Full Steam Ahead! Chizzy Eyes Major Title.

DAVE CHISNALL has got his sights on a major title now that he’s dumped his glasses that kept STEAMING UP!

Chizzy hopes to better vision will aid his attempt to claim his first PDC major. (Pic; Taylor Lanning)

The St.Helens big-hitter lines up in the last 32 of the PDC Home Tour tonight (Friday) against Darren Webster, Geert Nentjes, Damon Heta. Fans favourite Chizzy, 39, believes he can beat anyone in his ‘shed’ especially after dropping the specs which affected his game earlier in the year. He said: “It’s not a shed, it’s a proper log cabin. I call it the shed, but it’s much more than that!“

The first time I played in the Home Tour was a good craic. Now we’re in the last 32, I just need to do the same as I did the last time and hopefully we’ll win the group again.

 “It’s been good because it has kept me motivated to practice. I don’t normally practice that much but since lockdown, I’ve not stopped”.

“I usually just practice more as the tournaments come up. But now I’m at the board every day. I’ve knocked in a few 100 averages online.

“Whatever happens in darts happens. It’s not just how you play, it’s how the other person plays as well. It’s hard but I’ve got a few goals when I get back. “To be fair I am looking forward to getting back to playing tournaments. It will hopefully show how well I’ve been practising in the events.

“In the Home Tour, if I turn up, I can beat them all. We’re all playing on our own boards, so we should all be good”.

“I started the year quite well but I had to play with glasses in a couple of games and I wasn’t very good with them on. I don’t wear them now.“My biggest problem was that when I was playing on stage, my glasses kept steaming up. “I took them off halfway through one game and I came back from seven-nil down to nine-all. “You lose all concentration when you are playing, worrying about your glasses steaming up.“Without the glasses I can still see trebles and doubles but it’s when they go in the corner, I don’t know whether it’s in or not. I have to keep asking the ref and I don’t like doing that, it breaks my rhythm.

“Now I just throw the darts, if it’s in, it’s in. I’ve actually celebrated a 180 and got to the board and realised it wasn’t in after all!“I’ve tried contact lenses but I got bloodshot eyes. I’d have to take time off darts to have laser treatment and I don’t want to do that.”

Chisnall has been a five-times major title runner-up, including the 2010 BDO World Championship. There is little doubt that he is a world-class performer and has been unlucky not to find the killer instinct in big finals. He added: “I was falling down the rankings so I thought I better do something about it quite quick. I just know I had to put the time in if I want to get back up and I have done.“

The important thing was getting my shed or cabin or whatever you want to call it in the garden. It’s my man cave and keeps me quiet, no trouble, no hassle. “I only go in there to practice. There are no distractions like going to the pub or being in the kitchen. The shed makes me want to practice, I’m in my own world.”

Everything is good at home and that helps me. My little girl is doing well, that’s life you just have to crack on.

“There is another level for Dave Chisnall. I’ve been in a few finals and missed out. I’ve always said if I get one win I can go on and win more and more. The hardest thing is getting that first one.“

So far I’ve not been good enough and given big leads to my rivals in finals. If you do that with Phil Taylor or Michael van Gerwen, it’s so hard to come back.

“It is annoying to hear I’m the nearly man. But you are only telling the truth. Until I get that one win, I am going to keep getting that said to me.”

It doesn’t keep me up at night worrying or anything like that. It does get on my nerves though when people say ‘you’ll win this one or that one’.“I’ve always said that darts is all on the day. You can’t say you are going to win anything.”

Pics: Taylor Lanning