William Hill World Darts Championship Preview

Is ‘The Power’ Considering a Comeback?

Gossip mongers had an unexpected boon last week. During a product launch, for his latest Target model, it was suggested that a return to mainstream darts was on the cards for a certain Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor.

This months Darts World magazine looks exclusively into the likelihood of such a return;

William Hill World Darts Championship Preview
Just Media Hype? or Could the Power Really Return?
Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

The page 4 article and main feature begins like this

….recent reports surround a Phillip Douglas Taylor comeback in the world of darts.

The article then explores the possible motivations behind such talk;

…what is Phil Taylor up to? Keeping relevant in the modern darts world? Making his fan base aware that he is still in the background?

The anonymous author then dissects the likely options for a Power return.

Will Phil get a tour card? What format could a comeback take? Could a whole new format or division be created around ‘The Power’?

All in all its an interesting angle on an often asked question.

What conclusions are reached and is a comeback truly on the cards? These questions are explored more fully in the print article.

Grab your copy of DartsWorld here https://www.dartsworld.com/product/magazine/ and read the full article and see what you think?