SnapShot Review – Daryl Gurney Special Edition

Glancing at our social media last Friday, we could not fail to notice the new weights added to the Gurney SE. We are in the middle of our in-depth testing of this model. It’s fair to say it is going very well.

As the range is expanding we thought a Snapshot review might help those thinking a splashing out on a set:

Latest Edition to the Gurney SE Range. A 26g Steel (and 22g Soft) tip weight option.
  • Product: Darts (Steel Tip)
  • Brand: Winmau
  • Model Name: Daryl Gurney (Special Edition)
  • Variation: 22g
  • RRP: £42.90+


The SE was originally commissioned to celebrate Daryl’s Victory in the World Grand Prix. But it has gone from strength to strength since and proven very popular. Despite conventional dimensions (50.8mm long and 6.4mm wide (widest)), the SE is certainly not a conventional dart in other ways!

It is a nicely engineered but simple looking dart. The silver/grey areas look muscular and practical with the lurid green flashes adding a dash of flamboyance. The grip is impressive and original. Cuts to the barrel are used in both directions (axial & radial) in order to produce smaller, almost cube-like, grip blocks.

The Gurney SE has the “Compound Grip” style that is like mini cubes instead of long solid grooves.

These blocks (Compound Grip) mean that the grip is very flexible, it appears, so far, from testing, for almost any type of player. A very wide cross-section of player type liked this dart and enjoyed trialling it.

The ‘Freeflow’ grooved & collared point is an excellent addition and round the dart of well.

What’s in the Box? As with most Winmau darts, these days, the pack comes with one set of (Daryl Gurney SE) barrels (22g) together with a set of (black) Prism stems and colour coordinated (green & white) set of Prism flights. It should be added that the ‘Freeflow’ points are far from standard and could be counted as a premium extra.

Tester Quotes:

As purchased: Barrels, Prism Flight & Stem set, point protector.

“…I loved the grip on the lower half of the dart. It feels like I can put my fingers anywhere and it feels the same..” County Lady Player

” … there is a bit of my old Barney’s in them but much better…” Youth player

” these are just so much better than I imagined. I was never keen on the Gurney style of dart but this is just totally different…” Elite player.


Like in everything, there are always a couple of Debbie downers!

They seem few and far between here though. One player was not keen on the lurid nature of the green colour that highlights the top end of the barrel. Another would have prefered the blank in the centre to either be moved or removed. Often though these things are simply knit-picking and a matter of personal taste.

The SnapShot Review: An Outstanding Dart. Surprising and impressive in equal measure.


So far the Gurney (SE) has stood up very well they have been used in close to two hundred legs by a variety of different players over a few weeks.

Marks 9.5/10 – The SE have received the joint highest mark of any dart we have tested so far. Indeed two maximum 10/10s were given with nothing negative to say. One player has switched to them and another was waiting for his weight to be released!

SnapShot: An Outstanding dart, popular with all testers and throw styles. Durable and exciting as well as superbly engineered and manufactured. A truly Special Edition

A full and more detailed review, including test results and more information, will be published in DartsWorld magazine soon. Het your subscription or copy here:

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