DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover

Between The Covers: Darts World Issue 569 Highlights

The latest edition of Darts World magazine has been made available free of charge during the COVID-19 pandemic period, via our digital platform. Our editorial team has done a superb job in ensuring that our readers, sponsors, advertisers and contributors continue to enjoy Darts World Magazine during these difficult times. We look forward to launching our all-new magazine later this summer!

DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover
DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover

Highlights (Issue 569) include:

The Crafty Cockney – A Legendary Legacy – JR Lott paints an affectionate picture of Eric Bristow.

Switchblade – A superb new practice routine and how Darts World has boosted its success.

Wizard’s Wizdom – Colin Osborne shares his experiences of virtual darts and introduces The Wizard’s apprentice.

Mic Drop – World Championship official John Fowler illustrates the effects of lockdown on the wider darts family.

Guess Who – Win a signed set of Red Dragon darts if you can name the players in the identikit photo.

Six of the Best – Tartan tungsten titans. James Lincoln and JR Lott look at the oche legends from Scotland and offer their top six.

Mental Health Bullseyes – Darts World sought expert advice to enable us to offer readers some top tips on coping mentally during these tricky times.

The 9 Dart Questions – ‘Hendo’ is the first player to star in our latest feature. His answers will both please and intrigue.

The Devonshire Discussion – Is there a greatest game? Andrew looks at how we all have biases and, perhaps, there is only our favourite game?

Ones to Watch – Darts World reader James Smith offers his choice of six great games from 2020 that you can watch at your leisure.

Unsung Heroes – Lionel Smith. JR Lott looks back at the influence of the Staffordshire legend.

Game On – The Birth of the BDO. Alan Towe looks back to the dawn of the county scene and the beginnings of the BDO.

Player of The Month – Your chance to win a set of Winmau Pro-Line darts. Simply nominate the player you feel is most deserving and tell us why!

The Checkout – An acknowledgement of how our sport has stepped up to play its part in these difficult days! Thank you.

Read the full issue, and over fifty more (free of charge), in our digital archive: here

Wizard’s Wizdom (II)- Q School, The Challenge Tour & Into 2020.

Colin Osborne is a previous UK Open finalist, League of Darts Winner and multiple Pro Tour winner. Known as ‘The Wizard’ his thoughts appear regularly in Darts World magazine. Below is his review of the early part of 2020:

Colin encountered new tour card holder Aaron Beeney in a previous Q School.

Well, it’s been a hectic start to 2020. The PDC season kicked off with the annual Q School in Wigan. To say it was a weekend of mixed fortunes is an understatement. Congratulations to everyone who won one of the cherished Tour Cards, they are hard seriously hard to earn and will reward those who can dedicate themselves to making another step up! 

A special mention for Aaron Beeney. Some were surprised by his superb effort in gaining an automatically, but not me! A couple of years ago, at Q-School 2018, I encountered Aaron in one of the early rounds. He started the game superbly hitting many 140s and finishing off legs cleanly. I got a foothold in the game it seemed I may get back in into it, but Aaron stepped forward again and closed out the game very well. Later in the day, Canadian player Ken McNeil said that Aaron was a really difficult opponent as he was impossible to read and gave nothing away. Well done on a superb effort Aaron

On a personal level I had one of those weekends that leaves any player both pleased and puzzled. Despite a poor start, on the Thursday, I played very well overall. My averages are increasing all the time and me game is coming together strongly. My run, to the last 16, on the Saturday featured some really good stuff, I was somewhat disappointed not to hit a 9-dart leg, in a very high-quality game against Paul Rowley, but finishing it in 10 was a reminder that things are coming together nicely. 

Darryl Fitton on his way to becoming World Trophy champion.

The downside of Q-School was simply that I did not put together enough of my best darts in a row. Myself, Daryl Fitton and others, ended up in a similar boat after playing very strongly at times. Knowing that you’re playing very well and falling just short can be very frustrating, but the sheer number of quality players, who are capable of the standard needed, to gain a card, means that there are few easy matches and you need to play your best the entire time. 

The Challenge Tour kicked off only a few days later and proved a very similar tale. Again, my averages were still improving, and consistent, but they were not translated into enough results. Scott Mitchell must be given huge credit. As a former World Champion he must have been very disappointed to miss out on a Tour Card. But, regrouping so quickly to claim an event, and leading the Challenge Tour rankings, will provide him with plenty of opportunities, on all the PDC Tours, this year.  

For those embarking on the Pro Tour, and top level PDC, I would offer a small but of advice:  

“Play your own way, work hard, don’t change too much and don’t take any part of it for granted”. 

Wizards Wizdom for Tour Card Winners!) 

For me, it’s a matter of carrying on doing what I am doing and building toward being at my very best for the next Challenge Tour weekend in April*. I hope to see you out and about in the darting world between now and then. 

The Wizard! 

*Sadly, due to the effect of Covid-19, the Challenge Tour events have been postponed/cancelled.

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In Darting Isolation? Here’s Coach’s Drill of the Day. ‘Half-It Pro’.

Those of you beginning to get used to the idea of the new isolation guidelines, whether self or precautionary, will hopefully be able to fit in some more darts practice. Perhaps we will see remarkable improvements in averages later in the year!

A.I.M: Are always looking to keep practise fresh. New, but useful, drills are vital.

The DW resident ‘Coach’ thinks that practise is better with a structure an an aim. So he has outlined a warm up method and a drill or two to get you going. He is his ‘Drill of the Day’.

Sprint (or Pro) Half-It!

Ok this is a variation we use to get tour players extra sharp on the segments they use most, with a little pressure added, it can be used by all as a short and sharp drill.

Game Overview:

This is version of the popular social game Half-It, but stripped down to focus on the important areas for competitive darters.

Take one turn (3 darts) at each of the following numbers/segments:

20, 19, 18, 17, Doubles, Trebles, Bull.

Note the total scored from that number only. Add the cumulative score as you go. If you miss the segment with all three darts your score is halved!

N.B. – On the doubles & trebles turns you get the score from any double or treble hit during the turn. If the score to be halved is odd round up to the nearest whole number.


  1. 20s: s20, s5, t20 – Score = 80
  2. 19s: s19, T19, s19 – (Score 95) Running Total = 175
  3. 18s: s1, T4, 13 – (Score 0) Half It! Running Total = 88
  4. 17s: s17, t17, t17 – (Score 119) Running Total = 263
  5. Doubles: s20, out, d5 – (Score 10) Running Total = 273
  6. Trebles: s20, t20, t5 – (Score 75) Running Total = 348
  7. Bullseye: 0, Bull, Outer Bull – (Score 75)= Total Score = 423


Half-It is a game which can be varied many different ways. The two which best suit those trying to improve, at a higher level, are:

  • Adding your favourite treble that you use often. Many add t10 as they use it often to get to a double. This also gives you a personal game to improve at.
  • Making the last turn inner bullseye only. This can help to refine your ability to hit the bull under pressure, especially last dart! Imagine having a huge score dependent on hitting a, partially obscured, bull with the last dart in hand!


A guide to some benchmark to aim for would be:

  • Level One – To complete the game without being halved – Min total = 104
  • Level Two – To complete the game and hit the eqivalent of three of each scoring segment and one of each general segment. 60,57,54,51 + 1 x double 1 x Treble and 1 x 25/Bull.
  • Level Three – The equivalent of 5 of each scoring segment and one of each of the rest.
  • Perfection – 180+171+162+153+120(3xTops)+180+150 (3 x Bull) = 1316


If your playing with others, perhaps your children etc, then you can introduce handicaps to level the playing field a little. The better player has to hit a treble on one, or more, segments, or has to hit two doubles to prevent being halved.

Half it is one of the games in which everyone can win. I have witnessed a seventeen your old baby-sitter win ££££s by hitting at least a single every time, then getting lucky on the trebles, then the better players buckled, and her last dart 25 ensured she collected the pot!

The Wizard hit a 770 total in late 2017.


Sprint, or Pro, Half It brings out a very competitive urge if you have two similar level players! But the pressure also increases.

In a marked and witnessed game the best scores we have recorded are:

  • Solo: 900+
  • Competitive: 770 (Other player scored 550+)
  • This was set by Colin Osborne in 2019 – 120+133+90+102+80+120+125

(The Wizard would have scored higher but for a bounce-out on his third shot at t17)

Half-It Pro (or Sprint) is a great drill and should be done regularly in between other drill to re focus on the important board areas and to maintain consistency.

Enjoy and let us know how you get on – @darts_world

Feature Pic: PDC

Playing the World Champion – With No Notice and No Warm Up. The Wizard Steps In!

Our Darts World columnist got a surprise call, from the PDC, today and rushed to confront a very difficult opponent. Here is what it is like:

The Wizard could have done with the apparation skills of Dumbledore to ensure a good warm up!

So there you are half-way to a JDC event in Wolverhapton. A quiet weekend ahead, from a playing perspective, but looking forward to cheering on others for once. Then the phone rings. Due to Coronavirus and its knock on effects there are a large number of spaces to be filled at this weekends Pro Tour in Barnsley. If you can get here you can play!

Darts World Columnist, and contributor, Colin Osborne was on the receiving end of such a call yesterday. Due to being en-route to his son’s first JDC event he was unable to attend. This morning he got the same call again, if he could make it before the deadline he could play in Pro Tour 8.

Into the car he, and his partner, jumped and were on route in minutes. It soon became obvious that practise / warm up time might be limited. Still you could hope for a bit of luck and perhaps a late draw, third or forth on your board, against another late notice payer? No such luck, Colin would be first on and against World Champion Peter Wright!


Our Wizard arrived and with barely enough time to put down his phone and extract his darts, from their case, it was time to go. Peter was very sportsmanlike, as always, and offered Colin as many warm up darts as he wanted, instead of the usual nine, but it can hardly be classed as ideal prep for playing the newly crowned world champ.

Peter was in no nonsense mood and scored heavily early on while Colin was trying to find his feet. The Wizard soon found himself 0-3 down but was at least starting to score well and get into the legs. A superb 156 finish in leg four put Colin on the board and offered some hope, but Snakebite was not allowing any such ideas and hit back with an 11 darter to move 4-1 up. The World Champ then turned the screw with a 14 darter, inc a 180, to thwart Colin’s own maximum inch toward victory. Wright completed a 6-1 win in the next leg and moved on into the tournament.

Speaking (to JR Lott) afterwards, ‘The Wizard’ recounted a novel experience to add to his many successful ones!

I enjoyed it, believe it or not, I barely had time to put my things on the table before the game was called. but peter was decent enough to give me a few to warm up.

i am looking forward to getting back into this room on merit and staying in it!

Colin Osborne

Fair play to ‘The Wizard’, no complaints and taking the chance on getting to Barnsley in time. He has been much more successful on ‘the open road’ recently and things seem to be looking up. Who knows with the current, unfortunate, circumstances more opportunities may come his way. Hopefully he will get at least a warm up before playing……..probably MVG!

Wizard’s Wizdom is regularly published in Darts World Magazine and abridged version appear at dartsworld.com

Colin Osborne can followed via @colozzy180

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This Week – Darts World’s Dip Into The Arrows’ Archive.

This Week on the darting calendar has varied considerably over the years. In the early days it was a barren time but by the middle of the 1980s it contained a classic event, in more recent times the PDC Pro Tour season has been underway:

A certain ‘Crafty’ thrower was busy claiming another TV title this week in 1985!

35 Years Ago:

The Dry Blackthorn Masters was at its peak. The tournament was similar to ‘Masters’ events played today or those held in Snooker and other sports. Sixteen top players were invited to do battle in front of the camera’s to provide TV with a, relatively short but, high class event. The tournament’s seven year history produced only four winners, but the list tells its own story.

John Lowe claimed the first title in 1983 before losing the next two finals to Eric Bristow including this week in 1985. John then reclaimed the title once more before the ‘Crafty Cockney’ completed a hat-trick in 1987. The final two titles were claimed by Mike Gregory and Bob Anderson completed the roll of honour. Only two other players even reached the final, ‘Big’ Cliff Lazerenko and Mick Manning being the only two to disrupt the legends dominance.

10 Years Ago:

This week marked a high-point for Darts World columnist Colin Osborne. ‘The Wizard’ reached a career high, so far, ranking within the top ten. Over the previous twelve months Colin claimed the Championship League of Darts and reached the UK Open Final. The superb run of performances were matched away from the TV cameras, Colin claimed a pair of Pro Tour Players Championships and would go on to a very fruitful rest of 2010.

20 Years Ago:

At the turn of the century Bob Aldous claimed his most significant title. The Scottish Open is on of the UK’s most valued Opens, its latest holding was claimed last weekend by Jim Williams. In a battle of two Englishmen Aldous defeated ‘The Pie Man’, Andy Smith, in the final. Later in the same year Bob reached the semi-final of the Finnish Open and qualified for the World Masters. He finished this great spell by reaching the last 32 in the 2001 World Championships losing out to the legendary Steve Beaton.

Last Year:

2019 featured a remarkable rise from The Asp.

Featured a remarkable rankings rise from Nathan Aspinall. This week, in Feb 2019, had The Asp ranked at number 34 in the PDC rankings, and that was after his semi final appearance at the World Championships a few weeks earlier. Fast forward twelve months and Nathan is now ranked No. 8. To move up twenty four places, at the highest end, is remarkable and to do it without a previous career in elite darts makes it unique. Along the way Aspinall has claimed his first major title, a 9 darts and floor tournament victories. It’s a testament to the rash of darting fairy tales, Rob Cross for example, that Aspinall is not regarded as the story of the recent times!

Between The Covers – Darts World (566) Print Highlights.

The latest edition of the Darts World print magazine is still available. A few individual copies remain for those without a subscription. Alternatively you can subscribe here: https://www.dartsworld.com/product/magazine/


Highlights include:

  • JR Lott – Duzza’s Year
  • John Fowler – Mic Drop
  • Guess Who – Win a Signed Set of Red Dragon Darts.
  • World Champions – Reviews of the PDC & BDO Championships & Red Dragon’s Unique Trio.
  • Player of the Month – Who has impressed this month?
  • Unsung Heroes – Who is in the months spotlight?
  • Wizard’s Wizdom – Colin Osborne spells out his affection for the UK Open and the changing nature of the darts season.
  • County, Open and League darts reports and results.
  • Patrick Chaplin – The Last Word

The Wizdom of the Wizard – The UK Open & The Changing Season.

February has changed beyond all recognition since I began my top flight darts career. In 2005 there were only a handful of PDC affiliated events and only one that I can recall being able to play. It was, however, the start of ‘The Wizard’s journey. I reached the Q-Final, of the Southwest UK Open Qualifier (PDC), and qualified for the TV event, on day one!

Being a ‘new boy’ on the tour, although you could barely call it a tour back then, can have its advantages. Catching an unsuspecting Peter Manley by surprise in round one and defeating hi 5-1 set me on my way.

In reaching the Qtr I squeezed past Kevin Painter and Ronnie Baxter 5-4 before being defeated in a good tussle by Andy Jenkins. Never one to doubt my own capability it seemed quite natural to perform as well, but to defeat three such world class players must have added to my confidence for future events.

The big stages and TV came quite easily and felt comfortable to me.

It seems that this was where my connection with the UK Open was formed and the event has played an important role ever since. I love the format and the intensity of it all. Bolton felt very comfortable to me and I expected to do well.

Right from that first qualification everything seemed to fall into place. The main event was held in June, which had given me even more time to settle in, and I was determined to make an impression.

Entering, as a pro qualifier, after a couple of rounds was a bonus. I was fresh and used to the atmosphere. I kicked off by defeating the resilient Andy Boulton and then a solid Belgian player, Yves Cottenge, to reach the last 32 and an encounter with Mick Manning. Mick was a fine, under-recognised, player who had won World Soft-Tip titles and reached the later stages of the World Championship. I learned a huge amount about Matchplay and pipped him 11-10. ‘The Wizard’ had begun to develop a knack of winning deciding legs!

The last sixteen pitched me against Lionel Sams. ‘The Lion’ has achieved many things in darts including a 9 dart finish and many event wins. However, the previous rounds experience served me well and a 10-6 win secured my place in the Qtr-Final, on debut.

The Qtr finals of a TV major is where the event changes, especially for a newcomer, procedures, TV briefings, and interviews etc. all become part of the package. It is impossibly to know how much effect this has or whether other factors such as fatigue or a sense of ‘already done well’ kicks in. Many outsiders fall at this hurdle, especially at the UK Open, after superb runs up to that point. It was no different for me as Roland Scholton waved me off with a comfortable 11-4 win.

Good luck to all those, Amateur or Professional, who are attempting to qualify for this years event. These days its the first ranking major of the season so it will be upon us within weeks. I will be working hard to join you!

The nickname ‘The Wizard’ is a storey for another day!

The 2005 UK Open was a superb experience and gave me an appetite for big events and everything that came with them. I felt relaxed on stage and believed that this would be just the start. The 2007 & 2009 events would cement that feeling, almost, completely………

Colin Osborne – is a former UK Open finalist and multiple Pro Tour winner. He also won the Championship League of Darts in 2009. He is known as ‘The Wizard’.

Follow ‘The Wizard’;

@colozzy180 or


Darts World – February Issue – A Chat with Glen Durrant & Loads More.

The February Issue of Darts World magazine will be out shortly. This month’s issue is packed full of with columns and pieces on subjects across the darting world. Here are a few you may want to look forward to:

John gives us the Indig02 lowdown.

Mic Drop John Fowler gives us another insight into his life on the road. This month includes the BDO World Championships and working with a legend.

Glen Durrant JR Lott in conversation with the three time World Champion. Everything from ‘The Hitman’ being a better player than him! Through to trying avoid the news of his Premier League selection.

Choose Your Weapons – We look at a World Record setting dart used by a current World Champion.

Guess Who? – Your chance to win a signed set of Red Dragon darts.

Colin Osborne Joins Darts World!

Wizards WizdomColin Osborne looks back to the start of his career and takes a closer look at today’s game.

Player of the Month – Nominate a player who deserves to join our Hall of Fame, see who has won last months award and you could earn yourself a set of Pro-Line darts from Winmau.

County News & The Circuit – All the results, news and reports from around the UK.

The Last WordPatrick Chaplin always had the last word. What will he hold forth on this month?

Unicorn Challenge Tour 2020 To Get Under Way.

Over 300 players will compete in each of the first four events on the opening weekend of the 2020 PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour season.

Bumper entry for 300+ fir the 2020 tour.

The four £10,000 tournaments will be held at the Robin Park Tennis Centre in Wigan on January 25-26, open to PDPA Associate Members who did not win a PDC Tour Card at Qualifying School.

Play on each day will commence around 30 minutes following the close of registration at 0930 GMT, with each tournament being played with an open draw and over the best of nine legs.

The events will be played using the DartConnect scoring system and with 32 markers, although with entry numbers are higher than previously encountered for the Challenge Tour the PDC will monitor the events ahead of future weekends.

Menzies makes another attempt at the PDCs 2nd tier
Pic: BDO

The competitors include a number of former Challenge Tour event winners, including Darren Beveridge, Cameron Menzies, Kyle McKinstry, Burton, Andy Jenkins, Berry van Peer and Boris Koltsov, as well as international stars including Brazil’s Diogo Portela, America’s Chuck Puleo and New Zealand’s Cody Harris.

Former Players Championship Finals winner Kevin Painter and former Lakeside Champion Scott Mitchell are also in action, while Alan Norris and Ronny Huybrechts will make their Challenge Tour debuts after failing to win back their Tour Card.

JDC Junior World Championship winner Keane Barry heads up the field of teenage entrants, alongside 16-year-old Beau Greaves.

Fixtures and results will be available in the Match Centre at the PDC website.

Weoley Castle WMC Host Superb December Opens – Full Results and Report.

Weoley Castle WMC was kept busy at the beginning of December when they played hosts to no fewer than four competitions, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. Alan Towe gives the details below:

Saturday’s main competition semi-finals saw Jermaine Wattimena record a straight 6-0 win over Ronny Huybrechts while Warwickshire’s Steve Hine made his exit losing 6-4 to Rhys Haden. The final went the full thirteen legs distance with Rhys Haden beating Jermaine Wattimena 7-6 to pick up the winners top prize of £1,000 with Wattimena collecting £400 as runner-up.

Losing semi-finalists Ronny Huybrechts and Steve Hine each received £180 and there was £60 for players reaching the quarter-finals Kim Huybrechts, Dave Pallett, Diogo Portela and Colin Osborne. Suzanne Smith received £50 for being the last lady standing in the competition.

The Ladies event top prize of £300 went to Yvonne Taylor who beat West Midlands county player Jacqueline Maiden with a close 5-4 result in the final, Jacqueline taking home £160. Losing semi-finalists Suzanne Smith and Josie Paterson received £80 each and there was £45 for players going out in the quarter finals and £25 for players reaching the last sixteen.

Nick Fullwell showed his form just before the World Championships.


£1,200 was on offer for the winner of Sunday’s main event and collecting that was former West Midlands man Nick Fullwell who had a final 5-4 win over Brian Dawson who received £500. There was £250 for Scott Hope and Warwickshire’s Nigel Heydon who lost out in the last four and £75 for each of the losing quarter finalists. Warwickshire’s Natalie Gilbert was the lady to go the furthest in the knockout and collected £50.

It was déjà vu for Yvonne Taylor on Sunday as with the same 5-4 result by which she defeated Jacqueline Maiden the previous day she lifted the winners £300 once again by beating Chris Savvery who collected £160. Again there was £80 for losing semi-finalists, £45 for quarter finalists and £25 for reaching the last sixteen.

Full results:Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Darts Classic:Preliminary Round:- Craig Owens 4 Pete Wills 0, Adam Bowman 1 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Jan Robbins 1 Jamie Robinson 4, Jackie Goethals 1 Luke Moreton 4, Scott Hope 4 James Richardson 3, Ryan Palmer 4 Marie Leahy 0, James Thompson 3 Simon Edwards 4, Kevin Dowling 4 Sean Bell 1, Terry Roach 4 Kenny Bedder jnr 3, Ronny Huybrechts 4 Nathan Harris 0, Dave Hopkins 1 Luke Smith 4, Katie Dolman 0 Dave Pallett 4, Prakash Jiwa 3 Andy Alker 4, Wayne Harrison 4 Mandie Howard 1, Daviee Hill 4 Phillip Richardson 1, Jelle Klaasen 4 Neil Hopwood 0, Dan Nicholls 4 Deb Dexter 0, Matt Gallett 4 Ann-Marie Potts 0, Liam Kelly 3 Ritchie Edhouse 4, Josh Richardson 4 Graham Dews 0, Melissa Daly 0 Adam Gallett 4, Diogo Portela 4 Andy Pullen 1, Natalie Gilbert 4 Josie Paterson 2, Kyle Arbury 4 Tom Hykin 0, Robert Owen 2 Damon Heta 4, Dave Honey 4 Mike Connolly 2, Justin Broton 4 Ben Hollowood 3, Stella Sims 4 Jamie Steward 1, Mick Todd 3 Nigel Heydon 4, Steve Hadgraft 0 William Borland 4, Andrew Slinger 2 Chris Savvery 4, Richard Hosey 3 Robert Modra 4, Stephen Naisbitt 0 Connor Arbury 4, Graham Hall 3 Rhys Haden 4, Alan Caves 4 Steve Gannon 1, Kevin Painter 4 Conner Whitehouse 0, Eddy Smith 0 Ian McFarlane 4, Aaron Castagnette 2 Carl Webb 4, Last 64:- Ian Mills 0 Matt Padgett 4, Peter Wright 4 Heather Wright 0, Wes Newton 3 Kim Huybrechts 4, Chris Plummer 1 Craig Owens 4, Jermaine Wattimena 4 Jamie Robinson 2, Luke Moreton 0 Scott Hope 4, Ryan Palmer 4 Simon Edwards 2, Kevin Dowling 3 Terry Roach 4, Mark Barilli 4 Nick Fullwell 2, Simon Key 4 Dyson Parody 2, Kevin Garcia 3 Jack Wareing 4, Kirsty Haw 0 Ronny Huybechts 4, Luke Smith 2 Dave Pallett 4, Andy Alker 4 Wayne Harrison 0, Daviee Hill 0 Jelle Klaasen 4, Dan Nicholls 0 Matt Gallett 4, Steve Carrett 4 Scott McParlin 1, Tracey Garner 0 Steve Hine 4, Ryan Evans 4 Tony Hamilton 2, Ritchie Edhouse 4 Josh Richardson 2, Adam Gallett 1 Diogo Portela 4, Natalie Gilbert 4 Kyle Arbury 1, Damon Heta 3 Dave Honey 4, Justin Broton 4 Stella Sims 1, Colin Osborne 4 Kyle Anderson 0, James Hykin 4 Suzanne Smith 3, John Bowles 4 Billy the Greek 1, Nigel Heydon 4 William Borland 3, Chris Savvery 1 Robert Modra 4, Connor Arbury 3 Rhys Haden 4, Alan Caves 0 Kevin Painter 4, Ian McFarlane 4 Carl Webb 1, Last 32:- Matt Padgett 4 Peter Wright 1, Kim Huybrechts 4 Craig Owens 2, Jermaine Wattimena 4 Scott Hope 2, Ryan Palmer 3 Terry Roach 4, Mark Barilli 4 Simon Key 3, Jack Wareing 3 Ronny Huybrechts 4, Dave Pallett 4 Andy Alker 1, Jelle Klaasen 4 Matt Gallett 3, Steve Carrett 3 Steve Hine 4, Ryan Evans 4 Ritchie Edhouse 1, Diogo Portela 4 Natalie Gilbert 3, Dave Honey 4 Justin Broton 0, Colin Osborne 4 James Hykin 3, John Bowles 2 Nigel Heydon 4, Robert Modra 1 Rhys Haden 4, Kevin Painter 3 Ian McFarlane 4, Last 16:- Matt Padgett 1 Kim Huybrechts 5, Jermaine Wattimena 5 Terry Roach 3, Mark Barilli 3 Ronny Huybrechts 5, Dave Pallett 5 Jelle Klaasen 3, Steve Hune 5 Ryan Evans 2, Diogo Portela 5 Dave Honey 3, Colin Osborne 5 Nigel Heydon 0, Rhys Haden 5 Ian McFarlane 3, Quarter-Finals:- Kim Huybrechts 2 Jermaine Wattimena 6, Ronny Huybrechts 6 Dave Pallett 4, Steve Hine 6 Diogo Portela 4, Colin Osborne 4 Rhys Haden 6, Semi-Finals:- Jermaine Wattimena 6 Ronny Huybrechts 0, Steve Hine 4 Rhys Haden 6, Final:- Jermaine Wattimena 6 Rhys Haden 7.


Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Ladies Open (Saturday):Preliminary Round:- Lauren Honey 0 Jo Deamer 4, Terri Bellamy 1 Stephanie Clarke 4, Yvonne Taylor 4 Amanda Pullen 0, Emma Smith 3 Chloe Luscott 4, Mandy Solomans 4 Maz Bissett 0, Ann-Marie Potts 4 Melissa Daly 3, Tara Deamer 4 Jessica McGlone 1, Kat McLean 4 Chris Savvery 3, Lynne Arnold 0 Korrin Beddow 4, Jacqueline Maiden 4 Emma Dawson 0, Claire Dicken 1 Natalie Gilbert 4, Jan Robbins 0 Mandie Howard 4, Shirley Carrett 2 Mandy Morgan 4, Last 32:- Chloe McKivett 0 Jo Deamer 4, Sarah Roberts 4 Laura Caven 0, Harriett Taylor 1 Stephanie Clarke 4, Marie Leahy 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Heather Wright 4 Chloe Luscott 1, Christina Cronin 0 Mandy Solomans 4,

Suzanne Smith 4 Ann-Marie Potts 0, Debbie Davies 0 Tara Deamer 4, Kirsty Haw 0 Kat McLean 4, Kim Holden 4 Travey Garner 1, Katie Dolman 1 Korrin Beddow 4, Debbie Dexter 1 Jacqueline Maiden 4, Stella Sims 1 Natalie Gilbert 4, Mel Robinson 4 Steph Konya 2, Zena Grande 0 Mandie Howard 4, Josie Paterson 4 Mandy Morgan 3, Last 16:- Jo Deamer 3 Sarah Roberts 4, Stephanie Clarke 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Heather Wright 4 Mandy Solomans 3, Suzanne Smith 4 Tara Deamer 1, Kat McLean 4 Kim Holden 2, Korrin Beddow 0 Jacqueline Maiden 4, Natalie Gilbert 4 Mel Robinson 1, Mandie Howard 3 Josie Paterson 4, Quarter-Finals:- Sarah Roberts 3 Yvonne Taylor 4, Heather Wright 1 Suzanne Smith 4, Kat McLean 2 Jacqueline Maiden 4, Natalie Gilbert 3 Josie Paterson 4, Semi-Finals:- Yvonne Taylor 5 Suzanne Smith 3, Jacqueline Maiden 5 Josie Paterson 2, Final:- Yvonne Taylor 5 Jacqueline Maiden 4.


Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Darts Open:Preliminary Round:- Christina Cronin 0 Heather Wright 4, Kenny Bedder snr 2 Ann-Marie Potts 4, Charlie Cookson 1 Seb Denton 4, Ryan Palmer 4 Paul Proctor 1, Keith McManus 1 Nick Fullwell 4, Phil Bisset 4 Nipper Thomas 2, Jack Wareing 4 Chris Ward 0, Tom Hykin 0 Jamie Hughes 4, Jamie Stewart 0 Wes Newton 4, Nick Jennings 4 Kevin Smith 1, Connor Whitehouse 1 Rob Modra 4, Kirsty Haw 0 Suzanne Smith 4, Terry Roach 2 Ritche Edhouse 4, Luke Dubois 4 Wayne Harrison 3, James Hykin 4 Chris Hall 0, Peter Wright 1 Scott Hope 4, Josh Richardson 4 Liam Fox 0, Andy Alker 4 Scott Hykin 0, Darren Field 1 Lee Evans 4, Carl Webb 1 James Richardson 4, Scott McParlin 4 Andrew Slinger 1, Dave Honey 1 James Thompson 4, Jack Harrison 2 Guntis Zemelis 4, Sean Bell 4 Lee Morton 1, Richard Hosey 4 Dan White 0, Jackie Goethals 0 Warren Webb 4, Ronny Huybrechts 4 Tara Deamer 0, Craig Owens 4 Aaron Castagnette 0, Rhys Haden 4 Emmett Leonard 1, Tracey Garner 0 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Justin Taylor 2 Josie Paterson 4, Matt Meddoms 0 Kyle Anderson 4, Eddy Smith 2 Jamie Robinson 4, Mart Greenwood 0 Dyson Parody 4, Tony Hamilton 2 Luke Moreton 4, Melissa Daly 1 Craig Morgan 4, Wayne Willis 3 Andrew Pullen 4, Spag Pasetti 4 Alan Caves 1, Ian Mills 0 Shane Sheridan 4, Steve Hadgraft 4 Marie Leahy 0, Nigel Heydon 4 Jelle Klaasen 2, Luke Woodhouse 4 Neil Steventon 1, Damon Heta 4 Robert Owen 0, Chris Savvery 0 Kenny Bedder jnr 4, Alex Shiner 0 Justin Brodon 4, Damiel Singleton 4 Terry Heath 2, Katie Dolman 0 Jan Robbins 4, Michael Harding 2 Diogo Portelo 4, Graham Dews 1 Ian McFarlane 4, Chris Plummer 4 Alex Williams 1, Dennis Smith 4 Kim Huybrechts 2, Last 64:- Simon Edwards 4 Heather Wright 0, Ann-Marie Potts 4 Seb Denton 2, Ryan Palmer 1 Nick Fullwell 4, Phil Bisset 2 Jack Wareing 4, Daviee Hill 2 Jamie Hughes 4, Wes Newton 2 Nick Jennings 4, Colin Osborne 4 Rob Modra 3, Suzanne Smith 4 Ritchie Edhouse 2, Ryan Evans 4 Luke Dubois 3, James Hykin 0 Scott Hope 4, Rudi Weymbersch 0 Josh Richardson 4, Andy Alker 4 Lee Evans 2, Tony Blake 0 James Richardson 4, Scott McParlin 1 James Thompson 4, Stevie Gannon 1 Guntis Zemelis 4, Sean Bell 1 Richard Hosey 4, Tom Parker 4 Warren Webb 0, Ronny Huybrechts 1 Craig Owens 4, Rhys Haden 1 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Josie Patterson 1 Kyle Anderson 4, Steven Rowe 0 Jamie Robinson 4, Dyson Parody 4 Luke Moreton 1, Brian Dawson 4 Craig Morgan 2, Andrew Pullen 4 Spag Pasetti 1, John Best 1 Shane Sheridan 4, Steve Hadgraft 2 Nigel Heydon 4, Luke Woodhouse 4 Damon Heta 2, Kenny Bedder jnr 4 Justin Broton 1, Steve Carrett 4 Daniel Singleton 0, Jan Robbins 1 Diogo Portela 4, Luke Smith 3 Ian McFarlane 4, Chris Plummer 2 Dennis Smith 4, Last 32:- Simon Edwards 4 Ann-Marie Potts 3, Nick Fullwell 4 Jack Wareing 3, Jamie Hughes 4 Nick Jennings 0, Colin Osborne 4 Suzanne Smith 1, Ryan Evans 0 Scott Hope 4, Josh Richardson 2 Andy Alker 4, James Richardson 4 James Thompson 2, Guntis Zemelis 2 Richard Hosey 4, Tom Parker 1 Craig Owens 4, Jermaine Wattimena 4 Kyle Anderson 2, Jamie Robinson 2 Dyson Parody 4, Brian Dawson 4 Andrew Pullen 2, Shane Sheridan 0 Nigel Heydon 4, Luke Woodhouse 3 Kenny Bedder jnr 4, Steve Carrett 0 Diogo Portela 4, Ian McFarlane 3 Dennis Smith 4, Last 16:- Simon Edwards 3 Nick Fullwell 4, Jamie Hughes 1 Colin Osborne 4, Scott Hope 4 Andy Alker 2, James Richardson 1 Richard Hosey 4, Craig Owens 2 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Dyson Parody 1 Brian Dawson 4, Nigel Heydon 4 Kenny Bedder jnr 0, Diogo Portela 3 Dennis Smith 4, Quarter-Finals:- Nick Fullwell 4 Colin Osborne 0, Scott Hope 4 Richard Hosey 3,Jermaine Wattimena 2 Brian Dawson 4, Nigel Heydon 4 Dennis Smith 0, Semi-Finals:- Nick Fullwell 5 Scott Hope 4, Brian Dawson 5 Nigel Heydon 3, Final:- Nick Fullwell 5 Brian Dawson 4.


Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Ladies Open (Sunday):Preliminary Round:- Chez Allcock 4 Stacey Waring 3, Melissa Daly 4 Claire Dicken 2, Courtney Hine 0 Ann-Marie Potts 4, Emma Breenie Smith 3 Mandy Howard 4, Last 32:- Suzanne Smith 4 Chez Allcock 0, Marie Symons 4 Marie Leahy 3, Kat McLean 4 Jessica McGlone 0, Tracey Garner 3 Debbie Dexter 4, Jacqueline Maiden 3 Melissa Daly 4, Kim Holden 4 Laura Caven 1, Samantha Maiden 4 Stella Sims 3, Steph Konya 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Zena Grande 0 Ann-Marie Potts 4, Mandy Solomans 4 Natalie Gilbert 3, Katie Dolman 2 Josie Paterson 4, Debbie Davies 4 Christina Cronin 2, Terri Bellamy 1 Mandie Howard 4, Marie Millward 0 Jan Robbins 4, Mel Robinson 4 Kirsty Haw 2, Chris Savvery 4 Heather Wright 2, Last 16:- Suzanne Smith 4 Marie Symons 1, Kat McLean 4 Debbie Dexter 1, Melissa Daly 4 Kim Holden 1, Samantha Maiden 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Ann-Marie Potts 2 mandy Solomans 4, Josie Paterson 2 Debbie Davies 4, Mandie Howard 2 Jan Roberts 4, Mel Robinson 0 Chris Savvery 4, Quarter-Finals:- Suzanne Smith 4 Kat McLean 1, Melissa Daly 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Mandy Solomans 4 Debbie Davies 1, Jan Robbins 0 chris Savvery 4, Semi-Finals:- Suzanne Smith 2 Yvonne Taylor 5, Mandy Solomans 3 Chris Savvery 5, Final:- Yvonne Taylor 5 Chris Savvery 4.

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