Ice Man’s Major Secret.

Gerwyn Price kicked off dart’s major season with an emphatic defence of his 2018 Grand Slam of Darts title.

The Iceman had no doubt in his own mind that he had more than the game to go and win the title, but has now also convinced the entire darting World he is ultimately the real deal.

Gezzy’s career since gaining his Tour Card in 2014 is nothing short of spectacular and it’s simply unbelievable what he has achieved in such a short space of time, compared to any other dart player on the planet to date.

It’s no doubt that his rugby career has helped him deal with the pressures that go with playing darts at the highest level, but in-depth research around Price’s technical ability and talent reveals that’s not the real secret.

Gerwyn took to darts very late by modern comparison, not playing any serious level darts until he was in his late 20s. However, the style and way in which he approached the game saw him play with an almost technical perfection from the outset.

Stephen Feeney, SightRight specialist darts coach said “I had the privilege very early on in Gerwyn’s career to analyse his throw up close and personal, instantly you can see that whilst he throws slightly favouring the right side of the oche, his actual technical delivery is perfectly sighted, similar to all of the best players in darts. This technical advantage allows him to deliver the most accurate possible throw whilst dealing the mental stresses they are under during intense televised major tournaments, and no doubt this is one of Gerwyn’s major secrets.


Steve went on to say “Gerwyn has learned to execute brilliantly under pressure with a total trust in his visual and technical set up under which he can see the entire flight of the dart similar, to Tiger Woods when he used to say he could feel the flight of the ball.”

With manufacturing, research and development allowing players like Gezzy to get exactly what they need in their set-up, this has made a massive difference to Gerwyn in bringing the highest levels of his game on to the televised stage. A very rare commodity as most players including those at the top of the game often never do, as seen when Gezzy threw his unofficial 9-darter during the break against Gary Anderson.

Gezzy’s self-belief has continued to grow and has been evidenced by his results against the very best in the game over the last 18 months. He regularly tests this ultimate set-up by trialling new options with shafts and flight setups to keep reminding himself that what he currently has is still the very best for him.

DW – Our analyst has looked at Price’s set up and can see the advantages:

Gerwyn uses a very simple and traditional setup. It’s his standard shape, signature flight popped into a silver medium length aluminium stem“….

It matches his dart and does not look to have any whistles & bells on it, but suits his, quite long, throw.”

In addition, I like the pronounced narrowing of the stem which has long been thought to provide more lift to the flight, this seems to help the angle of entry with the darts standing up nicely”

The aluminium stem is thought by some to move quicker through the air due to its rigidity” – (DW Coach/Analyst)

Gerwyn heads to Minehead for the 2019 Players Championship Final in scintillating form, where he takes on Mickey Mansell, but even the very fit and talent Iceman must be conscious of the sheer emotional drain defending his title took last week.

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