Ochepedia Adds To Darts World’s Number!

HE’S the man who, arguably, knows the dart players better than they know themselves. For every thud of the board around the competitive game, a stat is accumulated in the northeastern United States town of Bee Gees hit fame Massachusetts.

Master of ‘The Numbers Game’.

That stat is produced by Christopher Kempf, widely-recognised now as Ochepedia. Kempf is the go-to legend of the sport, used by the Professional Darts Corporation and often-referred to on TV by commentators Rod Mardle and Wayne Mardle.

Now the official statistician of darts has joined the official voice of darts. Kempf will now bring his incredible and unrivalled source of information to Darts World. The king of numbers is ushering in a new era of the sport, analysis to the extreme. Chris joins Darts World as a contributor across a wide range of darting areas. He is also leading the development of popular stats site dartsdatabase.com

The arrows have never seen such pinpoint accuracy since King Harold took one in the eye at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

If Kempf had been around then, he probably would have expected the Normans to take that route with a 46 percent success rate. But nowadays instead of the Bayeux Tapestry, being that source of information, it’s now the man Ochepedia himself, in Darts World.

Kempf admits he had never even looked at the sport until five years ago when he watched a YouTube video of Michael van Gerwen hitting 17 perfect darts at the Alexandra Palace.

Now he conducts a fascinating insight into the working brain on the oche. He will bring his unique plethora of graphs, tables, and data to the longest-serving darts magazine in the world – where he belongs.