PDC World Cup of Darts quiz

QUIZ: Name all 40 PDC World Cup of Darts nations from 2010-2017!

PDC World Cup of Darts quiz
Can you name all 40 of the PDC World Cup of Darts countries?
Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

PDC World Cup of Darts countries quiz

With the PDC World Cup of Darts taking place from June 1–4 this year, get warmed up for the event in Frankfurt by taking our dedicated quiz.

Simply name all 40 countries that have taken part in the tournament since its inception in 2010 up until the upcoming 2017 version, which sees two new nations take part.

So, test out your darting knowledge by trying out our PDC World Cup of Darts countries quiz, which is powered by Sporcle and conjured up by Sam Barnard for Darts World.

You have just 5 minutes to guess all 40 of them, including the two new additions remember!

Are you ready then? To start, click the ‘play’ button below to start the quiz, and enter your answers in the box provided:

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Without giving too much away for our PDC World Cup of Darts countries quiz, here is a bit of background about the competition.

Starting in 2010, as a result of a dispute with the BDO, the tournament hosted 24 nations – with two players on each team – who all gathered to the northeast of England in early December.

There was no event in 2011, but it has taken place from 2012 every year since.

Germany have been the hosts in those six following years, including in 2017, with Hamburg and Frankfurt being the cities.

In total, there have been only been two champion nations, but four other finalists.

This year, there will be 32 countries in total to battle it out for the title, with the total prize money being upped to £300k from £250k. The champions will take away £60,000.

So, without further ado, see how you do in our PDC World Cup of Darts countries quiz!

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