Coming Soon – The Underestimation of Colin Lloyd.

Whilst catching up with the gossip in the Darts World office the other day, I came across the draft copy of a player interview for an upcoming Darts World (Print Edition). The piece will feature Colin ‘Jaws’ Lloyd.

Darts World features an upcoming interview with Colin Lloyd. JR Lott was reminded of how he is underestimated by many.

I couldn’t resist a sneak peek at the interview and found it engaging, interesting and refreshingly honest. This should have been no surprise as it’s an accurate reflection of the Colin I have met regularly over the years. He is the same in good times and bad.

However, at the same time, it occurred to me that ‘Lloydy’ seems to get scant wider attention. Whereas some past players, with less of an achievement record, are lauded with praise, and media attention, Colin seems to be skated over when mentioned at all. This is very unfair. Jaws achieved a huge amount and has always been a superb ambassador for the game. ( OK except for the incident against Andre Welge)

Jaws’s practise space. Check out the trophies!

Colin Lloyd spent his entire elite career in the PDC. Starting in 1999 he spent almost twenty years in the top echelon of the game. Along the way, he claimed more than a dozen Pro Tour level floor titles. Indeed his floor performance was so strong that he rose to be World number one. The PDC system was then made up from points claimed from all events. With ‘The Power’ playing less, as time went on, ‘Jaws’ kept accumulating points until he sat on top of the pile. To this day PDC number ones make up a very select club. It is also forgotten that Colin’s entire career was played under the arc of Taylor completly rewriting the sport.

Next on Lloyd’s achievement list is that of multiple major winner! It is not easy to claim a PDC major, claiming more than one is seriously tough. In some ways, Colin’s two majors are the most contrasting you can win. The World Matchplay is a long-format, leg play, an elite seeded true test of matchplay. Winners of the World Matchplay can still be counted on two hands (winners of more than one title on less than one hand) and again that list features Colin Lloyd (2005). The opposite is true of the World Grand Prix, it is a shorter format, especially early on, and is a set based structure. Both are tough to win but as your two majors they stand up well.

Colin in the TV booth. Surely we should hear more from Lloydy?

Reflecting on these details of Colin’s career it struck me how many of them I already knew. He has also always been an accessible, open and entertaining person. ‘Jaws’ is popular in exhibitions and corporate events and is an ambassador for Red Dragon after many successful years with both Target and Unicorn.

Sadly, the underestimation of Colin Lloyd extends from other players all the way through the media and sadly to many fans as well. It would be nice to see this being put right.

I find I am very much looking forward to reading the finished article in the magazine.