Live: Target’s LockDown Launch!

Target darts have decided to proceed with their spring 2020 launch during the UK’s Corona Virus lockdown. In yet another sign that the darts industry is performing strongly whilst many have more time on their hands.

Launching new products at this time signifies Target’s confidence that their new wares will receive the exposure and sales levels expected and not be lost in lockdown!


First out of the traps today are the Bolide range this looks like a reimagining of the sandblasted grip style, many players like the feel of this finish, and with Target’s usual flair it may prove popular.

Target’s Summary; “Bolide features 5-barrel designs providing a solution for all grips and playing styles. Intricately constructed with precise radial grooved cuts and a hand-sandblasted coating gives the dart added grip and feel. Each barrel is finished with a yellow Pro Grip shaft and eye-catching flight exclusively designed for the range“.

Limited Edition Takoma (Fabric):

Takoma Fabric Wallet Green

Three patterns with 1000 each only. This is a popular product that may benefit from a niche edition that players feel is more exclusive?

The Takoma holds a fully loaded set up and a selection of accessories with ease and is protective due to its shell design. Smaller than some fully loaded set-ups the Takoma has performed well in reviews and tests.