History Made by Iceland Darters. Darts Features in Twenty-Three Sport Games.

Ingibjörg Magnúsdóttir and Páll Árni Péturson win the first ever Reykjavik International Games.

History was made in Iceland when darts became a part of Reykjavik International games this weekend.

Reykjavik International Games is a big sports feast where 23 individual sports competed. The competition is divided on two weekends. In 2020 almost 1000 guests from more than 40 different countries took part in the games. Around 1500-2000 Icelandic athletes from Iceland take part every year.

The games are held over two weekends, last weekend in January and first in February every year. It’s the Reykjavik Sports Union in cooperation with the national sports associations and the sports clubs in Reykjavik that organise the games.

Ingibjörg, Darts organising committee said “We are truly humble, and happy, the darts competition was a big success, and we live streamed on Facebook and YouTube through the Live Darts Iceland channel. We hope to see more international participants next year”


Details & Pic Courtesy of Iceland Darts