Target Capture The German Giant.

With his run to the last 32 of the UK Open( and still going) The German Giant might provide Target Darts with a rapid return on investment. Target have added to their roster of up and coming talent by signing Gabriel Clemens. The mainland Europe market is expanding at a rapid rate and that in Germany in particular, the bigger companies are looking to stake their claims.

Gabriel Clemens has had a very good couple of years and makes a claim to be the current German No.1.

Target have looked a little light in this area previously so they welcomed an addition this week:

Introducing Gabriel ‘German Giant’ Clemens:

The former mechanic from Saarlouis grew up playing darts at his local pub and is arguably one of the driving forces that have contributed to the growth of the sport in Germany.

Clemens secured his PDC Tour card at European Q School 2018 having won outright on the 4th Day against Vincent Kamphuis with a 5-3 victory. His form continued throughout the first half of the season; making the semi-final of Player Championship 10 and reaching the last two of Player Championship 11, beating the likes of Simon Whitlock and Peter Wright, only to lose by a small margin to 2 X World Champion Gary Anderson. His first season continued to impress and he qualified for his first PDC World Championship where he breezed through his first round match 3-0, only then to narrowly miss out in Round 2 to John Henderson.

Clemens continued to improve during his second season on the tour as he started to excel in tournaments. He made the final of 2 Player Championship events and the final of the German Darts Masters where he was defeated 8-6 in the final by Peter Wright – the German Giant highlights this game as the biggest of his career to date. These performances earned him qualification to his second PDC World Championship.

Gabriel practices darts for up to 4 hours a day and in his spare time goes to support his local football team, Saarbrucken FC. Clemens aims to qualify for the Worlds this year (2020) but he also has a number of other titles in his sight including a Player Championships. He currently stands at 39th ranking in the world – the 2nd highest German.

Clemens is an interesting signing. He has had several stand out peformances but not yet come through at a major event since winning a PDC Tour Card.

Warren Extends Red Dragon Deal.

After winning the 2020 BDO World Championships in emphatic style, Wayne Warren enters his next exciting chapter signing an extension to his exclusive sponsorship deal with Red Dragon Darts.

The iconic win for the 57-year-old Rhondda roofer wasn’t all plain sailing, as he became the lowest paid World Champion since Jockey Wilson won the prestigious title in 1989 defeating Eric Bristow.

However, to Wayne’s huge credit he battled through swathes of negativity surrounding the event to emerge an extremely proud World Champion.

Wayne said “To win the World title at the age of 57 is without doubt a dream come true, I’ve always wanted to become World Champion throughout my career and I’ve worked so hard to do this.”

“I’ve had some time off from the game with a new family and various things, but since playing a fulltime schedule and being able to focus fully on my darts it has allowed my confidence to grow”.

Wayne has continued to smash the WDF rankings with wins in the Slovakia Masters and Romanian Classic already in 2020 and it’s this form that sees him grow his sponsorship with Red Dragon Darts.

Simon Hall, Head of Marketing at Red Dragon, said “It’s long been known our views of Wayne, that “If God could throw darts, he’d throw like Wayne Warren”

Simon Hall

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Wayne and he’s carried his name and the Red Dragon brand to such a high standard it’s a privilege to continue our partnership”

Wayne extends his contract for a further three years as he continues to look to add further Major titles to his collection.

Wayne spoke about his plans for the future and whether he intended to switch over to the PDC. Wayne said “This year I’m focusing on nailing that WDF Number 1 ranking spot, as we’re not all sure what the forecast looks like for major tournaments this year”

“I’ve obviously got a lot of exhibitions to look forward to since the big win and I’m really excited with what darts lie ahead for me in the next 10 months and a really busy year”

We wish Wayne all the best on the circuit this year and it’s a massive pleasure to have him extend his stay on board.

Red Dragon Launch 2020

During the mayhem of two recent World Championships, their players won both, Red Dragon darts can be forgiven for having a relatively low key product launch for their updated 2020 range and catalogue. This does not even include the new Peter Wright, World Championship winning, Special Edition!

The Welsh brand has released a tight collection of classic and innovative models that should appeal to most tastes. The Originals pictured above give a clue as too one side of the collection. They are simple classical style of dart somewhat similar to one Alan Evans might have used.

Representing the polar opposite side of the equation are the Koncept Pro. These are a mix between a stilletto and a scallop barrel. They are 90% tungsten and ringed grip at the higher end of the barrel. near the nose they are a very narrow taper. The scallop just before the taper could provide a comfortable propulsion zone.

Perhaps the most distinctive dart, in the new range, are the Clarion (Black). The black and gold colour scheme disguises quite a technical dart. It is a mix between a ‘Phase 5’ bomb shaped barrel with a slight indent through the middle section of the dart. It has features in common with the excellent, and popular, Red Dragon ‘Fusion’ model. The unusual feature is the more razor like grip in the mid section. This could be a very timely update on a classic barrel.

The third arm of the release are additions to the ranges of the big names in the Red Dragon pantheon. The Lunar 50 editions were released toward the end of 2019 and more have been added. Peter Wright, Johnny Clayton, Jamie Hughes all have a Lunar50 edition, these are basically the players original model but in a simple monochrome style. They appear subtly different to the signature darts but also easily recognisable.

Gerwyn Price had a Lunar Edition released, but this has been taken further for 2020. The Iceman has had a black edition released, although these look like a permanent edition, as well as more cases and shirts. The ‘Black Ice’ range are functional, clean and functional whilst being fuss free and stylish. Price now has a solid three edition range, as well as a special edition, a few shirts and the usual flights and stems. There is something for most to like.

Despite the relatively low-key launch Red Dragon may well have a very successful year. Their three world champions should give them huge attention and this range and catalogue may well ensure that the interested customer will stay!

Check out the new ranges in more detail and purchase here:

Harrows Go All In On Chizzy: Product Launch 2020.

Darts World have observed the resurgence of Harrows, over recent months and years, with a mixture of nostalgia, curiosity and pleasure. You cannot have documented both of Darts’ golden eras, which Darts World has, without retaining an affection for the brand which backed Bristow so wholeheartedly and was an important figure in the global expansion of our game.

Chizzy has been backed as the ‘No.1’ at, new sponsor, Harrows.

After the departure of Glen Durrant, who had played a big role in the resurgence, we were a little worried that they may slip back again. Not so. They almost immediately snaffled Chizzy and were rewarded when the St Helens man hit an upturn in performance in both majors and the tier Tours.

The immediatele launch of an attractive Chizzy signature dart, flight set and a trademark yellow shirt ensured that they were off and running in a new era. Today sees the expansion of that range in a big way.

Losing a three-time World Champ does not seem to have halted the Harrows revival.

Harrows have clearly gone for the, tried and tested, strategy of branding many products with the name, face, colour scheme and logo which Chizzy has made his own. It is not dissimilar to the approach taken with Eric all those years ago. Indeed some products remain almost unchanged!

The Endorsed Dart: There is now an 80% Tungsten Chizzy dart that will come in at the lower cost points, probably in the £25 region. It is a nice simple looking dart that should appeal to Chizzy fans and those looking for a dart that ticks many boxes at a lower cost.

The Family Game:

Reader will be very familiar with this beginner or introductory product. Many will have had one as youngsters and may well think of getting their own children started this way.

The combination of simple basic board that is reversible to play a simpler, bullseye based game, with a couple of sets of basic darts has been repackaged nicely and is sure to do well as always.

The Alloy Dart: In addition to the 80% version of Chizzy’s dart there is an alloy model that will be classed as cheap and cheerful. It carries the Chizzy name, and the branding, while appearing to be a coated brass style barrel.

Taken together with the Chizzy signature dart, and the shirts and accessories available, it is clear that Chizzy is now the brand leader for Harrows and that they hope this backing will lead to continued or expanded success, for their man, over coming years.

The Future:

In addition, Harrows have begun assembling a small team of up and coming players both here in Europe and across the world in the Australian and Asian markets. Players such as Josh Payne are showing superb progress and may well provide the brand with a a smooth transition in the future.

Oblivion: The latest non player barrel from Harrows.

Together with other, widely praised, recent product launches, that include new point technology and some very distinctive barrels, it seems that Harrows are well and truly back in the top echelon of darting brands. We at Darts World hope that this does as much for the game as it managed in the 1980’s and beyond.

Wayne Warren – Recreating the Perfect Dart.

New World Champion Wayne Warren was recently filmed discussing how he was able to take a brand new set of darts and turn them, and him, into World Championship winners in less than a month.

Three Wise Men?

The video features Wayne in discussion with Red Dragon’s Simon Hall and legendary dartmaker Lee Huxtable.

Now we know that a full discussion about the ins and out of darts design may not suit everyone. But within 10 minutes Lee, Wayne and Simon give a near perfect guide to dart selection, design and manufacture!


Wayne had his original darts made by Lee at Red Dragon over a decade ago. The main elements were a ‘feel’ that Wayne had from his ancient copper tungsten originals and the weight. After much trial and error the perfect ‘replica’ was produced. This involved shotblasting the tungsten to give the feel of a old worn set despite them being brand new. After further experimentation Wayne discovered that 17.5g was perfect for him. As this is an unusual weight a more usual 20g set was released commercially.

Time for Change

Wayne was aware that he had been “been going downhill” following an injury and thought that a little extra weight might help. Lee confirmed that it was possible to keep the vast majority of the dart exactly the same and gain some inertia. As with the original set as soon as Wayne tested the new specification he new it was right for him and it was simply a matter of using them for the three weeks until the World Championship!

The video features other elements such as the grip style, specifications and tungsten percentages etc. It offers a very unusual insight into the process of making a professional’s set of tools and the knowledge, patience and complexity involved. Despite his natural modesty, Lee is a master at what he does and has vast experience to bring to the task.

Three World Champions do not come by accident.

Darts World’s resident Coach, and our product testers at A.I.M:, feel that this ten minute video contains years worth of experience and know-how hidden under a layer of slightly stilted conversation, its clear that Wayne is a little shy and unused to all the attention!

If your thinking of getting new darts or making changes give the video a look. But, pay as much attention to what does not change, and why, as to what does!

Wayne Warren darts here:

Featured Pic: PDC

MVG Adapting To New Tools!

It’s no secret that fitting the World’s best player with a new set of darts considering he hasn’t changed in many years is no small task, but MvG has relished the opportunity to add his design eye to the process the finding his perfect new set of darts.

Winmau have been working hard to ensure a smooth transition for MvG.

Michael came away with a superb victory over newly crowned World Champion Peter Wright averaging over 104 in the process and said “These prototype darts are based around my Authentic range as they have the ring grip feel that I’m looking for, for me to know they are perfect is when I no longer have even a split second of thought in my throw.”

Michael faces Daryl Gurney this week who had a great game with Gary Anderson last week narrowly losing 7-5.

Adrenalin are just one of the new range of MvG models.

The enigmatic Irishman was not happy with his finishing but showed some great flashes of brilliance as he steadily gets better week by week and Daryl said “It was really frustrating for me to not finish anywhere near as well as I can having only converted 5 out of 21 chances which was enough to win the game and there is no doubt I need to be better this week against Michael who clearly is in-form.”

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Unicorn Darts is voted Best Darts Brand 2016

Unicorn Step Up Asian Signings – Sato Latest To Join.

Kasumi Sato is the latest big name from Asia to sign for the world’s leading darts manufacturer.

Kasumi Sato – (Pic Unicorn)

Kasumi Sato is the latest big name from Asia to sign for the world’s leading darts manufacturer.

Sato, aged 28 from Akiruno in Tokyo will join fellow stars Seigo Asada and Toru Suzuki in Team Unicorn, bringing together a now strong representation in Japan.

3 times Ladies Perfect Tour Champion, Sato was the surprise package at the recent Rest of the World Women’s Qualifier for the World Championship, as she pushed her compatriot Mikuru Suzuki hard in a keenly-contested final leading 4-3, before Suzuki claimed the last two legs to seal her spot at Alexandra Palace.

Sato reached the World Masters Semi-Finals in 2019, last month appeared at UK PDC Q-School as she looks to further her career in both steel and soft tip formats.

Unicorn Production Director Lee Parker is delighted to welcome Sato to Unicorn Darts

”Having followed Kasumi’s progress over the last couple of years we all delighted to warmly welcome her to Team Unicorn.

This signing sits perfectly within our growing team of stars in Asia and as 3 time Perfect Tour women’s champion it completes the dream team with men’s champion Seigo Asada.

We look forward to working closely with Kasumi and developing a range of products befitting her championship winning credentials”.

The full range of Kasumi Sato products will be released in due course. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for full details.

Originally Published at: Unicorn Darts 

Text: By Matt Rankin

Super Ted Extends Unicorn Deal.

The 2019 PDC Unicorn Development Tour runaway winner Ted Evetts has signed a new long-term contract with Unicorn Darts.

Evetts, aged 22, claimed a magnificent eight titles during a sparkling year, which took his overall tally of career wins on the Development Tour to twelve.

Having recently joined the Sportsman Management Company, which includes stablemates Dimitri Van den Bergh and Kyle Anderson, ‘SuperTed’ is excited by both the future and his new deal ”I am buzzing to extend my stay with Unicorn, more than happy with all of my equipment and I’m looking forward to my best year yet”.

Unicorn Player Liaison Matt Rankin added ”We are extremely pleased to extend our relationship with Ted, he has a great future in the game. Ted is one of the most talented young players around and we look forward to seeing him progress further in his career over the coming months and years”.

Dependant on his playing schedule for the main PDC Tour during 2020, Evetts plans to enter as many events as possible once again on the Development Tour to continue what is already an incredible success story for the man from Stockton.

Evetts will kick start his new season campaign this coming weekend, as the Pro Tour resumes with Player Championship events 1 & 2 taking place in Barnsley.

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Featured Pic: L Lustig (PDC)

Winmau Sign Up For ‘Apocolypse’: Herewini Aims for Top Tier.

Darren Herewini has had huge success despite only playing at the highest level for 2/3 years. Winmau have stepped in to assist him getting to the next level.

World Cup Singles winner Darren “Apocalypse” Herewini has signed with Winmau following his emphatic launch onto the global darts scene, after his tremendous World Cup win in Romania – taking the final 7-6 in a field of the WDF’s top 32 players.

The 28 year old Kiwi has only played top-level competitive darts for around 3 years, but his talent was legendary back home in New Zealand where the young Herewini would impress all that saw him at whatever competitions with his focus, composure and technically beautiful throw.

It wasn’t long before Herewini was shooting up the rankings of the New Zealand dart scene and soon came to the fore on national TV several times. Darren qualified for the 2017 PDC World Series in Auckland where he shot to national fame playing the then dominant Phil Taylor in what was a brilliant game of darts. The experience set Herewini on a new path and journey towards becoming a World class tour professional.

Herewini has since continued to dominate the fiercely competitive New Zealand darts tour, with no less than 5 major New Zealand titles in 2019 alone, also qualifying for the BDO World Professional Championships at the O2 in London where he won his first game in fine style, and even more fans the World over.

Wales based Winmau appear to be expanding their global efforts in recent years.

Ian Flack, Sales and Marketing Director, said “For a such talented, home-grown New Zealander to join us at Winmau is very special as we have always been aware of the passion and talent in Oceania region. So for the reigning WDF World Champion and New Zealand ranked no.1 to sign with us now demonstrates just how serious we are about the global darts tour.”

Darren Herewini said “Everything’s moved so quickly in the last year. It’s hard to think how far I’ve come especially in joining the World’s largest darts brand, but I know that I’m at the very start of my journey and have so much to achieve, having Winmau back me is a huge boost for my confidence.”

Herewini has captured much praise from experts and pundits in the media for both his tremendous stage presence, bottle under pressure, technical ability but above all his outstanding character post-match win or lose.

Paul Nicholson said “Darren’s throw is unbelievable and seems, without micro-analysis, to be technically perfect and if he works hard and continues to play in top ranked events, he will soon become a household name in darts.”

After failing to secure his Tour Card at notoriously cut-throat PDC Q-school this year Darren will continue to play his darts on multiple World tours, very much with his eye on becoming one of the top ranked global players, and New Zealand’s most famous ever darts player.

Pics Courtesy of Winmau (design).

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WDF Move To Fill Vacuum.

The World Darts Federation seem to be stepping up to fill the void being created by the slow demise of the BDO.

The following statement was released on the WDF website earlier:

The World Darts Federation is delighted to announce our intentions for the 2020 season and a brand new world ranking structure.

The WDF are fully committed to establishing two new major tournaments within the next 12 months.

The first will be a ‘World Masters’ style multi-board event for men, women and youth that will provide the opportunity for players from all member countries to compete, including the winners of every WDF sanctioned event in the calendar year.

We will also be launching an end of season finale in the traditional format of a staged ‘World Championship’ type event, where the top men, women and youth players within our global system have the opportunity to become WDF champions.

The WDF ranking system now includes over 100 events from almost 50 countries in 2020 and is explained in detail below.  These include a number of “Gold” events, which will see their champions promoted directly into our new major competitions.

We will also look forward to announcing news of additional staged international events under the WDF banner in the near future.

Further details on the dates, location, prize fund and the full qualification criteria for our new major tournaments will be released as soon as it is available.

Our WDF youth system is also a priority.  It will be fully reviewed in the coming weeks and further details of qualification for the majors will be announced.

We would like to emphasise that 2020 will be a transitional year for the World Darts Federation and that no tournament restrictions will be made regarding seeding, format or prize money.  A clear structure and definitive rules with regards to the 2021 WDF calendar and the world ranking system, tournament seeding, playing format and prize structure will be issued in due course.