Darts World Exclusive: Klaasen Reveals Secret To Home Tour Success!

EXCLUSIVE: JELLE KLAASEN has admitted he watches FISH to help keep his rhythm for PDC Home Tour glory.

Former BDO World Champion Jelle Klaasen has been showing signs of a return to form in 2020. The Home Tour seems to have have him hooked!

The former BDO World Champion takes on Gary Anderson, Dave Chisnall and Mike De Decker in tonight’s group semi-final.

But The Cobra, 35, reveals that he has a special routine to help keep his glory hopes afloat in the online streaming event. He said: “I want to win and want to do my best. You can’t compare this to a normal tournament like get in the rhythm and play your normal game. 

“Now when someone finishes a leg you have to wait 20 seconds and the rhythm has gone. “I’ve been sometimes having an 11 or 12-dart leg, waiting 20 seconds and then starting the next leg with 45. I think if you can win this tournament but it’s totally different than normal events.

“It doesn’t matter who you play. If you play a fast player or slow player, you just have to play the board or yourself. “The rhythm isn’t a problem when you are playing the leg but in-between legs it’s like ‘what am I going to do now’. I can’t stand still and you lose the focus a little bit.

“I’ve got a big saltwater aquarium and every time between legs, I just sit down and look at the fish until Dan Dawson says ‘game on’ again.

“Normally the big fish is at the end of the leg, not at the beginning!

“I think the most difficult bit is when you listen to the commentator Dan and you are behind and he says ‘you have to win the next four legs’, that can ruin your game because normally we don’t hear that.”

Klaasen was the subject of a cheating storm after his opening group wins with many on social media claiming his winning tops dart wasn’t in the right bed. But the super-quick Dutch ace confirmed it was just a poor picture on his phone and that the dart was in. He added: “It would be nice if I could end the game with that finish, 10, 20, tops. Then I’d get my camera and zoom in to show everyone!

“The social media abuse has been like this for years for everyone. The problem is that people are betting on the games and if you lose a leg or a game and maybe they could have won £100, you get so many bad messages. “You never hear anything nice if you win the game and they win the money. It’s a little bit frustrating but the best thing is don’t reply to them. I really don’t care, if they lose the bet, it’s their fault not mine.

After recent injury troubles, Jelle has limited his practise to prevent a return of tendinitis.

“For me to win the tournament with that finish though, to have the last laugh would be nice.” Klaasen revealed that the coronavirus crisis came at the wrong time for him as he was finding excellent form after injury problems with tendinitis. He said: “I don’t practice that much because it’s a big risk to me because if I do too much I can get tendinitis back again.

“But I have done more practice the last few weeks and the arm feels fine and I’m happy with that, so I can practice a couple of hours a day.

“The good and the bad thing with this virus is when I’m at home I like to try different things. I changed my set-up a lot of times over the past few weeks, trying to find the perfect combination. It’s feeling good so I’m looking forward to the Home Tour semi-final. “I’m a little bit disappointed with the timing of the coronavirus. I was starting to play better and better, making the quarter-finals of the UK Open. I thought I would be doing better and going up the rankings.”