Cross: It’s Head Down and Back To Work Time.

Defending Champion Rob Cross knows its time to get back to work if he is to retain his Betfred World Matchplay crown.

‘Back to work’ for reigning Champion Rob Cross.

‘Voltage’ said: It’s been a long time and at least now we’ve got something set in stone so I’ve got something to work to now.“

“When there’s no darts on and you’re trying to maintain your practice,

at the same time you’re not practising for anything” .

At least now it will settle us all, it’s settled me definitely.“ It has been very tough but at least now I can get my head down – I’ve got a fair few weeks to sort myself out and get myself ready.“

“Just going back to playing darts and playing the best players in the world again is enough for me, because then you’ve got something to prove to the world and prove to yourself again.“

“It’s motivation and at least we are going back, it might be under different circumstances but I think the biggest thing for me is that I’ll get back doing my job and do what I enjoy.“

“I’d like to have something in the background, I suppose, but at the same time I think the biggest thing is that:

I go back in there as defending champion and I want to win it again,” .“

Cross added: *So whatever the circumstances, I’m only going out to win. It will be a little bit alien at first”.

“If it is quiet I’ll get over it – I might have a nervous first leg but at the same time it’s something that you’ve got to get on with and be ready for either way.”