FreeFlo Points – In Depth Review

  • Product – Collared Steel Point
  • Brand – Winmau
  • Variation – Grooved (Smooth also av.)
  • R.R.P – £6+
  • Marks – 9/10

During 2018, whilst on a visit to Winmau HQ, A.I.M: were assisting a major finalist in redesigning his dart. We had a number of aims, no pun intended, but a major one was to reduce deflections and their impact. It was important that the player had greater reliability in this area. In addition reduction in flight and stem damage would be a useful advantage.

The last element came into place when we were handed a prototype of a new point that was to be in the 2019 range. We were immediately impressed. It appeared to solve the issues that some similar points have had. We agreed to have them fitted to the early edition of the Pro’s darts and then began to test them in a serious way.

A.I.M: Tested some prototype FreeFlo points in our own dart.

In the six or seven months that followed we subjected them to rigorous testing in multiple dart styles, different players with a spectrum of ability. In total, they have had over 5000 legs.

It is safe to say that these are an exceptional product. A.I.M: has no doubt in recommending them to almost any player.

The FreeFlo Factor!

  1. Stiff & Strong Steel construction. This removed the issue with the over flexing of other collared points, especially in 30mm+ length.
  2. Perfect barrel fit. We tried them in many different barrel brands and had no issue with fitting them to the slot or with the join area.
  3. Sharper for longer. Many of the new point technologies get blunt quickly and can be difficult to sharpen well. Not the case with FreeFlo, they razor sharp, stay that way for hundreds of legs and can be conventionally sharpened.
  4. Strength. Many similar style points have a reputation for breaking easily and snapping inside the barrel. This is a major issue for customers and leads to new darts often being needed. FreeFlo dont seem to suffer at all. Our testers played in all the usual venues and circumstances and we have not yet needed a single replacement!
  5. Reduced deflections and flight damage. The addition of these points has reduced stem damage by over 30% and flight replacement by almost the same. Deflections have been reduced, with any deflections that do happen, seemed far less dramatic thus causing less pausing or re-aiming.


Believe it or not the first downside was for a player who actually rested his finger on the tip of the point. He could not cope with the sharpness and had to blunt them slightly. A slight wearing of the collar area takes place over time due to it being a softer metal.

Tester Quotes.

Pro – “Massive thanks to Winmau these have given me an edge I was looking for. It could be the last piece of the jigsaw”. (21g Signature)

Good Amateur – “Brilliant, I have full confidence in my dart and throw, these are superb”. (18g Tapered)

Enthusiastic Amateur- “First time I have been able to use this type of Point. Really happy to rest my finger in the same place every time.” (24g Zagato)

Many models are coming with FreeFlo fitted. These Gurney SE are a good example.

A.I.M Opinion

A huge bonus here from Winmau. A.I.M: believe that point tech is one reason for the increase in players hitting high averages and improving the professional game. Winmau have caught up moved it on again with FreeFlo.