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Remember The Wider Darts Family!

Darts World has been quick to commend many members of the darting community for their efforts during the Covid-19 isolation and lockdown periods. It has been superb to see the major darts brands look after their staff and attempt to carry-on if possible. The PDPA stepped up and are trying to assist the lower ranked players. Phil Taylor is playing isolation darts with Barney and there are many other examples.

Independent darts folk such as our own John Fowler have been very badly affected and are worried what the future holds. Unlike many they are not always covered by the various schemes.

However, it may be that a less high profile group are in danger of getting lost in the fog of activity. There are many people in darts who are self employed or casually paid. They help make our sport the grassroots-to-elite level pipeline that it is. Photographers, writers, promoters, coaches,drivers, MC’s and markers/officials are just some that have cropped up via our conversations recently.

We would ask those who are lesser affected (and can afford or manage) to help out of they can. Perhaps you could book an event for next year? A birthday treat or team celebration? Pay a deposit and help the cashflow of these folk. Alternatively, you might treat yourself to a subscriptions, t shirts, mug or other merchandise that may help an individual stay afloat and remain in the darts business after this tough time is over?

A healthy darts scene will require many hands to get back up to full steam in the coming months and we at Darts World would like to see “no man left behind”.