Betway Premier League - Night 15 Round-Up

Jake vs The Power: Jones Muses on a Fantasy Match-Up.

During the lockdown, many players have taken this chance to improve their darts, at home, and with online darts. We spoke with one player who has been getting loads of attention during ‘lockdown’ for his superb online performances, Stoke On Trent’s Jake Jones.

Stoke-on-Trent’s Jake Jones is heavily influenced by the Potteries band of legends.

First up is the warm up round. Nine quickfire style questions:

What darts do you use?: Bavaria (23 grams) from ONE80.

What’s your darts nickname?: Don’t really have a nickname but recently people have been
call me JJ.

What player do you look up to (if any)?: As I’m from Stoke-on-Trent I look up to mainly all of the pros that have been from this area. Phil Taylor, Adrian Lewis, Ian White, Andy Hamilton to name a few.

Best of 21 with any player past or present who would it be and why?: Tough question. I’d probably say, Phil Taylor. As for me he is the greatest of all time so to fair against him in a long format tournament and see how I went on would be an eye-opener.

What your favorite practice routine?: I don’t have a practice routine because I tend to just
play matches or tournaments.

Fav checkout?: 82 (Bull, double 16) hands down.

What’s the ‘Walk-on’ song for when you get to the Worlds?: My walk-on song is a song called ‘Whoomp, there it is’ by Tag Team. It’s my county walk-on song as well and the team love it.

Tell us someone you feel is underrated in your darts connections?: Someone, who I think is underrated. . . ? Well he’s not underrated as everyone from around here knows how good he is but my best mate Jamie Landon. Great player but has never had the break he deserved. He’s a top lad, and a quality darter, but never had the backing and because of that never been as confident. He should be up there with the best.

Dars In Stoke darts knockouts darts leagues in Stoke Staffordshire
Shaun Rogers a.k.a Waynupya, also appear at DiS!

Name three players who will be big in five years time: I’d say Lewy Williams,
Joe Davis, Jamie Landon, Callum Matthews and Myself

Many thanks to Jake for speaking with us at Darts World. In the second part of his conversation, Shaun looks further into Jake’s ambitions and the ups and downs of his darts career so far.