Darts World Secure Danish Collaboration.

Darts World has always looked further afield than its home audience. From its beginnings, in 1972, the magazine has sought to provide a snapshot of as much of the ‘Darts World’ as possible.

A ‘great Dane’ Per Laursen has carried the flag for Denmark many years, but new players are coming through.

The newly re-invigorated publication is again seeking to build relationships with friends and partners across the globe.

The DW team is delighted to report a newly agreed collaboration between ourselves and Denmarks, No.1 darts site, Dartnyheder.dk. A Darts World spokesperson said:

“Darts World has always sought good relations and mutual cooperation with a publication, governing bodies throughout darts.

We are delighted to cooperate with a site as devoted to darts as dartnyheder.dk

The growth of mainland Europe’s dart scene, over the last decade, has been rapid and extensive. The Nordic/Scandinavian arena has provided an increasing number of talented players and an affiliated (PDC) tour of its own.

Juniorlandstræneren efter ECY: Vi havde håbet på mere – dartnyheder.dk
Danish and Scandinavian players have been making a big impact in recent years.

Darts World hopes to provide its new friends with content and entertainment for their readers whilst, at the same time, offering a detailed window into the fast developing Danish/Scandinavian darting sphere.

Daniel Thybol said:

Thank you to Darts World ……I’m very excited about the new possibilities and our new cooperation.

Daniel hopes to expand the arrangement to include more PDCNB information and insight. We look forward to a thriving relationship in the coming years.