Darts World Freemium Day 2: A Memorable Issue For Anderson & Waites!

As a special treat for darts fans, Darts World has launched an archive of Freemium content. There are over a bullseye’s worth of issues available for you to enjoy, completely free of charge!

The memorable February 2016 issue (519) featured newly-crowned World Champions Gary Anderson and Scott Waites, insightful coaching tips from the Performance darts team, and much more besides.

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The February issue of Darts World has proven a reader’s favorite over the years. It often features at least one World Champion on the cover and has full reviews of the recent championships.

There is less county and grassroots news than usual and often this makes room for other interesting pieces that may struggle for room in other editions.

In the highlighted issue there is a very good profile piece, from Andrew Devonshire, on a young Michael Smith!

Darts World hope you enjoy this fabulous edition and the 50+ other that are available absolutely free while we are in these tough times!

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The Devonshire Discussion – Time to Expand the Darting Safe Space?

The Exclusion Zone around and behind the Oche has been in place for some time now. It is usually clearly marked for major events and especially those on TV. A different colour carpet/flooring is used in order to remove and doubt and make it clear to the referee and watching officials.

Jackpot is a master at the art of close combat darts!
Pic: PDC

Whilst it’s been one of the better ideas that’s been introduced in the PDC over the years, we still see times where a player will celebrate, which they should rightly do, but the opponent is usually stood right on the edge of the exclusion zone, more often than not a big toe is in there. Adrian Lewis is a superb exploiter of the zone, although the DRA have disagreed at times!

The speed and fluency of many in the modern game can mean that it is almost seemless between throws. It is highly unlikely that both players are within the designated spaces 100% of the time during any match.

The Iceman has been known to get under the skin of opponents.

Subsequently the two darters can get too close for comfort and this can cause friction and change a game when there’s no need for it. It is possible that this is what causes a build up of tensions between differing types of player or personality. Gerwyn Price vs Gary Anderson for example or Daryl Gurney vs Simon Whitlock at the WGP a couple of years ago.

Also slightly increasing the size of the zone at the back of the Oche can only help when players retrieve their darts from the board, will cut down on avoiding flying arrows too.

Eric & the other’ Founding Fathers’ did not require exclusion zones, they imposed their own!

Others at Darts World seem to feel that that darts has become more and more sanitised and that the over regulation of the playing space and clamping down on players expressing themselves is an example of snowflakery and risks eliminating one of darts key variables. The psychological combat element is and always has been a strong element of the game. No Safe Spaces seems to be their mantra!

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Addition content by DW staff (italicised)

Featured Pic – PDC L Lustig

Welcome to Andrew Devonshire – Our Latest Contributor.

We at dartsworld.com are delighted to welcome Andrew Devonshire. 2020 is going to be an important year, for Darts World, as we look to provide more content, of a varied nature, across all our platforms.

Andrew Devonshire will be contributing across our platforms. Look out for Devonshire’s Talking Points!

Andrew is a renowned darts writer with a wealth of darts knowledge, and expertise, bringing to our platforms everything the dedicated darts fan wants to see and read. Andrew hails from Bridgend, South Wales, a hot bed of darting tradition.

He has contributed to Darts World Magazine in the past as well as many other publications. He has also assisted the PDPA, in developing their website, together with the fanzone section and newsletter.

Andrew has a wide sporting knowledge and has concentrated on both the BDO and the PDC at various points in the past.

Look out for regular contributions from Andrew, he is passionate about darts, has a lot to say and enjoys nothing more than a good discussion.

Follow Andrew – @A_Devonshire180

Challengers Challenge! Pick Who Should Face the Premier League Field?

We are at that magical time of year again, a new PDC World Darts Champion has been crowned, many congratulations to Peter Wright, a deserving and popular winner. The Premier League players have also been announced and again this year they will be joined by Nine Challengers.


The first two of these players are John Henderson who will star on the opening night in Aberdeen and the new Queen of The Alexandra Palace Fallon Sherrock who has been rewarded for her outstanding victories and performances at ‘The Ally Pally.

So here’s the challenge, who else will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents on the Premier League stage. Pick seven player and one ‘popular choice’ and leave them in the comments or via our social media channels. A prize and bragging rights to whoever gets closest!

I’m going to throw my seven players out there who I think have a chance and more importantly deserve the opportunity, plus one more who could well be a popular addition.

The Adonis for a Challenger spot? Richly deserved.

Let’s start with the ‘Popular Choice’ or ‘Housewives Choice’ ! Wouldn’t it be something to see the legend, the Bronzed Adonis himself,  Mr Steve Beaton be rewarded for his sheer longevity and dedication to the sport  at the highest level, 29 consecutive World Championship appearances and still World Ranked in the top 32 of the PDC rankings. I’m pretty sure Steve would love that one time Premier League Walk-On.

So who will be the other Challengers, it’s certainly a difficult ask to predict all seven selections. I’m not a believer in just picking a ‘Home’ player like a Welsh player for the Cardiff week of the League. If they are ‘Challengers’ then let them do just that at whatever venue. The PDC however take a different view and are likely to give some places partly based on this.

I would certainly throw Luke Humphries in there, another Quarter Final reached at the World Championships and the current World Youth Champion. I think with Fallon already selected you have to go with Mikuru Suzuki too, the Ladies BDO World Champion who was within 36 points of winning her opening World Championship match against James Richardson at The Ally Pally.Third pick would be Chris Dobey, he’s certainly moving swiftly up the rankings and has achieved notable placings in PDC majors and again at the 2020 World Championship.

Premier League crowds love a good Walk-On and there’s none better than YMCA !! My Fourth challenger would be Rapid Ricky Evans. Again he’s produced on the biggest stages at home and at the Euro Tour events and is a joy to watch in full flow even though you could miss it if you blink.

Pic: Christopher Dean / Scantech Media 07930 364436 www.scantechmedia.com

Without question Krzysztof Ratajski deserves to be my fifth selection, he’s lifted five PDC Tour titles already and the former Winmau World Master is a threat to anyone on his day and he would most certainly fit the criteria of a ‘Challenger’. Jeffrey de Zwaan would be my next pick. He’s beaten Michael Van Gerwen in a ‘Major’ TV event and has backed that result up in the last 12 months and is a player the ‘Top Guys’ will not relish facing.

My final challenger would be Jermaine Wattimena. A Quarter Finalist at the World Grand and back to back last 16 spots at the UK Open show this likeable Dutchman is moving in the right direction and sits at a career high 23 in the PDC World Rankings. I’m sure to walk on in front of a sell out Rotterdam crowd in the Premier League to possibly face Michael Van Gerwen would be an occasion he wouldn’t forget but also would rise to!

So there we have it, that would be my list of ‘Challengers’. I believe players outside of the top 16 should be classed as Challengers and it gives fans and followers alike the opportunity to see different up and coming players playing at the highest level against the ‘Top Nine’ players. Only time will tell who actually gets the nod, one thing is for sure though, it’s going to be something special. As World Champion Peter Wright would say ‘Let’s Get This Party Started’.

Andy’s 8: Luke Humphries, Mikuru Suzuki, Chris Dobey, Ricky Evans, Krzysztof Ratajski, Jeffrey De Zwaan and Jermaine Wattimena with Steve Beaton as his wildcard choice.

The Wizard’s Picks: W1—Hendo W2— Sherrock, W3—Jonny Clayton, W4—Willy O Conner, W5—Luke Humphries
W6—Joe Cullen, W7—Dobey, W8—De zwann , W9—Dimi Van den Berg. Wildcard : Barney in Rotterdam!

AIM: Ian White, Krystztof Ratajaski, Seigo Asada, Max Hopp, Ricky Evans, Gabriel Clemens, Josh Payne. Wildcard: Ted Hankey!

Jacco Krook: L Humphries, Ricky Evans, Chris Dobey, Ratajaski, De Zwaan, O’Conner (Dublin), Wattinena (Rotterdam). Wildcard; Jose De Sousa.

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Andrew Devonshire is a DartsWorld contributor and popular darts and sports writer who has contributed to many publications. Follow him on twitter @A_Devonshire180