Adams Hits Perfection- Icons of Darts Sees Second 9 Darter.

Martin Adams struck the second nine-dart finish of the Icons of Darts League completing his win over former World Youth Champion James Hubbard. Adams has performed well, in the MODUS promoted remote darts event, and at the age of sixty-three showed he can still produce outstanding darts.

Wolfie Howls Still at 63! (Credit: Modus Darts)

Three-time Lakeside World Champion Adams, joins Arron Monk who hit ‘the niner’ early in the league’s existence. His was the third overall in the current batch streamed tournaments with Luke Woodhouse also hitting ‘a perfect leg’ from his kitchen in Bewdley!

Wolfie went the traditional route hitting scores of 180, 180 & 141 (T20, T19, D12), it appears that this may have been his first recorded 9-dart finish!

DRA Release Record of 2019 Disciplinary Cases – Klompenburg Banned for 6 Months.

The latest summary of DRA Cases for the 2019 season has been released by the organisation which deals with misconduct or rules breaches within organised darts.

It is notable that no drug related offences are recorded in this list, whether performance enhancing or simply illegal, is this due to legal complications or where there no breaches during 2019?

Perhaps the most serious are those dealing with violent or confrontational behaviour:

Danny Klompenburg also appears on the DRA list having attacked Jimmy Hendriks at a European Tour qualification event last year; he was given a 6 months suspension.Brian Raman was also handed 3 month suspension for aggressive behaviour during a separate incident.

Gurney and Price seem to have moved on from the incident that saw Daryl fined £1500.

Daryl Gurney was fined by the DRA for £1,500 for events in last year’s Premier League which anded when he shoved and exchanged words with ‘The Iceman’ in Sheffield last May.

It appears that the DRA are opting for more ‘bans’ but suspending them in the first instance. Andy Jenkins, for example, received a suspended three month ban for homophobic language toward an official.

There also seem to be a few more incidents that are highly subjective and could cause significant push back if the trend continues. Suggesting that players are not playing to their best, or that their use of social media is inappropriate, can be very difficult to adjudicate and are often affected by external circumstances that vary hugely. A fixed and fair standard seems difficult to reach.

James Wade was fined for a late withdrawal.

At the lower end of the scale Rob Cross and James Wade were both fined for late withdrawals which does have an effect on events and should be monitored. The large number of warnings form use of mobile phones etc should not be a surprise, its a very PDC specific rule and can take a little getting used too!

The DRA should be careful to strike a balance between enforcing rules to ensure fair play and code of behaviour that could damage the personal head-to-head nature of our game.

Click here for the full list of DRA sanctions for 2019 and Jan 2020.