O’Shea Claims Night 10 as ‘Remote Darts League’ Continues.

Stockport’s Tom O’Shea was the winner on Night 10 of the Remote Darts League as he picked up five
points from three games as he took on fellow pros David Cameron, Joe Charney and Tina Osborne.

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O Shea came through a tough night to claim his win. (PDC)

So, Night 10 began with America’s Joe Chaney and England’s Tony O’Shea starting proceedings.

It was a game of two halves really as Chaney stormed into a 5-0 lead including a first 180 pinned and a 158 checkout to secure a 12 darter to move 4-0 ahead. In the opening 5 legs, O’Shea was only allowed 4
darts at the outer ring with Chaney’s scoring providing too strong for the Stockport Thrower. In the 6th
leg, O’Shea picked up his first leg on Double 16 for a 17 darter then backed it up with two legs in 15 and
14 darts which included a first maximum and a 146 checkout. O’Shea sent the match to a last-leg
decider with a 17 darter with Chaney sat on tops.

The last leg began sluggish for O’Shea as he failed to land a score over a ton in his opening 4 visits to the board leaving Chaney with an opportunity to storm ahead which he did in kicking off with a maximum and leaving 90 after 12. Slight pressure on Chaney with O’Shea bagging in a crucial 140 and the pressure took its toll as Chaney squandered 5 missed match darts with O’Shea pinning 41 in 2 to pick up a very valuable point in the opening game of the night.

The second match of the evening saw two players competing with a time zone difference of 15 hours.
Canada’s David Cameron and New Zealand’s Tina Osborne with Osborne hoping to pick up her first set
of points in the league phase having suffered 6 defeats from her opening 6 encounters. The match
began with the Canadian Cameron storming into a 5-0 lead in double quick time pinning the 5 legs in
18,15,21,15 and 14 darts respectively as well as two maximums and a 126 checkout along the way. In
the 6th leg, Osborne picked up a first and solitary leg in 24 darts before Cameron closed out the match
with a 22-dart leg and condemn the New Zealander to a 7th straight defeat.

The third game of the evening saw two players from similar parts of the globe with a distance of close to
2000 miles from each other as David Cameron took on Joe Charney with Cameron looking to move into
the top 4 with at least a point but Charney needing a victory to complete the same fate. The match began
with Cameron taking the opening leg in 19 darts before the American rattled off 4 legs in a row which
included two maximums and a leg which took him 26 darts to complete. Cameron followed with back to
back legs including a 2nd 180 before a 16-dart leg from Charney took within one of a 1st victory of the
evening. A 19 dart leg from Cameron took the encounter all the way with Charney leaving 36 after 12 but
squandering 3 match darts to allow Cameron back to the board on 116 which pinned under pressure in
seal the leg in 15 darts and picking a very valuable point which saw him move into the top 4 of the
league phase for the time being.

The fourth game of the evening saw Tony O’Shea and Tina Osborne both return in their second matches
of the night with O’Shea hoping to pick up his first win of the evening where Osborne continued her quest
to pick up her first set of points in the Remote Darts League campaign. The Stockport man began the
match with back to back legs in 14 and 18 darts respectively before missing 6 darts at the outer ring to
move three ahead which allowed Osborne back to the board on 68 which she pinned in 2 to move 2-1

From then on, O’Shea coasted to victory with 4 consecutive legs in 15,16,18 and 21 darts
respectively which included a solitary 180 and a 124 checkout on the bull. The victory saw Tony move
onto 8 points from 8 matches in the league phase and a third win in total.

The penultimate game of the night saw Tina Osborne and Joe Charney take on each other in their third
and final game of the evening with Charney searching for a first win of the evening to move into the top 4
temporarily, with O’Shea v Cameron to follow. The match kicked off with Charney breaking with a 20-dart
leg which followed with a leg in 16 to move two ahead. Charney then squanded six darts at the outer ring
to move 3-0 up which saw Osborne then clinch the leg in 25 darts which was then followed by a 24 dart
leg by Charney, taking out the highest checkout of the match, 109.

Every leg for the remainder of the match went on throw, which saw Charney clinch victory with a 14-dart leg on 93 to condemn Tina Osborne to a third defeat of the evening and a ninth consecutive defeat in the league phase.

The final game of the night saw Tony O’Shea take on David Cameron, where the winner would end the
evening as the sort of ‘Night Winner’ but a draw would mean that both will end up picking up 4 points on
the night, the same total as Joe Charney.

The game began with the first three legs all going with throw as O’Shea landed two of the three legs both in 16 darts whereas Cameron won his in 20. In the fourth leg, O’Shea broke with a 17-dart leg before Cameron broke back, pinning a first 180 of the match and a 13-dart leg on Double 8.

O’Shea then broke back in 15 darts where he then won the final two legs of the match, both in 17 darts, and finishing with a 96 checkout and a 6-2 win.

The win saw him pick up five points out of a possible six on the night as Night 10 of the Remote Darts League came to a close.


The Remote Darts League continues on Thursday. Night 11 sees 2020 BDO World Championship
Finalist Jim Williams as the headline act. He is joined by Dutchman Richard Veenstra, Frenchman
Thibault Tricole and England’s Laura Turner, who has featured quite regularly in the last year as a pundit
in the Sky Sports Darts Team.

Thanks to Joe Williams for submitting this great summary of the Remote Darts League Action.

Darts World look forward to more of your work.

Wayne Warren: I am Done With The BDO.

Wayne Warren does not have much sympathy leftover for BDO’s current leadership and therefore does not believe in a future for the formerly powerful organisation.

“If god threw darts he’d through em like Wayne Warren!”

He won the BDO World Championship back in January, but now 57-year-old Wayne Warren says he no longer believes in a future for BDO. Instead, he chooses to focus on WDF tournaments and a possible future in the PDC next year. Warren was speaking to journalist Phil Barrs

Warren won the BDO title on January 12, after defeating his compatriot Jim Williams in the final. However, the victory resulted far from the career boost that any previous world champion could have expected in advance. 

Because after the victory Warren received only £23,000, a fraction of the previous year when Glen Durrant claimed the title. In fact, Warren’s prize money was the lowest cash prize awarded to a BDO World Champion since 1989.

Wayne stated:

Everyone dreams of becoming a world champion. I’ve been dreaming of that myself since I was a kid…..

– But getting what I got – it can’t be right, can it? It’s a nightmare, not a dream.

Wayne Warren’s frustrations stem, among other things, from the fact that players prior to the BDO World Cup had been informed that the prize money would be reduced – though not to the extent that it was. Warren seems to blame BDO chairman Des Jacklin for.

“The only thing Des has done just a little bit right was to move the World Championships to the O2. 

But what he has done otherwise has not been good enough…..

“We knew full well that the prize money would not be £100,000 at all, but I had heard rumors that it would be £50,000 or £60,000. “So I couldn’t fathom it when I got an email saying it was reduced to 23,000 pounds. It’s a damn big reduction”

Wayne continued.

“The original premium would have been life-changing for someone my age. It is simply a joke. It’s a disaster, to be honest. 

BDO is done. There will be no more BDO if you ask me.

“BDO no longer has my interest. I want to dedicate myself to WDF tournaments now, and then we take it one step at a time. But BDO is done for me….”

Although Warren turns 58 by June, he still has ambitions for a future in the PDC, to which he expects to attend Q-School until January.

” I expect to attend Q-School. I was originally signed up this year, but when I got that email from BDO, ……. so I didn’t have my head with me. 

But I have the level of winning a Tour Card, Wayne Warren concludes.

A different form of this article was originally published, here.

Words: Daniel Tyge Thybøl


BDO Headed Toward Liquidation.

The following notice was issued this afternoon:

The BDO’s commercial arm British Darts Organisation Enterprises Ltd files Notice of Intention to Appoint Liquidator.


The commercial arm of the British Darts Organisation – British Darts Organisation Enterprises Ltd – is set to file a Notice of Intention to appoint a liquidator in a move that will secure the future of grassroots membership darts in the UK.
British Darts Organisation Enterprises Limited was founded on 30 May 1980 and has its registered office in Tonypandy, Wales. It has been the commercial arm of the sportsmembership body the BDO, since its formation.
The Directors of the BDO have taken the difficult decision to liquidate the commercial arm as a result of the COVID crisis. British Darts Organisation Enterprises Ltd has faced increased cashflow pressure following the cancellation of a major event in Spain on the very day the country went into lockdown and due to social distancing, for the foreseeable future we are not able to run any of our other events.

Given this the company faced a cashflow crisis
which it could not trade out of. A BDO Director, stated:

“The British Darts Organisation has a long and proud record of standing by and for its members. Today’s announcement does not change that in the least. Our focus is ensuring the longevity of the organisation and despite this setback and some tough decision making, we are committed to making the BDO a successfor its members. British darts is safe.”
“We are and will remain totally focused on our members and the Notice of Intention to appoint a liquidator does not change this.”

A Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) is a formal insolvency procedure which involves the directors of an insolvent company voluntarily choosing to bring their business to an end.

The Directors will work closely with the Administrator to ensure creditor claims are addressed.

However, our message to the membership is that our organisation is financiallysecure and that our commitment to British darts as a sport for everyone remains now and in the future,” concluded a BDO Director.

WDF Reschedule Europe Cup Youth Event.

With all things considered in relation to the current global COVID-19 pandemic, it has been decided that the WDF Europe Cup Youth tournament, originally scheduled for 8-12 July 2020 in Hungary is to be cancelled.

The WDF Executive have been in communication with the nations set to host the next two Europe Cup Youth events, the Hungarian Darts Federation and the Austrian Darts Federation.  The following rearrangements have been mutually agreed.

2020 – Cancelled
2021 – Hungary to host
2022 – Austria to host

WDF Youth Commissioner Dietmar Schuhmann said, “According to the traditional friendship and coordination between Austrian and Hungarian darts, this was a natural compromise for us to make, with the circumstances as they are in relation to COVID-19.  The WDF and it’s member nations share the view that we all want what is best for those competing.  In this situation, the appropriate action has been taken to consider the health and safety of all WDF youth players and event staff.”

The WDF would like to thank both the HDF and ADF for their cooperation during this difficult period and look forward to future Europe Cup Youth events.  Dates for 2021 will be confirmed in due course.

WDF Cups Director posted announcement to all WDF members in Europe by email 29/04/2020

Ruthless Richardson Tops Remote Darts League.

Former World Championship player, and Pro Tour Runner-Up, James ‘Ruthless’ Richardson is leading the way in the Remote Darts League.

  1. James Richardson 4/7
  2. Jim Williams 4/7
  3. Paul Hogan 4/6
  4. Darryl Fitton 4/5
  5. Tony O’Shea 4/5
  6. Gary Robson 4/4
  7. Wes Newton 4/3
  8. Alan Norris 4/2
  9. John Walton 4/1
  10. Dean Winstanley 4/0.

The Faraway Sports vehicle for top WDF players has been very well received by viewers and can be watched live. Here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClPzAyYIdYU7mLD4v2mXP1g

The Remote Darts League or RDL is a remote product developed by Farawaysports, an organisation dedicated to providing quality remote sporting contests including pictures, data, and odds.

The RDL comprises 10 top WDF players competing over 10 days in a fast league format. Players all play each other once over nine nights with five matches taking place each evening. Each match will play out over a maximum of 12 legs with the first player to reach seven legs winning the fixture and picking up two league points. As it’s best of 12 legs this allows for the possibility of a match to be tied at 6-6, in this case each player will receive one point.

After nine nights each player will have played each other and the four players with the highest number of league points will qualify for the final night showdown. On final night the Top 4 battle it out in two semi-finals and a grand final for the right to be crowned the first Remote Darts League champion.

Richard Ashdown
‘Little’ Richard Ashdown is the Remote Darts league Host/Commentator (Photo: DG Media)

After a four day break, the 10 players will compete again in the next leg of the Remote Darts League, RDL2.

Legendary MC Richard Ashdown is the league referee and commentator. Richard has many years of experience in the field and until recently was Master of Ceremonies for the BDO World Darts Championship (2014-2019).

More RDL information here

WDF Expand New Top Team.

The WDF is pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Rolls as the WDF Secretary General.

Nick has been an international referee since 2007. He has officiated numerous WDF ranked events including 12 World Championships, and has been part of the WDF World and Europe Cup team of referees since 2015.

The knowledge Nick brings to the WDF Executive from being involved in tournament darts along with his communication skills gained across many years in business will be invaluable as the WDF look to deliver against their key objectives.

We welcome Nick’s expertise and look forward to working with him.

Picture of Nick Rolls on stage in 2019 WDF World Cup Romania
Picture of Nick Rolls on stage in 2019 WDF World Cup Romania

WDF Update Covid-19 Affected Events List.

Richard Ashdown, the WDF’s Chief Development Officer released the following update regarding affiliated events yesterday. Some are, sadly, cancelled and other have rescheduled dates. Please update your calendars accordingly:

With restrictions in place worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic, inevitably there have been a number of WDF event cancellations and postponements.

We would like to commend each of the national governing bodies for their efficiency and communication with the WDF during this time.  The primary concern for us all remains with the safety and welfare of the players.

The following senior WDF ranked events have been cancelled for 2020.

GERMANY – Sylt Masters/Open (March 13-15)
HUNGARY – Budapest Classic/Masters (March 13-15)
USA – White Mountain Shootout (April 17-19)
AUSTRALIA – Murray Bridge Grand Prix (April 24-26)
DENMARK – Open/Masters (May 1-3)
LITHUANIA – Open/Vilnius Open (May 8-10)
FINLAND – Masters/Open (May 15-17)
SWITZERLAND – Open/Helvetia Open (June 5-7)
CANADA – Open (June 19-21)

The following senior WDF events have been postponed, with the intention of confirming new dates for 2020 (unless already rearranged as stated).  Should any of the following be unable to reschedule, we will announce in due course.

FAROE ISLANDS – Torshavn/Open (March 14-15) — New date : October 24-25

GREECE – Open/Acropolis Open (April 3-5)
ICELAND – Open/Masters (April 10-12) — New date : September 5-6
NEW ZEALAND – South Island Masters (April 10-12)
AUSTRALIA – Victoria Easter & Geelong Singles (April 10-12)
GERMANY – Open/Masters (April 17-19)

ESTONIA – Open/Masters (April 17-19)
USA – Charlotte Open (April 17-19) — New date : June 19-21
NEW ZEALAND – North Island Masters (April 24-26)
USA – Cleveland Extravaganza (May 1-3)
WALES – Classic/Open (May 8-10)
AUSTRALIA – Sunshine State Classic (May 22-24)
POLAND – Open/Masters (May 22-24)
TURKEY – Mediterranean Open/Masters (May 22-24)
SLOVENIA – Open (May 29-31)AUSTRALIA – Pacific Masters (August 2)

I am liaising with the nations and the WDF Sports Administrator on a daily basis to keep the WDF calendar in order with as few date clashes as possible and to ensure that all updates are published at the earliest opportunity.

Please keep up to date with all WDF calendar updates HERE

Despite the current restrictions both nationally and internationally, long term development work continues and we look forward to making some major announcements in the months ahead.

None of us know exactly how long WDF tournament play will be ‘on hold’ and all we can do is focus on the future of our system.  Right now, the health and wellbeing of everyone associated with the sport of darts worldwide is the priority and we would like to take this opportunity to send our very best wishes to you all.

Richard Ashdown (WDF Chief Development Officer)

The timing of the Covid-19 outbreak could not be worse for grassroots darts. The BDO difficulties mean that the need for a UK and World body for amateur players, and those who support the game, is stronger than ever. Perhaps the time with no competition and events will enable much stronger systems and governance to be put in place. Darts World wishes Richard and the WDF every success with its efforts. (DW Ed.)

PIC: WDF / Richard Ashdown.

Welsh Darts Events Added To List Of Covid Disruption.

The WDO have announced the postponement of the popular Classic and Open events scheduled for next month. It is to their credit that they have waited, to see how matters developed, before taking the decision, but still acted early enough to keep possible rearrangement dates available during 2020.

Pontins & Red Dragon have supported this popular event in previous years. Here’s hoping that a 2020 version still takes place.


Welsh Darts Organisation Announcement

Welsh Darts Organisation have to regretfully announce that the Red Dragon Welsh Open & Welsh Classic events to be held at Pontins’ Prestatyn on 7th to 11th May 2020 has had to be postponed due to the coronavirus epidemic.

However, the WDO is in negotiations with Pontins’ Ltd. at the present time regarding the possibility of re-staging these Welsh events at Prestatyn later in the year.

Further updates at: http://www.welshdarts.org/


Sherrock Shines In Isle Of Man Weekend.

In what might be the last major darts gathering, for quite sometime, The Isle of Man festival took place recently, in Douglas. The longstanding event was held under the auspices of England Darts and the WDF.


Fallon Sherrock enjoyed a phenomenal weekend at the Isle of Man Darts Festival, claiming the three singles titles and the ladies pairs event, Beau Greaves was defeated in all four finals. After her efforts at the (PDC) World Championship, Premier League and appearance at the UK Open, Sherrock has returned to BDO events. The experience and efforts with the PDC have clearly boosted her.


The 25-year-old picked up the Isle of Man Classic (4-2), Open (4-2) and Masters (4-3), while also winning the ladies’ pairs with Casey Gallagher (3-2). Teenager Greaves was runner-up in all the three singles events, and with Deta Hedman in the pairs event.

Frenchman Tricole has had a high profile start to 2020, so far.

The Men’s events were taken by Thibault Tricole and Micheal Warburton respectively. Warburton defeated a resurgent Martin Adams in the final of the Open.

Luke Littler claimed the youth title overcoming Charlie Manby in the trophy match.

Former hairdresser Sherrock took to social media after the phenomenal weekend: ‘Ecstatic feeling today having won all 3 singles events and the pairs, full credit to Beau Greaves for her performances as well.’

Sherrock will rise to second in the BDO rankings, behind Greaves, and third within the WDF. The Queen of the Palace wil be back in PDC action in the World Series events, starting with the US Darts Masters on 5 June in New York and going to Copenhagen the following week.

A gap before the New South Wales Darts Masters, NZ Darts Masters and Queensland Darts Masters, all played in August, all of which will be shown on ITV4.

Fallon will play these events, however this will mean that she will miss any BDO events that are held, this will include the World Trophy, which co-insides with the competition in Queensland.

GB Darts Figures Make Bid For Future of Grassroots Darts.

Readers will be aware of the difficulties recently, and ongoing, experienced within the British Darts Organisation. We at Darts World have been reporting regularly on the matter and on the response from other organisations. Twice so far it has appeared that a new grouping would be formed but nothing quite materialised. In the meantime the WDF seemed to be stepping in to ramp up their own organisation. The Covid-19 Virus has limited that possibility for this year. Today we have received a press release from a new group known as Tri-Nations Darts. They have put forward a proposal for the future of grassroots darts within England, Scotland and Wales. The full statement is reproduced below. We wish them every success:

“A Path for the Future” Though no-one can know how long the Covid 19 crisis will last or how seriously the affects will have on our lives generally and or in darts specifically. However, the newly appointed executive of Tri-Nations Darts felt that the following statement of intent was appropriate at this time.

As we are all aware there has been considerable uncertainty concerning the future of the BDO these past few months and it’s a situation that worsened with the recent abdication of the majority of their directors. Without dwelling on the well-publicised reasons for this continuing uncertainty, members interests have clearly not been best served with the ongoing lack of transparency or information, more so since the publication of their latest accounts, during which even our own auditors questioned the company’s ability to continue as a going concern, a point perhaps endorsed further by these resignations.

As a direct consequence to the auditors alarming warnings, the Tri-Nations have been working these past few weeks to put together an alternative proposal which will hopefully provide a viable and sustainable future for grass roots darts in Britain.

This proposal has been very accurately costed to ensure all members can have that future free from the threats of possible litigation and significantly, free from the damaging consequences that all the recent adverse publicity has caused. If the members so choose, it will also allow us all to move forward together and when doing so protect the core events that we have all spent so many years enjoying and supporting. Without making any unrealistic promises we all feel – as a new entity, that the new beginning this proposal could provide will also hopefully afford all members of Tri Nations Darts to negotiate and explore fresh contracts and sponsorship possibilities and do so unsullied by the damaging reputation that currently dominates our side of darts.

County Organisations will have a major say in the success of Tri-Nations Darts Ltd.

We obviously accept these potential opportunities can only be explored if and once the proposal is accepted by a majority of the three country’s current county members, and once the level of support has been ascertained, we will at the earliest opportunity and “national crisis permitting” then organise a meeting to openly discuss everything in more detail.

In the meanwhile we do ensure everyone that we will update everyone with any progress and do so in the hope that everything if accepted it could mean everything is in place for the new season – September/October 2020.

Yours Faithfully

Tommy Thompson (On Behalf of the Directors of The Tri-Nations Darts Ltd)