Drive-In Darts! Germany To Host Innovative Darts Event!

In another superb effort to give spectators some live sport, and show darts at its very best light, the first Hannover Drive-In Darts Gala will be held on June 24th. Darts has been at the forefront of such innovations during the Covid-19 crisis and PDC Europe released the following information:

Darts is shifting into the next gear!
Special times require special measures. That is why you no longer have to go without LIVE darts events and can be the first ones to see the greatest stars of darts again – from the safety of your own car.

Join us in Hanover for the first Drive-In Darts Gala in history and experience the Dutch legends Michael van Gerwen and Raymond van Barneveld, Germany`s Number 1 Max Hopp and „The African Warrior“ Devon Petersen.
The voice of German darts, Elmar Paulke, will be the MC.

Triple-20-Ticket: The price per car is 60 € plus 1,50 € system charge. Two persons per car + a maximum of two related kids.

VIP 180-Ticket
Our limited VIP offer includes
• a space in the first row
• a prefessional photo with the players around your car
• a 180 sign signed by all the players
• a surprise package and a sticker for the Drive-In Darts Gala pioneers!
• CAR-WASH SPECIAL !!! The new Meet & Greet … Prior to the show (6.30pm – 7pm) your windscreen will be cleaned by one of the stars – for an ideal view of the show 😉

VIP 180-Ticket: The price per car is 180 € plus 1,50 € system charge. Two persons per car + a maximum of two related kids.

Please note the conditions of participation and safety instructions.

Four ‘Giants of Darts’ will contest the Drive-In Darts Gala next month!

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Dealing with dartitis as a pub player

Two years ago, I wrote an article about how dartitis can be turned into a short-term problem. I had come through the initial stages of not being able to release a dart and was comfortable with realigning my throw in order to take the next step. The good news is that since my previous article, I have not encountered any problem with letting the dart go out of my hand. That’s half the battle won, right? However, I am producing more variations than an Indian spin bowler with the dart either coming out of the front of my hand or the left-hand side, or my elbow dropping so low that it’s halfway towards the oche.

Despite such issues, I’ve continued to compete in pub leagues, Super League and tournaments, although it’s fair to say that any positive performance comes as a surprise. Anyone who has had to cope with dartitis will acknowledge that it’s nigh-on impossible to not expect your throwing action to break down at any moment, but when the good moments come, they are heightened with sheer relief. First and foremost, you are proving a point to yourself and showing that you are not completely incapable, but there’s also a desire to remind team members or opponents that you can still play, proving that your own persistence is not a waste of everyone’s time.

Over Christmas and into the New Year, I’ve played a lot of competitive darts and for the most part, I’ve been pleased with how I have thrown. In the Super League knockout tournament, I averaged nearly 60 and almost hit a 21-dart leg which included a seven and a 26. Try it – it takes some doing! I also kicked off the 301 league with a 12-dart leg – my third best competitive leg pre and post-dartitis. Nothing completely spectacular but for a dartitis sufferer, it rarely gets better. That’s just the reality of what you’re dealing with, but that’s ok. It’s the reward for your own perseverance.


Then came the acid test – back to Super League darts. Playing Super League is never going to be the be all and end all to me but for anyone with dartitis, there is a certain fear factor. You play the game not expecting to win, but praying to avoid embarrassment. Call that a negative attitude if you will but it’s an involuntary mentality which is part of the package. I got paired against a player who I knew I should be beating but already, the natural reaction is ‘What if I don’t?’

I won the match 3-2 but it doesn’t come close to telling the whole story. Neither does the 13.33 per dart average that I recorded. It’s an abysmal average for that platform of darts but I took every single positive and ignored the negatives. I lost the opening leg and hit a 76 checkout under pressure for a 26-dart leg in the second. I won two legs where my opponent had hit a 140 and finished 40 at the first time of asking in the decider. There may have been a 60-dart leg in there – which I lost after going from 35 to leaving nine in three darts, which is quite the skill – but who cares? I won my first ever match at Super League and it broke a mental barrier at the same time.

Ahead of the next game, my shoulder and release were as relaxed as they had been in some time. The fear factor remained, but there was optimism. However, that next game didn’t come, and it didn’t the following week either. The win had been ignored and only the average had been remembered. What was my own significant achievement was effectively deemed worthless by others. That should not be misconstrued to be a personal criticism, but it further highlighted the minefield which comes with dartitis, especially for a pub-standard player who still wants to play and contribute.

From my own personal standpoint, I’m forced into adopting a one-step-forward, two-steps-back mentality. I’m past the stage – the hardest stage – of being demoralised before I even try to throw a dart. I know my best game is in there somewhere and I know that I am capable of producing it. It’s taken patience to get to that stage, and I’m proud of myself for getting to that stage. However, proving things to yourself is only part of the challenge and there will always be concerns – demons to use a more extreme term – about how others perceive you and what they expect of you, especially in a team situation. The days of me being relied upon or expected to win a leg or a match by others feels long gone and it’s a new mindset to have to cope with.

That could be described as an unnecessary over-analysis of a situation that may or may not exist but again, it’s an involuntary reaction which comes with the territory. There’s no longer the possibility of being able to throw at a board – even in the least competitive of environments – and not being aware of how your throw is going, how it’s feeling, doubting whether everything is in sync and who is judging you, if anyone is judging you at all. There’s an over-eagerness to want to perform to the best of your ability and that has to be reduced down to a manageable level.

bwin Grand Slam of Darts - Monday Round-Up
Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

That’s a transition that Berry van Peer has probably had to make in recent months. Obviously his experience of dartitis was broadcast to millions on a television screen and it should never be underestimated what he achieved in defeating Cameron Menzies in a deciding leg at the Grand Slam of Darts. Berry didn’t get his PDC Tour Card for 2018 but I have absolutely no doubt that it’s a blessing in disguise. It gives him 12 months out of the spotlight and a chance to work on overcoming dartitis in the most effective way he can find without having to put his throw under more scrutiny on the Pro Tour. He can now improve at his own pace. It will work wonders.

What Berry did at the Grand Slam was an inspiration to me, as it would have been to anyone who has struggled with their throw. It put dartitis in the public eye and it helped take away some of the perception that dartitis is down to nerves. It’s not. If anything, it’s building your expectations too high and trying to rush your own progression. Subconsciously, Berry probably got ahead of himself after reaching the PDC World Youth final in 2016 and when the results didn’t come in 2017, he hit a brick wall. I did the same when averaging 67 in the last 32 of the old UK Open pub qualifiers. I was five matches away from the Reebok Stadium, expecting to progress over the next 12 months and it all went downhill from there.

That said, I still know that if everything clicks for me in one given match or competition, I’m still capable of beating most people. I understand that probably won’t happen over a prolonged period of time but I continue to enjoy playing darts with dartitis because I know that one moment is going to come. When I play the UK Open qualifiers in the coming weeks, will I be competitive? Probably not, but I’m prepared to put myself through the process of overcoming mental obstacles in order to get back to where I want to be.

The early stages of dartitis are probably best spent behind closed doors with no pressure and no expectations. There needs to be a certain acceptance that you’re effectively starting from scratch and those previous high averages are not realistic. However, just enjoy the process and do things at your own pace. That first competitive game back probably won’t go to plan but it’s a continuation of the process. Think where Berry van Peer would be if he had accepted the PDC’s offer of pulling out of the Grand Slam before the Menzies match? Instead of fading into the background, he backed himself and produced one of the most memorable darting moments of 2017. If a 21-year-old can do that in front of a thousand people at the Wolverhampton Civic and millions around the world, there’s every chance that it’s possible to get back on track in front of a few people in a pub.


PDC – Your Chance To Qualify For UK Open!


THE Riley’s Amateur Qualifiers for the 2016 Coral UK Open will be held during January and February, and entries are open now!

Darts’ most diverse tournament sees over 100 players, from top professionals to rookie amateurs, come together at the Butlins Minehead Resort from March 4-6 to compete in the Coral UK Open.

Rileys Sports Bars will be staging a series of knockouts to produce the 32 Amateur Qualifiers for the 2016 tournament – meaning that YOU could qualify for this exciting championship, where play is held simultaneously across eight stages across the Butlins complex.


Entry costs £6 per Qualifier – including a free drink voucher, or a £3 cashback voucher in Scotland – and players are permitted to compete in more than one of the knockouts.

Many venues will be hosting two events and both the London Victoria and Wolverhampton Rileys Sports Bars each providing two qualifiers from each of their two events.

Other Rileys Sports Bars to be hosting knockouts are listed below, with the Amateur Qualifiers to take place between January 23-February 21.

Entries will be taken via

Full Terms & Conditions and Tournament Rules are also available at the Rileys website.

2016 Coral UK Open
Rileys Amateur Qualifiers
Saturday January 23

Wolverhampton (Two Players Qualify)

Saturday January 30
Sheffield (6.30pm Close of Registration, 7pm Play Commences)

Sunday January 31
London Victoria (Two Players Qualify)

Sunday February 7

Saturday February 13

Friday February 19
London Victoria (Two Players Qualify)

Saturday February 20
Wolverhampton (Two Players Qualify)

Sunday February 21

ET1-2 UK Qualifier Updates

ET1/2 UK Qualifier Updates

ET1-2 UK Qualifier Updates

JAMIE CAVEN fired home a nine-darter as the first two European Tour Qualifiers concluded at the Robin Park Tennis Centre in Wigan.

With 20 places up for grabs at both the Dutch Darts Masters in Venray, The Netherlands and the German Darts Masters in Munich, Germany, there was double success for five players, as Stephen Bunting, Daryl Gurney, Kevin Painter, Devon Petersen and James Richardson qualified for both events.

But it was Caven’s nine-dart performance that stole the show as he swept aside Mark Barilli in style, having previously beaten Jay Foreman 6-3.

It wasn’t the most conventional of nine-darters however. Having taken out 171 with his first three darts, he then landed a maximum to leave himself 150 to finish, which he took out with treble-20, bull, double-tops to complete the perfect leg.

“The nine darter was nice,” said Caven. “The other time I hit one on the tour was against Simon Whitlock in Crawley, and that was 167, 180, treble 20, treble 20, double 17 – I just can’t do it conventionally it seems.”

It was a superb start for the 39-year-old, and despite crashing out to Robert Owen in the second qualifier, Caven is pleased with the way he is playing and has his sights set on the top 16.

“I think I have been floating around 17-25 in the rankings for the last few years and I want to change that. I feel good, things are going okay – you don’t hit a nine-darter if you aren’t playing well. I am looking forward to putting a lot of hard work in and getting myself right for the big stuff coming up later in the year.”

Elsewhere, Wigan was a happy hunting ground for Richardson, having secured his Tour Card earlier in the week before picking up two major scalps on his way qualification for the opening two European Tour events.

In qualification for the Dutch Darts Masters, he backed up a first round whitewash to then beat World Number 24 Steve Beaton 6-3 in the second round, and Nathan Derry 6-5 in the final.

And in the second qualifier, he marched past Jim Walker and Steve Brown, before beating former World Championship finalist Andy Hamilton 6-3 to conclude a superb few days.

The father to JDC World Youth champion Joshua Richardson, James has put his recent resurgence down to the influence of his son.

“I am over the moon, I had absolutely no nerves, but the biggest part of me coming back is my son,” he said.

“He won the JDC Youth Championship, and we are now practicing together. Me and Josh are on the board all the time, and he is my inspiration, so I owe him this success.

“My confidence is sky high. On the second day here I played really well and got my Tour Card, and then it came to the qualifiers and I have done the double. I’ve never had a start to the season like this before. I feel good and think I can go far this year.”

It was also a good day for Ryan Harrington, son of former World Number One Rod Harrington, as he reached his first ever European Tour event with victory in the first qualifier.

The full list of qualifiers for the Dutch Darts Masters in Venray, between February 12-14 is as follows: Mervyn King, Simon Whitlock, Stephen Bunting, Ronnie Baxter, Gerwyn Price, Jamie Lewis, Kevin Thomas, John Henderson, Daryl Gurney, Mark Webster, James Richardson, Jamie Caven, Paul Milford, Ricky Evans, David Pallett, Ritchie Edhouse, Robbie Green, Kevin Painter, Devon Petersen and Ryan Harrington.

The full list of qualifiers for the German Darts Masters in Munich, between March 26-28 is as follows: Mark Barilli, Mark Walsh, Stephen Bunting, Alan Norris, Chris Dobey, Ben Davies, James Richardson, John Bowles, Daryl Gurney, Nathan Aspinall, Steve Beaton, Darren Johnson, Stuart Kellett, Andrew Gilding, Peter Hudson, Joe Cullen, William O’Connor, Kevin Painter, Devon Petersen and James Wilson.

Dutch Darts Masters – 2016 ET1
UK Qualifier
Sunday January 17, Robin Park Tennis Centre Wigan.
First Round

Mervyn King (1) bye
Mark Frost 6-1 Brian Woods
Stuart Kellett 6-3 Prakash Jiwa
Ross Smith 6-3 Matt Clark
Simon Whitlock (2) bye
Derek Brand 6-5 Robert Owen
Adam Smith-Neale 6-4 Wayne Crossley
Andy Boulton 6-4 Jonathan Worsley
Stephen Bunting (3) bye
Dennis Smith 6-4 Darren Johnson
Sean Griffiths 6-1 Luke Woodhouse
Steve Hine 6-5 Andy Hamilton
Alan Norris (4) bye
Ronnie Baxter 6-1 Jack Todd
Steve Brown 6-3 Dave Ladley
Jamie Robinson 6-3 Jon Jukes
Gerwyn Price (5) bye
Michael Malone 6-2 Callum Loose
Dave Johnston 6-0 David Jamieson
Johnny Haines 6-1 Lee Whitworth
Jamie Lewis (6) bye
Chris Dobey 6-4 Justin Bradshaw
Jamie Bain 6-0 Jay Murphy
Lee Evans 6-4 David Fatum
Joe Murnan (7) bye
Jason Marriott 6-3 Kurt Parry
Kevin Thomas 6-2 Mark Walsh
John Bowles 6-1 Ryan Palmer
John Henderson (8) bye
Aden Kirk 6-4 Nick Fullwell
Ben Ward 6-3 Kentaro Suzuki
Curtis Hammond 6-1 James Hubbard
Daryl Gurney (9) bye
Richard Baillie 6-2 Ryan Short
Stephen Willard 6-5 Jim Walker
Martyn Turner 6-4 Michael Barnard
Mark Webster (10) bye
Sam Head 6-5 Mick Todd
Stephen McNally 6-3 Ricky Williams
Terry Temple 6-0 Ian Moar
Steve Beaton (11) bye
James Richardson 6-0 Martin Grimble
Nathan Derry 6-1 Danny Pinhorne
Andy Jenkins 6-0 Chris Quantock
Jamie Caven (12) bye
Jay Foreman 6-5 Stuart Harding
Mark Barilli 6-2 Adam Hunt
Andy Smith 6-5 Eddie Dootson
Keegan Brown (13) bye
Alan Tabern 6-4 Peter Hudson
Paul Milford 6-1 Andreas Hajimena
Barrie Bates 6-2 Tony Cole
Andrew Gilding (14) bye
Jonny Clayton 6-4 Ian Moss
Ricky Evans 6-5 Nathan Aspinall
Arron Monk 6-5 Mark Hylton
David Pallett (15) bye
Tony Newell 6-4 Stephen Smith
Richie Howson 6-1 Joshua Richardson
Yugi Eguchi 6-4 Richard Corner
Joe Cullen (16) bye
Josh Payne 6-1 Haruki Muramatsu
Ritchie Edhouse 6-0 Jamie Hingston
Paul Nicholson 6-2 Darren Latham
Darren Webster (17) bye
Robbie Green 6-2 William O’Connor
Wayne Jones 6-0 Colin Osborne
Mark Lawrence 6-2 Ray Campbell
Kevin Painter (18) bye
Gary Stone 6-1 Darren Brown
Rob Modra 6-2 John Part
Mick McGowan 6-4 Andy Parsons
Devon Petersen (19) 6-3 Matt Edgar
Wes Newton 6-1 Darrell Claydon
Tony Richardson 6-5 Shaun Lovett
Dean Winstanley 6-2 Pete Dyos
James Wilson (20) 6-2 Steve West
Ryan Harrington 6-2 Ciaran Sullivan
Joey Palfreyman 6-4 Jason Lovett
Rhys Hayden 6-5 Lee Palfreyman

Second Round
Mervyn King 6-5 Mark Frost
Ross Smith 6-4 Stuart Kellett
Simon Whitlock 6-1 Derek Brand
Andy Boulton 6-3 Adam Smith-Neale
Stephen Bunting 6-1 Dennis Smith
Sean Griffiths 6-1 Steve Hine
Ronnie Baxter 6-4 Alan Norris
Steve Brown 6-4 Jamie Robinson
Gerwyn Price 6-0 Michael Malone
Jonny Haines 6-5 Dave Johnston
Jamie Lewis 6-1 Chris Dobey
Jamie Bain 6-1 Lee Evans
Jason Marriott 6-4 Joe Murnan
Kevin Thomas 6-5 John Bowles
John Henderson 6-0 Aden Kirk
Curtis Hammond 6-1 Ben Ward
Daryl Gurney 6-5 Richard Baillie
Steven Willard 6-4 Martyn Turner
Mark Webster 6-0 Sam Head
Steven McNally 6-3 Terry Temple
James Richardson 6-3 Steve Beaton
Nathan Derry 6-5 Andy Jenkins
Jamie Caven 6-3 Jay Foreman
Mark Barilli 6-3 Andy Smith
Keegan Brown 6-5 Alan Tabern
Paul Milford 6-5 Barrie Bates
Andrew Gilding 6-4 Johnny Clayton
Ricky Evans 6-3 Arron Monk
David Pallett 6-4 Tony Newell
Yugi Eguchi 6-3 Richie Howson
Josh Payne 6-3 Joe Cullen
Ritchie Edhouse 6-4 Paul Nicholson
Robbie Green 6-3 Darren Webster
Wayne Jones 6-2 Mark Lawrence
Kevin Painter 6-3 Gary Stone
Mick McGowan 6-2 Rob Modra
Devon Petersen 6-5 Wes Newton
Dean Winstanley  6-3 Tony Richardson
Ryan Harrington 6-4 James Wilson
Joey Palfreyman 6-3 Rhys Hayden

Final Round
Mervyn King 6-2 Ross Smith
Simon Whitlock 6-4 Andy Boulton
Stephen Bunting 6-2 Sean Griffiths
Ronnie Baxter 6-2 Steve Brown
Gerwyn Price 6-5 Johnny Haines
Jamie Lewis 6-4 Jamie Bain
Kevin Thomas 6-4 Jason Marriott
John Henderson 6-4 Curtis Hammond
Daryl Gurney 6-2 Steven Willard
Mark Webster 6-1 Stephen McNally
James Richardson 6-5 Nathan Derry
Jamie Caven 6-1 Mark Barilli
Paul Milford 6-5 Keegan Brown
Ricky Evans 6-1 Andrew Gilding
David Pallett 6-4 Yugi Eguchi
Ritchie Edhouse 6-2 Josh Payne
Robbie Green 6-1 Wayne Jones
Kevin Painter 6-4 Mick McGowan
Devon Petersen 6-1 Dean Winstanley
Ryan Harrington 6-3 Joey Palfreyman

Mervyn King
Simon Whitlock
Stephen Bunting
Ronnie Baxter
Gerwyn Price
Jamie Lewis
Kevin Thomas
John Henderson
Daryl Gurney
Mark Webster
James Richardson
Jamie Caven
Paul Milford
Ricky Evans
David Pallett
RItchie Edhouse
Robbie Green
Kevin Painter
Devon Petersen
Ryan Harrington

German Darts Masters – 2016 ET2
UK Qualifier
Sunday January 17, Robin Park Tennis Centre Wigan.
First Round

Mervyn King (1) bye
Ryan Harrington 6-4 Richard Corner
Wes Newton 6-0 James Hubbard
Mark Barilli 6-2 Kevin Thomas
Simon Whitlock (2) bye
Mick McGowan 6-0 Dave Johnston
Paul Nicholson 6-1 Ian Moss
Mark Walsh 6-5 Joey Palfreyman
Stephen Bunting (3) bye
Kurt Parry 6-3 Lee Whitworth
Rob Modra 6-2 Ray Campbell
Gary Stone 6-1 Aden Kirk
Alan Norris (4) bye
Matt Edgar 6-5 John Part
Adam Hunt 6-2 Jack Todd
Dennis Smith 6-1 Ian Moar
Gerwyn Price (5) bye
Josh Payne 6-2 Lee Palfreyman
Evander Stevenson 6-4 Mick Todd
Chris Dobey 6-5 Steven Smith
Jamie Lewis (6) bye
Jamie Bain 6-4 Nick Fullwell
Ben Davies 6-2 Michael Barnard
Danny Pinhorne 6-2 Ciaran Sullivan
Joe Murnan (7) bye
Andy Hamilton 6-4 Dean Winstanley
Steve Brown 6-2 Mark Frost
James Richardson 6-0 Jim Walker
John Henderson (8) bye
Sam Head 6-2 Pete Dyos
Tony Richardson 6-2 Jay Murphy
John Bowles 6-1 Jay Foreman
Daryl Gurney (9) bye
Wayne Jones 6-3 Martyn Turner
Adam Smith-Neale 6-4 Shaun Lovett
Johnny Haines 6-2 Jonathan Worsley
Mark Webster (10) bye
Luke Woodhouse through – Arron Monk (Withdrawn)
Richard Baillie 6-1 Jamie Hingston
Nathan Aspinall 6-1 Wayne Crossley
Steve Beaton (11)
Andy Parsons 6-5 Lee Evans
Brian Woods 6-5 Mark Hylton
Tony Newell 6-5 Ross Smith
Jamie Caven (12) bye
Robert Owen 6-1 Darrell Claydon
Ben Ward 6-4 Eddie Dootson
Darren Johnson 6-3 Steve Hine
Keegan Brown (13) bye
Stuart Kellett 6-2 Ryan Palmer
Stuart Harding 6-4 Andy Jenkins
Curtis Hammond 6-3 Barrie Bates
Andrew Gilding (14) bye
Ritchie Edhouse 6-3 Yugi Eguchi
Robbie Green 6-1 Justin Bradshaw
Allan Tabern 6-1 Martin Grimble
David Pallett (15) bye
Callum Loose 6-0 Tony Cole
Chris Quantock 6-1 Rhys Hayden
Peter Hudson 6-0 Kentaro Suzuki
Joe Cullen (16) bye
Richie Howson 6-1 Ricky Williams
Joshua Richardson 6-5 David Jamieson
Steve West 6-3 Ronnie Baxter
Darren Webster (17)
David Fatum 6-2 Colin Osborne
William O’Connor 6-2 Michael Malone
Jason Marriott 3-6 Jamie Robinson
Kevin Painter (18)
Stephen Willard 6-2 Derek Brand
Andreas Hajimena 2-6 Paul Milford
Shaun Griffiths 6-3 Prakash Jiwa
Devon Petersen (19) bye
Stephen McNally 6-4 Darren Brown
Andy Smith 6-5 Ricky Evans
Andy Boulton 6-3 Haruki Muramatsu
James Wilson (20) 6-2 Jonny Clayton
Matt Clark 6-3 Ryan Short
Nathan Derry 6-3 Jason Lovett
Terry Temple 6-2 Dave Ladley

Second Round
Ryan Harrington 6-4 Mervyn King
Mark Barilli 6-5 Wes Newton
Mick McGowan 6-4 Simon Whitlock
Mark Walsh 6-2 Paul Nicholson
Stephen Bunting v Kurt Parry
Gary Stone 6-3 Rob Modra
Alan Norris 6-1 Matt Edgar
Adam Hunt 6-2 Dennis Smith
Josh Payne 6-4 Gerwyn Price
Chris Dobey 6-1 Evander Stevenson
Jamie Bain 6-5 Jamie Lewis
Ben Davies v Danny Pinhorne
Andy Hamilton 6-4 Joe Murnan
James Richardson 6-5 Steve Brown
Sam Head 6-4 John Henderson
John Bowles 6-3 Tony Richardson
Daryl Gurney 6-0 Wayne Jones
Johnny Haines 6-3 Adam Smith-Neale
Mark Webster 6-0 Luke Woodhouse
Nathan Aspinall 6-3 Richard Baillie
Steve Beaton 6-4 Andy Parsons
Tony Newell 6-1 Brian Woods
Robert Owen 6-5 Jamie Caven
Darren Johnson 6-2 Ben Ward
Stuart Kellett 6-0 Keegan Brown
Curtis Hammond 6-5 Stuart Harding
Andrew Gilding 6-4 Ritchie Edhouse
Robbie Green 6-1 Alan Tabern
Callum Loose 6-5 David Pallett
Peter Hudson 6-3 Chris Quantock
Joe Cullen 6-2 Richie Howson
Steve West 6-5 Josh Richardson
Darren Webster 6-3 David Fatum
William O’Connor 6-0 Jamie Robinson
Kevin Painter 6-4 Stephen Willard
Paul Milford 6-5 Sean Griffiths
Devon Petersen 6-2 Stephen McNally
Andy Smith 6-2 Andy Boulton
Board 20
James WIlson 6-0 Matt Clark
Terry Temple 6-5 Nathan Derry

Final Round
Mark Barilli 6-4 Ryan Harrington
Mark Walsh 6-3 Mick McGowan
Stephen Bunting 6-4 Gary Stone
Alan Norris 6-5 Adam Hunt
Chris Dobey 6-3 Josh Payne
Ben Davies 6-4 Jamie Bain
James Richardson 6-3 Andy Hamilton
John Bowles 6-5 Sam Head
Daryl Gurney 6-4 Johnny Haines
Nathan Aspinall 6-5 Mark Webster
Steve Beaton 6-2 Tony Newell
Darren Johnson 6-5 Robert Owen
Stuart Kellett 6-5 Curtis Hammond
Andrew Gilding 6-5 Robbie Green
Peter Hudson 6-3 Callum Loose
Joe Cullen 6-4 Steve West
William O’Connor 6-4 Darren Webster
Kevin Painter 6-2 Paul Milford
Devon Petersen 6-5 Andy Smith
James Wilson 6-2 Terry Temple

Mark Barilli
Mark Walsh
Stephen Bunting
Alan Norris
Chris Dobey
Ben Davies
James Richardson
John Bowles
Daryl Gurney
Nathan Aspinall
Steve Beaton
Darren Johnsonxf
Stuart Kellett
Andrew Gilding
Peter Hudson
Joe Cullen
William O’Connor
Kevin Painter
Devon Petersen
James Wilson

2016 PDC Qualifying School Day Four

2016 PDC Qualifying School Day Four

2016 PDC Qualifying School Day Four

ROSS SMITH completed an impressive week by securing his Tour Card on the final day of the 2016 PDC Qualifying School at the Robin Park Tennis Centre in Wigan, as Ryan Palmer and Dutch duo Yordi Meeuwisse and Vincent Kamphuis also joined the elite 128 Tour Card holders.

Following four days of play in Qualifying School, which attracted 400 entries from players worldwide, 16 players won automatic Tour Cards to secure a coveted spot on the PDC ProTour.

A further 14 Tour Cards were also awarded to those top of the PDC Qualifying School Order Of Merit, with ranking points having been awarded based on finishing positions across the four days.

The meant that Mark Walsh, John Michael, Dick van Dijk, Harry Robinson, Mark Barilli, Matt Clark, Terry Temple, Darron Brown, Dennis Smith, Mick McGowan, Simon Preston, Matthew Dennant, Robert Owen and Ron Meulenkamp also booked their place on the PDC circuit for 2016-2017 with Tour Cards.

The fourth day, though did see Kent-born Smith, who hit a nine-darter in Wednesday’s Day One, secure an automatic Tour Card as he overcame Ashley Hykin in his opening match, before beating John Power, Robert Marijanovic and Zoran Lerchbacher to reach the last 32.

Then came a run of incredibly close victories, as he edged out Adam Huckvale, Marko Kantele and Mick McGowan all by a 5-4 scoreline to secure his full-time place on the PDC ProTour.

The 27-year-old already has four years of experience on the PDC circuit, but is looking to break into the sport’s elite during 2016.

“I am absolutely over the moon,” said Smith. “Playing in the elite of darts is what it’s all about, so I am delighted.

“The money that is on offer now is fantastic and I just want to do what I know I can. I have had a bit of a tough year, so I am looking forward to this year now and hopefully I can play as well as I know I can.

“I know I have beaten and can beat a lot of the top boys – it’s just the consistency part I am looking to get right.”

Elsewhere, the Dutch talent pool grew ever larger with Meeuwisse and Kamphuis cementing their Tour Cards alongside Day Three qualifier Jeffrey de Graaf.

Gifted a bye in the first round, Meeuwisse then whitewashed Mark Breakspear in his second round game before beating Richie Howson, Adam Hunt, Mick Todd and Scott Dale to set up a shoot-out with compatriot Ron Meulenkamp, which he won 5-2.

Kamphuis, who agonisingly lost in the last eight on Day Three, was also the beneficiary of a first round bye, before beating Scott Taylor, Stuart Stubbs, James Young, Jamie Kelling, Joey Ten Berge and Mark Walsh to secure his place in the elite 128 Tour Card holders.

Having narrowly missed out on previous days, Kamphuis expressed his delight at now being able to face the likes of his compatriots Michael van Gerwen and Raymond van Barneveld on the big stage.

“It feels absolutely incredible,” he said. “Today I started on 12 points and was just thinking that one or two points might just be good enough, but to get so far in the tournament you then just want to win your Tour Card outright.

“This has done loads for my confidence, and I can throw now with the big guys so we can see what happens next year.

“Since Raymond van Barneveld won in 1995, darts has become huge [in the Netherlands]. I started around that time and twenty years later I have my first Tour Card, so it’s unbelievable.”

He joked: “Barney is an incredible player, much better than me, so following in his footsteps would be very hard – but darts is darts, you can win anything if you want it.”

After also receiving a first round bye, Palmer secured his first ever Tour Card as he narrowly squeezed past Sam Head 5-4 in the second round, before beating Jason Tarry, Nigel Daniels. Per Laursen, Jerry Hendriks and Matt Clark.

With an additional 14 Tour Cards on offer to take the total number of ProTour professionals to 128, former UK Open finalist Mark Walsh, veteran stars Dennis Smith and Matt Clark and resurgent Irish ace Mick McGowan secured Tour Cards.

Greece’s John Michael will also now compete full-time on the PDC circuit this year – after qualifying for the last two World Championships – while Dick van Dijk and Ron Meulenkamp add another two Dutch rivals to world number one Michael van Gerwen.

Players who competed at the 2016 PDC Qualifying School but did not win Tour Cards will now be eligible to compete on the PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour, which will feature 16 tournaments each worth £10,000 in prize money and are held across four double-header weekends.

These players will also be eligible to top up the field for Players Championship events to 128 players should all of the Tour Card Holders not enter, with places allocated in order of ranking position on the Q School Order of Merit.

Qualifying School Ranking Points will be awarded as follows:
Last 128 defeat: One point
Last 64 defeat: Two point
Last 32 defeat: Three points
Last 16 defeat: Five points
Last eight defeat: Nine points

To see the Qualifying School Order of Merit following Day Three, click here .

2016 PDC Qualifying School
Day Four – Saturday January 16

Last 512
Martin Thomas 5-1 David Wilson
Daniel Ayres 5-1 Martin Knowles
Ian Withers 5-1 John Porter
Mark Baxter 5-2 Matt Padgett
Shouichi Ha 5-0 Thomas Quinn
Dave Ladley 5-2 Steve Evans
James Welding 5-0 Jeffrey Beekhuis
Ross Rimmer 5-4 Stephen Gallimore
Glenn Fitzpatrick 5-4 Phil Smith
Thanawat Gaweenuntawong 5-0 Stuart Millar
Damian Smith 5-4 Richard Boucher
Kirk Shepherd 5-1 Daniel Starkey
Trevor Burkhill 5-1 Tommy Legius
Roger Scrivens 5-3 Rhys Hayden
Kevin Garcia 5-1 Jorg Hofmann
Campbell Jackson 5-4 Justin Broton
John Brammeld 5-4 Terry Roach
Aden Kirk 5-0 John Chalkley
Daniel Lee 5-1 Steve Randall
Dan Read 5-2 Michel Furlani
Mark Stephenson 5-1 James Smith
Carl Moorhouse 5-2 Ryan Short
David Evans 5-0 Jamie Hingston
Michael Baynham 5-1 Danny Dyer
Paul Boyle 5-0 Kiernan Devine
Mick McGowan 5-3 Tony Cole
Daniel Smith 5-3 Eddie Dootson
Stuart Harding 5-0 Dylan Duo
Jordan Patterson 5-0 Cedric Lieber
Bradley Willams 5-0 Daniel Peach
Ian Moss 5-4 Rob Holroyd
Andreas Hajimena 5-0 James Hubbard
Chris Quantock 5-1 Ben Simpson
Colin Littlecott 5-4 Craig Lewis
Ernie Brown 5-1 Kai Gotthardt
Paul Carr 5-2 Harry Ward
Arron Wike 5-4 Andrew Wood
Mike Symes 5-0 Paul Osmotherley
Krit Middleton 5-2 Steve Kingdon
Robert Marijanovic 5-3 Billy Holmes
Ross Smith 5-1 Ashley Hykin
John Power 5-1 Gareth Thomas
Mick Hasse 5-4 Lee Kenny
Darren Latham 5-2 Jamie Guilfoyle
Les Marson 5-2 Sean Ryan
Kevin Thomas 5-0 Dean Moss
Nigel Boeg 5-4 Dave Honey
Marko Kantele 5-2 Matthew Hayes
Christian Bober 5-2 Terry Creed
Par Riihonen 5-1 Karl Merchant
Kevin Bambrick 5-2 Fabian Herz
Bernd Roith 5-0 Jeff Batham
Jay Foreman 5-2 Jamie Ellam
Coni Singh Nagi 5-2 Richie Walsh
Kelvin Hart 5-1 Karsten Kornath
Karl Forrington 5-0 Peter Mitchell
Ritchie Edhouse 5-1 Colin Fowler
Paul Rowley 5-0 Robert Townsend
Nicholas Ellis 5-4 Michael Dawson
Antonio Alcinas 5-1 Lee Whitworth
Ian Walters 5-1 Sean Johnson
David Fatum 5-2 Marc Dewsbury
Michael Ganz 5-4 Robert McKenzie
Darren Place 5-1 Hayden Barnes
Adam Hunt 5-0 Stephen Bowers
Callum Loose 5-4 Tony Randell
Ben Ward 5-4 Darren Brown
Aaron Stevens 5-0 Paul Burrows
Matthew Dennant 5-3 Evander Stevenson
Barrie Bates 5-1 Alan Wilkinson
Luke Woodhouse 5-1 Matthew Twyford
Kevin Dowling 5-4 Peter Hudson
Ben Adams 5-2 Ben Davies
Darron Brown 5-3 Kevin Lane
Michael Rasztovits 5-2 Richard Hosey
Ron Schouten 5-1 Shane Reidy
Martin Lukeman 5-1 Jeffrey van de Ven
Rohit Rabadia 5-3 Mark Thorne
Dennis Smith 5-1 Joshua Clements
Colin Osborne 5-2 Kieran Evans
John Crossley 5-1 Carlos Rodriguez
Keith Rooney 5-3 Kurt Parry
Lars Reinecke 5-3 Jamie Gemmell
Michel van der Horst 5-4 Swen Gewalt
David Marson 5-1 Sam Pennington
Arron Monk 5-0 Chris Hartrey
Darren Weaver 5-0 Barry Tym
Scott Darbyshire 5-0 Stephen Butkeraitis
Sven Groen 5-1 Eikichi Nakanishi
Scott Taylor 5-2 Rocco Maes
Stuart Stubbs 5-4 Nigel Lamb
Jack Hill 5-1 David Simpson
Michael Burgoine 5-0 Callum Mackay
Lee Watts 5-0 Steve Perkins

Last 256
Jason Marriott 5-3 Barry Tyler
Per Laursen 5-1 Matthew Golding
Steven Smith 5-1 Martin Thomas
Daniel Ayres 5-4 Ian Withers
Jason Tarry 5-2 Paul Murray
Ryan Palmer 5-4 Sam Head
Nigel Daniels 5-4 Mark Baxter
Dave Ladley 5-2 Shouichi Ha
Jerry Hendriks 5-1 Joe Croft
Cory Evans 5-1 Michael Harrison
James Welding 5-4 Robert Pierce
Glenn Fitzpatrick 5-3 Ross Rimmer
Ricky Sudale 5-4 Jon Jukes
John Court 5-1 Jamie Bain
Thanawat Gaweenuntawong 5-2 Danny Pinhorne
Kirk Shepherd 5-2 Damien Smith
Michael Malone 5-3 Chris McTernan
Matt Clark 5-2 Tony Oak
Trevor Burkhill 5-0 Shane Harvey
Kevin Garcia 5-0 Roger Scrivens
Andrew Johnson W/O Lee Dimmock
Lee Evans 5-2 Rene Eidams
Chris Hill 5-0 Campbell Jackson
John Brammeld 5-3 Aden Kirk
Brett Claydon 5-2 Sam Thompson
Gary Stone 5-0 Lewis Cracknell
Mark Lawrence 5-3 Daniel Lee
Dan Read 5-4 Mark Stephenson
Richard Calvert 5-2 John Newland
William Borland 5-1 Bartosz Ceglowski
Carl Moorhouse 5-2 Adam Smith-Neale
David Evans 5-3 Michael Baynham
Marino Michels 5-2 Andy Hutchings
Ron Atwill 5-4 Vernon Sheppard
Paul Boyle 5-3 Arron Fairweather
Mick McGowan 5-4 Daniel Smith
Michael Power 5-3 Anthony Lopez
Kevin Simm 5-1 Justin Bradshaw
Terry Temple 5-1 Stuart Harding
Bradley Williams 5-1 Jordan Patterson
Duvan Ata 5-1 Peter Martin
Eddie White 5-0 Dariusz Imbs
Ian Moss 5-3 Daniel Godfrey
Chris Quantock 5-1 Andreas Hajimena
Jamie Landon 5-2 Sam Hamilton
Michael Barnard W/O Steve Atkinson
Yugi Eguchi 5-4 Colin Littlecott
Ernie Brown 5-1 Paul Carr
Adam Huckvale 5-1 Greg Beard
David Adshead 5-1 Shaun Lovett
Simon Preston 5-0 Arron WIke
Mike Symes 5-1 Krit Middleton
Zoran Lerchbacher 5-2 Martyn Turner
Lee Cusworth 5-1 Darren Mawer
Robert Marijanovic 5-0 Manuel Valerio
Ross Smith 5-2 John Power
Pete Dyos 5-4 Thom Humphrey
Wayne Crossley 5-4 Paul Bettney
Mick Hasse 5-3 Sheamus Hagan
Darren Latham 5-4 Les Marson
Paul Barham 5-3 BJ Fairhurt
Alex Chubb 5-3 Simon Burt
Nick Fullwell 5-3 Kevin Thomas
Marko Kantele 5-1 Nigel Boeg
Kentaro Suzuki 5-4 Christopher Dale
Dan Harrington 5-1 Derek Brand
Ron Meulenkamp 5-3 Christian Bober
Kevin Bambrick 5-4 Par Riihonen
John Michael 5-1 Sam Guest
Jack Todd 5-0 Ian Moar
Bernd Roith 5-0 Andrew McAllister
Jay Foreman 5-4 Coni Singh Nagi
Roxy-James Rodriguez 5-1 Marios Georgiou
Lee Shewan 5-2 Jeffrey Bekema
Dick van Dijk 5-2 Kelvin Hart
Karl Forrington 5-4 Ritchie Edhouse
David Jamieson 5-4 Anthony Hall
Allan Candlish 5-1 Declan Salter
Paul Rowley 5-3 James Hajdar
Antonio Alcinas 5-2 Nick Ellis
Ryan Harrington 5-3 Michael York
Steve Brown 5-0 Jay Murphy
Mick Todd 5-4 Ian Walters
David Fatum 5-1 Michael Ganz
Yordi Meeuwisse 5-0 Mark Breakspear
Richie Howson 5-0 Vernon Walsh
Darren Place 5-4 Darrell Claydon
Adam Hunt 5-4 Callum Loose
Joey Palfreyman 5-0 Rob Modra
Dyson Parody 5-3 Joshua Richardson
Ben Ward 5-3 Steve Smith
Matt Dennant 5-1 Aaron Stevens
Scott Dale 5-2 Ashley Holgate
Simon Smith 5-3 Robert Thompson
Steve Hine 5-0 Tomas Seyler
Luke Woodhouse 5-4 Barrie Bates
Michael Pearson 5-2 Mark Wilson
Leo Hendricks 5-3 Diogo Portella
Kevin Dowling 5-2 Mike Norton
Darron Brown 5-2 Ben Adams
Ewan Hyslop 5-2 Paul Goodwin
Daniel P Smith 5-2 Garath Illidge
Michael Rasztovits 5-3 Ian Lever
Ron Schouten 5-3 Martin Lukeman
Mark Oosterhuis 5-2 Harry Robinson
Kevin Morley 5-3 Stephen Limer
Mark Walsh 5-2 Rohit Rabadia
Dennis Smith 5-3 Colin Osborne
David Place 5-3 Michael Blake
Robert Owen 5-0 Craig Breeze
John Crossley 5-4 Mark Dudbridge
Keith Rooney 5-2 Lars Reinecke
Joey Ten Berge 5-4 Ryan De Vreede
Mark Hylton 5-1 Kenneth Bramall
Michel van der Horst 5-2 Keith Moore
Arron Monk 5-0 David Marson
Yuki Yamada 5-1 Marvin Wehder
Mark Forman 5-2 Stephen Gow
Darren Weaver 5-3 Warrick Scheffer
Sven Groen 5-3 Scott Darbyshire
James Young 5-4 Richard Baillie
Ciaran Sullivan 5-2 Martin Grimble
Vincent Kamphuis 5-3 Scott Taylor
Stuart Stubbs 5-3 Jack Hill
Dave Johnston 5-3 Lee Moffat
Jamie Kelling 5-0 Peter Walford
John Gibson 5-3 Rhys Jackson
Lee Watts 5-0 Michael Burgoine
Last 128
Per Laursen 5-0 Jason Marriott
Steven Smith 5-3 Daniel Ayres
Ryan Palmer 5-1 Jason Tarry
Nigel Daniels 5-1 Dave Ladley
Jerry Hendriks 5-3 Cory Evans
James Welding 5-3 Glenn Fitzpatrick
Ricky Sudale 5-2 John Court
Kirk Shepherd 5-0 Thanawat Gaweenuntawong
Matt Clark 5-1 Michael Malone
Trevor Burkhill 5-4 Kevin Garcia
Lee Evans  5-2 Andrew Johnson
John Brammeld 5-3 Chris Hill
Brett Claydon 5-1 Gary Stone
Dan Read 5-3 Mark Lawrence
William Borland 5-4 Richard Calvert
David Evans 5-2 Carl Moorhouse
Ron Atwill 5-4 Marino Michels
Mick McGowan 5-2 Paul Boyle
Michael Power 5-4 Kevin Simm
Terry Temple 5-4 Brad Williams
Eddie White 5-1 Duvaan Ata
Chris Quantock 5-2 Ian Moss
Michael Barnard 5-2 Jamie Landon
Ernie Brown 5-3 Yugi Eguchi
Adam Huckvale 5-1 David Adshead
Simon Preston 5-4 Mike Symes
Zoran Lerchbacher 5-0 Lee Cusworth
Ross Smith 5-3 Robert Marijanovic
Pete Dyos 5-0 Wayne Crossley
Darren Latham 5-1 Mick Hasse
Paul Barham 5-3 Alex Chubb
Marco Kantele 5-3 Nick Fullwell
Kentaro Suzuki 5-2 Dan Harrington
Ron Meulenkamp 5-3 Kevin Bambrick
John Michael 5-2 Jack Todd
Jay Forman 5-1 Bernd Roith
Lee Shewan 5-3 Roxy-James Rodriguez
Dick van Dijk 5-3 Karl Forrington
Allan Candlish 5-3 David Jamieson
Paul Rowley 5-4 Antonio Alcinas
Steve Brown 5-3 Ryan Harrington
Mick Todd 5-0 David Fatum
Yordi Meeuwisse 5-1 Richie Howson
Adam Hunt 5-1 Darren Place
Dyson Parody 5-1 Joey Palfreyman
Matt Dennant 5-3 Ben Ward
Scott Dale 5-1 Simon Smith
Steve Hine 5-4 Luke Woodhouse
Michael Pearson 5-2 Leo Hendricks
Kevin Dowling 5-3 Darron Brown
Ewan Hyslop 5-2 Daniel Smith
Michael Rasztovits 5-0 Ron Schouten
Kevin Morley 5-1 Mark Oosterhuis
Mark Walsh 5-3 Dennis Smith
David Place 5-3 Robert Owen
Keith Rooney 5-3 John Crossley
Joey Ten Berge 5-4 Mark Hylton
Arron Monk 5-3 Michel van der Horst
Yuki Yamada 5-0 Mark Forman
Sven Groen 5-2 Darren Weaver
James Young 5-2 Ciaran Sullivan
Vincent Kamphuis 5-0 Stuart Stubbs
Jamie Kelling 5-1 Dave Johnston
Lee Watts 5-1 John Gibson

Last 64
Per Laursen 5-2 Steven Smith
Ryan Palmer 5-1 Nigel Daniels
Jerry Hendriks 5-4 James Welding
Kirk Shepherd 5-1 Ricky Sudale
Matt Clark 5-4 Trevor Burkhill
Lee Evans 5-0 John Brammeld
Brett Claydon 5-4 Dan Read
David Evans 5-1 William Borland
Mick McGowan 5-3 Ron Atwill
Michael Power 5-3 Terry Temple
Chris Quantock 5-4 Eddie White
Michael Barnard 5-3 Ernie Brown
Adam Huckvale 5-1 Simon Preston
Ross Smith 5-0 Zoran Lerchbacher
Pete Dyos 5-3 Darren Latham
Marko Kantele 5-3 Paul Barham
Ron Meulenkamp 5-4 Kentaro Suzuki
John Michael 5-4 Jay Foreman
Dick van Dijk 5-1 Lee Shewan
Allan Candlish 5-4 Paul Rowley
Mick Todd 5-1 Steve Brown
Yordi Meeuwisse 5-3 Adam Hunt
Dyson Parody 5-0 Matt Dennant
Scott Dale 5-4 Steve Hine
Kevin Dowling 5-4 Michael Pearson
Ewan Hyslop 5-2 Michael Rasztovits
Mark Walsh 5-1 Kevin Morley
David Place 5-4 Keith Rooney
Joey Ten Berge 5-4 Arron Monk
Yuki Yamada 5-3 Sven Groen
Vincent Kamphuis 5-1 James Young
Jamie Kelling 5-4 Lee Watts

Last 32
Ryan Palmer 5-4 Per Laursen
Jerry Hendriks 5-0 Kirk Shepherd
Matt Clark 5-2 Lee Evans
David Evans 5-4 Brett Claydon
Mick McGowan 5-3 Michael Power
Michael Barnard 5-4 Chris Quantock
Ross Smith 5-4 Adam Huckvale
Marko Kantele 5-2 Pete Dyos
Ron Meulenjamp 5-4 John Michael
Dick van Dijk 5-0 Allan Candlish
Yordi Meeuwisse 5-2 Mick Todd
Scott Dale 5-1 Dyson Parody
Kevin Dowling 5-3 Ewan Hyslop
Mark Walsh 5-3 David Place
Joey Ten Berge 5-1 Yuki Yamada
Vincent Kamphuis 5-2 Jamie Kelling

Last 16 
Ryan Palmer 5-2 Jerry Hendriks
Matt Clark 5-2 David Evans
Mick McGowan 5-3 Michael Barnard
Ross Smith 5-4 Marko Kantele
Ron Meulenkamp 5-1 Dick van Dijk
Yordi Meeuwisse 5-3 Scott Dale
Mark Walsh 5-1 Kevin Dowling
Vincent Kamphuis 5-1 Joey Ten Berge

Last Eight
Ryan Palmer 5-1 Matt Clark
Ross Smith 5-4 Mick McGowan
Yordi Meeuwisse 5-2 Ron Meulenkamp
Vincent Kamphuis 5-3 Mark Walsh

Tour Card Winners
Day One: John Bowles, Simon Stevenson, Andy Parsons, Ricky Williams
Day Two: Jonathan Worsley, James Richardson, Ted Evetts, Ryan Meikle
Day Three: Ray Campbell, Jeffrey de Graaf, Tony Newell, Brian Woods
Day Four: Ryan Palmer, Ross Smith, Yordi Meeuwisse, Vincent Kamphuis
Q School OOM: Mark Walsh, John Michael, Dick van Dijk, Harry Robinson, Mark Barilli, Matt Clark, Terry Temple, Darron Brown, Dennis Smith, Mick McGowan, Simon Preston, Matthew Dennant, Robert Owen, Ron Meulenkamp

Final 2016 Qualifying School Order of Merit
Following Day Four

Rank Name Points
1 Walsh, Mark 18
2 Michael, John 17
3 Dijk, Dick van 13
3 Robinson, Harry 13
3 Barilli, Mark 13
6 Clark, Matt 12
6 Temple, Terry 12
6 Brown, Darron 12
6 Smith, Dennis 12
10 McGowan, Mick 11
10 Preston, Simon 11
10 Dennant, Matthew 11
10 Owen, Robert 11
14 Meulenkamp, Ron 10
14 Power, Michael 10
14 Marriott, Jason 10
14 Hayden, Rhys 10
18 Berge, Joey ten 9
18 Kantele, Marko 9
18 Shepherd, Kirk 9
18 Claydon, Brett 9
18 Daniels, Nigel 9
18 Hine, Steve 9
18 Brown, Steve 9
18 Smith, Steven 9
18 Palfreyman, Joey 9
18 Hudson, Peter 9
28 Dale, Scott 8
28 Dowling, Kevin 8
28 Yamada, Yuki 8
28 Evans, Lee 8
28 Stone, Gary 8
28 Ladley, Dave 8
28 Lamb, Nigel 8
28 Thomas, Kevin 8
36 Laursen, Per 7
36 Dyos, Pete 7
36 Parody, Dyson 7
36 Huckvale, Adam 7
36 Burkhill, Trevor 7
36 Groen, Sven 7
36 Alcinas, Antonio 7
36 Walters, Ian 7
36 Littlecott, Colin 7
45 Hendriks, Jerry 6
45 Barnard, Michael 6
45 Quantock, Chris 6
45 Todd, Mick 6
45 Candlish, Alan 6
45 Shewan, Lee 6
45 Sudale, Ricky 6
45 Lerchbacher, Zoran 6
45 Gaweenuntawong, Thanawat 6
45 Marijanovic, Robert 6
45 Oosterhuis, Mark 6
45 Moss, Ian 6
45 Dewsbury, Marc 6
45 Vreede, Ryan de 6
45 Kirk, Aden 6
60 Evans, David 5
60 Hyslop, Ewan 5
60 Kelling, Jamie 5
60 Monk, Arron 5
60 Rooney, Keith 5
60 Foreman, Jay 5
60 Watts, Lee 5
60 Fullwell, Nick 5
60 Hylton, Mark 5
60 Woodhouse, Luke 5
60 Boyle, Paul 5
60 Eguchi, Yuji 5
60 Burgoine, Michael 5
60 Dawson, Michael 5
60 Bates, Barrie 5
60 Bettney, Paul 5
60 Edhouse, Ritchie 5
60 Wehder, Marvin 5
78 Place, David 4
78 Barham, Paul 4
78 Young, James 4
78 Brown, Ernie 4
78 Rowley, Paul 4
78 Landon, Jamie 4
78 Horst, Michel van der 4
78 Johnson, Andrew 4
78 Michels, Mareno 4
78 Rodriguez, Roxy-James 4
78 Forrington, Karl 4
78 Harrington, Ryan 4
78 Symes, Mike 4
78 Ayres, Daniel 4
78 Fatum, David 4
78 Roith, Bernd 4
78 Simm, Kevin 4
78 Padgett, Matt 4
78 Golding, Matthew 4
78 Humphrey, Thom 4
78 Smith, Daniel 4
78 Jukes, Jon 4
78 Beal, Michael 4
78 Fowler, Colin 4
78 Honey, Dave 4
103 Welding, James 3
103 Pearson, Michael 3
103 Cusworth, Lee 3
103 Fitzpatrick, Glenn 3
103 Howson, Richie 3
103 Weaver, Darren 3
103 Moorhouse, Carl 3
103 Schouten, Ron 3
103 Lawrence, Mark 3
103 Williams, Bradley 3
103 Eidams, Rene 3
103 Moffat, Lee 3
103 Parry, Kurt 3
103 Turner, Steve 3
103 Atkinson, Steve 3
103 Bain, Jamie 3
103 Marson, Les 3
103 Lewis, Craig 3
103 Gow, Stephen 3
103 Taylor, Scott 3
103 Griffin, Rhys 3
103 Dudbridge, Mark 3
103 Hartrey, Chris 3
103 Turner, Martyn 3
127 Atwill, Ron 2
127 Borland, William 2
127 Brammeld, John 2
127 Hunt, Adam 2
127 Latham, Darren 2
127 Morley, Kevin 2
127 Rasztovits, Michael 2
127 Read, Dan 2
127 Suzuki, Kentaro 2
127 White, Eddie 2
127 Crossley, Wayne 2
127 Forman, Mark 2
127 Hill, Chris 2
127 Malone, Michael 2
127 Place, Darren 2
127 Hendriks, Leo 2
127 Smith, Daniel P 2
127 Stubbs, Stuart 2
127 Ata, Duvaan 2
127 Chubb, Alex 2
127 Sullivan, Ciaran 2
127 Tarry, Jason 2
127 Ward, Ben 2
127 Dootson, Eddie 2
127 Fairweather, Arron 2
127 Osborne, Colin 2
127 Jackson, Rhys 2
127 Modra, Rob 2
127 Norton, Mike 2
127 Ryan, Sean 2
127 Ward, Harry 2
127 Baynham, Michael 2
127 Brown, Anthony 2
127 Head, Sam 2
127 Legius, Tommy 2
127 Martin, Peter 2
127 McTernan, Chris 2
127 Merchant. Karl 2
127 Simpson, David 2
127 Ellam, Jamie 2
127 Holgate, Ashley 2
127 Hosey, Richard 2
127 Johnson, Sean 2
127 Lovett, Shaun 2
127 North, Richard 2
127 Thomas, Martin 2
127 Wils0n, Mark 2
127 Adams, Ben 2
127 Gallimore, Stephen 2
127 Limer, Stephen 2
127 Randell, Tony 2
127 Rickwood, Robert 2
127 Thorne, Mark 2
127 Withers, Ian 2
181 Adshead, David 1
181 Bambrick, Kevin 1
181 Calvert, Richard 1
181 Court, John 1
181 Crossley, John 1
181 Evans, Cory 1
181 Garcia, Kevin 1
181 Gibson, John 1
181 Harrington, Dan 1
181 Hasse, Mick 1
181 Jamieson, David 1
181 Johnston, Dave 1
181 Smith, Simon 1
181 Todd, Jack 1
181 Bekema, Jeffrey 1
181 Copley, David 1
181 Furlani, Michael 1
181 Guilfoyle, Jamie 1
181 Hamilton, Sam 1
181 Nagi, Coni Singh 1
181 Newland, John 1
181 Osmotherley, Paul 1
181 Pennington, Sam 1
181 Pinhorne, Danny 1
181 Roach, Terry 1
181 Short, Ryan 1
181 Stevens, Aaron 1
181 Vilerio, Manuel 1
181 York, Michael 1
181 Baillie, Richard 1
181 Clements, Joshua 1
181 Cole, Tony 1
181 Dale, Christopher 1
181 Darbyshire, Scott 1
181 Glover, John 1
181 Gotthardt, Kai 1
181 Guest, Sam 1
181 Harding, Stuart 1
181 Hart, Kelvin 1
181 Jackson, Campbell 1
181 Loose, Callum 1
181 Lukeman, Martin 1
181 Porter, John 1
181 Reinecke, Lars 1
181 Richardson, Joshua 1
181 Seyler, Tomas 1
181 Smith, Damian 1
181 Smith, Phil 1
181 Starkey, Daniel 1
181 Ven, Jeffrey van de 1
181 Walsh, Richie 1
181 Wilkinson, Alan 1
181 Baxter, Mark 1
181 Blake, Michael 1
181 Hajdar, James 1
181 Herz, Fabian 1
181 Hill, Jack 1
181 Jones, Nick 1
181 Lane, Kevin 1
181 Lever, Ian 1
181 McKenzie, Robert 1
181 Murphy, Jay 1
181 Oak, Tony 1
181 Portela, Diogo 1
181 Reidy, Shane 1
181 Rimmer, Ross 1
181 Stephenson, Mark 1
181 Walford, Peter 1
181 Wood, Andrew 1
250 Balbach, Raymond 0
250 Batham, Jeff 0
250 Beard, Greg 0
250 Beekhuis, Jeffrey 0
250 Bober, Christian 0
250 Boeg, Nigel 0
250 Boucher, Richard 0
250 Bowers, Stephen 0
250 Bradshaw, Justin 0
250 Bramall, Kenneth 0
250 Brand, Derek 0
250 Branton, Jamie 0
250 Breakspear, Mark 0
250 Breeze, Craig 0
250 Broton, Justin 0
250 Brown, Darren 0
250 Burrows, Paul 0
250 Burt, Simon 0
250 Butkeraitis, Stephen 0
250 Carr, Paul 0
250 Cassidy, Simon 0
250 Ceglowski, Bartosz 0
250 Chalkley, John 0
250 Claydon, Darrell 0
250 Cooper, Paul 0
250 Cracknell, Lewis 0
250 Creed, Terry 0
250 Croft, Joe 0
250 Davies, Ben 0
250 Devine, Kiernan 0
250 Dimmock, Lee 0
250 Dodds, David 0
250 Duo, Dylan 0
250 Dyer, Danny 0
250 Ellis, Nicholas 0
250 Evans, Kieran 0
250 Evans, Steve 0
250 Evison, Peter 0
250 Fairhurst, BJ 0
250 Ganz, Michael 0
250 Gemmell, Jamie 0
250 Georgiou, Marios 0
250 Gewalt, Swen 0
250 Godfrey, Daniel 0
250 Goodwin, Paul 0
250 Grimble, Martin 0
250 Ha, Shouichi 0
250 Hagan, Sheamus 0
250 Hajimina, Andreas 0
250 Hall, Anthony 0
250 Harrison, Michael 0
250 Harvey, Shane 0
250 Hayes, Matthew 0
250 Hingston, Jamie 0
250 Hofmann, Jorg 0
250 Holmes, Billy 0
250 Holroyd, Rob 0
250 Honey, Dave Jnr 0
250 Hubbard, James 0
250 Hutchings, Andy 0
250 Hykin, Ashley 0
250 Illidge, Gareth 0
250 Johnston, Jordan 0
250 Kenny, Lee 0
250 Kerwick, Jamie 0
250 Kingdon, Steve 0
250 Knowles, Martin 0
250 Kornath, Karsten 0
250 Lee, Daniel 0
250 Lieber, Cedric 0
250 Lightfoot, Robert 0
250 Lopez, Antony 0
250 Mackay, Callum 0
250 Maes, Rocco 0
250 Manley, Peter 0
250 Marson, David 0
250 Mawer, Darren 0
250 McAllister, Andrew 0
250 Middleton, Krit 0
250 Millar, Stuart 0
250 Mitchell, Peter 0
250 Moar, Ian 0
250 Moore, Keith 0
250 Moss, Dean 0
250 Murray, Paul 0
250 Nakanishi, Eikichi 0
250 Patterson, Jordan 0
250 Peach, Daniel 0
250 Pearson, Steven 0
250 Perkins, Steve 0
250 Pierce, Robert 0
250 Power, John 0
250 Quinn, Thomas 0
250 Rabadia, Rohit 0
250 Randall, Steve 0
250 Riihonen, Par 0
250 Rodriguez, Carlos 0
250 Salter, Declan 0
250 Scheffer, Warrick 0
250 Scrivens, Roger 0
250 Sheppard, Vernon 0
250 Siddle, Paul 0
250 Simpson, Ben 0
250 Smith, James 0
250 Smith, Steve 0
250 Smith-Neale, Adam 0
250 Spedding, Garry 0
250 Stevenson, Evander 0
250 Thomas, Gareth 0
250 Thompson, Robert 0
250 Thompson, Sam 0
250 Townsend, Robert 0
250 Turpin, Robert 0
250 Twyford, Matthew 0
250 Tyler, Barry 0
250 Tym, Barry 0
250 Walsh, Vernon 0
250 Whitworth, Lee 0
250 Wike, Arron 0
250 Wilson, David 0
PDC QSchool

2016 PDC Qualifying School Day Three

JEFFREY DE GRAAF became the latest Dutch star to join the PDC circuit as he secured his tour card alongside Brian Woods, Tony Newell and Ray Campbell on day three of Qualifying School at the Robin Park Tennis Centre in Wigan.
The 25-year old, who was seeded third going in to the recent Lakeside World Championship, will now be looking to emulate the success of compatriots Benito van de Pas and Jeffrey de Zwaan – former Q School winners – as he joins the elite 128 tour card holders.

After coming through 5-0 in his opening match against Peter Evison, he narrowly edged past Simon Burt before beating Lee Shewan, Jamie Bain, Scott Dale and Mark Walsh to set up a last eight clash with Simon Preston, which he comfortably won 5-1.

Following his victory, the Dutchman admitted it was a lot tougher than expected.

“It is such a relief as there was a lot of pressure on me to get a tour card in the first place,” he said.

“I thought I would make it easier than I did. After two days I was playing well but it wasn’t working out for me, and to have just one point – I was really disappointed in myself.

“I played well, so I am very happy with this [victory] but it was certainly harder than I thought.”

Having secured his place on the PDC circuit, de Graaf now has his sights firmly set on the World Championship stage, and wants to lock horns with the current World Champion.

“I want to face them all – I want to test my own skills against the best,” he said when quizzed about meeting the world’s top players.

“A couple of years ago I played Gary Anderson at an exhibition, so I am looking forward to meeting him again.”

“My dream is to get to Alexandra Palace – it’s the World Championship and I always want to play in it. That’s the main goal for this year, but I hope I can do a lot more, grow a lot, play a lot of events and qualify for everything.

Elsewhere, it was a successful day for Tony Newell and Brian Woods, as they both regained their tour cards at the first time of asking.

Newell whitewashed Matthew Hayes in his opener before beating Jeffrey van de Ven, Chris McTernan, Les Marson, Matt Golding, Trevor Burkhill and John Michael to secure his final four berth.

Meanwhile, Woods was awarded a first round bye before beating Danny Dyer, Aden Kirk, Steven Hine, Joey Ten Berge, Nigel Daniels and Harry Robinson to secure his place amongst the 128 tour card holders.

It’s an incredible change in fortunes for the former Lakeside semi-finalist, who admitted he was considering taking a break from the sport just weeks ago.

“It’s a really good feeling. I was actually thinking of taking a year off before Christmas because I was playing that bad,” said the 49-year-old.

“But over Christmas I thought I would give myself one more chance, and I have done it, so I am really pleased.

“The reason I lost my card last year was because my mum died in March, and my play just went downhill from there. I have refocused and now I’m really pleased to have done her proud once again.”

Northern Ireland’s Ray Campbell, the final tour card winner of the day, was also awarded a first round bye before easing past Jeffrey Beekhuis in his first game. He then went on to beat Ron Schouten, Jason Marriott, Mark Dewsbury, Ian Walters and Vincent Kamphuis to reach the final four.

The PDC 2016 Qualifying School concludes on Saturday (January 16), with the final four tour cards up for grabs.

Qualifying School Ranking Points will be awarded as follows:
Last 128 defeat: One point
Last 64 defeat: Two point
Last 32 defeat: Three points
Last 16 defeat: Five points
Last eight defeat: Nine points

To see the Qualifying School Order of Merit following Day Two, click here .

2016 PDC Qualifying School
Day Three – Friday January 15

Last 512
Justin Broton 5-2 John Gibson
Jamie Landon 5-3 Stephen Limer
Joshua Clements 5-3 Matthew Twyford
Aaron Stevens 5-2 Darrell Claydon
Nick Fullwell 5-1 Ciaran Sullivan
Ian Withers 5-2 Ian Lever
Simon Cassidy 5-0 James Hubbard
Darren Place 5-2 Ron Atwill
Dave Ladley 5-1 Michael Ganz
Chris Quantock 5-1 Paul Bettney
Kevin Morley 5-3 Tomas Seyler
Ryan Short 5-2 John Porter
Paul Goodwin 5-2 Barry Tym
Sam Hamilton 5-1 Damian Smith
Martin Thomas 5-1 Kai Gotthardt
Richie Howson 5-2 Robert Rickwood
Ben Simpson 5-0 Steve Kingdon
Glenn Fitzpatrick 5-4 Fabian Herz
Ben Davies 5-2 Campbell Jackson
Jason Marriott 5-0 Phil Smith
Ron Meulenkamp 5-3 Michael Blake
John Newland 5-2 Nigel Boeg
Paul Cooper 5-0 Lewis Cracknell
Lee Moffat 5-3 John Power
Tommy Legius 5-2 Daniel Lee
Richie Walsh 5-4 Daniel Godfrey
Kurt Parry 5-1 Jordan Patterson
Karl Forrington 5-3 Mark Stephenson
Martin Lukeman 5-4 Ryan Palmer
Joe Croft 5-0 Rohit Rabadi
Ricky Sudale 5-0 Michael Harrison
Lee Shewan 5-1 Martin Grimble
Jay Foreman 5-0 Steve Randall
Jeffrey De Graaf 5-0 Peter Evison
Simon Burt 5-1 Keith Moore
David Jamieson 5-3 Kiernan Devine
Mark Walsh 5-1 Simon Smith
Alan Wilkinson 5-4 Roger Scrivens
Peter Hudson 5-4 Mick Todd
Mike Norton 5-2 Daniel Peach
Keith Rooney 5-2 Lee Whitworth
Adam Huckvale 5-3 Michael Barnard
Danny Pinhorne 5-2 Sean Johnson
Joey Palfreyman 5-0 Ashley Hykin
Andreas Hajimina 5-3 Zoran Lerchbacher
David Evans 5-1 Colin Fowler
Darren Brown 5-1 Kevin Garcia
Sam Head 5-0 Robert Lightfoot
Terry Temple 5-4 Joshua Richardson
Shane Reidy 5-1 Craig Breeze
Luke Woodhouse 5-1 Ashley Holgate
Mark Dudbridge 5-2 Diogo Portela
Kevin Thomas 5-0 Jamie Gemmell
Jay Murphy 5-1 Peter Mitchell
Ewan Hyslop 5-0 Paul Murray
Kieran Evans 5-3 Gareth Thomas
Leo Hendriks 5-3 Bernd Roith
Terry Roach 5-0 Richard North
Dyson Parody 5-0 Kenneth Bramall
Ben Ward 5-3 Richard Calvert
Trevor Burkhill 5-4 Scott Darbyshire
Dave Johnston 5-4 Jack Hill
Christopher McTernan 5-4 James Smith
Mick Hasse 5-4 Ritchie Edhouse
Jeffrey van de Ven 5-0 Jorg Hofmann
Tony Newell 5-0 Matthew Hayes
Barrie Bates 5-4 Garry Spedding
Michael Burgoine 5-0 David Wilson
Ross Rimmer 5-3 Bradley Williams
Jordan Johnston 5-4 Mark Breakspear
Stephen Gallimore 5-3 Robert McKenzie
Roxy-James Rodriguez 5-2 Paul Boyle
Daniel P Smith 5-0 Dean Moss
Matt Padgett 5-1 Shane Harvey
Carlos Rodriguez 5-2 Eikichi Nakanishi
Michael Power 5-4 Tony Oak
Craig Lewis 5-0 Stephen Butkeraitis
Par Riihonen 5-2 Tony Cole
Gary Stone 5-1 Robert Marijanovic
Richard Hosey 5-0 Karsten Kornath
Darren Weaver 5-1 Jeff Batham
Michael Beal 5-3 Stuart Harding
Jamie Branton 5-2 Arron Wike
Richard Baillie 5-4 Warrick Scheffer
Arron Fairweather 5-3 Kevin Lane
James Young 5-2 Kelvin Hart
Alex Chubb 5-3 Chris Hartrey
Steve Hine 5-0 Thomas Quinn
Eddie White 5-2 Lars Reinecke
Brett Claydon 5-2 Adam Hunt
Steve Brown 5-0 Callum Mackay
Colin Osborne 5-1 Kentaro Suzuki
Andy Hutchings 5-3 Allan Candlish
John Crossley 5-0 Greg Beard
Vernon Sheppard 5-4 Sheamus Hagan
Chris Hill 5-1 Bartosz Ceglowski
Lee Watts 5-0 Raymond Balbach
Ross Smith 5-2 Dylan Duo
Marko Kantele 5-0 David Adshead
Steve Atkinson 5-3 Declan Salter
Martyn Turner 5-2 David Dodds
Yuki Yamada 5-0 Derek Brand
Jon Jukes 5-3 Steve Evans
Rhys Hayden 5-1 Shaun Lovett
Marvin Wehder 5-4 Michael Pearson
Swen Gewalt 5-3 Lee Kenny
Jamie Kelling 5-1 Rob Holroyd
Kirk Shepherd 5-2 Dan Harrington

Last 256
Mark Hylton 5-2 Evander Stevenson
Michael Baynham 5-1 Shouichi Ha
Jamie Landon 5-1 Justin Broton
Aaron Stevens 5-3 Joshua Clements
Peter Martin 5-2 Scott Taylor
Colin Littlecott 5-4 James Hajdar
Nick Fullwell 5-4 Ian Withers
Darren Place 5-3 Simon Cassidy
David Fatum 5-1 Darren Latham
Lee Cusworth 5-1 David Marson
Dave Ladley 5-2 Chris Quantock
Ryan Short 5-3 Kevin Morley
Vincent Kamphuis 5-3 Kevin Bambrick
Rhys Jackson 5-2 Jack Todd
Ryan Harrington 5-2 Paul Goodwin
Sam Hamilton 5-4 Martin Thomas
Marc Dewsbury 5-4 Justin Bradshaw
Matt Clark 5-0 Billy Holmes
Richie Howson 5-0 Peter Manley
Glen Fitzpatrick 5-2 Ben Simpson
Ron Schouten 5-1Antony Lopez
Ray Campbell 5-0 Jeffrey Beekhuis
David Simpson 5-2 Ben Davies
Jason Marriott 5-4 Ron Meulenkamp
Rene Eidams 5-1 Christian Bober
Harry Ward 5-3 Krit Middleton
John Newland 5-4 Marios Georgiou
Lee Moffat 5-2 Paul Cooper
Sean Ryan 5-0 Stuart Miller
Ian Walters 5-4 Matthew Dennant
Tommy Legius 5-0 Paul Burrows
Kurt Parry 5-3 Richie Walsh
Scott Dale 5-1 James Welding
Rob Modra 5-1 Stuart Stubbs
Karl Forrington 5-1 Martin Lukeman
Ricky Sudale 5-1 Joe Croft
Jamie Bain 5-0 Lee Dimmock
Manuel Vilerio 5-0 Ian Moar
Lee Shewan 5-4 Jay Foreman
Jeffrey de Graaf 5-4 Simon Burt
Ryan De Vreede 5-2 Mark Oosterhuis
Dick van Dijk 5-2 Dan Read
Mark Walsh 5-4 David Jamieson
Peter Hudson 5-0 Alan Wilkinson
Sven Groen 5-1 Peter Walford
Robert Owen 5-0 Nick Jones
Mike Norton 5-4 Yordi Meeuwisse
Keith Rooney 5-2 Adam Huckdale
Kevin Dowling 5-2 Ben Adams
Daniel Smith 5-2 Cory Evans
Danny Pinhorne 5-2 Kevin Simm
Joey Palfreyman 5-1 Andreas Hajimena
Simon Preston 5-4 Rocco Maes
David Copley 5-3 Anthony Hall
Eddie Dootson 5-1 David Evans
Sam Head 5-3 Darren Brown
Mareno Michels 5-4 Ian Moss
Jamie Guilfoyle 5-4 Terry Creed
Terry Temple 5-2 Adam Smith-Neale
Luke Woodhouse 5-3 Shane Reidy
Dennis Smith 5-3 Nicholas Ellis
Darron Brown 5-4 Robert Thompson
Steven Smith 5-0 Mark Dudbridge
Kevin Thomas 5-1 Jay Murphy
Nigel Lamb 5-4 Duvaan Ata
Karl Merchant 5-1 Martin Knowles
Ewan Hyslop 5-4 Kieran Evans
Terry Roach 5-3 Leo Hendriks
Michel van der Horst 5-0 Robert Pierce
Mark Barilli 5-4 Ernie Brown
Dyson Parody 5-0 Ben Ward
Trevor Burkhill 5-2 Dave Johnston
Coni Singh Nagi 5-4 John Court
Les Marson 5-2 Mick McGowan
Chris McTernan 5-1 Mick Hasse
Tony Newell 5-1 Jeffrey van de Ven
Matthew Golding 5-1 Cedric Lieber
David Place 5-2 John Glover
Stephen Gow 5-4 Barrie Bates
Michael Burgoine 5-0 Ross Rimmer
Michael Dawson 5-0 Sam Thompson
John Michael 5-3 Tony Randell
Daniel Ayres 5-0 Jordan Johnston
Roxy-James Rodriguez 5-1 Stephen Gallimore
Andrew Johnson 5-0 Daniel Starkey
Michael Malone 5-4 Lee Evans
Sam Pennington 5-4 Daniel P Smith
Matt Padgett 5-2 Carlos Rodriguez
Per Laursen 5-1 Stephen Bowers
Wayne Crossley 5-1 Barry Tyler
Michael Power 5-3 Jamie Hingston
Craig Lewis 5-4 Par Riihonen
Michael York 5-0 Richard Boucher
Pete Dyos 5-2 Mark Wilson
Gary Stone 5-1 Andrew McAllister
Darren Weaver 5-1 Richard Hosey
Joey Ten Berge 5-4 Yuji Eguchi
Anthony Brown 5-4 Jamie Ellam
Michael Beal 5-1 Jamie Branton
Arron Fairweather 5-4 Richard Bailey
Aden Kirk 5-4 Mark Thorne
Brian Woods 5-0 Danny Dyer
James Young 5-1 Alex Chubb
Steve Hine 5-1 Eddie White
Thanawat Gaweenuntawong 5-0 Steve Perkins
Jeffrey Bekema 5-3 Sam Guest
Steve Brown 5-4 Brett Claydon
Colin Osborne 5-0 Andy Hutchings
Mike Symes 5-4 BJ Fairhurst
Paul Barham 5-1 Andrew Wood
Nigel Daniels 5-2 John Crossley
Chris Hill 5-0 Vernon Sheppard
Arron Monk 5-2 Mark Baxter
Paul Osmotherley 5-1 Paul Siddle
Michel Furlani 5-3 Lee Watts
Ross Smith 5-3 Marco Kantele
Antonio Alcinas 5-3 Michael Rasztovits
Jerry Hendriks 5-4 Callum Loose
Steve Atkinson 5-4 William Borland
Yuki Yamada 5-4 Martyn Turner
Carl Moorhouse 5-0 Steve Smith
Thom Humphrey 5-0 Vernon Walsh
Jon Jukes 5-0 John Chalkley
Rhys Hayden 5-2 Marvin Wehder
Steve Turner 5-3 Paul Carr
Mark Forman 5-3 Mark Lawrence
Harry Robinson 5-4 Swen Gewalt
Kirk Shepherd 5-4 Jamie Kelling

Last 128
Mark Hylton 5-2 Michael Baynham
Jamie Landon 5-3 Aaron Stevens
Colin Littlecott 5-1 Peter Martin
Nick Fullwell 5-0 Darren Place
Lee Cusworth 5-2 David Fatum
Dave Ladley 5-4 Ryan Short
Vincent Kamphuis 5-1 Rhys Jackson
Ryan Harrington 5-2 Sam Hamilton
Mark Dewsbury 5-3 Matt Clark
Glen Fitzpatrick 5-2 Richie Howson
Ray Campbell 5-2 Ron Schouten
Jason Marriott 5-4 David Simpson
Rene Eidams 5-1 Harry Ward
Lee Moffat 5-3 John Newland
Ian Walters 5-2 Sean Ryan
Kurt Parry 5-4 Tommy Legius
Scott Dale 5-3 Rob Modra
Karl Forrington 5-4 Ricky Sudale
Jamie Bain 5-1 Manuel Vilerio
Jeffrey de Graaf 5-2 Lee Shewan
Ryan De Vreede 5-1 Dick van Dijk
Mark Walsh 5-4 Peter Hudson
Sven Groen 5-2 Robert Owen
Keith Rooney 5-2 Mike Norton
Daniel Smith 5-3 Kevin Dowling
Joey Palfreyman 5-4 Danny Pinhorne
Simon Preston 5-1 Dave Copley
Eddie Dootson 5-4 Sam Head
Mareno Michels 5-3 Jamie Guilfoyle
Terry Temple 5-4 Luke Woodhouse
Darron Brown 5-4 Dennis Smith
Kevin Thomas 5-1 Steven Smith
Nigel Lamb 5-3 Karl Merchans
Ewan Hyslop 5-2 Terry Roach
Michel van der Horst 5-4 Mark Barilli
Trevor Burkhill 5-3 Dyson Parody
Les Marson 5-1 Coni Singh Nagi
Tony Newell 5-2 Chris McTernan
Mark Golding 5-4 Dave Place
Michael Burgoine 5-3 Stephen Gow
John Michael 5-1 Michael Dawson
Roxy-James Rodriguez 5-2 Daniel Ayres
Andrew Johnson 5-1 Michael Malone
Matt Padgett 5-1 Sam Pennington
Per Laursen 5-0 Wayne Crossley
Michael Power 5-4 Craig Lewis
Pete Dyos 5-3 Michael York
Gary Stone 5-2 Darren Weaver
Joey Ten Berge 5-2 Anthony Brown
Arron Fairweather 5-4 Michael Beal
Brian Woods 5-4 Aden Kirk
Steve Hine 5-2 James Young
Thanawat Gaweenuntawong 5-0 Jeff Bekema
Colin Osborne 5-4 Steve Brown
Paul Barham 5-1 Mike Symes
Nigel Daniels 5-3 Chris Hill
Arron Monk 5-3 Paul Osmotherley
Ross Smith 5-3 Michel Furlani
Antonio Alcinas 5-0 Jerry Hendricks
Steve Atkinson 5-4 Yuki Yomada
Thom Humphrey 5-2 Carl Moorhouse
Jon Jukes 5-3 Rhys Hayden
Steve Turner 5-3 Mark Forman
Harry Robinson 5-1 Kirk Shepherd
Last 64
Jamie Landon 5-3 Mark Hilton
Colin Littlecott 5-3 Nick Fullwell
Dave Ladley 5-4 Lee Cusworth
Vincent Kamphuis 5-2 Ryan Harrington
Mark Dewsbury 5-4 Glen Fitzpatrick
Ray Campbell 5-0 Jason Marriott
Rene Eidams 5-3 Lee Moffat
Ian Walters 5-3 Kurt Parry
Scott Dale 5-2 Karl Forrington
Jeffrey de Graaf 5-3 Jamie Bain
Mark Walsh 5-3 Ryan De Vreede
Sven Groen 5-4 Keith Rooney
Joey Palfreyman 5-3 Daniel Smith
Simon Preston 5-4 Eddie Dootson
Terry Temple 5-3 Marino Michels
Kevin Thomas 5-1 Darron Brown
Nigel Lamb 5-4 Ewan Hyslop
Trevor Burkhill 5-4 Michel van der Horst
Tony Newell 5-2 Les Marson
Matthew Golding 5-2 Michael Burgoine
John Michael 5-1 Roxy-James Rodriguez
Matt Padgett 5-2 Andrew Johnson
Per Laursen 5-0 Michael Power
Gary Stone 5-2 Pete Dyos
Joey Ten Berge 5-2 Arron Fairweather
Brian Woods 5-4 Steve Hine
Thanawat Gaweenuntawong 5-3 Colin Osborne
Nigel Daniels 5-3 Paul Barham
Arron Monk 5-1 Ross Smith
Antonio Alcinas 5-0 Steve Atkinson
Thom Humphrey 5-2 Jon Jukes
Harry Robinson 5-3 Steve Turner

Last 32
Colin Littlecott 5-3 Jamie Landon
Vincent Kamphuis 5-0 Dave Ladley
Ray Campbell 5-4 Mark Dewsbury
Ian Walters 5-1 Rene Eidams
Jeffrey De Graaf 5-2 Scott Dale
Mark Walsh 5-3 Sven Groen
Simon Preston 5-4 Joey Palfreyman
Terry Temple 5-0 Kevin Thomas
Trevor Burkhill 5-3 Nigel Lamb
Tony Newell 5-0 Matt Golding
John Michael 5-1 Matt Padgett
Per Laursen 3-5 Gary Stone
Brian Woods 5-1 Joey Ten Berge
Nigel Daneils 5-4 Thanawat Gaweenuntawong
Antonio Alcinas 5-2 Arron Monk
Harry Robinson 5-1 Thom Humprehys

Last 16
Vincent Kamphuis 5-2 Colin Littlecott
Ray Campbell 5-4 Ian Walters
Jeffrey de Graaf 5-2 Mark Walsh
Simon Preston 5-1 Terry Temple
Trevor Burkhill v Tony Newell
John Michael 5-3 Gary Stone
Brian Woods 5-3 Nigel Daniels
Harry Robinson 5-3 Antonio Alcinas

Last Eight
Ray Campbell 5-3 Vincent Kamphuis
Jeffrey de Graaf 5-1 Simon Preston
Tony Newell 5-2 John Michael
Brian Woods 5-4 Harry Robinson

Tour Card Winners
Ray Campbell
Jeffrey de Graaf
Tony Newell
Brian Woods

Gary Anderson Player of the Year

PDC – Vote For Your Player Of The Year

Gary Anderson PDC Player of the Year

DARTS fans can now vote for their PDC Player of the Year for the past 12 months in an online poll.

The PDC’s Annual Awards Dinner will take place at The Dorchester in London on Thursday January 21, when the stars of the sport are recognised for their achievements in the last year.

One of the awards will be the PDC Fans’ Player of the Year, which is voted for annually by readers of the PDC’s official website,

Fans can now vote for their winner – based on performances from January 2015 through to the conclusion of the recent 2015/2016 William Hill World Darts Championship.


Last year’s winner was Gary Anderson, who had enjoyed a superb 2014 before becoming World Champion.

The Scot is amongst the nominees for this year’s event, alongside his rivals from the PDC’s top 20 ranked players.

Vote Here

PDC Q School 2016 Day 2 Results

PDC Q School 2016 Day 2 Results

Q School

JAMES RICHARDSON won back his PDC Tour Card on the second day of the 2016 Qualifying School, as Jonathan Worsley and teenagers Ted Evetts and Ryan Meikle secured their places amongst the sport’s elite for the first time.

Rushden’s Richardson will return to the elite 128 Tour Card Holders in 2016 following a year on the Challenge Tour after he won through Thursday’s second day of play in Wigan, where 372 players were in action.

The bricklayer defeated Rhys Hayden, Damian Smith, Ross Smith, Luke Woodhouse, Steve Brown and Holland’s Yordi Meeuwisse as he won back his Tour Card.

Richardson will remain in Wigan during the remainder of Qualifying School to support son Joshua, the teenager who was the Junior Darts Corporation’s 2015 champion and the winner of the Lakeside Youth event last week who is now bidding to follow his father onto the ProTour.

Southam-based 18-year-old Ted Evetts, who has recently qualified as a chef, will move onto the senior circuit for the first time this year following his success on Day Two.

The teenager has played for the last two years on the PDC Unicorn Development Tour but will now step up to compete on the ProTour after defeating John Newland, Swen Gewalt, Richard Baillie, Jamie Ellam, Marko Kantele, Barrie Bates and Darron Brown.

Welsh ace Jonathan Worsley, a 31-year-old from Chepstow, won his Tour Card for the first time as he fought through Day Two.

A former butchery manager, Worsley has competed as a PDPA Associate Member for the past three years and won a spot in the 2014 UK Open, overcame David Wilson, Jack Hill, James Welding, Tony Newell, Robert Marijanovic, Brian Woods and Matthew Dennant to claim his Tour Card.

Suffolk-based barber Ryan Meikle, 19, steps onto the ProTour after only competing for one year on the Development Tour following his success, which included wins over former World Championship finalist Kirk Shepherd and veteran professional Dennis Smith.

The left-hander defeated Robert Thompson, Par Riihonen, Ben Adams, Craig Lewis, Shepherd, Jason Marriott and Smith on the day as he earned a two-year Tour Card to establish himself amongst the sport’s elite stars.

Dennis Smith, Darron Brown and Matthew Dennant were all just one leg away from winning an automatic Tour Card as they lost out 5-4 in the last eight alongside Holland’s Meeuwisse, but the quartet all picked up valuable ranking points.

Recent World Championship qualifier John Michael, former UK Open finalist Barrie Bates, Bristol’s Steve Brown and youngster Aden Kirk were amongst the players to reach the last 16 on the second of four days of play at Qualifying School.

Friday sees players return for Day Three at the Robin Park Tennis Centre, where a further four automatic Tour Cards are on offer.
Qualifying School Ranking Points will be awarded as follows:
Last 128 defeat: One point
Last 64 defeat: Two point
Last 32 defeat: Three points
Last 16 defeat: Five points
Last eight defeat: Nine points

2016 PDC Qualifying School
Day Two – Thursday January 14

Last 512
Steven Smith 5-2 Craig Breeze
Trevor Burkhill 5-4 BJ Fairhurst
Robert Marijanovic 5-2 Billy Holmes
Steve Hine 5-2 Michael York
Jack Hill 5-0 Robert Turpin
Jonathan Worsley 5-1 David Wilson
Jon Jukes 5-0 Martin Grimble
James Welding 5-2 Cory Evans
Brian Woods 5-3 Simon Cassidy
Ben Simpson 5-1 Garath Illidge
Mike Norton 5-0 Jay Murphy
Antonio Alcinas 5-3 Paul Barham
Jamie Landon 5-2 Alex Chubb
John Porter 5-4 Rocco Maes
Barry Tyler 5-1 Cedric Lieber
Marc Dewsbury 5-3 Karl Forrington
Sean Johnson 5-4 Lee Shewan
Ritchie Edhouse 5-3 Mick Hasse
Antony Lopez 5-0 Paul Siddle
Ernie Brown 5-1 Jamie Kelling
Mark Dudbridge 5-2 Ricky Sudale
Dave Honey Jnr 5-4 Jeff Batham
Rob Modra 5-3 Diogo Portela
Matthew Dennant 5-3 Ron Schouten
Duvaan Ata 5-0 Andy Hutchings
Martin Lukeman 5-1 Jamie Bain
Sam Guest 5-1 Peter Manley
Coni Singh Nagi 5-1 Manuel Vilerio
Ian Walters 5-1 Arron Wike
Paul Boyle 5-4 Steve Smith
Robert Rickwood 5-0 John Chalkley
Yuji Eguchi 5-1 Darren Brown
Michael Barnard 5-1 James Hajdar
Jerry Hendriks 5-2 Ian Moss
Vincent Kamphuis 5-0 Darren Place
Jordan Johnston 5-4 Gareth Thomas
Mareno Michels 5-3 Sam Hamilton
Peter Martin 5-1 Jamie Gemmell
Richie Howson 5-0 Kenneth Bramall
Andreas Hajimina 5-2 Ross Rimmer
Colin Fowler 5-1 Simon Burt
David Dodds 5-4 Danny Dyer
Scott Darbyshire 5-4 Ian Lever
Tommy Legius 5-2 Garry Spedding
Nick Fullwell 5-0 Jamie Hingston
Richard Boucher 5-4 Christian Bober
Steve Brown 5-1 William Borland
David Jamieson 5-4 Paul Burrows
Daniel Starkey 5-4 Chris Hartrey
Mark Lawrence 5-2 Joe Croft
Dave Honey 5-0 Matthew Hayes
John Crossley 5-2 David Simpson
Kevin Dowling 5-0 Nicholas Ellis
Roxy-James Rodriguez 5-0 Daniel Godfrey
Kevin Garcia 5-1 Jeffrey Beekhuis
Rhys Hayden 5-0 Stuart Millar
Glenn Fitzpatrick 5-2 Sam Thompson
Damian Smith 5-2 Les Marson
Lars Reinecke 5-3 Mark Forman
Eddie White 5-2 Ron Atwill
Ciaran Sullivan 5-3 Sam Pennington
Richard Hosey 5-4 Terry Roach
Mark Hylton 5-2 Ashley Hykin
Karl Merchant 5-4 Peter Walford
Jeffrey De Graaf 5-2 Krit Middleton
Darron Brown 5-3 Vernon Sheppard
Sean Ryan 5-0 Martin Knowles
Shane Harvey 5-3 Michael Pearson
Ian Withers 5-0 Jack Todd
Mark Wilson 5-3 Richard Calvert
Lewis Cracknell 5-1 Stephen Butkeraitis
Stuart Stubbs 5-3 Eikichi Nakanishi
Jamie Guilfoyle 5-1 Dan Harrington
Shaun Lovett 5-3 Andrew McAllister
Marvin Wehder 5-2 Justin Broton
Andrew Johnson 5-3 Matthew Golding
Barrie Bates 5-3 Tony Oak
Lee Dimmock 5-4 Kiernan Devine
Peter Evison 5-1 Arron Fairweather
Mark Barilli 5-1 Kieran Evans
Ryan Short 5-1 Carl Moorhouse
Ted Evetts 5-3 John Newland
Richard Baillie 5-0 Ben Davies
Allan Candlish 5-2 Jamie Branton
Ryan Palmer 5-1 Anthony Hall
Derek Brand 5-2 Rohit Rabadia
Daniel Ayres 5-1 Carlos Rodriguez
Warrick Scheffer 5-1 Stephen Bowers
Richard North 5-1 David Copley
Brett Claydon 5-0 Ben Ward
Ewan Hyslop 5-1 Bradley Williams
Tony Randell 5-2 Eddie Dootson
Scott Taylor 5-1 Callum Mackay
Michel van der Horst 5-2 Shane Reidy
Peter Mitchell 5-1 Nigel Boeg
Leo Hendriks 5-1 Michael Malone
Joey Ten Berge 5-4 Michael Rasztovits
Gary Stone 5-2 Sheamus Hagan
Dennis Smith 5-2 Colin Osborne
Stuart Harding 5-1 Simon Smith
Michel Furlani 5-2 James Young
Mark Oosterhuis 5-0 Thomas Quinn
Paul Carr 5-2 Lee Kenny
Michael Baynham 5-1 Evander Stevenson
Richie Walsh 5-3 Karsten Kornath
Jason Marriott 5-4 Paul Cooper
Paul Goodwin 5-3 Sven Groen
Jay Foreman 5-0 Jorg Hofmann
Christopher Dale 5-4 Daniel Peach
Justin Bradshaw 5-3 Declan Salter
Callum Loose 5-2 Anthony Brown
Thanawat Gaweenuntawong 5-2 Mark Thorne
Michael Harrison 5-4 Shouichi Ha
Ben Adams 5-3 Christopher McTernan
Par Riihonen 5-4 Adam Smith-Neale
Ryan Meikle 5-1 Robert Thompson

Last 256
Michael Power 5-4 John Court
Lee Moffat 5-4 Greg Beard
Steven Smith 5-4 Trevor Burkhill
Robert Marijanovic 5-3 Steve Hine
Kai Gotthardt 5-0 Ian Moar
Tony Newell 5-0 Matthew Twyford
Jonathan Worsley 5-3 Jack Hill
James Welding 5-3 Jon Jukes
Lee Watts 5-4 John Power
Bernd Roith 5-4 Jordan Patterson
Brian Woods 5-3 Ben Simpson
Mike Norton 5-3 Antonio Alcinas
Joey Palfreyman 5-0 Colin Littlecott
Harry Robinson 5-2 John Gibson
John Porter 5-3 Jamie Landon
Marc Dewsbury 5-2 Barry Tyler
Ryan De Vreede 5-3 Darrell Claydon
Mick Todd 5-3 Kevin Morley
Sean Johnson 5-1 Ritchie Edhouse
Ernie Brown 5-3 Anthony Lopez
Peter Hudson 5-3 Nick Jones
Tony Cole 5-1 James Smith
Dick van Dijk 5-4 Mark Dudbridge
Rob Modra 5-2 Dave Honey Jnr
Kurt Parry 5-0 Vernon Walsh
Nigel Daniels 5-4 Robert McKenzie
Matthew Dennant 5-3 Sam Head
Martin Lukeman 5-1 Duvaan Ata
Mark Walsh 5-2 Kevin Bambrick
Nigel Lamb 5-0 Steve Perkins
Sam Guest 5-3 Michael Blake
Ian Walters 5-2 Coni Singh Nagi
Michael Beal 5-3 Rob Holroyd
Chris Quantock 5-3 David Adshead
Paul Boyle 5-4 Robert Rickwood
Yuji Eguchi 5-1 Michael Barnard
Kevin Simm 5-0 Raymond Balbach
Yordi Meeuwisse 5-0 Steve Randall
Vincent Kamphuis 5-4 Jerry Hendriks
Mareno Michels 5-0 Jordan Johnston
Daniel Smith 5-3 Marios Georgiou
Aden Kirk 5-3 Stephen Gallimore
Richie Howson 5-3 Peter Martin
Colin Fowler 5-2 Andreas Hajimina
Rhys Griffin 5-1 Keith Moore
Terry Temple 5-0 Jason Tarry
Scott Darbyshire 5-3 David Dodds
Nick Fullwell 5-0 Tommy Legius
Campbell Jackson 5-1 Kentaro Suzuki
Matt Clark 5-1 Lee Cusworth
Steve Brown 5-3 Richard Boucher
Daniel Starkey 5-1 David Jamieson
Adam Huckvale 5-3 Chris Hill
Steve Turner 5-1 Wayne Crossley
Mark Lawrence 5-0 Michael Ganz
Dave Honey 5-2 John Crossley
Luke Woodhouse 5-2 Mark Stephenson
Joshua Clements 5-1 James Hubbard
Kevin Dowling 5-2 Barry Tym
Roxy-James Rodriguez 5-2 Kevin Garcia
Ross Smith 5-2 Rene Eidams
David Fatum 5-2 Kevin Lane
James Richardson 5-2 Rhys Hayden
Damian Smth 5-3 Glenn Fitzpatrick
Paul Bettney 5-4 Dan Read
Daniel P Smith 5-2 David Marson
Lars Reinecke 5-2 Eddie White
Richard Hosey 5-0 Ciaran Sullivan
Matt Padgett 5-3 Martyn Turner
Mick McGowan 5-1 Paul Osmotherley
Mark Hylton 5-1 Karl Merchant
Darron Brown 5-3 Jeffrey De Graaf
John Michael 5-0 Paul Murray
Jeffrey van de Ven 5-2 Simon Preston
Sean Ryan 5-3 Shane Harvey
Mark Wilson 5-2 Ian Withers
Michael Burgoine 5-3 Arron Monk
Dave Ladley 5-3 Daniel Lee
Stuart Stubbs 5-2 Lewis Cracknell
Shaun Lovett 5-4 Jamie Guilfoyle
Kelvin Hart 5-4 Fabian Herz
Martin Thomas 5-3 Roger Scrivens
Andrew Johnson 5-3 Marvin Wehder
Barrie Bates 5-0 Lee Dimmock
Rhys Jackson 5-4 Darren Mawer
Dyson Parody 5-3 Adam Hunt
Ron Meulenkamp 5-1 Peter Evison
Mark Barilli 5-1 Ryan Short
John Glover 5-3 Ray Campbell
Jamie Ellam 5-0 Robert Townsend
Ted Evetts 5-2 Swen Gewalt
Richard Baillie 5-2 Allan Candlish
Harry Ward 5-2 James Kerwick
Marko Kantele 5-1 Bartosz Ceglowski
Ryan Palmer 5-2 Stephen Limer
Daniel Ayres 5-2 Derek Brand
Zoran Lerchbacher 5-4 David Place
Lee Evans 5-0 Pete Dyos
Richard North 5-1 Warrick Scheffer
Brett Claydon 5-3 Ewan Hyslop
Yuki Yamada 5-2 Steve Atkinson
Per Laursen 5-4 Thom Humphrey
Scott Taylor 5-2 Tony Randell
Michel van der Horst 5-4 Peter Mitchell
Mike Symes 5-4 Aaron Stevens
Joshua Richardson 5-1 Robert Lightfoot
Leo Hendriks 5-4 Joey Ten Berge
Dennis Smith 5-2 Gary Stone
Tomas Seyler 5-1 Ryan Harrington
Michael Dawson 5-1 Dylan Duo
Stuart Harding 5-2 Michel Furlani
Mark Oosterhuis 5-3 Paul Carr
Alan Wilkinson 5-2 Andrew Wood
Ashley Holgate 5-4 Jeffrey Bekema
Richie Walsh 5-4 Michael Baynham
Jason Marriott 5-4 Paul Goodwin
Phil Smith 5-1 Mark Breakspear
Kevin Thomas 5-1 Robert Owen
Jay Foreman 5-2 Terry Creed
Christopher Dale 5-1 Justin Bradshaw
Kirk Shepherd 5-2 Dean Moss
Darren Weaver 5-4 David Evans
Callum Loose 5-1 Lee Whitworth
Thanawat Gaweenuntawong 5-2 Michael Harrison
Keith Rooney 5-3 Scott Dale
Craig Lewis 5-3 Mark Baxter
Ben Adams 5-1 Steve Kingdon
Ryan Meikle 5-3 Par Riihonen

Last 128
Michael Power 5-2 Lee Moffat
Robert Marijanovic 5-2 Steven Smith
Tony Newell 5-2 Kai Gotthardt
Jonathan Worsley 5-2 James Welding
Lee Watts 5-2 Bernd Roith
Brian Woods 5-1 Mike Norton
Joey Palfreyman 5-2 Harry Robinson
Marc Dewsbury 5-1 John Porter
Ryan De Vreede 5-4 Mick Todd
Sean Johnson 5-3 Ernie Brown
Peter Hudson 5-0 Tony Cole
Dick van Dijk 5-3 Rob Modra
Nigel Daniels 5-4 Kurt Parry
Matthew Dennant 5-4 Martin Lukeman
Nigel Lamb 5-4 Mark Walsh
Ian Walters 5-2 Sam Guest
Chris Quantock 5-4 Michael Beal
Paul Boyle 5-1 Yuji Eguchi
Yordi Meeuwisse 5-3 Kevin Simm
Vincent Kamphuis 5-3 Mareno Michels
Aden Kirk 5-3 Daniel Smith
Colin Fowler 5-4 Richie Howson
Terry Temple 5-3 Rhys Griffin
Nick Fullwell 5-3 Scott Darbyshire
Matt Clark 5-3 Campbell Jackson
Steve Brown 5-1 Daniel Starkey
Adam Huckvale 5-4 Steve Turner
Mark Lawrence 5-4 Dave Honey
Luke Woodhouse 5-3 Joshua Clements
Kevin Dowling 5-3 Roxy-James Rodriguez
Ross Smith 5-3 David Fatum
James Richardson 5-1 Damian Smith
Paul Bettany 5-0 Daniel P Smith
Richard Hosey 5-0 Lars Reinecke
Mick McGowan 5-3 Matt Padgett
Darron Brown 5-1 Mark Hylton
John Michael 5-2 Jeffrey van de Ven
Mark Wilson 5-2 Sean Ryan
Dave Ladley 5-3 Michael Burgoine
Shaun Lovett 5-4 Stuart Stubbs
Martin Thomas 5-2 Kelvin Hart
Barrie Bates 5-3 Andrew Johnson
Dyson Parody 5-1 Rhys Jackson
Mark Barilli 5-1 Ron Meulenkamp
Jamie Ellam 5-4 John Glover
Ted Evetts 5-4 Richard Baillie
Marko Kantele 5-1 Harry Ward
Ryan Palmer 5-3 Daniel Ayres
Lee Evans 5-2 Zoran Lerchbacher
Richard North 5-3 Brett Claydon
Yuki Yamada 5-4 Per Laursen
Scott Taylor 5-1 Michel van der Horst
Mike Symes 5-1 Joshua Richardson
Dennis Smith 5-4 Leo Hendriks
Michael Dawson 5-1 Tomas Seyler
Mark Oosterhuis 5-3 Stuart Harding
Ashley Holgate 5-3 Alan Wilkinson
Jason Marriott 5-0 Richie Walsh
Kevin Thomas 5-1 Phil Smith
Jay Foreman 5-1 Chris Dale
Kirk Shepherd 5-4 Darren Weaver
Thanawat Gaweenuntawong 5-4 Callum Loose
Craig Lewis 5-3 Keith Rooney
Ryan Meikle 5-4 Ben Adams

Last 64
Robert Marijanovic 5-2 Michael Power
Jonathan Worsley 5-1 Tony Newell
Brian Woods 5-4 Lee Watts
Marc Dewsbury 5-4 Joey Palfreyman
Ryan De Vreede 5-3 Sean Johnson
Peter Hudson 5-2 Dick van Dijk
Matthew Dennant 5-3 Nigel Daniels
Nigel Lamb 5-4 Ian Walters
Chris Quantock 5-0 Paul Boyle
Yordi Meeuwisse 5-2 Vincent Kamphuis
Aden Kirk 5-4 Colin Fowler
Terry Temple 5-2 Nick Fullwell
Steve Brown 5-4 Matt Clark
Adam Huckvale 5-3 Mark Lawrence
Luke Woodhouse 5-3 Kevin Dowling
James Richardson 5-3 Ross Smith
Paul Bettany 5-2 Richard Hosey
Darron Brown 5-1 Mick McGowan
John Michael 5-0 Mark Wilson
Dave Ladley 5-2 Shaun Lovett
Barrie Bates 5-4 Martin Thomas
Mark Barilli 5-4 Dyson Parody
Ted Evetts 5-3 Jamie Ellam
Marko Kantele 5-2 Ryan Palmer
Lee Evans 5-4 Richard North
Scott Taylor 5-3 Yuki Yamada
Dennis Smith 5-3 Mike Symes
Michael Dawson 5-4 Mark Oosterhuis
Jason Marriott 5-2 Ashley Holgate
Kevin Thomas 5-2 Jay Foreman
Kirk Shepherd 5-3 Thanawat Gaweenuntawong
Ryan Meikle 5-3 Craig Lewis

Last 32
Jonathan Worsley 5-2 Robert Marijanovic
Brian Woods 5-3 Marc Dewsbury
Peter Hudson 5-0 Ryan De Vreede
Matthew Dennant 5-4 Nigel Lamb
Yordi Meeuwisse 5-4 Chris Quantock
Aden Kirk 5-4 Terry Temple
Steve Brown 5-0 Adam Huckvale
James Richardson 5-4 Luke Woodhouse
Darron Brown 5-3 Paul Bettany
John Michael 5-0 Dave Ladley
Barrie Bates 5-1 Mark Barilli
Ted Evetts 5-4 Marko Kantele
Lee Evans 5-3 Scott Taylor
Dennis Smith 5-3 Michael Dawson
Jason Marriott 5-4 Kevin Thomas
Ryan Meikle 5-4 Kirk Shepherd

Last 16
Jonathan Worsley 5-4 Brian Woods
Matthew Dennant 5-4 Peter Hudson
Yordi Meeuwisse 5-4 Aden Kirk
James Richardson 5-4 Steve Brown
Darron Brown 5-4 John Michael
Ted Evetts 5-4 Barrie Bates
Dennis Smith 5-4 Lee Evans
Ryan Meikle 5-3 Jason Marriott

Last Eight
Jonathan Worsley 5-4 Matthew Dennant
James Richardson 5-2 Yordi Meeuwisse
Ted Evetts 5-4 Darron Brown
Ryan Meikle 5-4 Dennis Smith

Tour Card Winners
Jonathan Worsley
James Richardson
Ted Evetts
Ryan Meikle

Latest 2016 Qualifying School Order of Merit
Following Day Two

Rank Name Points
1 Woods, Brian 14
2 Barilli, Mark 12
3 Smith, Dennis 10
4 Brown, Darron 9
4 Dennant, Matthew 9
4 Meeuwisse, Yordi 9
4 Hayden, Rhys 9
4 Owen, Robert 9
9 Hudson, Peter 8
10 Marriott, Jason 7
10 Dijk, Dick van 7
10 Smith, Ross 7
13 Brown, Steve 6
13 Claydon, Brett 6
13 Smith, Steven 6
16 Bates, Barrie 5
16 Evans, Lee 5
16 Kirk, Aden 5
16 Michael, John 5
16 Bettany, Paul 5
16 Lamb, Nigel 5
16 Marijanovic, Robert 5
16 Shepherd, Kirk 5
16 Temple, Terry 5
16 Thomas, Kevin 5
16 Oosterhuis, Mark 5
16 Palfreyman, Joey 5
16 Power, Michael 5
16 Edhouse, Ritchie 5
16 Hine, Steve 5
16 Moss, Ian 5
16 Wehder, Marvin 5
33 Dawson, Michael 4
33 Huckvale, Adam 4
33 Kantele, Marko 4
33 Ladley, Dave 4
33 Vreede, Ryan de 4
33 Boyle, Paul 4
33 Fowler, Colin 4
33 Yamada, Yuki 4
33 Eguchi, Yuji 4
33 Honey, Dave 4
33 Lerchbacher, Zoran 4
33 Robinson, Harry 4
33 Walsh, Mark 4
46 Dewsbury, Marc 3
46 Quantock, Chris 3
46 Taylor, Scott 3
46 Woodhouse, Luke 3
46 Foreman, Jay 3
46 Kamphuis, Vincent 3
46 Newell, Tony 3
46 Parody, Dyson 3
46 Watts, Lee 3
46 Beal, Michael 3
46 Burgoine, Michael 3
46 Griffin, Rhys 3
46 Roith, Bernd 3
46 Simm, Kevin 3
46 Todd, Mick 3
46 Candlish, Alan 3
46 Dudbridge, Mark 3
46 Hartrey, Chris 3
46 Shewan, Lee 3
46 Sudale, Ricky 3
46 Turner, Martyn 3
67 Clark, Matt 2
67 Daniels, Nigel 2
67 Dowling, Kevin 2
67 Ellam, Jamie 2
67 Fullwell, Nick 2
67 Gaweenuntawong, Thanawat 2
67 Holgate, Ashley 2
67 Hosey, Richard 2
67 Johnson, Sean 2
67 Lawrence, Mark 2
67 Lewis, Craig 2
67 Lovett, Shaun 2
67 McGowan, Mick 2
67 North, Richard 2
67 Palmer, Ryan 2
67 Symes, Mike 2
67 Thomas, Martin 2
67 Walters, Ian 2
67 Wils0n, Mark 2
67 Adams, Ben 2
67 Ayres, Daniel 2
67 Brown, Ernie 2
67 Fatum, David 2
67 Hylton, Mark 2
67 Smith, Daniel 2
67 Campbell, Ray 2
67 Dyos, Pete 2
67 Gallimore, Stephen 2
67 Gow, Stephen 2
67 Groen, Sven 2
67 Jukes, Jon 2
67 Kelling, Jamie 2
67 Limer, Stephen 2
67 Littlecott, Colin 2
67 Randell, Tony 2
67 Rickwood, Robert 2
67 Rowley, Paul 2
67 Stone, Gary 2
67 Thorne, Mark 2
67 Williams, Bradley 2
67 Withers, Ian 2
108 Baillie, Richard 1
108 Clements, Joshua 1
108 Cole, Tony 1
108 Dale, Christopher 1
108 Darbyshire, Scott 1
108 Glover, John 1
108 Gotthardt, Kai 1
108 Guest, Sam 1
108 Harding, Stuart 1
108 Hart, Kelvin 1
108 Hendriks, Leo 1
108 Horst, Michel van der 1
108 Howson, Richie 1
108 Jackson, Campbell 1
108 Jackson, Rhys 1
108 Johnson, Andrew 1
108 Laursen, Per 1
108 Loose, Callum 1
108 Lukeman, Martin 1
108 Meulenkamp, Ron 1
108 Michels, Mareno 1
108 Modra, Rob 1
108 Moffat, Lee 1
108 Norton, Mike 1
108 Padgett, Matt 1
108 Parry, Kurt 1
108 Porter, John 1
108 Reinecke, Lars 1
108 Richardson, Joshua 1
108 Rodrigez, Roxy-James 1
108 Rooney, Keith 1
108 Ryan, Sean 1
108 Seyler, Tomas 1
108 Smith, Damian 1
108 Smith, Daniel Paul 1
108 Smith, Phil 1
108 Starkey, Daniel 1
108 Stubbs, Stuart 1
108 Turner, Steve 1
108 Ven, Jeffrey van de 1
108 Walsh, Richie 1
108 Ward, Harry 1
108 Weaver, Darren 1
108 Welding, James 1
108 Wilkinson, Alan 1
108 Alcinas, Antonio 1
108 Ata, Duvaan 1
108 Atkinson, Steve 1
108 Bain, Jamie 1
108 Barnard, Michael 1
108 Baxter, Mark 1
108 Baynham, Michael 1
108 Berge, Joey ten 1
108 Blake, Michael 1
108 Brown, Anthony 1
108 Chubb, Alex 1
108 Forrington, Karl 1
108 Golding, Matthew 1
108 Graaf, Jeffrey de 1
108 Hajdar, James 1
108 Harrington, Ryan 1
108 Head, Sam 1
108 Herz, Fabian 1
108 Hill, Jack 1
108 Humphrey, Thom 1
108 Jones, Nick 1
108 Lane, Kevin 1
108 Legius, Tommy 1
108 Lever, Ian 1
108 Marson, Les 1
108 Martin, Peter 1
108 McKenzie, Robert 1
108 McTernan, Chris 1
108 Merchant. Karl 1
108 Moorhouse, Carl 1
108 Murphy, Jay 1
108 Oak, Tony 1
108 Pearson, Michael 1
108 Portela, Diogo 1
108 Reidy, Shane 1
108 Rimmer, Ross 1
108 Schouten, Ron 1
108 Simpson, David 1
108 Stephenson, Mark 1
108 Sullivan, Ciaran 1
108 Tarry, Jason 1
108 Walford, Peter 1
108 Ward, Ben 1
108 Wood, Andrew 1
108 Young, James 1
198 Adshead, David 0
198 Atwill, Ron 0
198 Balbach, Raymond 0
198 Bambrick, Kevin 0
198 Barham, Paul 0
198 Batham, Jeff 0
198 Beard, Greg 0
198 Beekhuis, Jeffrey 0
198 Bekema, Jeffrey 0
198 Bober, Christian 0
198 Boeg, Nigel 0
198 Borland, William 0
198 Boucher, Richard 0
198 Bowers, Stephen 0
198 Bradshaw, Justin 0
198 Bramall, Kenneth 0
198 Brand, Derek 0
198 Branton, Jamie 0
198 Breakspear, Mark 0
198 Breeze, Craig 0
198 Broton, Justin 0
198 Brown, Darren 0
198 Burkhill, Trevor 0
198 Burrows, Paul 0
198 Burt, Simon 0
198 Butkeraitis, Stephen 0
198 Calvert, Richard 0
198 Carr, Paul 0
198 Cassidy, Simon 0
198 Ceglowski, Bartosz 0
198 Chalkley, John 0
198 Claydon, Darrell 0
198 Cooper, Paul 0
198 Copley, David 0
198 Court, John 0
198 Cracknell, Lewis 0
198 Creed, Terry 0
198 Croft, Joe 0
198 Crossley, John 0
198 Crossley, Wayne 0
198 Cusworth, Lee 0
198 Dale, Scott 0
198 Davies, Ben 0
198 Devine, Kiernan 0
198 Dimmock, Lee 0
198 Dodds, David 0
198 Dootson, Eddie 0
198 Duo, Dylan 0
198 Dyer, Danny 0
198 Eidams, Rene 0
198 Ellis, Nicholas 0
198 Evans, Cory 0
198 Evans, David 0
198 Evans, Kieran 0
198 Evison, Peter 0
198 Fairhurst, BJ 0
198 Fairweather, Arron 0
198 Fitzpatrick, Glenn 0
198 Forman, Mark 0
198 Furlani, Michael 0
198 Ganz, Michael 0
198 Garcia, Kevin 0
198 Gemmell, Jamie 0
198 Georgiou, Marios 0
198 Gewalt, Swen 0
198 Gibson, John 0
198 Godfrey, Daniel 0
198 Goodwin, Paul 0
198 Grimble, Martin 0
198 Guilfoyle, Jamie 0
198 Ha, Shouichi 0
198 Hagan, Sheamus 0
198 Hajimina, Andreas 0
198 Hall, Anthony 0
198 Hamilton, Sam 0
198 Harrington, Dan 0
198 Harrison, Michael 0
198 Harvey, Shane 0
198 Hasse, Mick 0
198 Hayes, Matthew 0
198 Hendriks, Jerry 0
198 Hill, Chris 0
198 Hingston, Jamie 0
198 Hofmann, Jorg 0
198 Holmes, Billy 0
198 Holroyd, Rob 0
198 Honey, Dave Jnr 0
198 Hubbard, James 0
198 Hunt, Adam 0
198 Hutchings, Andy 0
198 Hykin, Ashley 0
198 Hyslop, Ewan 0
198 Illidge, Gareth 0
198 Jamieson, David 0
198 Johnston, Jordan 0
198 Kenny, Lee 0
198 Kerwick, Jamie 0
198 Kingdon, Steve 0
198 Knowles, Martin 0
198 Kornath, Karsten 0
198 Landon, Jamie 0
198 Lee, Daniel 0
198 Lieber, Cedric 0
198 Lightfoot, Robert 0
198 Lopez, Antony 0
198 Mackay, Callum 0
198 Maes, Rocco 0
198 Malone, Michael 0
198 Manley, Peter 0
198 Marson, David 0
198 Mawer, Darren 0
198 McAllister, Andrew 0
198 Middleton, Krit 0
198 Millar, Stuart 0
198 Mitchell, Peter 0
198 Moar, Ian 0
198 Monk, Arron 0
198 Moore, Keith 0
198 Morley, Kevin 0
198 Moss, Dean 0
198 Murray, Paul 0
198 Nagi, Coni Singh 0
198 Nakanishi, Eikichi 0
198 Newland, John 0
198 Osborne, Colin 0
198 Osmotherley, Paul 0
198 Patterson, Jordan 0
198 Peach, Daniel 0
198 Pearson, Steven 0
198 Pennington, Sam 0
198 Perkins, Steve 0
198 Place, Darren 0
198 Place, David 0
198 Power, John 0
198 Preston, Simon 0
198 Quinn, Thomas 0
198 Rabadia, Rohit 0
198 Randall, Steve 0
198 Rasztovits, Michael 0
198 Read, Dan 0
198 Riihonen, Par 0
198 Roach, Terry 0
198 Rodriguez, Carlos 0
198 Salter, Declan 0
198 Scheffer, Warrick 0
198 Scrivens, Roger 0
198 Sheppard, Vernon 0
198 Short, Ryan 0
198 Siddle, Paul 0
198 Simpson, Ben 0
198 Smith, James 0
198 Smith, Simon 0
198 Smith, Steve 0
198 Smith-Neale, Adam 0
198 Spedding, Garry 0
198 Stevens, Aaron 0
198 Stevenson, Evander 0
198 Suzuki, Kentaro 0
198 Thomas, Gareth 0
198 Thompson, Robert 0
198 Thompson, Sam 0
198 Todd, Jack 0
198 Townsend, Robert 0
198 Turpin, Robert 0
198 Twyford, Matthew 0
198 Tyler, Barry 0
198 Tym, Barry 0
198 Vilerio, Manuel 0
198 Walsh, Vernon 0
198 White, Eddie 0
198 Whitworth, Lee 0
198 Wike, Arron 0
198 Wilson, David 0
198 York, Michael 0
PDC QSchool

PDC QSchool 2016 Day 1 Results

PDC QSchool

JOHN BOWLES, Andy Parsons, Ricky Williams and Simon Stevenson were the four Tour Card winners on the opening day of the 2016 PDC Qualifying School in Wigan, as Ross Smith hit a nine-dart finish in Wigan.
A field of 371 players took part in the first of four days of action in Qualifying School, as hopefuls from as far afield as Australia, America, Japan and South Africa competed to earn a full-time spot on the PDC ProTour.

Former rugby league player Bowles won back his Tour Card status at the first time of asking, having dropped out of the world’s top 64 at the end of 2015.

The Widnes thrower, 48, had initially won his Tour Card in 2012 and will maintain his status amongst the world’s elite players after defeating Justin Broton, Fabian Herz, Colin Fowler, Harry Robinson, Dick van Dijk and Brian Woods on Wednesday.

Bowles never lost more than three legs in the best of nine leg matches as he won back his Tour Card, and he said: “I played quite decent darts all day, and with a big field like it was it’s very hard, so I’m absolutely made up to get my Tour Card on the first day.

“I was really disappointed to lose my Tour Card, but with the way that the system works it keeps you on your toes and it’s really good. If you don’t win as much money as you did a couple of years ago you’ll drop down the rankings.

“I’ve had four years and everything’s been a learning curve. I’ve got to be more consistent than I have been in the last two years – the next goal now is winning a place in the UK Open in Minehead in March.”

Bristol-based plumber Parsons also won back his Tour Card to retain his status on the PDC ProTour, having competed for the past two years on the circuit.

After edging out Thailand’s Thanawat Gaweenuntawong 5-4 in his opening game, he then overcame Michael Gans, Michael Dawson, Colin Littlecott, Joey Palfreyman, Ross Smith and Mark Barilli – in a deciding leg – to complete a successful day.

“I’m over the moon, really happy,” said Parsons. “I won’t be taking it lightly and I’ll be practising hard and giving it my best.

“I’m a plumber and that’s still my day job, before I go back to the family and practice in the evenings, but it would take a lot of stress off if I can get to a stage where I play darts full-time.

“With the prize money increases which the PDC have introduced, it will really help and I want to kick on from here now. I’ll take it one tournament at a time and I’ll focus on the two European Tour qualifiers this weekend now and then try win a UK Open place.”

Portsmouth’s Williams, 26, secured Tour Card status for the first time in his career through his success on Wednesday, although the decorator has played in spells on the circuit since 2007.

He defeated Lee Evans, Jeffrey Bekema, Peter Martin, Rhys Griffin, Mark Dudbridge, Marvin Wehder and Essex youngster Rhys Hayden – edging their decider 5-4 – to claim his Tour Card.

“I’m very, very proud,” said Williams. “It’s an excellent opportunity for me and I’m really looking forward to the next two years.

“I was playing really well in the middle of last year but I came to Q School with no expectations and won my Tour Card.

“I’ve got a good sponsor and good family and friends supporting me and I think I’m definitely a better player now than I was when I’ve played before. I never give in now where perhaps I showed some immaturity a couple of years ago when I went a few legs down.

“I’ve got more experience and hopefully this is the time where I’ll step up. I know I’m more than capable but I’ve never shown it before.”

He added: “Getting through on the first day means even more because I’ve got a friend’s wedding back in Portsmouth on Saturday and I was gutted when I realised that the date clashed with Q School.

“He’s just come out of hospital and a few weeks ago we didn’t know if he was going to live, but he’s recovered and he urged me to come up to Wigan, win my Tour Card and get back for the wedding – and I’m going to make it to the wedding!”

Plymouth-based Stevenson, 43, will compete on the PDC ProTour for the first time after being the day’s other Tour Card winner – having previously competed as an amateur in the 2014 and 2015 UK Opens and on the second-tier PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour last year.

Stevenson won ties with Krit Middleton, Barrie Bates, Peter Walford, Gary Stone, Ted Evetts, Brett Claydon and Rob Owen – where he survived two missed match darts from the Welshman – to secure his success.

“It’s my best achievement ever,” said Stevenson. “I didn’t expect it to come on the first day but I’m really looking forward to the future now.

“A couple of years ago I had a really good UK Open and got to the last 32, and that set me thinking that I could compete.

“I’ve got County level experience with Devon and I played on the Challenge Tour last year, and I wanted to see what I can do by coming to Q School, so to get a Tour Card on Day One is brilliant.”

There was disappointment, though, for Ross Smith after he enjoyed the thrill of hitting a nine-dart leg during his 5-0 whitewash of Holland’s Ryan De Vreede in the third round, only to lose out to Parsons two games short of a Tour Card.

The 2016 PDC Qualifying School continues on Thursday with the second of four days of play, with a further four automatic Tour Cards on offer, with ranking points also being given to players based on their finishing positions.

Runs to the last eight on Day One saw Woods, Owen, Barilli and Hayden all pick up nine valuable ranking points, giving them a head start in the bid to win a Tour Card following Qualifying School based on the final rankings.

Qualifying School Ranking Points will be awarded as follows:
Last 128 defeat: One point
Last 64 defeat: Two point
Last 32 defeat: Three points
Last 16 defeat: Five points
Last eight defeat: Nine points

2016 PDC Qualifying School
Day One – Wednesday January 13
Last 512
Callum Loose 5-1 Paul Carr
Colin Fowler 5-2 Yordi Meeuwisse
Antonio Alcinas 5-3 Keith Rooney
Michael Malone 5-0 Bartosz Ceglowski
Trevor Burkhill 5-0 Terry Creed
Robert Marijanovic 5-3 Sam Guest
Lars Reinecke 5-2 Kevin Garcia
Kevin Lane 5-3 Peter Mitchell
Jeffrey De Graaf 5-1 Vernon Walsh
Par Riihonen 5-4 Dave Honey Jnr
Ricky Sudale 5-0 Kenneth Bramall
Jeffrey van de Ven 5-3 Richard North
Ben Adams 5-4 Daniel Lee
Lee Whitworth 5-1 Jamie Branton
John Power 5-2 Lee Dimmock
Nigel Lamb 5-3 William Borland
Jordan Patterson 5-1 Harry Ward
Mark Oosterhuis 5-2 Carlos Rodriguez
Jamie Landon 5-2 Martin Knowles
Duvaan Ata 5-4 Michel van der Horst
Brian Woods 5-1 Justin Bradshaw
Colin Osborne 5-4 Jamie Ellam
Marko Kantele 5-0 Robert Turpin
Ryan Harrington 5-1 John Gibson
Zoran Lerchbacher 5-0 Michael York
Jordan Johnston 5-4 Raymond Balbach
Steve Hine 5-0 Barry Tyler
Robert McKenzie 5-0 Jeff Batham
Craig Lewis 5-2 Alan Wilkinson
James Hajdar 5-3 Aden Kirk
Andrew McAllister 5-3 John Chalkley
Pete Dyos 5-0 Peter Evison
Nick Fullwell 5-1 Swen Gewalt
John Michael 5-0 Scott Darbyshire
Brett Claydon 5-2 Darren Brown
Mark Hylton 5-0 Sean Ryan
Arron Wike 5-1 Daniel Peach
Simon Stevenson 5-2 Krit Middleton
Barrie Bates 5-4 Arron Monk
Michel Furlani 5-0 Martin Grimble
Peter Walford 5-1 Sean Johnson
Jason Marriott 5-2 Lewis Cracknell
Declan Salter 5-1 Jamie Hingston
Christopher McTernan 5-0 Greg Beard
Jorg Hofmann 5-2 Dan Harrington
Vernon Sheppard 5-2 Tony Cole
Ian Moss 5-0 Steve Smith
Scott Dale 5-2 Matthew Dennant
Jamie Bain 5-2 Danny Dyer
Shane Reidy 5-0 Steve Kingdon
Matt Clark 5-0 Marios Georgiou
Lee Shewan 5-1 BJ Fairhurst
Steve Brown 5-3 Terry Roach
Sven Groen 5-1 Darron Brown
Joshua Clements 5-1 Nigel Daniels
Kelvin Hart 5-4 Rocco Maes
Matt Padgett 5-1 Steven Pearson
Ernie Brown 5-2 Dan Read
Dennis Smith 5-3 Lee Kenny
Simon Preston 5-1 Stuart Harding
Jamie Gemmell 5-3 Paul Cooper (York)
Kevin Simm 5-0 Phil Smith
Ryan De Vreede 5-4 Darren Weaver
Evander Stevenson 5-2 Robert Lightfoot
Ross Smith 5-0 David Marson
Jerry Hendriks 5-2 Billy Holmes
Nicholas Ellis 5-3 Aaron Stevens
Michael Dawson 5-1 Simon Smith
Michael Ganz 5-4 Eikichi Nakanishi
Andy Parsons 5-4 Thanawat Gaweenuntawong
Nick Jones 5-1 Mike Norton
Mark Forman 5-3 Kevin Morley
Mick Hasse 5-0 Shouichi Ha
Jamie Kelling 5-2 Mark Breakspear
Mark Barilli 5-2 James Richardson
Luke Woodhouse 5-3 Darren Mawer
Joey Ten Berge 5-0 Stephen Bowers
Richard Hosey 5-3 Ashley Holgate
Paul Boyle 5-3 David Adshead
John Porter 5-4 James Smith
Michael Pearson 5-2 Nigel Boeg
Roxy-James Rodriguez Bye
Chris Hill 5-4 Keith Moore
Chris Hartrey 5-4 Craig Breeze
Marc Dewsbury 5-1 Daniel Paul Smith
Kiernan Devine 5-4 Rob Modra
Jonathan Worsley 5-1 Wayne Crossley
Steven Smith 5-2 Joshua Richardson
Yuji Eguchi 5-1 Dean Moss
Campbell Jackson 5-4 Tomas Seyler
Ryan Meikle 5-0 Paul Siddle
Ben Simpson 5-3 Rob Holroyd
Adam Smith-Neale 5-1 John Glover
Mark Stephenson 5-0 Cedric Lieber
Rhys Hayden 5-3 Sam Hamilton
Arron Fairweather 5-3 David Evans
Vincent Kamphuis 5-1 Ron Atwill
Mick McGowan 5-0 David Wilson
Adam Hunt 5-2 Ben Davies
Ritchie Edhouse 5-3 Steve Turner
Darrell Claydon 5-3 Darren Place
Terry Temple 5-1 Ashley Hykin
Damian Smith 5-2 John Crossley
Diogo Portela 5-2 Glenn Fitzpatrick
Eddie Dootson 5-2 Steve Perkins
Steve Atkinson 5-2 Mareno Michels
John Newland 5-0 Sheamus Hagan
Peter Martin 5-2 Richie Walsh
Jeffrey Bekema 5-2 Roger Scrivens
Ricky Williams 5-2 Lee Evans
Derek Brand 5-1 Paul Burrows
Tony Randell 5-2 Simon Cassidy
Barry Tym 5-4 Richard Baillie
Karl Merchant 5-1 Garath Illidge
Chris Quantock 5-2 Paul Barham
Stephen Gow 5-3 Jamie Guilfoyle

Last 256
John Bowles 5-1 Justin Broton
Fabian Herz 5-1 Paul Goodwin
Colin Fowler 5-4 Callum Loose
Antonio Alcinas 5-3 Michael Malone
Dyson Parody 5-1 Garry Spedding
Harry Robinson 5-1 Callum Mackay
Robert Marijanovic 5-2 Trevor Burkhill
Kevin Lane 5-2 Lars Reinecke
Bernd Roith 5-4 Michael Rasztovits
Jack Hill 5-4 Warrick Scheffer
Jeffrey De Graaf 5-0 Par Riihonen
Ricky Sudale 5-1 Jeffrey van de Ven
Dick van Dijk 5-1 Peter Manley
Daniel Smith 5-4 Martin Thomas
Ben Adams 5-1 Lee Whitworth
Nigel Lamb 5-3 John Power
Paul Rowley 5-1 Simon Burt
Jay Murphy 5-2 Scott Taylor
Mark Oosterhuis 5-3 Jordan Patterson
Duvaan Ata 5-4 Jamie Landon
Alex Chubb 5-3 James Hubbard
Ian Withers 5-2 Ron Meulenkamp
Brian Woods 5-2 Lee Moffat
Marko Kantele 5-0 Colin Osborne
Dave Ladley 5-1 Antony Lopez
Paul Bettney 5-2 Andy Hutchings
Ryan Harrington 5-1 Lee Cusworth
Zoran Lerchbacher 5-0 Jordan Johnston
Mark Thorne 5-4 Leo Hendriks
Ian Lever 5-4 Per Laursen
Steve Hine 5-3 Richard Calvert
Robert McKenzie 5-3 Craig Lewis
Mark Walsh 5-0 Paul Murray
Jay Foreman 5-1 Ryan Short
James Hajdar 5-3 Andrew McAllister
Pete Dyos 5-3 Nick Fullwell
Jon Jukes 5-4 David Dodds
Thom Humphrey 5-4 Rene Eidams
Brett Claydon 5-4 John Michael
Mark Hylton 5-1 Arron Wike
Gary Stone 5-1 Kai Gotthardt
Sam Head 5-2 Kevin Bambrick
Simon Stevenson 5-2 Barrie Bates
Peter Walford 5-0 Michael Furlani
Ted Evetts 5-0 Shaun Lovett
Jason Tarry 5-3 Stuart Millar
Jason Marriott 5-3 Declan Salter
Chris McTernan 5-2 Jorg Hofmann
Daniel Ayres 5-3 John Court
Mick Todd 5-1 Rohit Rabadia
Ian Moss 5-4 Vernon Sheppard
Jamie Bain 5-4 Scott Dale
Kirk Shepherd 5-1 Ryan Palmer
Matthew Golding 5-3 Stuart Stubbs
Shane Reidy 5-4 Michael Harrison
Lee Shewan 5-3 Matt Clark
Robert Owen 5-0 Kentaro Suzuki
Tony Newell 5-4 Manuel Vilerio
Steve Brown 5-3 Kurt Parry
Sven Groen 5-2 Joshua Clements
Allan Candlish 5-2 Shane Harvey
Les Marson 5-3 Mike Symes
Ray Campbell 5-1 Kelvin Hart
Ernie Brown 5-2 Matt Padgett
Tony Oak 5-4 Richard Boucher
Peter Hudson 5-4 Mark Wilson
Dennis Smith 5-3 Simon Preston
Kevin Simm 5-2 Jamie Gemmell
David Fatum 5-0 James Welding
Michael Beal 5-0 Ewan Hyslop
Ryan De Vreede 5-4 Evander Stevenson
Ross Smith 5-4 Jerry Hendriks
Colin Littlecott 5-2 Mark Lawrence
Michael Barnard 5-3 Richie Howson
Michael Dawson 5-1 Nicholas Ellis
Andy Parsons 5-0 Michael Gans
Joey Palfreyman 5-1 Rhys Jackson
Karl Forrington 5-2 David Copley
Nick Jones 5-3 Mark Forman
Jamie Kelling 5-1 Mick Hasse
Kevin Thomas 5-0 Joe Croft
Ron Schouten 5-1 Steve Randall
Mark Barilli 5-2 Luke Woodhouse
Joey Ten Berge 5-1 Richard Hosey
Michael Power 5-1 Thomas Quinn
Andrew Wood 5-3 Dylan Duo
Paul Boyle 5-1 Gareth Thomas
Michael Pearson 5-4 John Porter
James Young 5-1 Roxy-James Rodriguez
Robert Rickwood 5-2 Robert Thompson
Ben Ward 5-2 Chris Hill
Chris Hartrey 5-4 Marc Dewsbury
Bradley Williams 5-0 Stephen Butkeraitis
Ross Rimmer 5-2 Andrew Johnson
Lee Watts 5-3 Kiernan Devine
Steven Smith 5-2 Jonathan Worsley
Stephen Gallimore 5-4 Christian Bober
Michael Baynham 5-4 Cory Evans
Yuji Eguchi 5-0 Campbell Jackson
Ryan Meikle 5-1 Ben Simpson
Tommy Legius 5-4 Christopher Dale
Michael Burgoine 5-0 Daniel Godfrey
Mark Stephenson 5-2 Adam Smith-Neale
Rhys Hayden 5-0 Arron Fairweather
Yuki Yamada 5-1 Kieran Evans
Ciaran Sullivan 5-2 Matthew Hayes
Vincent Kamphuis 5-3 Mick McGowan
Ritchie Edhouse 5-0 Adam Hunt
Carl Moorhouse 5-0 Matthew Twyford
Martyn Turner 5-3 David Jamieson
Terry Temple 5-0 Darrell Claydon
Diogo Portela 5-4 Damian Smith
Stephen Limer 5-1 Jeffrey Beekhuis
David Simpson 5-2 Daniel Starkey
Mark Dudbridge 5-4 Eddie Dootson
Steve Atkinson 5-2 John Newland
Mark Baxter 5-2 Sam Pennington
Rhys Griffin 5-2 Andreas Hajimina
Peter Martin 5-4 Coni Singh Nagi
Ricky Williams 5-2 Jeffrey Bekema
Anthony Brown 5-1 Jack Todd
Dave Honey 5-4 Eddie White
Adam Huckvale 5-4 Derek Brand
Tony Randell 5-0 Barry Tym
Marvin Wehder 5-0 Sam Thompson
Michael Blake 5-3 Martin Lukeman
Karl Merchant 5-0 Karsten Kornath
Stephen Gow 5-3 Chris Quantock

Last 128
John Bowles 5-2 Fabian Herz
Colin Fowler 5-0 Antonio Alcinas
Harry Robinson 5-2 Dyson Parody
Robert Marijanovic 5-2 Kevin Lane
Bernd Roith 5-3 Jack Hill
Ricky Sudale 5-4 Jeffrey De Graaf
Dick van Dijk 5-1 Daniel Smith
Nigel Lamb 5-4 Ben Adams
Paul Rowley 5-3 Jay Murphy
Mark Oosterhuis 5-2 Duvaan Ata
Ian Withers 5-1 Alex Chubb
Brian Woods 5-4 Marko Kantele
Paul Bettney 5-2 Dave Ladley
Zoran Lerchbacher 5-3 Ryan Harrington
Mark Thorne 5-3 Ian Lever
Steve Hine 5-3 Robert McKenzie
Mark Walsh 5-2 Jay Foreman
Pete Dyos 5-4 James Hajdar
Jon Jukes 5-0 Thom Humphrey
Brett Claydon 5-2 Mark Hylton
Gary Stone 5-3 Sam Head
Simon Stevenson 5-2 Peter Walford
Ted Evetts 5-1 Jason Tarry
Jason Marriott 5-2 Chris McTernan
Mick Todd 5-1 Daniel Ayres
Ian Moss 5-4 Jamie Bain
Kirk Shepherd 5-0 Matthew Golding
Lee Shewan 5-1 Shane Reidy
Robert Owen 5-2 Tony Newell
Sven Groen 5-3 Steve Brown
Allan Candlish 5-1 Les Marson
Ray Campbell 5-4 Ernie Brown
Peter Hudson 5-0 Tony Oak
Kevin Simm 5-2 Dennis Smith
Michael Beal 5-3 David Fatum
Ross Smith 5-0 Ryan De Vreede – Ross Smith hits nine-dart finish
Colin Littlecott 5-4 Michael Barnard
Andy Parsons 5-3 Michael Dawson
Joey Palfreyman 5-2 Karl Forrington
Jamie Kelling 5-2 Nick Jones
Kevin Thomas 5-3 Ron Schouten
Mark Barilli 5-1 Joey Ten Berge
Michael Power 5-2 Andrew Wood
Paul Boyle 5-4 Michael Pearson
Robert Rickwood 5-1 James Young
Chris Hartrey 5-0 Ben Ward
Bradley Williams 5-3 Ross Rimmer
Steven Smith 5-2 Lee Watts
Stephen Gallimore 5-3 Michael Baynham
Yuji Eguchi 5-4 Ryan Meikle
Michael Burgoine 5-4 Tommy Legius
Rhys Hayden 5-1 Mark Stephenson
Yuki Yamada 5-1 Ciaran Sullivan
Ritchie Edhouse 5-3 Vincent Kamphuis
Martyn Turner 5-3 Carl Moorhouse
Terry Temple 5-2 Diogo Portela
Stephen Limer 5-4 David Simpson
Mark Dudbridge 5-2 Steve Atkinson
Rhys Griffin 5-1 Mark Baxter
Ricky Williams 5-1 Peter Martin
Dave Honey 5-2 Anthony Brown
Tony Randell 5-3 Adam Huckvale
Marvin Wehder 5-4 Michael Blake
Stephen Gow 5-1 Karl Merchant

Last 64
John Bowles 5-2 Colin Fowler
Harry Robinson 5-1 Robert Marijanovic
Ricky Sudale 5-4 Bernd Roith
Dick van Dijk 5-1 Nigel Lamb
Mark Oosterhuis 5-3 Paul Rowley
Brian Woods 5-2 Ian Withers
Zoran Lerchbacher 5-2 Paul Bettany
Steve Hine 5-1 Mark Thorne
Mark Walsh 5-3 Pete Dyos
Brett Claydon 5-3 Jon Jukes
Simon Stevenson 5-4 Gary Stone
Ted Evetts 5-2 Jason Marriott
Ian Moss 5-2 Mick Todd
Lee Shewan 5-4 Kirk Shepherd
Robert Owen 5-1 Sven Groen
Alan Candlish 5-0 Ray Campbell
Peter Hudson 5-3 Kevin Simm
Ross Smith 5-2 Michael Beal
Andy Parsons 5-2 Colin Littlecott
Joey Palfreyman 5-3 Jamie Kelling
Mark Barilli 5-3 Kevin Thomas
Michael Power 5-0 Paul Boyle
Chris Hartrey 5-4 Robert Rickwood
Steven Smith 5-2 Bradley Williams
Yuji Eguchi 5-1 Stephen Gallimore
Rhys Hayden 5-3 Michael Burgoine
Ritchie Edhouse 5-4 Yuki Yamada
Martyn Turner 5-3 Terry Temple
Mark Dudbridge 5-2 Stephen Limer
Ricky Williams 5-4 Rhys Griffin
Dave Honey 5-4 Tony Randell
Marvin Wehder 5-4 Stephen Gow

Last 32
John Bowles 5-1 Harry Robinson
Dick van Dijk 5-4 Ricky Sudale
Brian Woods 5-4 Mark Oosterhuis
Steve Hine 5-2 Zoran Lerchbacher
Brett Claydon 5-3 Mark Walsh
Simon Stevenson 5-1 Ted Evetts
Ian Moss 5-1 Lee Shewan
Robert Owen 5-1 Alan Candlish
Ross Smith 5-1 Peter Hudson
Andy Parsons 5-2 Joey Palfreyman
Mark Barilli 5-4 Michael Power
Steven Smith 5-4 Chris Hartrey
Rhys Hayden 5-1 Yuji Eguchi
Ritchie Edhouse 5-2 Martyn Turner
Ricky Williams 5-2 Mark Dudbridge
Marvin Wehder 5-3 Dave Honey

Last 16
John Bowles 5-3 Dick van Dijk
Brian Woods 5-1 Steve Hine
Simon Stevenson 5-1 Brett Claydon
Robert Owen 5-1 Ian Moss
Andy Parsons 5-3 Ross Smith
Mark Barilli 5-1 Steven Smith
Rhys Hayden 5-0 Ritchie Edhouse
Ricky Williams 5-4 Marvin Wehder

Last Eight
John Bowles 5-2 Brian Woods
Simon Stevenson 5-4 Robert Owen
Andy Parsons 5-4 Mark Barilli
Ricky Williams 5-4 Rhys Hayden

Tour Card Winners
John Bowles
Simon Stevenson
Andy Parsons
Ricky Williams