Muzz Lightyear Exclusive – To The Bedroom And Beyond!

RYAN MURRAY is thankful he moved his dartboard out of his son’s bedroom so he can play two World Champions in peace!

Can ‘Muzz’ make the most of his Corona blighted debut year? (Pic: L Lustig / PDC)

The Edinburgh ace, dubbed Muzz Lightyear, will face Peter Wright, Jelle Klaasen, and Cristo Reyes in the next group phase of the PDC Home Tour on Monday night. He only got his Tour Card in January but has seen his debut year wrecked by the coronavirus crisis.

However Murray, 32, roared through his opening group in the PDC lockdown online home event and now has a dream draw. He said: “I was looking forward to the Home Tour. I’ve recently changed at home. The dartboard was in the children’s room but now I’ve moved it to my own bedroom.

“There’s no distractions in there. It was hard to play with my kids shouting to their friends while playing on the Xbox!“

The kids will be going out for a nature trail when I’m playing the Home Tour so I get some peace and quiet, no running up and down the stairs to to the toilet.

“We’ve got a tortoise but that’s the only pet and he’s not likely to give us any problems!”

Murray admits it’s been a frustrating time since achieving the ‘golden ticket’ of a Tour Card but is still buzzing for the future. He said: “It feels like every time I get so close to something, it always goes wrong. Thankfully I’ve now got this Home Tour to play in.“It’s obviously frustrating that the darts has stopped. I’d just got the Tour Card and was playing good. But I’m sure the PDC will sort it out so it’s fair.

 “To be honest, the PDC and PDPA are in touch almost every day making sure all the players are OK, they have been fantastic. They always do the best for us.“

I’d qualified for two European tours but they are obviously on hold for the moment. That was something big I’d qualified for. It will happen hopefully at some point.”

Phil Lanning| 5-times award-winning journalist/publicist