Exclusive: Bunting ‘On His Bike’? The Bullet Battles COVID Risks!

Stephen Bunting will need to hit the ground running to be ready for the Summer Series and reach the Matchplay on July 18. He acknowledged the task ahead during an extensive conversation with Darts World.

Can Stephen get to the Matchplay? (pic: Taylor Lanning)

Bunting also reveals that he has made a huge decision to change his diet and lifestyle with so much information regarding Covid-19 affecting the vulnerable in society, which includes diabetes sufferers. For diabetic players such as himself, Ian White, Andy Hamilton, and Jamie Caven, the return to action poses extra problems.

The former BDO World champion said:

“My wife has bought me an exercise bike and I’ve been on that every day.

I’ve changed my diet and I’m trying to do things away from the oche to make myself fitter”.

The Bullet has made several other changes in order to give him the best chance and darting success and reduce his increased COVID risk. “We’re on a healthy meal club and we get set 12 meals for a week sent to you”.

“It’s perfect and I’m enjoying that and getting used to the exercise regime.”

Other areas, of the Liverpool thrower’s daily routine, are are also receiving attention:

“I’ve also tried to change my lifestyle by not staying up so late at night on the PlayStation.

I’m going to bed earlier and waking up fresher with more energy.”.

He added: “The way it has worked out for me it makes it very difficult. Obviously I’ve just got to get to Milton Keynes and forget about everything and go and play.”

More from our exclusive chat with ‘The Bullet’ tomorrow!