Ochepedia (and Coach): When The Cyclone Hit Barnsley!

The Cyclone, Mickey Mansell to his friends, is one of the nicest people on the darts circuit and has had many an impressive moment on the Pro Tour. But why did he suddenly blow so hard after such a calm spell?


One of the best things about having the services of, ‘Darts’ Official Statistician’, Christopher Kempf is that it allows Darts World to combine his unsurpassed numerical knowledge with the Darts World teams long-standing knowledge of many of the game’s other elements.

Here, Ochepedia, as Christopher is known, looks at the numbers behind Michael’s superb and, for many, unexpected return to the darting limelight. Our ‘Coach’ has known and watched Mickey for almost a decade and provides the ‘behind the numbers‘ comments:

Ochepedia – Even today, it seems so unlikely that Mickey Mansell could have won Players Championship 8, blasting his way through a talented field of World Champions and top-16 players to claim his first PDC title. After all, this is the same Mickey Mansell who has not even made a quarterfinal for the better part of four years. The £10,000 earned by the Northern Irishman in his debut win, while all but securing a tour card for the 2019 season, does not even put Mansell into the top 64 in the world. 

(CoachMickey is a superbly talented player, he combines precision with a very patient, calm, and unruffled style. Not much on the board unsettles him and he uses very little energy during his matches.)

How, then, do we account for the fact that Mansell dispatched his opposition by a combined score of 42-11, never allowing any opponent to throw match darts? How does a player so unheralded make such quick work of four Premier League alumni? 

The answer is consistency. Of those 42 legs won by the Clonoe Cyclone, 39 were finished in 18 darts or less. Almost irrespective of his foes’ output, Mansell’s average remained in the mid-90s for leg after leg as the man from County Tyrone dished out 15 and 17 darters, hour after hour. Moreover, if his record of 19 checkouts in 24 attempts (79%) in which he had 3 darts at a double placed him at the level of the world’s top players, his achievement of 23 2-dart checkouts (3-39 odd, 41-98, 100) in 35 attempts placed him well above it. 

Mickey Mansell
Many forget that Mickey is hugely experienced.

(Coach: Michael has played almost everyone on the tour over his nine or so years in the PDC. They all know he can play at a very high level and he has defeated most if not all of them before. However, they were, perhaps, used the sub-par Cyclone that has been blowing somewhat weakly for a couple of years before. This event saw Mickey play as he used to.)

All of the exciting and statistically notable features of darts – the 180s, the high checkouts, the 11- and 12-dart legs – are entirely superfluous to a player who plays with such consistency. And in fact, Mansell had zero finishes of 101 or greater, resulting from 30 attempts; only 3 legs in the tournament won in four visits to the board, and a mere 11 180s scored in 53 legs. Perhaps a few stylish visits would have boosted his average or given the commentators something to laud, but one cannot win by a larger margin than a 6-0 whitewash, and Mansell had three of those on Sunday. What need had he to run up the score even further?

(Coach: Once Michael gets moving, and settled he can be very difficult to stop, it takes someone who can outscore him for a long spell and knock him out of his ‘zone’. That day no one managed both!)

Mickey Mansell’s triumph may be the clearest indication yet seen of the effectiveness of 140s in winning legs. The second treble hit in a visit to the board (yielding a 140) gives the biggest boost, in terms of number of darts needed to reach a finish, a double, or win the leg, to a player’s fortunes. The third treble is, of course, always welcome, but the extra benefit tends to be wasted in a leg that the player will win anyway if he hits a 140.

Even 100s, which Mansell also recorded at a prodigious rate, when backed up by solid combination finishing, put just enough pressure on opponents by limiting the number and increasing the difficulty of finishes they can attempt. With 52 100s and 52 140s in 53 legs – very nearly one of each per leg – Mansell wrung every last bit of effectiveness out of each treble scored.  Rarely does a player record an average of nearly 107 with his first 9 darts of the leg whilst hitting so few 180s, as Mansell did on Sundays – but if so few 180s resulted in a leg difference of +31 for the day, they were not missed.

(Coach: Now this makes real sense, I have always advocated for the ‘two out of three’ type of approach. It suits Mansell as he is not a show pony who hits 180s in bunches.)

If you like your darts fast and furious, replete with 110+ averages and 170 checkouts, Mickey Mansell may not be the player for you. In that respect, normal service will resume on the PDC circuit once Michael van Gerwen and Rob Cross return for the Premier League and for the German Darts Open. But the fact that Mansell is not the best player in the world is perhaps even more a testament to his achievement in Barnsley this past Sunday. The world number 66 managed to win a tournament by the widest possible margin with a minimum of effort – a feat almost without precedent in the current era of professional darts.

(Coach: Those of us who know Mickey and witnessed his efforts on the Pro-Tour, and during the very first Q-School, are seldom surprised by anything he achieves. His patience and resilience are exemplary and it is always pleasing to see him rewarded!)

  • Intro: DW Editorial Team
  • Italics: Coach.
  • Pix: PDC

Darts Database Finds It’s Voice.

Popular darts information and stats website, dartsdatabase.com has been attracting a lot more attention in recent weeks. New investment, and an original social media presence, has kick-started what the site’s co-owners hope will be a successful ‘second phase’.

The new activity resulted in an invitation to join the Weekly Darts cast team, for a chat. During the episode Chris White spoke about how he became involved in darts and why dartsdatabase.com caught his eye.

Chris told the show’s host, Alex Moss, how it was initially chance that saw him get involved in the sport:

” I started sponsoring a local player, someone I grew up with, and went to the Pro-Tour and loved it.

So I started looking for a way to get more involved”

Chris also revealed that not every use of the dartsdatabase.com is as positive as may appear. Fan’s curiosity, seeking information before placing a bet or settling a pub debate, maybe the most likely reason for using the site. But, management teams, potential sponsors, and even angry spouses have made use of the vast store of information.

Chris added:

“One ex-wife produced a Darts Database print out in the middle of a divorce/maintenance argument”

Judging by their increased social media output, and improved branding, ‘Darts Database’ seems to be enjoying a fresh impetus. The modern trend for more and more information seems to fit with the site’s simple ‘ask and you shall receive’ functionality.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is MxavzKOt_400x400.jpg

The reaction, so far, has been overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to seeing more of their informative stats and the entertaining way they have begun to present them.

You can follow our colleagues at dartsdatabase here. Or @DartsDatabase

Wright Leads Sponsors Odds For Home Tour Opener.

Newly announced sponsors Unibet are offering the chance to add a to the home viewing experience of the PDC’s Home Tour.

Register at PDCtv to watch all the games from the new Home League. Free of charge!

World Champion Peter Wright will be the favourite to win the opening group, with Jamie Lewis, Peter Jacques and Niels Zonnenveld also making their debut in the new event.

William Hill World Darts Championship - Day 11 Round-Up
Jamie Lewis – Up for an Upset?
Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

In the first game Jacques will hope to catch the World champion cold. Peter is a steady consistent player and who knows 4/1 might be tempting for a small stake. Perhaps the best possible bet for an upset is Jamie Lewis, also at 4/1 to defeat Snakebite.

Other odds seem to reflect the difficulty of separating the lower ranked players until they have shown what they can do from their own homes!

Opening night odds and fixtures:

Unibet Odds
Group One Winner

2/5 Peter Wright 
6/1 Jamie Lewis
6/1 Niels Zonneveld
6/1 Peter Jacques

Match Odds
1/6 Peter Wright v 4/1 Peter Jacques
4/5 Jamie Lewis v 19/20 Niels Zonneveld
17/20 Peter Jacques v 17/20 Niels Zonneveld
1/7 Peter Wright v 4/1 Jamie Lewis
4/5 Jamie Lewis v 19/20 Peter Jacques
18/5 Niels Zonneveld v 1/6 Peter Wright

Unibet Home Tour 
Group One – Friday April 17 (1930 BST)
Peter Wright v Peter Jacques
Jamie Lewis v Niels Zonneveld
Peter Jacques v Niels Zonneveld
Peter Wright v Jamie Lewis
Jamie Lewis v Peter Jacques
Niels Zonneveld v Peter Wright

You Bet – Night Six and Overall Premier League Odds.

This weeks betting odds, from the title sponsor Unibet, are pretty tight for value. Our contributor JR Lott reckons Stephen Bunting as the best value in the list.

” at almost 2.5/1, against a variable Cross, looks a value punt.

JR Lott

“Bunting is playing strongly at the moment and there is less pressure on the Challengers now that Luke Humphries has gained their first win”

JR Lott
  • Week Six Match Odds
  • 9/5 Michael Smith 10/3 Draw 11/10 Peter Wright
  • 17/10 Daryl Gurney 3/1 Draw 6/5 Glen Durrant
  • 2/1 Gerwyn Price 16/5 Draw Evens Michael van Gerwen
  • 17/20 Rob Cross 0/3 Draw 12/5 Stephen Bunting
  • 8/5 Gary Anderson 3/1 Draw 5/4 Nathan Aspinall
  • Odds courtesy www.unibet.co.uk and correct at time of writing. Subject to fluctuation.

You Bet! Premier League Odds.

The odds, for the latest evening of Premier League action, are being offered by event sponsor Unibet. The best value looks to be the 4/1 offered for Micheal Smith to defeat MVG.

Smith celebrates 9 Dart leg.
Pic: PDC/L Lustig

Smith’s recent form, including a victory over the World No.1, and his 9-Dart leg during night three suggest a closer game than the odds reflect.

Unibet Premier League
Night Five Match Odds
Rob Cross – Draw 16/5 – Daryl Gurney17/10
Gerwyn Price – Draw 17/5– Glen Durrant 5/2
Nathan Aspinall – Draw16/5 – Peter Wright5/4
Gary Anderson – Draw 17/5 – Luke Humphries 5/2
Michael Smith – Draw 4/1 – Michael van Gerwen1/2

Unibet Premier League Outright Odds
Michael van Gerwen Evens
Peter Wright 5/1
Gerwyn Price 11/2
Gary Anderson 9/1
Nathan Aspinall 9/1
Michael Smith 12/1
Glen Durrant 22/1
Rob Cross 22/1
Daryl Gurney 100/1
EW 1/3 1-2

Odds courtesy unibet.co.uk and correct at time of publication.

League Table

Following Night FourPWDL+/-LWATPts
Michael van Gerwen4301+9106
Nathan Aspinall4301+696
Gerwyn Price4130+695
Glen Durrant4211+595
Michael Smith4211+485
Gary Anderson4211+175
Rob Cross4112-293
Peter Wright4112-653
Daryl Gurney4013-1031


You Bet – Premier League Odds and Comment.

DW hope that you took advantage of JR Lott’s tips over the last couple of weeks. Glen Durrant has so far proven a great value. Tonight may not be the best one to get behind the three-time world champ. Following their recent encounters the 3/1 for a draw between Price and Wright looks worth a look. Overall the 9/1 for Gary Anderson still looks of interest.

Night Four Match Odds:

  • 8/5 Glen Durrant – 16/5 Draw – Nathan Aspinall 5/4
  • 17/10 Rob Cross – 16/5 Draw – Gary Anderson 6/5
  • 9/5 Daryl Gurney 3/1 Draw – Michael Smith 23/20
  • 13/2 William O’Connor – 5/1 Draw – Michael van Gerwen 2/7
  • 17/10 Gerwyn Price – 3/1 Draw – Peter Wright 5/4

Unibet Premier League Outright Odds

  • Michael van Gerwen Evens
  • Peter Wright 9/2
  • Gerwyn Price 7/1
  • Gary Anderson 9/1
  • Nathan Aspinall 10/1
  • Glen Durrant 14/1
  • Michael Smith 14/1
  • Rob Cross 16/1
  • Daryl Gurney 50/1
  • EW 1/3 1-2

Odds courtesy unibet.co.uk and correct at time of publication.

Premier League Table – Durrant Looks Good Value As Favourites Slip Up.

Darts World contributor JR Lott may have again spotted very good value in the betting market for the Unibet Premier League. Prior to the event beginning JR proffered that 28/1 was a standout price for an each way punt on Glen Durrant.

Duzza has managed to draw in his Challenger contest, with Sherrock and gained two wins! PIC;LAWRENCE LUSTIG

Lott’s view is that Durrant has played a very smart game by underplaying his ambitions, and attitude, since joining the PDC. It appears that he is doing much the same for his first Premier League campaign.

Meanwhile, the more fancied names have tripped, over each other, early on. Gary Anderson is still getting back to his fluent best. MVG has changed darts and is not as at ease with himself. Peter Wright will have to get used to being World Champion, not as easy as it seems, and Cross and Price may be slightly fatigued.

Although he has only narrowed a little since, 20/1 was still available before last nights rubber, you best be quick as Duzza will not be underestimated forever!

The Standings After Night Three:

Glen Durrant3210+775
Michael van Gerwen3201+664
Nathan Aspinall3201+484
Michael Smith3111+233
Rob Cross3111063
Gerwyn Price3030063
Peter Wright3111053
Gary Anderson3111-153
Daryl Gurney3012-831

You Betcha – Premier League Night Three Odds.

The third night of the Unibet Premier League will take place tonight from Cardiff. The event sponsors are offering the following odds on each game and for the overall title. Our Columnist JR Lott still feels that an each way bet on Glenn Durrant, for the overall, offer very good value. JR thinks there is little value in tonight’s games but that a clean sweep for the favourites could well offer a nice reward.

The favourites look strong in tonight’s betting.

Unibet Premier League
Night Three Match Odds

Evens Peter Wright – Draw 10/3– Rob Cross 2/1
5/2 Jonny Clayton – Draw 10/3– Michael Smith 4/5
4/11 Michael van Gerwen – Draw 23/5– Nathan Aspinall 5/1
11/4 Daryl Gurney – Draw 10/3– Gerwyn Price 3/4
2/1 Glen Durrant – Draw 13/4– Gary Anderson Evens

Unibet Premier League Outright Odds
Michael van Gerwen 41/50
Peter Wright 5/1
Gerwyn Price 7/1
Gary Anderson 8/1
Rob Cross 14/1
Nathan Aspinall 18/1
Glen Durrant 20/1
Michael Smith25/1
Daryl Gurney 50/1
EW 1/3 1-2

Odds courtesy unibet.co.uk and correct at time of publication.

Unibet Premier League Odds – Night One & Overall Winner!

The Unibet Premier League is soon to restart and the event sponsors are offering a wide selection of odds both for the opening night in Aberdeen and for the event overall.

2020 Unibet Premier League: The Field!PIC;LAWRENCE LUSTIG

Our contributor JR Lott has a good record of spotting value in these events, so we asked him what looked a decent shout?


JR: The Premier League is a strange betting event, effectively you are betting on two or three separate things at any one time. First of all your player overall picks must survive to judgement night so its like an each way bet. Then they need to be able to actually carry off one of the biggest prizes against very in form competition. Lastly, you may also have been betting on individual games or combinations. Single games are different and have factors such as head to head records or local crowds etc.

DW: So what stands out for you JR?

JR: There is rarely superb value in darts, But these odds from Unibet have one or two stand-outs. Hendo at home at 2.5-1 looks a decent value hit for night one and overall I like the look of 8-1 on Gary Anderson. Gary will get time to play himself fit here and is already showing signs of a return to his best.


Lastly, as an outsider, I would be tempted by an each way bet on Glen Durrant. 28-1 for a three time world champion who has already shown what he can do on the biggest stages?

Unibet Premier League
Night One Match Odds
Michael Smith 27/20– Draw 11/4– Glen Durrant 13/8
Gary Anderson 11/10– Draw 16/5– Daryl Gurney 37/20
Michael van Gerwen Evens– Draw 33/10– Peter Wright 2/1
Nathan Aspinall 4/5– Draw 10/3– John Henderson 5/2
Gerwyn Price Evens– Draw 3/1– Rob Cross 43/20

Unibet Premier League Outright Odds
Michael van Gerwen 9/10
Peter Wright 9/2
Gerwyn Price 6/1
Gary Anderson 8/1
Rob Cross 12/1
Nathan Aspinall 14/1
Michael Smith 14/1
Glen Durrant 28/1
Daryl Gurney 28/1
EW 1/3 1-2

Odds courtesy unibet.co.uk and correct at time of publication.

Price Second Favourite For Players Championship Finals.

Ladbrokes have listed Gerwyn Price as the second most likely winner of the Players Championship Finals. The event, taking place in Minehead this week, comes hot on the heels of the Grand Slam of Darts.

GERWYN PRICE: Recently Crowned Grand slam Champion.

World number one Micheal Van Gerwen is still a strong first choice at 6/4, but at 6/1 for Price is clearly ranked ahead of 10/1 for Peter Wright who comes next.

Our columnist JR Lott, who picked Rob Cross for the World Matchplay, points out that 33/1 to for Ian White seems very good value. Even an eachway bet on ‘Diamond’ looks generous.

Ladbrokes Players Championship Finals Odds
Outright Winner
6/4 Michael van Gerwen
6/1 Gerwyn Price
10/1 Peter Wright
16/1 Rob Cross
20/1 Dave Chisnall, Glen Durrant, Michael Smith
25/1 Mensur Suljovic, Nathan Aspinall
28/1 Daryl Gurney
33/1 Ian White, Krzysztof Ratajski
40/1 James Wade
50/1 Jeffrey de Zwaan, Jonny Clayton, Jose De Sousa
66/1 Dimitri Van den Bergh, Gabriel Clemens
80/1 Chris Dobey, Danny Noppert
100/1 Joe Cullen, Raymond van Barneveld, Stephen Bunting, Adrian Lewis
125/1 Bredan Dolan
150/1 Jamie Hughes, Jermaine Wattimena, John Henderson, Simon Whitlock, Vincent van der Voort
200/1 Kyle Anderson, Max Hopp, Mervyn King, Steve West
250/1 Cristo Reyes, Justin Pipe, Keegan Brown, Kim Huybrechts, Ricky Evans
300/1 Darius Labanauskas, Jelle Klaasen, Luke Humphries, Ron Meulenkamp, Ross Smith, Ryan Joyce, Ryan Searle, Steve Beaton, Steve Lennon, Ted Evetts, William O’Connor
400/1 Andy Boulton, Arron Monk, James Richardson, James Wilson, Mark McGeeney, Martin Schindler
500/1 Devon Petersen, Harry Ward, Josh Payne, Luke Woodhouse, Ryan Meikle, Scott Baker
750/1 Matthew Edgar, Mickey Mansell

Odds courtesy sports.ladbrokes.com and correct at time of writing. Subject to fluctuation.