World Champions Lead Tributes to Dave Kelly.

Tributes have been paid to experienced American player Dave Kelly, who passed away on Monday June 1 following a battle with illness. 

Tributes paid to US ace Dave Kelly | PDC

A World Masters semi-finalist in 1991, Kelly competed in the first PDC World Championship in 1994 and three times in the World Matchplay from 1994-1996.

He also continued to compete on the North American circuit, and also played in the PDC’s 2007 US Open and 2008 North American Championship, as well as at the Las Vegas Desert Classic Qualifiers.

Three-time World Champion John Part has led the tributes, saying: “Dave was a man whose talent and charisma made you believe anything was possible.

“His very presence at darts events gave the game that little bit extra that told you here is a sport, the sort of activity the best of the best can pursue with dignity.

“A fierce competitor whose passion doing so was only equalled by his magnanimity and leadership off the board, Dave was a beacon who easily drew people to himself and the game, and became the iconic American leader who rallied his compatriots to accept nothing less than equality in the world of darts, both by example and spirit. The ultimate teammate is gone.”

Writing on Twitter, fellow three-time World Champion John Lowe said: “Sorry to hear Dave Kelly passed away this morning, I have known Dave for many years, he always kept in touch, a great dart player and representative of America.”

1994 World Matchplay champion Larry Butler described Kelly as “one of my favorite people”, and former Sky Sports commentator John Gwynne hailed him as “a most likeable man”.

The PDC sends its condolences to the family and friends of Dave Kelly at this difficult time.

Features Pic – Bulls Eye News

Faversham Darts Raise Money for NHS

Faversham Darts got in on the act of web-based lockdown events by hosting a series of match-ups last night, including several county players and a guest appearance from recent Remote League winner and former PDC World Championship last-16 contender, James Richardson.


Over £500 was raised for the NHS through player and viewer donations, not least of all Richardson himself who pledged £5 for every 180 thrown and £2.50 for every 140. He threw plenty, and almost crowned the night with a 9-darter – missing double 12 to gasps from the Faversham hosts.

Darts has thrived in these strangest of times. The home entertainment of the traditional pub sport has hit new levels of interest with boards and accessories flying out of the factories and livestream tournaments all over the internet – the world waking up to the fact that you don’t need to be in the same room as someone to have a good old tungsten tussle. Faversham made their admirable attempt at putting a spectacle together for darts fans, bringing a couple of ‘undercard’ games before the main event which pitched Richardson against Kent County A player, Peter Allen.

The undercard games were as much a technology test for the organisers as anything – overcoming a host of technical issues in trying to dual-stream the event across both Facebook and YouTube, before settling on one channel and hitting full flow by the time the darts got really interesting.

Richardson was imperious against Allen, leading to an offer from the organisers for viewers to bid for an opportunity to play him as an encore. It was one of the undercard stars and another Kent County A player, Ryan Hope, who despatched Jamie Preston 7-0 earlier in the evening and who clearly had the wind between his sails, that stepped up to the challenge for a bid of £50. The encore didn’t disappoint, delivering 11 more 180s between the pair (6 for Richardson, 5 for Hope) and a ding-dong contest that eventually Hope clinched 10 legs to 8 with an impressive 3-dart average of 92.

In an act of pure sportsmanship, Richardson conceded the darts back to Ryan in one leg when the computer scores were out of kilter, to avoid having to reset the match stats. After all, this was about putting on a charity show for a great cause, giving local darts fans some entertainment and letting a few players blow off some cobwebs.

Well done to all involved. Let’s see some more of the pros mixing it with grass roots!

The Diary of Darting Distance – Part II of John Fowler’s Lockdown Tales.

World Championship official, Darts World columnist and popular darts MC, finds the Covid-19 lock-down a mixed bag of exercising and boredom, but with moments of laughter and warm memories:

Devon Peterson and John Fowler enjoying happier, and less socially distanced, times!

Well readers, it’s been another week of long walks, a little poetry, and sorting through the many momentoes and records of all my years in darts. Maybe I’ll write a book and put a poem in each chapter?

It’s not all doom and gloom though folks, I have rediscovered many fabulous souvenirs, programs and anecdotes that I may get the chance to share with you over the comings weeks and months.

Incredibly I found a handwritten copy of my first ever Darts World submission. The poem, from 1979 printed in Darts World:

Over forty years after my first efforts were published in Darts World, I find myself as a regular contributor! Funny ol’ world.

I also have a letter saying my poem, about my county debut, which I can’t find at the moment, would be published in March 82 edition. Yes readers, believe it or not, I could throw a mean dart once!

I also came across a snap shot sent to me about the British Classic in 2005. When I could mix it with the big boys!

The event was won by Paul Hogan, who has gone on to cause many an upset and continues to do so.

But the amazing thing was the company I was keeping! There are three Wordl champions in the list including the current PDC holder Peter Wright. Players that I have gone on to work with at exhibitions or officiate for on the biggest stages. I have known Dave Honey for many years and Mark Lewis was a fine Welsh international, although he may be better known as Jamie’s dad these days.

I lost out to Andy Callaby. I left 44 after 12 darts and busted it, he took out 145 exactly the same way as he did to beat Phil Taylor in Dublin the previous year. If I had won, I would have played Gary Anderson in the quarter finals.

My treasure trove, of darting memories, contains many more items for me to check out and perhaps, share with you all. I have just come across a plain paper Bobby George exhibition program from decades ago when I was in audience. Hard to believe that Bobby and I have worked together a few times in the last few years!

That will have to be it for now, time for another of my daily excersise efforts, as allowed by the powers that be, so see you soon folks.

Stay safe and play darts!

Editorial team: We are engaged in a hunt for the original copies of johns poem and article and look forward to showing you how they looked back their printed format!

Diary Of Darting Distance: John Fowler Shares Tales Of Darting Life On Hold.

Darts World have been in regular contact with our contributors, both print and online, during these difficult days. Each have expressed a combination of sadness, disappointment and apprehension at what the future may hold. However, they have all also felt that others are worse of than they are and that they should make the best they can of things.

John Fowler, World Championship official, popular MC and author of ‘Mic Drop’ has offered to share his experiences through a regular diary. As always with John it is honest, revealing and quite moving at times. We hope readers gain from his sharing it:

John’s usually irrepressible personality has taken taken a a different tone during the Lock Down. he share it here:

Thursday 9th April:

2 and a half weeks into the “Lockdown” situation I find myself going out for a good long walk, at least 5 miles a day alone with my thoughts. Today I was a bit more cheerful than I have been and came up with a poem that many of you will have seen on Facebook. The weather was very kind and it was enjoyable. Beats staring at 4 walls I suppose:

While this footpath I walk along, 
The sky is full of skylark song,
A flock of bullfinch thirty strong, 
Serenade me on my way;

Listening to the buzzing bees,
Above the sound of a gentle breeze,
With the fresh new leaves upon the trees, 
On this beautiful spring day;

A brace of pheasant took to the air,
They gave me quite a scare,
I did not know that they were there, 
But I’m still alive so that’s okay.

Friday 10th April:

“Good Friday” although nothing “good” about today apart from the weather. I should have been working with Ronnie Baxter in Plymouth tonight before travelling to Germany for an exhibition with Jackpot, Diamond, Superchin and Duzza and then staying over there for the Bulls German open weekend in Kalkar next weekend. Another exhibition postponed today which doesn’t help my mood.

Saturday 11th April:

Another 5 or so mile walk today, different route to the last 2 days. I went down by the canal, another fine day, mood a little better today. Although disappointed about not being in Germany, working, at least I had an enquiry for later in the year or early 2021.

Sunday 12th April:

Another fine day, I was a little bit naughty so don’t tell anyone but walked a lot today totalling about 11 miles. To be fair, where I live, you don’t see many people where I walk and definitely give them a wide berth when I do. I spend lots of time thinking whilst walking, does that count as multitasking? Just hoping that this situation sorts itself out soon.

Stay safe all.


Editors note: John has form when this poetry lark, there is a rumour that he had poems published in darts world over 30 years ago! We shall try to track them down!

Darts World Logo

Remember The Wider Darts Family!

Darts World has been quick to commend many members of the darting community for their efforts during the Covid-19 isolation and lockdown periods. It has been superb to see the major darts brands look after their staff and attempt to carry-on if possible. The PDPA stepped up and are trying to assist the lower ranked players. Phil Taylor is playing isolation darts with Barney and there are many other examples.

Independent darts folk such as our own John Fowler have been very badly affected and are worried what the future holds. Unlike many they are not always covered by the various schemes.

However, it may be that a less high profile group are in danger of getting lost in the fog of activity. There are many people in darts who are self employed or casually paid. They help make our sport the grassroots-to-elite level pipeline that it is. Photographers, writers, promoters, coaches,drivers, MC’s and markers/officials are just some that have cropped up via our conversations recently.

We would ask those who are lesser affected (and can afford or manage) to help out of they can. Perhaps you could book an event for next year? A birthday treat or team celebration? Pay a deposit and help the cashflow of these folk. Alternatively, you might treat yourself to a subscriptions, t shirts, mug or other merchandise that may help an individual stay afloat and remain in the darts business after this tough time is over?

A healthy darts scene will require many hands to get back up to full steam in the coming months and we at Darts World would like to see “no man left behind”.

‘Mic Drop’-World Championship MC John Fowler’s Thoughts On Current Events.

John Fowler is one of the most likeable people in darts, His self made rise, from part time helper outer, to officiating at our biggest events is a tremendous story. Read his latest ‘Mic Drop’ column here:

Jayeff Returns!

Hello again readers:

Let me begin by apologising for the extended gap, between editions, I was so busy that I was unable to get anything on paper in quite some time. As I write this, it is with apprehension on what the future holds on a couple of fronts. Firstly, there was the uncertainty of what happens with the future of the BDO following the resignation of the Chairman, Des Jacklin, who in my humble opinion was on a hiding to nothing from the very beginning.

Secondly, we have this weekend, seen the temporary closure of pubs and clubs because of the Coronavirus outbreak. Many of us have already lost quite a few bookings, some can be rescheduled, others cannot and the ones that are will obviously take place on dates that could have been used for new events.

John with Micheal Unterbuchner in a recent exhibition

As a self employed man that relies on these events for my living, it is a harrowing time. Who knows how long it will go on for? Obviously the health of the population is far more important than little old me, but nevertheless it is quite depressing not knowing what will happen.

Whatever happens, in the coming weeks or months, can never take away the fantastic experiences, memories and journeys I have made in the last seven and a half years. During early February I enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend at The Dutch Open weekend, just watching. This year was the 10th anniversary of my only participation in the event as a player (yes I did, and still do, throw a dart or two) its enormous and the organisation is very impressive. Perhaps I shall return as player, MC or official?

At the end of February, I officiated at my first ever event on the island of Jersey. A first for me in respect of the format, 16 players who had never thrown a competitive dart before, they were given 8 weeks training by players from the Jersey Darts Organisation. They then played a tournament on stage in front of about 500 people, raising about £61,000 for charity. Naturally it was a little bit harder than reffing for the pros as I had no idea where the darts would land, but it was great fun nonetheless.

John (2nd left) with the cast of a recent German Exhibition.

I have been provisionally booked to return for the 2021 hosting of an excellent edition to my roster, fingers crossed that we are back to normal by then. 

Next month, it is unlikely that there will anything new to report on, so I will delve into my many memories and try to entertain you with some interesting stories. Stay safe in these uncertain times!

  • Follow John – @jayeffmc
  • Book John or plan an event: Here
  • Or leave a comment below the line

Many who know John or have got used to seeing his words over recent months will wish him all the best in what must be an uncertain time, as for many, perhaps if your are planning a non movable event for next year, birthday or similar, you could get in touch and book in one of the best MC’s around!

Personally, I look forward to his columns of memories as much, if not more, than his more up to date diary columns. Trust me, Jayeff has huge darting experience and is one of the funniest guys out there, also one of the nicest. DW look forward to see him back ‘On the Open Road’ very soon. – DW (Editor at Large)

Ceri Morgan – R.I.P

Darts lost another of its early pioneers with the recent passing of Ceri Morgan at the age of seventy-two. Ceri was a multiple World Championship Semi-Finalist and featured in the later stages of all the major events of his era. He died on February 29 2020.

Born in 1947, Morgan first came to prominence in the World Masters of 1974, where he reached the last 16. With darts’ first golden era hitting it’s stride in the late 1970s Morgan also had the strongest spell of his career.

The Treorchy born toolmaker reached the the same (L16) stage of the 1979 World Championship before being beaten by Eric Bristow in the final of the The Golden Darts Championship later that same year. To complete a fantastic twelve months he also reached the final of The World Cup Singles, losing out to Nicky Virachkul.

Morgan was still playing, top level darts, eleven years later when he reached the last 32 of his final World Masters in 1990.

In between, these career bookends, Ceri reached the Qtr, Semi or Final of almost every event available to him. British Professional, Golden Darts, World Masters, British Open and many more. Sadly, a recognised major title eluded him but to achieve so much when surrounded by Leighton, Eric, John , Jockey et al. was remarkable in itself. Morgan’s victory in the Austin Morris British Masters in 1980 was probably his finest. On his way to the title he removed Rees, Lowe and finally Bobby George.

Ceri seemed to delight in representing Wales and was capped 53 times. His efforts in the Nations Cup, World Cups and European Cups often saw him partnered by Welsh legends including Rees and Alan Evans.

Overall, Morgan enjoyed a superb career and thrived at almost every level an format of the game. A Welsh dragon and a proud of it.


The advent of youtube may ensure that Morgan is remembered as much for his unique throwing style as much as any thing else it is almost indescribable:


The WDF have summerised their progress so far in what will prove a vital year. After the various problems that have befallen the BDO, the World Darts Federation seem to be moving steadily toward stepping fully into the gap.

They recently published a summary of where they are so far and how their plans are coming along:

With a rare break in the WDF calendar this weekend, we can take time to reflect on what has been a hectic first two months on the circuit, as the brand new 2020 WDF ranking system begins to take shape.

The hard work continues in establishing two brand new major events for the end of the season as an incentive for players throughout the WDF circuit and we look forward to announcing full details in the coming weeks.

2020 March WDF Newsletter - picture collage of 2020 tournaments
Winner 2020 montage.
Pic: WDF

Winners of all ranking events qualify directly for the new WDF Masters tournament, with the runner up of ‘silver’ events and the semi-finalists of ‘gold/platinum’ events also winning places.

News from North America

Events in North America have already taken place, with regional rankings now set up for both Canada and USA.  These tables can be seen here and will reward the top players at the end of the year.  Congratulations to all of the players who are setting the pace early on.


(Danny Baggish)(Kelly Meares)

KW TRI CITY OPEN, Canada – Silver

(Keifer Durham)(Patricia Farrell)

SNOFLAKE OPEN, Canada – Bronze


QUEBEC OPEN, Canada – Bronze




News from Australia

Darts Australia has pledged its full support to the WDF system for 2020 and beyond and has also played it’s first of 16 ranking events of the year.  Their regional tables can be found here.

VICTORIAN CLASSIC Australia – Bronze


We now look forward to news of the 2020 Australian Darts Open, which will stage and broadcast an event at the end of July that combines WDF international invitations, the very best of Australia, plus qualifiers open to all.  With the ‘gold’ ranked Pacific Masters being played the same week, it really will be a festival of darts to remember in Echuca Moama.

News from Europe

Events in Europe began in Iceland, with ‘silver’ double headers to follow in both Romania and Slovakia.  We have also seen the first two premier tournaments played in 2020, with the Dutch Open (platinum) and Scottish Open (gold) seeing their winners rewarded with places in our forthcoming WDF Championship.  Our congratulations go to Aileen de Graaf (Ned), Ross Montgomery (Sco), Beau Greaves (Eng) and Jim Williams (Wal).

These tournaments also feature on the various WDF regional rankings tables set up for Europe, all of which can be viewed here.




(Martin Marti Santamaria)(Marjolein Noijens)

ROMANIAN INT. OPEN  Romania – Silver

(Laszlo Kadar)(Anca Zijlstra)

DUTCH OPEN DARTS Netherlands – Platinum

(Brian Raman)(Anca Zijlstra)
SF – Paul Hogan
& Wayne Warren
SF – Deta Hedman
& Maria O’Brien

SCOTTISH OPEN Scotland – Gold

(Steve Hine)(Fallon Sherrock)
SF – Martin Adams
& Darren Beveridge
SF – Anastasia Dobromyslova
& Deta Hedman

SLOVAK MASTERS Slovakia – Silver

(David Evans)(Deta Hedman)

SLOVAK OPEN Slovakia – Silver

(Sebastian Steyer)(Laura Turner)

WDF 2020 – Journey continues

As we move into March, WDF ranking tournaments will continue in Australia and Canada, with Europe hosting events in the Faroe Islands, Isle of Man, Germany, Hungary and Gibraltar.

Following the disappointing news that the United International Open/Masters in the Netherlands has been cancelled, we have received good news that the Isle of Man Open will join the Isle of Man Masters in being WDF ranked, with two ‘silver’ events now being played (13-15 March).  Full information on the 2020 Isle of Man Festival can be found from our calendar page – WDF Calendar.

WDF 2020 – Gold / Platinum events

As previously announced, there will be 12 ‘gold’ WDF events in 2020 (including the ‘platinum’ Dutch Open).  But in a change to the original list of events published, there will now be a ‘gold’ tournament in the United States, rather than in Canada.  The Witch City Open (18-20 September) in Sturbridge, Massachusetts, USA.

  • DUTCH OPEN (Ross Montgomery & Aileen de Graaf)
  • SCOTTISH OPEN (Jim Williams & Beau Greaves)
  • PACIFIC MASTERS – Australia

WDF Youth Ranking Season

Youth events have also been taking place, with many of them running alongside our senior WDF ranked tournaments.  We also have events such as the International Youth Challenge in Austria (March 21-22) and the Europe Cup Youth in Hungary (July 8-12) to look forward to.

Follow the Action

Keep up to date with all of the 2020 WDF ranking events on the calendar page – WDF Calendar.

On behalf of all grassroots darters we at DW wish the WDF the very best of luck. Darts needs a solid non professional tier and one that looked like the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) might prove an excellent addition.

Leighton Hits The Exhibition Circuit. World Youth Champ Helps raise Charity Funds.

A few weeks back Leighton Bennett showed his skills at an exhibition to raise funds for a Sleaford nursing home. The 14 year old is in the middle of a remarkable run of success and has not been slow to experience another part of life as an elite player!

From left to right: Brenda Swain, Hazel Whittaker, (Manger of Glenholme) John Stanton and Leighton Bennett.

The exhibition was held at the Electra Club, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, hosted by Brenda Swain the owner.

A Raffle and Auction on the night raised a total of £800.00, for an Interactive Table for the residents who live at the Glenholme Nursing Home in Sleaford. A further £800.00 was donated to the cause by Kent Phippen, owner of Glenhome.

The event was organised by John Stanton, who would like to thank everyone who attended and gave so generously on the night, thank you to Ian Tilley for Mcing, Brenda Swain for her support, and Leighton Bennett for the superb evening of entertainment.

Overall a successful evening was had by all raising a total of £1,600 for a worthy cause.

DW – It is excellent to see young Leighton already taking part in the type of fund raising, and entertainment, that plays a significant role in the career of a top fight player. The amount raised by darts players and their supporters is always very impressive and looks like it will continue to be so.

Report and photo courtesy of; Rosemary Stanton

Addition comment in italics by DW editorial staff.

Weoley Castle WMC Host Superb December Opens – Full Results and Report.

Weoley Castle WMC was kept busy at the beginning of December when they played hosts to no fewer than four competitions, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. Alan Towe gives the details below:

Saturday’s main competition semi-finals saw Jermaine Wattimena record a straight 6-0 win over Ronny Huybrechts while Warwickshire’s Steve Hine made his exit losing 6-4 to Rhys Haden. The final went the full thirteen legs distance with Rhys Haden beating Jermaine Wattimena 7-6 to pick up the winners top prize of £1,000 with Wattimena collecting £400 as runner-up.

Losing semi-finalists Ronny Huybrechts and Steve Hine each received £180 and there was £60 for players reaching the quarter-finals Kim Huybrechts, Dave Pallett, Diogo Portela and Colin Osborne. Suzanne Smith received £50 for being the last lady standing in the competition.

The Ladies event top prize of £300 went to Yvonne Taylor who beat West Midlands county player Jacqueline Maiden with a close 5-4 result in the final, Jacqueline taking home £160. Losing semi-finalists Suzanne Smith and Josie Paterson received £80 each and there was £45 for players going out in the quarter finals and £25 for players reaching the last sixteen.

Nick Fullwell showed his form just before the World Championships.


£1,200 was on offer for the winner of Sunday’s main event and collecting that was former West Midlands man Nick Fullwell who had a final 5-4 win over Brian Dawson who received £500. There was £250 for Scott Hope and Warwickshire’s Nigel Heydon who lost out in the last four and £75 for each of the losing quarter finalists. Warwickshire’s Natalie Gilbert was the lady to go the furthest in the knockout and collected £50.

It was déjà vu for Yvonne Taylor on Sunday as with the same 5-4 result by which she defeated Jacqueline Maiden the previous day she lifted the winners £300 once again by beating Chris Savvery who collected £160. Again there was £80 for losing semi-finalists, £45 for quarter finalists and £25 for reaching the last sixteen.

Full results:Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Darts Classic:Preliminary Round:- Craig Owens 4 Pete Wills 0, Adam Bowman 1 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Jan Robbins 1 Jamie Robinson 4, Jackie Goethals 1 Luke Moreton 4, Scott Hope 4 James Richardson 3, Ryan Palmer 4 Marie Leahy 0, James Thompson 3 Simon Edwards 4, Kevin Dowling 4 Sean Bell 1, Terry Roach 4 Kenny Bedder jnr 3, Ronny Huybrechts 4 Nathan Harris 0, Dave Hopkins 1 Luke Smith 4, Katie Dolman 0 Dave Pallett 4, Prakash Jiwa 3 Andy Alker 4, Wayne Harrison 4 Mandie Howard 1, Daviee Hill 4 Phillip Richardson 1, Jelle Klaasen 4 Neil Hopwood 0, Dan Nicholls 4 Deb Dexter 0, Matt Gallett 4 Ann-Marie Potts 0, Liam Kelly 3 Ritchie Edhouse 4, Josh Richardson 4 Graham Dews 0, Melissa Daly 0 Adam Gallett 4, Diogo Portela 4 Andy Pullen 1, Natalie Gilbert 4 Josie Paterson 2, Kyle Arbury 4 Tom Hykin 0, Robert Owen 2 Damon Heta 4, Dave Honey 4 Mike Connolly 2, Justin Broton 4 Ben Hollowood 3, Stella Sims 4 Jamie Steward 1, Mick Todd 3 Nigel Heydon 4, Steve Hadgraft 0 William Borland 4, Andrew Slinger 2 Chris Savvery 4, Richard Hosey 3 Robert Modra 4, Stephen Naisbitt 0 Connor Arbury 4, Graham Hall 3 Rhys Haden 4, Alan Caves 4 Steve Gannon 1, Kevin Painter 4 Conner Whitehouse 0, Eddy Smith 0 Ian McFarlane 4, Aaron Castagnette 2 Carl Webb 4, Last 64:- Ian Mills 0 Matt Padgett 4, Peter Wright 4 Heather Wright 0, Wes Newton 3 Kim Huybrechts 4, Chris Plummer 1 Craig Owens 4, Jermaine Wattimena 4 Jamie Robinson 2, Luke Moreton 0 Scott Hope 4, Ryan Palmer 4 Simon Edwards 2, Kevin Dowling 3 Terry Roach 4, Mark Barilli 4 Nick Fullwell 2, Simon Key 4 Dyson Parody 2, Kevin Garcia 3 Jack Wareing 4, Kirsty Haw 0 Ronny Huybechts 4, Luke Smith 2 Dave Pallett 4, Andy Alker 4 Wayne Harrison 0, Daviee Hill 0 Jelle Klaasen 4, Dan Nicholls 0 Matt Gallett 4, Steve Carrett 4 Scott McParlin 1, Tracey Garner 0 Steve Hine 4, Ryan Evans 4 Tony Hamilton 2, Ritchie Edhouse 4 Josh Richardson 2, Adam Gallett 1 Diogo Portela 4, Natalie Gilbert 4 Kyle Arbury 1, Damon Heta 3 Dave Honey 4, Justin Broton 4 Stella Sims 1, Colin Osborne 4 Kyle Anderson 0, James Hykin 4 Suzanne Smith 3, John Bowles 4 Billy the Greek 1, Nigel Heydon 4 William Borland 3, Chris Savvery 1 Robert Modra 4, Connor Arbury 3 Rhys Haden 4, Alan Caves 0 Kevin Painter 4, Ian McFarlane 4 Carl Webb 1, Last 32:- Matt Padgett 4 Peter Wright 1, Kim Huybrechts 4 Craig Owens 2, Jermaine Wattimena 4 Scott Hope 2, Ryan Palmer 3 Terry Roach 4, Mark Barilli 4 Simon Key 3, Jack Wareing 3 Ronny Huybrechts 4, Dave Pallett 4 Andy Alker 1, Jelle Klaasen 4 Matt Gallett 3, Steve Carrett 3 Steve Hine 4, Ryan Evans 4 Ritchie Edhouse 1, Diogo Portela 4 Natalie Gilbert 3, Dave Honey 4 Justin Broton 0, Colin Osborne 4 James Hykin 3, John Bowles 2 Nigel Heydon 4, Robert Modra 1 Rhys Haden 4, Kevin Painter 3 Ian McFarlane 4, Last 16:- Matt Padgett 1 Kim Huybrechts 5, Jermaine Wattimena 5 Terry Roach 3, Mark Barilli 3 Ronny Huybrechts 5, Dave Pallett 5 Jelle Klaasen 3, Steve Hune 5 Ryan Evans 2, Diogo Portela 5 Dave Honey 3, Colin Osborne 5 Nigel Heydon 0, Rhys Haden 5 Ian McFarlane 3, Quarter-Finals:- Kim Huybrechts 2 Jermaine Wattimena 6, Ronny Huybrechts 6 Dave Pallett 4, Steve Hine 6 Diogo Portela 4, Colin Osborne 4 Rhys Haden 6, Semi-Finals:- Jermaine Wattimena 6 Ronny Huybrechts 0, Steve Hine 4 Rhys Haden 6, Final:- Jermaine Wattimena 6 Rhys Haden 7.


Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Ladies Open (Saturday):Preliminary Round:- Lauren Honey 0 Jo Deamer 4, Terri Bellamy 1 Stephanie Clarke 4, Yvonne Taylor 4 Amanda Pullen 0, Emma Smith 3 Chloe Luscott 4, Mandy Solomans 4 Maz Bissett 0, Ann-Marie Potts 4 Melissa Daly 3, Tara Deamer 4 Jessica McGlone 1, Kat McLean 4 Chris Savvery 3, Lynne Arnold 0 Korrin Beddow 4, Jacqueline Maiden 4 Emma Dawson 0, Claire Dicken 1 Natalie Gilbert 4, Jan Robbins 0 Mandie Howard 4, Shirley Carrett 2 Mandy Morgan 4, Last 32:- Chloe McKivett 0 Jo Deamer 4, Sarah Roberts 4 Laura Caven 0, Harriett Taylor 1 Stephanie Clarke 4, Marie Leahy 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Heather Wright 4 Chloe Luscott 1, Christina Cronin 0 Mandy Solomans 4,

Suzanne Smith 4 Ann-Marie Potts 0, Debbie Davies 0 Tara Deamer 4, Kirsty Haw 0 Kat McLean 4, Kim Holden 4 Travey Garner 1, Katie Dolman 1 Korrin Beddow 4, Debbie Dexter 1 Jacqueline Maiden 4, Stella Sims 1 Natalie Gilbert 4, Mel Robinson 4 Steph Konya 2, Zena Grande 0 Mandie Howard 4, Josie Paterson 4 Mandy Morgan 3, Last 16:- Jo Deamer 3 Sarah Roberts 4, Stephanie Clarke 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Heather Wright 4 Mandy Solomans 3, Suzanne Smith 4 Tara Deamer 1, Kat McLean 4 Kim Holden 2, Korrin Beddow 0 Jacqueline Maiden 4, Natalie Gilbert 4 Mel Robinson 1, Mandie Howard 3 Josie Paterson 4, Quarter-Finals:- Sarah Roberts 3 Yvonne Taylor 4, Heather Wright 1 Suzanne Smith 4, Kat McLean 2 Jacqueline Maiden 4, Natalie Gilbert 3 Josie Paterson 4, Semi-Finals:- Yvonne Taylor 5 Suzanne Smith 3, Jacqueline Maiden 5 Josie Paterson 2, Final:- Yvonne Taylor 5 Jacqueline Maiden 4.


Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Darts Open:Preliminary Round:- Christina Cronin 0 Heather Wright 4, Kenny Bedder snr 2 Ann-Marie Potts 4, Charlie Cookson 1 Seb Denton 4, Ryan Palmer 4 Paul Proctor 1, Keith McManus 1 Nick Fullwell 4, Phil Bisset 4 Nipper Thomas 2, Jack Wareing 4 Chris Ward 0, Tom Hykin 0 Jamie Hughes 4, Jamie Stewart 0 Wes Newton 4, Nick Jennings 4 Kevin Smith 1, Connor Whitehouse 1 Rob Modra 4, Kirsty Haw 0 Suzanne Smith 4, Terry Roach 2 Ritche Edhouse 4, Luke Dubois 4 Wayne Harrison 3, James Hykin 4 Chris Hall 0, Peter Wright 1 Scott Hope 4, Josh Richardson 4 Liam Fox 0, Andy Alker 4 Scott Hykin 0, Darren Field 1 Lee Evans 4, Carl Webb 1 James Richardson 4, Scott McParlin 4 Andrew Slinger 1, Dave Honey 1 James Thompson 4, Jack Harrison 2 Guntis Zemelis 4, Sean Bell 4 Lee Morton 1, Richard Hosey 4 Dan White 0, Jackie Goethals 0 Warren Webb 4, Ronny Huybrechts 4 Tara Deamer 0, Craig Owens 4 Aaron Castagnette 0, Rhys Haden 4 Emmett Leonard 1, Tracey Garner 0 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Justin Taylor 2 Josie Paterson 4, Matt Meddoms 0 Kyle Anderson 4, Eddy Smith 2 Jamie Robinson 4, Mart Greenwood 0 Dyson Parody 4, Tony Hamilton 2 Luke Moreton 4, Melissa Daly 1 Craig Morgan 4, Wayne Willis 3 Andrew Pullen 4, Spag Pasetti 4 Alan Caves 1, Ian Mills 0 Shane Sheridan 4, Steve Hadgraft 4 Marie Leahy 0, Nigel Heydon 4 Jelle Klaasen 2, Luke Woodhouse 4 Neil Steventon 1, Damon Heta 4 Robert Owen 0, Chris Savvery 0 Kenny Bedder jnr 4, Alex Shiner 0 Justin Brodon 4, Damiel Singleton 4 Terry Heath 2, Katie Dolman 0 Jan Robbins 4, Michael Harding 2 Diogo Portelo 4, Graham Dews 1 Ian McFarlane 4, Chris Plummer 4 Alex Williams 1, Dennis Smith 4 Kim Huybrechts 2, Last 64:- Simon Edwards 4 Heather Wright 0, Ann-Marie Potts 4 Seb Denton 2, Ryan Palmer 1 Nick Fullwell 4, Phil Bisset 2 Jack Wareing 4, Daviee Hill 2 Jamie Hughes 4, Wes Newton 2 Nick Jennings 4, Colin Osborne 4 Rob Modra 3, Suzanne Smith 4 Ritchie Edhouse 2, Ryan Evans 4 Luke Dubois 3, James Hykin 0 Scott Hope 4, Rudi Weymbersch 0 Josh Richardson 4, Andy Alker 4 Lee Evans 2, Tony Blake 0 James Richardson 4, Scott McParlin 1 James Thompson 4, Stevie Gannon 1 Guntis Zemelis 4, Sean Bell 1 Richard Hosey 4, Tom Parker 4 Warren Webb 0, Ronny Huybrechts 1 Craig Owens 4, Rhys Haden 1 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Josie Patterson 1 Kyle Anderson 4, Steven Rowe 0 Jamie Robinson 4, Dyson Parody 4 Luke Moreton 1, Brian Dawson 4 Craig Morgan 2, Andrew Pullen 4 Spag Pasetti 1, John Best 1 Shane Sheridan 4, Steve Hadgraft 2 Nigel Heydon 4, Luke Woodhouse 4 Damon Heta 2, Kenny Bedder jnr 4 Justin Broton 1, Steve Carrett 4 Daniel Singleton 0, Jan Robbins 1 Diogo Portela 4, Luke Smith 3 Ian McFarlane 4, Chris Plummer 2 Dennis Smith 4, Last 32:- Simon Edwards 4 Ann-Marie Potts 3, Nick Fullwell 4 Jack Wareing 3, Jamie Hughes 4 Nick Jennings 0, Colin Osborne 4 Suzanne Smith 1, Ryan Evans 0 Scott Hope 4, Josh Richardson 2 Andy Alker 4, James Richardson 4 James Thompson 2, Guntis Zemelis 2 Richard Hosey 4, Tom Parker 1 Craig Owens 4, Jermaine Wattimena 4 Kyle Anderson 2, Jamie Robinson 2 Dyson Parody 4, Brian Dawson 4 Andrew Pullen 2, Shane Sheridan 0 Nigel Heydon 4, Luke Woodhouse 3 Kenny Bedder jnr 4, Steve Carrett 0 Diogo Portela 4, Ian McFarlane 3 Dennis Smith 4, Last 16:- Simon Edwards 3 Nick Fullwell 4, Jamie Hughes 1 Colin Osborne 4, Scott Hope 4 Andy Alker 2, James Richardson 1 Richard Hosey 4, Craig Owens 2 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Dyson Parody 1 Brian Dawson 4, Nigel Heydon 4 Kenny Bedder jnr 0, Diogo Portela 3 Dennis Smith 4, Quarter-Finals:- Nick Fullwell 4 Colin Osborne 0, Scott Hope 4 Richard Hosey 3,Jermaine Wattimena 2 Brian Dawson 4, Nigel Heydon 4 Dennis Smith 0, Semi-Finals:- Nick Fullwell 5 Scott Hope 4, Brian Dawson 5 Nigel Heydon 3, Final:- Nick Fullwell 5 Brian Dawson 4.


Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Ladies Open (Sunday):Preliminary Round:- Chez Allcock 4 Stacey Waring 3, Melissa Daly 4 Claire Dicken 2, Courtney Hine 0 Ann-Marie Potts 4, Emma Breenie Smith 3 Mandy Howard 4, Last 32:- Suzanne Smith 4 Chez Allcock 0, Marie Symons 4 Marie Leahy 3, Kat McLean 4 Jessica McGlone 0, Tracey Garner 3 Debbie Dexter 4, Jacqueline Maiden 3 Melissa Daly 4, Kim Holden 4 Laura Caven 1, Samantha Maiden 4 Stella Sims 3, Steph Konya 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Zena Grande 0 Ann-Marie Potts 4, Mandy Solomans 4 Natalie Gilbert 3, Katie Dolman 2 Josie Paterson 4, Debbie Davies 4 Christina Cronin 2, Terri Bellamy 1 Mandie Howard 4, Marie Millward 0 Jan Robbins 4, Mel Robinson 4 Kirsty Haw 2, Chris Savvery 4 Heather Wright 2, Last 16:- Suzanne Smith 4 Marie Symons 1, Kat McLean 4 Debbie Dexter 1, Melissa Daly 4 Kim Holden 1, Samantha Maiden 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Ann-Marie Potts 2 mandy Solomans 4, Josie Paterson 2 Debbie Davies 4, Mandie Howard 2 Jan Roberts 4, Mel Robinson 0 Chris Savvery 4, Quarter-Finals:- Suzanne Smith 4 Kat McLean 1, Melissa Daly 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Mandy Solomans 4 Debbie Davies 1, Jan Robbins 0 chris Savvery 4, Semi-Finals:- Suzanne Smith 2 Yvonne Taylor 5, Mandy Solomans 3 Chris Savvery 5, Final:- Yvonne Taylor 5 Chris Savvery 4.

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