Kong Departs Winmau.

Robbie Green appears to be moving darts supplier again. ‘Kong’, as Green is known, has had a difficult last few years whilst under the Winmau banner. Knee surgery and extensive rehabilitation have seen him struggle to maintain his previous level.

Robbie Green
Kong’s recovery from injury, has been a tough process.

Originally with A180 King’s darts have had several incarnations over the years. The basic shape and dimensions have proven popular, even collectable, regardless of the manufacturer. Both Target and Winmau gave produced multiple editions.

The Liverpudlian hinted that there is more news to come. He took to social media to thank Winmau for their support.

Some big things coming this month as I say goodbye to sponsors for the last 4 years winmau who’s been brilliant with me,

big thanks to all the team at winmau 🙌👍
But exciting things ahead as I look to keep improving

It would be no surprise to see Kong return to the limelight. He is very talented and, if fit, seems have have periods of outstanding form.

Green aand Winmau part on excellent terms.

Winmau meanwhile seem to be restructuring, their playing staff, after the arrival of MVG. I strongly suspect that a major ‘Ferguson-esque’ squad rebuilding is underway.