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Darts – The Dating Game?

Apparently, in some regions, it is not unusual for a player to take his/her ‘date’ to a specific darts venue and enjoy quality time on the board! No ‘Wrong Bed’ jokes, please!

Lorraine Winstanley . Photo: BDO

The team at are constantly reviewing and putting together material, from across the globe, for our publications. A section of a recent submission caught our eye. Somewhat to our surprise, it appears that darts, in this case, soft-tip, is becoming a romantic activity for couples to enjoy together.

Daniel Gray and Bruce Thomas are preparing a series of articles following the Asian Soft-Tip Scene which we hope will prove popular and informative. In their general introduction, they outline some of the features of the soft tip world.

Here is the section that caught our attention:

It may be surprising to a western audience but, darts is also very often a couples or dating event in Japan. Many men bring a ‘date’ to play darts at a venue. The soft tip game is considered ‘user-friendly’ for all types of people and players. One reason for this is that the basic game of soft tip darts is much less complicated and challenging than the steel tip game. 

Put simply, the outer bull and inner bull both score 50 points, meaning a player is still rewarded full points (instead of 25) for “trying your best” and just missing the bull. Additionally, don’t expect any high-pressure double-out shootouts in ’01 games as the Japanese have never heard of the ‘double-out’ rule. Yes, you can win by even hitting a single 1! 

Another important difference to the steel game is that a soft board has a larger circumference meaning also that double, triple, and the bull itself is significantly bigger than their sisal (steel tip) equivalents. This, in turn, means big scoring becomes much easier to the inexperienced player (a lucky bull or triple is common!)

Although many of us at Darts World can remember playing darts with former, or current partners, none of us recalls darts forming part of our dating rituals? Obviously, Lorraine and Dean Winstanley may have a tale or two to tell?

We wondered if any readers had darting date memories?


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Forthcoming Article by: Daniel Gray and Bruce Thomas