Rileys Qualifiers Struggle At UK Open – Williams and Hayden Among Few Highlights.

The 2020 Ladbrokes UK Open featured sixteen Rileys ‘Amateur’ Qualifiers. These players qualified through the non professional route through qualifying events in Rileys clubs across the country. How are they doing in 2020?

PDC Getting Caught In The Crossfire: Cross Dazzles In Second Run To A Quarterfinal
Rob Cross made his first big impact at the UK Open – Could 2020 see another star born?

In recent years the qualifiers have had great success with Rob Cross, Barry Lynn and Paul Hogan reaching the later stages and going on to further success.

Darts World will be following this years group of qualifiers and seeing how the progress:

Jason Heaver – Out – Defeated in L128 by Kyle McKinstry
Jamie Clark – Out – Defeated at L160 by Rhys Hayden
Adam Huckvale – Out – Defeated at L160 stage by Stephan Burton
Kelvin Self- Out – Defeated by Leung at L160
Fallon Sherrock – Out – Defeated at L160 stage by Mike De Dekker
Scott Taylor – Out – Defeated by Cody Harris at L160
Adam Smith-Neale – Out – Defeated at L128 by Callan Rydz
Kevin Burness – Out – Defeated at L160 by Harald Liegtinger
Lewis Williams – Out L64- wins over Robert Owen and Adrian Gray!
Rhys Hayden – Out L64 – Wins over James Richardson and Alcinas

Robert Owen – Out – Defeated at L160 by fellow Rileys Qualifier Lewis Williams
Darren Beveridge – Out – Defeated at L160 by Nathan Rafferty
James Richardson – Out – Defeated by Rhys Hayden
Justin Smith – Out – Defeated 5-6 by Wesley Harms
Alfie Thompson – Out – Defeated in L160
Jason Askew – Out – L96 Defeated by Jelle Klassen

DW will regularly update this article until the last Rileys qualifier bows out of the event.

Featured pic: Lewis Williams – by L Lustig / PDC

Uk Open Underway – Results and Round Up.

The Ladbrokes UK Open is underway in its 2020 iteration. Lisa Ashton has fallen at the first fence, defeated by Mike de Decker, and Fallon Sherrock has also been knocked out. Former World Champion Scott Waites has made a strong start and has already claimed two victories. Adam Smith Neale joins the list of the early departed, Callan Rydz defeated the former Winmau World Master six – three.

Waites is moving through the field strongly on day one.

2020 Ladbrokes UK Open
Friday March 6
Afternoon Session (1100 GMT Start, 1200 GMT on Main Stage)
First, Second & Third Rounds 
Main Stage

Mike De Decker 6-2 Lisa Ashton (R1)
Scott Waites 6-4 Damon Heta (R1)
Kyle McKinstry 6-1 Fallon Sherrock (R1)
Mark McGeeney 6-5 Scott Baker (R2)
John Michael 6-5 Jeff Smith (R2)
Kevin Doets 6-3 David Pallett (R2)
Kyle McKinstry 6-4 Jason Heaver (R2)
Luke Humphries v Kyle Anderson (R3)
Kim Huybrechts v Robert Thornton (R3)
Josh Payne v Luke Woodhouse (R3)

Photo; DG Media/PDC Europe

Stage Two
Cody Harris 6-5 Scott Taylor (R1)
Kai Fan Leung 6-3 Kelvin Self (R1)
Karel Sedlacek 6-0 Adam Hunt (R1)
Alan Tabern 6-2 Keane Barry (R1)
Andy Hamilton 6-3 Patrick Lynskey (R1)
Dirk van Duijvenbode 6-0 Marko Kantele (R2)
Scott Waites 6-1 Geert Nentjes (R2)
Mike De Decker 6-5 Daniel Larsson (R2)
Bradley Brooks 6-2 Nick Kenny (R2)
Ryan Searle 6-5 Cristo Reyes (R3)
William O’Connor 6-2 Jan Dekker (R3)
Vincent van der Voort v John Michael (R3)
William Borland v Mike De Decker (R3)

Czech star Karel Sedlacek claimed a strong win over Barrie Bates 6-2. Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Stage Three
Steffen Siepmann 6-4 Krzysztof Kciuk (R1)
Peter Jacques 6-4 Ciaran Teehan (R1)
Steve Brown 6-5 Michael Barnard (R1)
Daniel Larsson 6-5 Ryan Meikle (R1)
Harry Ward 6-5 Gavin Carlin (R2)
Kai Fan Leung 6-2 Kirk Shepherd (R2)
Karel Sedlacek 6-2 Barrie Bates (R2)
Rhys Hayden 6-4 James Richardson (R2)
Richard North 6-4 Ron Meulenkamp (R3)
Steve West 6-2 Conan Whitehead (R3)
Bradley Brooks 6-4 Devon Petersen (R3)
Wesley Harms v Martin Atkins (R3)
Stephen Burton v Kyle McKinstry (R3)

Stage Four
Jason Askew 6-4 Greg Ritchie (R1)
Jason Heaver 6-0 Jesus Noguera (R1)
Adam Smith-Neale 6-4 Ben Cheeseman (R1)
Nathan Rafferty 6-3 Darren Beveridge (R1)
Andy Boulton 6-2 Reece Robinson (R2)
Maik Kuivenhoven 6-3 Nathan Derry (R2)
Wesley Harms 6-5 Justin Smith (R2)
Madars Razma 6-4 Derk Telnekes (R2)
Jamie Lewis 6-5 Ross Smith (R3)
Ted Evetts v James Wilson (R3)
Steve Lennon v Alan Tabern (R3)
Mickey Mansell v Niels Zonneveld (R3)

Stage Five
Stephen Burton 6-1 Adam Huckvale (R1)
Rhys Hayden 6-5 James Clark (R1)
Bradley Brooks 6-5 Cameron Menzies (R1)
Harald Leitinger 6-1 Kevin Burness (R1)
Jonathan Worsley 6-4 Matt Clark (R2)
Steffen Siepmann 6-2 Carl Wilkinson (R2)
Ted Evetts 6-1 Berry van Peer (R2)
Alan Tabern 6-3 Steve Brown (R2)
Justin Pipe 6-3 Kai Fan Leung (R3)
Ryan Joyce 6-2 Yordi Meeuwisse (R3)
Lewis Williams 6-4 Jose De Sousa (R3)
Nathan Rafferty v Jamie Hughes (R3)

Stage Six
Wesley Harms 6-3 Aaron Beeney (R1)
Danny van Trijp 6-4 Boris Koltsov (R1)
William Borland 6-2 Andrew Davidson (R1)
Lewis Williams 6-5 Robert Owen (R1)
Jason Lowe 6-1 Cody Harris (R2)
Martin Atkins 6-2 Christian Bunse (R2)
Nathan Rafferty 6-1 Mike van Duivenbode (R2)
Niels Zonneveld 6-4 Andy Hamilton (R2)
Gabriel Clemens 6-3 Maik Kuivenhoven (R3)
Dirk van Duijvenbode 6-3 Darius Labanauskas (R3)
Rhys Hayden 6-2 Toni Alcinas (R3)
Matthew Edgar 6-3 Callan Rydz (R3)

Stage Seven
Martin Atkins 6-5 Ryan Murray (R1)
Callan Rydz 6-5 Shane McGuirk (R1)
Wayne Jones 6-1 Gary Blades (R1)
Berry van Peer 6-3 Owen Roelofs (R1)
Jason Askew 6-5 Rowby-John Rodriguez (R2)
Yordi Meeuwisse 6-3 Peter Jacques (R2)
Lewis Williams 6-3 Adrian Gray (R2)
Joe Murnan 6-3 Harald Leitinger (R2)
Martin Schindler 6-4 Benito van de Pas (R3)
Andy Boulton 6-4 Mark McGeeney (R3)
Jonathan Worsley v Jason Lowe (R3)
Madars Razma v Scott Waites (R3)

Stage Eight
Justin Smith 6-3 Andy Jenkins (R1)
Derk Telnekes 6-3 Martijn Kleermaker (R1)
James Richardson 6-4 Darren Penhall (R1)
Kevin Doets 6-1 Alfie Thompson (R1)
Stephen Burton 6-4 Vincent van der Meer (R2)
Conan Whitehead 6-3 Wayne Jones (R2)
William Borland 6-0 Danny van Trijp (R2)
Callan Rydz 6-3 Adam Smith-Neale (R2)
Jelle Klaasen 6-4 Jason Askew (R3)
Harry Ward 6-3 Steffen Siepmann (R3)
Joe Murnan 6-3 Karel Sedlacek (R3)
Simon Stevenson 6-5 Kevin Doets (R3)

Schedule of Play
Friday March 6
Afternoon Session (1100 GMT start – 1200 GMT start on Main Stage)

First, Second & Third Rounds
Main Stage, Stage Two & Stages Three-Eight

Evening Session (1900 GMT start)
Fourth Round
Main Stage, Stage Two & Stages Three-Eight

Saturday March 7 
Afternoon Session (1230 GMT start)
Fifth Round
Main Stage, Stage Two & Stages Three-Four

Evening Session (1900 GMT start)
Sixth Round
Main Stage & Stage Two
* NB Session times for Saturday amended from one session to two sessions.

Sunday March 8
Afternoon Session (1245 GMT start)

Main Stage

Evening Session (1900 GMT start)
Semi-Finals & Final
Main Stage

First, Second & Third Rounds – Best of 11 legs
Fourth, Fifth & Sixth Rounds & Quarter-Finals – Best of 19 legs
Semi-Finals & Final – Best of 21 legs

Prize Fund
Winner – £100,000
Runner-Up – £40,000
Semi-Finalists – £20,000
Quarter-Finalists – £12,500
Sixth Round Losers – £7,500
Fifth Round Losers – £4,000
Fourth Round Losers – £2,000
Third Round Losers – £1,000
Total – £450,000

UK Open Qualifiers – Update.

Former World Master Adam Smith-Neale, and Scott Taylor, added their names to this year’s list of Rileys Qualifiers for the Ladbrokes UK Open on the third weekend qualifier events.

Former World Master: Adam Smith Neale returns to the UK Open.

Bolton’s Taylor, a former PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour event winner, will be making his fourth UK Open appearance next month after defeating Rob Collins in the Rileys Chorlton final on Saturday.

Smith-Neale, meanwhile, will be playing in the UK Open for the first time since 2012 – when he won two matches to reach the Last 96 in Bolton – after winning the Rileys Coventry knockout.

The 2018 World Masters winner saw off Tom Baughan in the final in Coventry, having also seen off experienced Paul Hogan in the semi-finals.

Scott Taylor will play his 4th UK Open.

The Rileys Amateur Qualifiers continue on February 15-16 with a further four knockouts at Rileys Sports Bars in Nottingham, Sheffield, South Benfleet and Wolverhampton.


Entry is open to amateur players aged 16 or above on January 1 2020. PDPA Associate Members who did not win a PDC Tour Card at the 2020 Qualifying Schools are entitled to enter the Rileys Amateur Qualifiers. Players are permitted to enter more than one Rileys Amateur Qualifier event.

Matches will be the best of seven legs up to and including the semi-finals, with the final being the best of nine legs. Play will commence at 1230 GMT for each qualifier, with registration from 0900-1130 GMT.

The sixteen ‘Amateur Qualifiers’ will receive a Rileys shirt to wear during the Ladbrokes UK Open, which begins on Friday March 6. 

2020 Ladbrokes UK Open
Rileys Amateur Qualifiers

Saturday January 25 – London Victoria (Jason Heaver)
Saturday February 1 – Aberdeen (Jamie Clark)
Saturday February 1 – Chester (Adam Huckvale)
Saturday February 1 – Norwich (Kelvin Self)
Saturday February 1 – Wolverhampton (Fallon Sherrock)
Saturday February 8 – Chorlton (Scott Taylor)
Saturday February 8 – Coventry (Adam Smith-Neale)
Saturday February 15 – Nottingham
Saturday February 15 – Sheffield
Saturday February 15 – South Benfleet
Sunday February 16 – Wolverhampton
Saturday February 22 – Greenock
Saturday February 22 – Harlow
Saturday February 22 – Liverpool
Saturday February 22 – Norwich
Saturday February 22 – London Victoria

Full Terms & Conditions can be seen at the Rileys website.
* Please note, Greenock & Wolverhampton dates amended January 3 2020.


World Championship Contestants Remain Unpaid.

News reaches us that the BDO World Championship players are becoming evven more restless as the 28-day deadline has now passed for players receiving prize money from the 2020 World Championship.

Wayne Warren may set an unwanted record for lowest prize for a World Champion!

The already much reduced, £23,000 for the men’s Champion and £10,000 for the Ladies, prize fund for the recent BDO World Professional Championship remains unpaid and players are expressing their understandable upset. Players have doubted that they will be paid since the event closed with Andy Hamilton saying he’s ‘leaning on the side it won’t’ in a later interview.

The usual deadline, for post tournament payment, as stated in the pre event contract expired on Sunday February the 9th.

‘Any prize money awarded to you at the World Professionals will be paid out by way of a BACS payment to your designated bank account within 28 days of the conclusion of the World Professional Championships.’

Ryan Hogarth reacted by stating he hadn’t received anything yet and that he is planning potential legal action tweeting ‘enough is enough’.

Breaking news! I’ve just checked my bank account and you’ll never guess…

Still nothing…

Former World Master Adam Smith-Neale also commented, remarking that he’d phoned the BDO office, who replied that chairman Des Jacklin was behind the hold up.

BDO Logo

The news follows the BDO releasing a statement last week repeating that their tour was continuing and that further meetings were scheduled to further develop the BDO side of the game. would like to think that this was merely an administrative delay and a mere glitch. Yet we would also like to believe that the moon is made of cheese!


Is a Masters Boycott On The Cards?

BDO Logo
Is the BDO flagship in trouble?

A potential boycott, of the World Masters, has been muted in recent days. Surely one of the oldest and most prestigious events on the darts calendar will not fall prey to such action?

The BDO recently announced a venue change and revamp of this classic event. Moving to the legendary Circus Tavern was deemed a net positive by most and a sign that the event was strongly valued. Along with this news came a restructuring of the format of the event. Seeding will now not see players bypass the floor stages. This seems to have left several unhappy.

Several players, from higher reaches of the rankings, are not registered for the event. Is this really due to dissatisfaction or simply error? Rumours abound that players have signed a petition calling on the BDO to make changes to the event’s logistics and seedings.

This year’s event is due to be dual-venue starting at Grays Civic Hall before concluding at the Circus Tavern instead of players playing their way from floor to stage in a single large venue.

No response or comment could be obtained from the BDO.