Michael Van Gerwen is in the same Modus Sports stable as Sherrock and has helped her deal with the pressures of instant fame.

And several of the game’s superstars have reached out to her with guidance after nasty trolls subjected her to social media abuse.

It has also been revealed that Luke Humphries received abuse from the same yob which stated: “Hope you die you c***” and “you cheating w*****, should be banned for life, fat p****”.

Sherrock Suffers Sick “S***” Online Abuse!

FALLON SHERROCK became the latest victim of social media abuse after a fan called her a “s***” and “slag” following an online defeat.

The Milton Keynes star, who became the first woman to beat a man in the World Championships, got the stick on Twitter yesterday.

In a direct message the yob messaged Sherrock “Your so s*** you slag” and also “I’d love to stamp on your ugly head”.

Sherrock responded on Twitter:

“All I did was not win a game of darts, this is so wrong.”

Fellow online playing star David Evans leapt to her defence and stated: “I completely feel your pain, Fallon”. 

“I get them too and it is so wrong just because they have lost 50p on a bet. Just do what I do and block them and ignore it I know it’s hard to do but I’m doing this it lets them know that they haven’t got to you.”

Sky Sports commentator Stuart Pyke also added:

“Absolutely disgusting. Report is straight away and stay strong Fallon.”

It’s not the first time Sherrock, who also drew with Glen Durrant in the Premier League earlier this year, has been given abuse. World No.1 Michael Van Gerwen is in the same Modus Sports stable as Sherrock and has helped her deal with the pressures of instant fame.

And several of the game’s superstars have reached previously out to her with guidance after nasty trolls subjected her to social media abuse.

Exclusive. Aspinall: Hopp Defeat Broke Me!

Things could hardly be better for Nathan Aspinall right now. But, the down to earth 28-year-old has had to dig deep to recover from a defeat to Max Hopp in the World Youth Championship final.

Nathan Aspinall owned up to being ‘a broken man’ after his defeat to Max Hopp in 2015. (Pic: L Lustig/PDC)

Talking with Tom Beresford, in the inaugural Darts World ‘Players Lounge’, The Asp revealed that it took him six months to get over the blow:

“It absolutely broke me, for six months I couldn’t win a game in my local League!”

“I was a broken man for six months”

Although Nathan laughs about it now, it is easy to forget, the defeat cost Aspinall a place at Ally Pally as well as the title, cheque, and more. He added:

“I would have got a place in the worlds….. and subsequently retained my tour card”

Overall, it’s clear that Aspinall views his defeat as part of the process that has led him to a major TV title and a place in the Premier League.

“It did hurt me, for six months, but I think that’s helped me to become the player I that I am now”

Nathan also hinted that he has upcoming news regarding his support of Stockport disability darts, a cause that is clearly close to his heart.

For the full, facebook live interview go to our Darts World Magazine Facebook page.

Young Guns Forcing Generational Change? Or The Old Guard Failing To Keep Up?

Darts World lets our readers have their voice heard and, it’s fair to say, our reader *Elias Wilhelm has gone from gentle homage to the Winter Gardens, to a full blast at some of our senior Pro’s:

In recent years, many young players, such as Aspinall, Dobey or De Zwaan, have attracted a lot of attention. Slowly, but surely they supplant themselves into the world’s elite. Slightly older players just can’t seem to keep up.

The Asp, Nathan Aspinall, has been amongst a group of younger players nipping at the heels of those who have been at the top for many years.(pic: Taylor Lanning)

How can it be that these are being harassed by young players from their place at the top of the world? Terry Jenkins, Ronnie Baxter, Mervyn King, Kevin Painter, Andy Hamilton, Robert Thorton. These were all players who have played in the Premier League in the last ten years. Now some have almost completely disappeared, while some have to fight to keep their spot on the tour.

Raymond van Barneveld ended his career simply because he no longer had the ability to win. He was in pain. It was too hard for him to endure, to go to tournaments, and hardly ever to win.

In addition, many trips were a problem for him. His departure was then at the end of last year full of disgrace. That’s exactly how many older players feel. The whole trips back and forth is much too exhausting. The tournament calendar is getting more and more crowded.

RVB’s career petered out over the last few years (PIC;LAWRENCE LUSTIG).

The tournaments are indispensable for them because otherwise, they would drop in the rankings. That’s why they have no choice if they want to stay successful, they have to play and play and play. On top of that, strong young players join in. Especially the players, like Nathan Aspinall, who are almost unstoppable. Full of energy, they’re pushing up the rankings. Also players, like Humphries or Van Den Bergh, who beat big players every now and then and score good results.

All this makes it difficult for the older players, which is why it is no wonder that they are slowly being ousted from the world elite. Experience no longer plays such a big role and young players have a lot of self-confidence and no respect for,(or perhaps, fear of) the older players.

Everbronze? The Adonis does not conform to the conventions in any way!

Many are happy when players like Steve Beaton or Mervyn King can still keep up. But it is obvious that time is running out for the veterans.

Elias Wilhelm (@ewh27) is a Darts World reader and budding darts writer who appears to be getting the hang of our ‘Talking Points’!

*Reader’s writes is Darts World’s area for our reader’s voices to be heard. Their views are their own and do not represent the opinions of the magazine or its staff.

Aspinall To ‘Open’ Darts World’s ‘Player’s Lounge’. Live from 7.30pm Tonight.

Former UK Open Champion Nathan Aspinall will be our first ‘Players Lounge’ guest, tonight at 7.30 pm. ‘The Asp’ with be chatting with Darts World’s Tom Beresford over on our facebook page. The popular Stockport player will be talking all things darts, and maybe having a bit of fun.

The Asp is a thoughtful, but fun, guy.

Fresh from his recent Home Tour success ‘The Asp’ is focused on the upcoming Betfred World Matchplay and hoping to climb the ranking over the next year or so. Nathan is a down to earth level headed guy, who not so long ago could barely afford a new dartboard.

It seems he has not forgotten his earlier tour struggles and he has spoken out about the difficulty facing those ranked outside the top sections of professional darts and the difficulties that lie ahead with regard to ranking tables and the restart of the PDC tours.

All-in-all, he is the ideal guest to open Darts Worlds new ‘Players Lounge’ and we hope you enjoy the first of many ‘Facebook Live’ events.

Pix: Taylor Lanning

Exclusive! Bravedart Battles COVID Fears.

OCHE legend Jamie Harvey has revealed he is terrified that catching Coronavirus would kill him and is fearful of the consequences for others in a similar position.

Jamie Harvey a.k.a ‘Bravedart’ has previously battled cancer, but Covid-19 holds additional fears for the legendary Scottish player. (Pic: PDC)

The former world No.4 was diagnosed with throat cancer 11 years ago, had a 10-hour op to save his life, then underwent chemo and radiotherapy. He also had his voicebox removed and had a permanent laryngectomy stoma fitted to enable him to speak. In all, he lost four stone during the extensive treatment.

Yet battling Bravedart has lived up to his nickname by continuing to play in local leagues and attending big events over the past five years. But Harvey, 64, admits he is frightened of catching COVID-19 and the lack of relevant information.

Jamie revealed:

“I wish I could put my mind at rest but I can’t. Having had a laryngectomy my voice box was removed and a plastic valve inserted instead.

“I can’t breath from my nose or mouth, I breath from a hole in my neck”.

The Coronavirus is here looks like for a long time. I am 64-years-old, my concerns for me and other people who’ve had a laryngectomy are what do we do, we can’t breath through our mouths or noses only through the orifice in our necks.”

“The daunting thing is I have been in and out of hospitals for a few months now. Also the local doctor’s surgery. Not once has any doctor or nurse explained to me what we do to protect themselves against this disease which is spreading faster than butter”.

“They say do not touch face or mouth. That’s no use to us as I myself have to clean my stoma about on average between 20 to 40 times a day, not one specialist doctor or local surgery doctor can tell me what hygiene we are to do during this worrying time.

“There’s also no mention about anything at any time what kind of masks we wear for our throats. “l’ve got to put my finger on the button on my neck to talk to anybody. I think especially the doctors don’t know enough about the effect on people who have had a laryngectomy or this disease. 

“Please doctors and nurses get your fingers out and help us because my finger is in my hole for the rest of my life. 

“Hopefully I won’t catch this virus because it will kill me. Thoughts please I’m lost? They must help people with who have had a laryngectomy, it’s frightening.”

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Porter Fears For Non UK Tour Card Holders.

Meanwhile PDC chief executive Matt Porter has revealed that there are still potential issues surrounding foreign players having to quarantine for 14 days.

Official PDC Logo

The Summer Series of Players Championships is set to commence on July 8 with the Matchplay to follow soon after. He told the Darts Show:

“The big issue at the moment which we need to resolve is the 14-day quarantine for overseas visitors to the UK”

If there is some form of exemption for sportsmen on that which we understand is being discussed, then that would certainly help the situation.“

We have got an obligation to 128 Tour Card holders. If there are one or two that have problems getting back into the UK, whether it is travel or their own personal situation, then they might be unlucky.“

“We can’t leave 124 people at home because four people can’t get in. That would not be the right thing to do.”

“It would be unfortunate for any individual who wasn’t able to come back, but assuming that number was a small percentage of the overall field of Tour Card holders, then we would need to look after the majority.”

Cross: It’s Head Down and Back To Work Time.

Defending Champion Rob Cross knows its time to get back to work if he is to retain his Betfred World Matchplay crown.

‘Back to work’ for reigning Champion Rob Cross.

‘Voltage’ said: It’s been a long time and at least now we’ve got something set in stone so I’ve got something to work to now.“

“When there’s no darts on and you’re trying to maintain your practice,

at the same time you’re not practising for anything” .

At least now it will settle us all, it’s settled me definitely.“ It has been very tough but at least now I can get my head down – I’ve got a fair few weeks to sort myself out and get myself ready.“

“Just going back to playing darts and playing the best players in the world again is enough for me, because then you’ve got something to prove to the world and prove to yourself again.“

“It’s motivation and at least we are going back, it might be under different circumstances but I think the biggest thing for me is that I’ll get back doing my job and do what I enjoy.“

“I’d like to have something in the background, I suppose, but at the same time I think the biggest thing is that:

I go back in there as defending champion and I want to win it again,” .“

Cross added: *So whatever the circumstances, I’m only going out to win. It will be a little bit alien at first”.

“If it is quiet I’ll get over it – I might have a nervous first leg but at the same time it’s something that you’ve got to get on with and be ready for either way.”