Red Dragon Launch 2020

During the mayhem of two recent World Championships, their players won both, Red Dragon darts can be forgiven for having a relatively low key product launch for their updated 2020 range and catalogue. This does not even include the new Peter Wright, World Championship winning, Special Edition!

The Welsh brand has released a tight collection of classic and innovative models that should appeal to most tastes. The Originals pictured above give a clue as too one side of the collection. They are simple classical style of dart somewhat similar to one Alan Evans might have used.

Representing the polar opposite side of the equation are the Koncept Pro. These are a mix between a stilletto and a scallop barrel. They are 90% tungsten and ringed grip at the higher end of the barrel. near the nose they are a very narrow taper. The scallop just before the taper could provide a comfortable propulsion zone.

Perhaps the most distinctive dart, in the new range, are the Clarion (Black). The black and gold colour scheme disguises quite a technical dart. It is a mix between a ‘Phase 5’ bomb shaped barrel with a slight indent through the middle section of the dart. It has features in common with the excellent, and popular, Red Dragon ‘Fusion’ model. The unusual feature is the more razor like grip in the mid section. This could be a very timely update on a classic barrel.

The third arm of the release are additions to the ranges of the big names in the Red Dragon pantheon. The Lunar 50 editions were released toward the end of 2019 and more have been added. Peter Wright, Johnny Clayton, Jamie Hughes all have a Lunar50 edition, these are basically the players original model but in a simple monochrome style. They appear subtly different to the signature darts but also easily recognisable.

Gerwyn Price had a Lunar Edition released, but this has been taken further for 2020. The Iceman has had a black edition released, although these look like a permanent edition, as well as more cases and shirts. The ‘Black Ice’ range are functional, clean and functional whilst being fuss free and stylish. Price now has a solid three edition range, as well as a special edition, a few shirts and the usual flights and stems. There is something for most to like.

Despite the relatively low-key launch Red Dragon may well have a very successful year. Their three world champions should give them huge attention and this range and catalogue may well ensure that the interested customer will stay!

Check out the new ranges in more detail and purchase here: