“High Trees Take A Lot of Wind” – MVG Unconcerned By Comments.

MIGHTY Michael van Gerwen admits he doesn’t care what people say about him as he prepares for a return to the big stage. The mean, green machine World No.1 has not competed since the last Unibet Premier League night in Liverpool on March 12, having sat out the PDC Home Tour.

MVG – Bullish in his response to the remarks of others. (Pic: Taylor Lanning).

But MVG, 31, was in a bullish mood and quick to dismiss any talk that a switch of darts to Winmau, following his World Championship final defeat to Scot Peter Wright, maybe the start of any decline. Van Gerwen revealed on his YouTube channel:

“People love saying things about me. From the biggest names to the smallest names. I’ve got a big target on my back. High trees take a lot of wind I always say, it’s a big saying in Holland”.

I have to deal with it. I take it as a positive if people talk about you, it means you’re still doing quite well.“There’s nothing to complain or worry about, I need to focus on my own game. Whatever anyone says, I don’t really care.”

MVG seems to have taken the coronavirus lockdown in his stride, enjoying an unexpected extended paternity leave with wife Daphne, daughter Zoe and new baby son Mike junior who was born in early April.

He also admits that he will practice stage social distancing with sparring partner Vincent van der Voort before the TV events commence again. He added: “It’s a big hit for everyone and everyone around you. The coronavirus has hit everyone, you have to deal with it as good as possible. Try to make the most out of it. But I’m looking forward to being back on tour.

“My new little boy is doing well, at the start he was crying a lot, that was difficult. But now he’s doing really well.“ I have rumours that they try to put on the Matchplay behind closed doors, if that’s the target then we need to all hope for it and see what the Government body says of course. The only thing we can do is wait until the PDC brings out more information.

Michael is adjusting to the likely new distancing requirements. (pic:Taylor Lanning)

“I’m practicing now, I do my routine but I’m not really playing matches yet. Myself and Vincent spoke about this that there’s no point yet to play games against each other.

“It’s difficult to imitate a normal game but without knowing what the rules are going to be, it’s pointless.“We will do. But first we need to wait for more details and we can’t do anything yet at this moment. “Vincent always speaks highly of me when we talk about practice. He’s playing really good. We are starting to push each other towards a high level. That’s what you want. I hope we can do some damage again on the big stages, that’s what I love.”

Van Gerwen certainly quashed any thoughts of a barren few months without trophies by taking the UK Open and comfortably placed second in the Premier League table. He added: “In the UK Open I played some phenomenal games, only one game I lost a little bit of focus. But still, I was good enough and my form was there.

“I just need to make sure I keep my form from the UK Open. Winmau have created this monster version for me. I want to be back on the tour, I want to do well with the new darts”. 

“I’m changing darts more often but I think it’s 90 percent who is throwing the dart.

“If you give me a set of brass darts I can beat 70 percent of the field in the PDC as well!”.

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