Harrows 2020 Launch. A Mixed Bag From a Hallowed Name.

This week Harrows joined the brands to have launched their 2020 collections. The usual email and advertising trailers were followed by a glitzy social media release of each model and their latest accessories.

Following their summer signing of Dave “Chizzy” Chisnall, and their recent success with Glen Durrant, it may well be worth keeping an eye on the brand that was home to both Eric Bristow and Dennis Priestley in their pomp!

Six dart main models of darts were released and seem to follow a pattern of being focused on the innovative looking grip and striking looking colour schemes.

The Avanti sets the pattern for the complex grip with three separate groupings of grips. The combination of the black and vivid green nitride produces a striking look. The barrel is reminiscent of a ‘Wolfram’ shape but with a much more pronounced grip that looks on the aggressive side.

Paragon is another striking model added to the range for 2020. It appears that the Blk and Red version of Wolfram has set a pattern. Paragon is an interesting looking dart with diamond shape indentations cut into the barrel in between the traditional ring cuts. The nose is not dissimilar to a John Part (Hero Edition) style.

Four more models have been launched, Noctis is an interesting duo of blk darts with silver highlights, one Lowe style barrel and one straight model, they are a nice looking but not especially distinctive barrel. It is noticeable that even Harrows have felt the need to improve upon their typical bomb style barrel and innovate in the grip area. Strix, Vice & Vespa make up this year’s new barrels.

Looking past the headlines of the product launch, which are always the main new models and any new player items, those of us sad enough to be interested in technical innovation have noted the point technology launches.

Harrows have seemed to be lagging behind in this area which is a great surprise. The UK based company have been behind some of the most popular, and innovative, accessories over the years. Dimplex flights, Alamo stems and various flight styles have all been championed by this no-nonsense manufacturer.

The various points launched for the 2020 collection, together with an obvious emphasis on promoting them, seem an attempt to both catch-up and surprise their competitors. Firstly the machine points reverse the standard of cutting grooves or patterns into the point and replace it with machining them to produce a raised pattern or grooves.

There are at least three versions in at least two colours of each point style. They are also available in standard and collared points in order to compete with Target’s Storm and Winmau FreeFlow. The first appearance suggests that they will do so. The conversion version is available in fewer options but may well prove popular with those who play both formats.

The final chapter of the launch was accessories focused, including an addition to the case range. It is a bulk 12 set holder and probably only useful to collectors or mini stallholders! The flights added were mainly specific to the new darts models and coordinated accordingly. Nice colour combinations were added and the Velos range was extended and promoted further.

The Avanti Range looked to most noticeable as it looked to combine the styling of the new range with the recent embossing tech being used on many new flights.

Overall this was a good tight launch. Keeping the numbers down to half a dozen, or so, on the new darts ranges, seems sensible and the focus on points and other improvements may well reassert Harrows in this area.