Darts World Secure Danish Collaboration.

Darts World has always looked further afield than its home audience. From its beginnings, in 1972, the magazine has sought to provide a snapshot of as much of the ‘Darts World’ as possible.

A ‘great Dane’ Per Laursen has carried the flag for Denmark many years, but new players are coming through.

The newly re-invigorated publication is again seeking to build relationships with friends and partners across the globe.

The DW team is delighted to report a newly agreed collaboration between ourselves and Denmarks, No.1 darts site, Dartnyheder.dk. A Darts World spokesperson said:

“Darts World has always sought good relations and mutual cooperation with a publication, governing bodies throughout darts.

We are delighted to cooperate with a site as devoted to darts as dartnyheder.dk

The growth of mainland Europe’s dart scene, over the last decade, has been rapid and extensive. The Nordic/Scandinavian arena has provided an increasing number of talented players and an affiliated (PDC) tour of its own.

Juniorlandstræneren efter ECY: Vi havde håbet på mere – dartnyheder.dk
Danish and Scandinavian players have been making a big impact in recent years.

Darts World hopes to provide its new friends with content and entertainment for their readers whilst, at the same time, offering a detailed window into the fast developing Danish/Scandinavian darting sphere.

Daniel Thybol said:

Thank you to Darts World ……I’m very excited about the new possibilities and our new cooperation.

Daniel hopes to expand the arrangement to include more PDCNB information and insight. We look forward to a thriving relationship in the coming years.

Ochepedia Adds To Darts World’s Number!

HE’S the man who, arguably, knows the dart players better than they know themselves. For every thud of the board around the competitive game, a stat is accumulated in the northeastern United States town of Bee Gees hit fame Massachusetts.

Master of ‘The Numbers Game’.

That stat is produced by Christopher Kempf, widely-recognised now as Ochepedia. Kempf is the go-to legend of the sport, used by the Professional Darts Corporation and often-referred to on TV by commentators Rod Mardle and Wayne Mardle.

Now the official statistician of darts has joined the official voice of darts. Kempf will now bring his incredible and unrivalled source of information to Darts World. The king of numbers is ushering in a new era of the sport, analysis to the extreme. Chris joins Darts World as a contributor across a wide range of darting areas. He is also leading the development of popular stats site dartsdatabase.com

The arrows have never seen such pinpoint accuracy since King Harold took one in the eye at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

If Kempf had been around then, he probably would have expected the Normans to take that route with a 46 percent success rate. But nowadays instead of the Bayeux Tapestry, being that source of information, it’s now the man Ochepedia himself, in Darts World.

Kempf admits he had never even looked at the sport until five years ago when he watched a YouTube video of Michael van Gerwen hitting 17 perfect darts at the Alexandra Palace.

Now he conducts a fascinating insight into the working brain on the oche. He will bring his unique plethora of graphs, tables, and data to the longest-serving darts magazine in the world – where he belongs.

Darts World Team: SportsJourno Tom Joins Up.

Sports journalist Tom Beresford, 32, has become the latest member of the Darts World team. Tom will be joining as a writer, and contributor, offering his knowledge and experience across a range of areas.

Thanks to recent new investment, Darts World is aiming to provide our readers with original and varied content across a range of media and platforms. Tom is an experienced journalist with a background football and darts.

He has written for various magazines and newspapers as well as interviewing some of the world’s best dart players. He has appeared on BBC Five Live on several occasions. In addition, he has hosted podcasts assisted darts management teams with various tasks and even commentated on live darts.

Tom will also add considerable playing ability to the “Darts World All-Stars” he is a very keen player who throws to quite a high level. Indeed, he reached the L16 of a recent Rileys’ UK Open Qualifier!

All the Darts World family would like to take this opportunity of welcoming Tom and wish him every success as he builds his new role.

Lannings Complete Family Circle: Award-Winning Journalists Join Darts World Team.

Following their recent change in ownership, Darts World is reasserting our position, as ‘The Official Voice of Darts’, with two major additions to the DW team.

Award winning journalist Phil Lanning (right) with his father Dave. Both have made outstanding contributions to telling the story of darts.

As well as exciting plans, for later in 2020, including an all-new magazine and the development of a wide range of new platforms the team is also adding talent and experience to their writing, reporting, and production team.

Phil Lanning has been writing and reporting on darts for almost thirty years. His knowledge of the darts scene, and its characters, is perhaps second to none. Phil is delighted to join the new Darts World team and bring his expertise and experience to a publication that holds a special place in his heart. Phil’s father, the legendary commentator and journalist Dave Lanning wrote for Darts World during the 1980s and was one of the major voices to popularise darts during its first ‘golden era’.

Pic Drop! Taylor Lanning shows his creative image skills! (pic: Taylor Lanniing!)

To complete the family circle we are also delighted to welcome Taylor Lanning, Phil’s son, and Dave’s grandson, to the fold. Taylor is a highly respected pictorial journalist and will be joining as chief photographer.

A Darts World spokesperson said:

It is amazing to think that three generations, of the Lanning family, have been involved with making darts World ‘the Official Voice of Darts’.

Wood You Believe It? Darts World Cover Star Reflects.

LUKE WOODHOUSE has made headlines all over the world…from his kitchen. The World No.57 is the biggest story of the PDC Home Tour so far after landing a perfect nine-dart leg in a win over double major winner Gerwyn Price.

DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover
DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover

Woody, 31, was big news in all the national newspapers and even made headlines in the Washington Post – all from darts thrown next to his cooker!

Now the Darts World cover star for May is getting ready for the last 32 of the Home Tour against former World Champion Rob Cross, Ryan Searle, and Daniel Larsson in a week’s time (May 30). He admitted: “I was straight off on the second night so it happened quite quickly.

 “My set-up is in the kitchen, it’s the only place in the house where it’s sort of suitable, I’ve got quite a big kitchen, there’s an alcove bit. “On the night I played I had to keep the wife and two kids out of the way, so they were in the living room!

“The stream was actually running a little bit behind so they actually heard me hit the nine-darter before they saw it on their phone watching in the other room.“To be honest when I did it, I didn’t think too much about it. As far as I’m concerned I’m just throwing darts at home in the kitchen. I didn’t know how many people would be watching.

“It’s gone a bit crazy. It’s been great that the fans have been able to watch some live darts, it’s brilliant and for the players as well to be doing something half competitive.”

Check out Luke’s 9-Darter here: https://video.pdc.tv

Bewdley battler Woody KO’d Michael Smith in the World Championship before losing out 4-2 to Dimtri Van den Bergh, suffering from a heavy cold. But now he hopes this latest tournament success can up his belief for greater success. He added: “Hopefully I can be the At Home champion of the world. It’ll be lovely if something positive comes out of it. “It will also be good if it gives me a kick start and pushes my confidence up even further. 

“Lockdown’s not been too bad, I get to spend more time with the family than I usually would if I was travelling up and down the country. “We’ve been doing a bit of homeschooling with the kids, plenty to do even though we have been stuck indoors.”

Phil Lanning| 5-times award-winning journalist/publicist

Picks – L Lustig/PDC

Darts World Freemium Day 3: Duzza Three-Peats Himself!

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Our unforgettable February 2019 issue featured Glen Durrant’s historic ‘three-peat’ in the Lakeside World Championship, the JDC World Cup and the great John Lowe’s MBE.

The magazine also includes some great features on that years’ World Championships and a very interesting profile of Peter Wright, with the author debating whether he would remain in the top 4!

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The selected issues cover much of the darting drama from across the globe over the last five years, whilst we’ve also included some bonus vintage issues.

That Freemium Feeling! Read 50 Issues of Darts World Free of Charge.

At a tough time for us all, we are delighted to offer darts fans free access to over 50 past issues of Darts World for the remaining duration of the current Covid-19 dominated period:

DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover
DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover

The selected issues cover much of the darting drama from across the globe over the last five years, whilst we’ve also included some bonus older issues.

We will even include our ‘skinny’ May 2020 issue that our team have heroically produced under the full weight of the current lockdown.

Darts World Magazine has brought darts fans news, results, opinions and reports from every corner of the darting world for nearly half a century. We are committed to covering every level of the game from PDC global superstars to the amateur leagues throughout the world.

Whatever your darting interest, there’ll be something for you!

With a recent change in ownership, Darts World is embarking on a new era in its history and exciting times lie ahead, including some innovative developments that are coming this summer. Make sure you keep up to date at dartsworld.com

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Darts World Completes Exciting Takeover!

Darts World, the oldest and most widely read magazine in the sport will continue its proud heritage with news of an exciting new takeover.

Part of the ongoing plans include a comprehensive new print schedule and a massive range of engaging digital content.

A spokesperson for the new Darts World said:

Our latest magazine will be available very soon and we’re very excited to be working with all our writers, readers, subscribers, and sponsors that have supported us for the last 45 years.

We are extremely grateful for all the relationships that have made Darts World What It Is, and are looking forward to an exciting future!

Darts World / Winmau Player of the Month – Lucy Wilson.

Congratulations to Lucy Wilson of Swansea who has become the latest Darts World Player of the Month. Lucy will also be added to our hall of fame.

Pro Line by Winmau

Lucy will win a set of Winmau Pro Line Darts.

Don’t forget to get your nominations in before the end of each month here:

  • @darts_world
  • potm@dartsworld.com
  • www.facebook.com/dartsworldmagazine

Grab you digital copy or choose a subscription here: http://www.dartsworld.com/product/magazine/

Welcome to Andrew Devonshire – Our Latest Contributor.

We at dartsworld.com are delighted to welcome Andrew Devonshire. 2020 is going to be an important year, for Darts World, as we look to provide more content, of a varied nature, across all our platforms.

Andrew Devonshire will be contributing across our platforms. Look out for Devonshire’s Talking Points!

Andrew is a renowned darts writer with a wealth of darts knowledge, and expertise, bringing to our platforms everything the dedicated darts fan wants to see and read. Andrew hails from Bridgend, South Wales, a hot bed of darting tradition.

He has contributed to Darts World Magazine in the past as well as many other publications. He has also assisted the PDPA, in developing their website, together with the fanzone section and newsletter.

Andrew has a wide sporting knowledge and has concentrated on both the BDO and the PDC at various points in the past.

Look out for regular contributions from Andrew, he is passionate about darts, has a lot to say and enjoys nothing more than a good discussion.

Follow Andrew – @A_Devonshire180