Big Names Rally Around Fallon:

FALLON SHERROCK became the latest victim of social media abuse after a fan called her a “s***” and “slag” following an online defeat. The yob messaged Sherrock “Your so s*** you slag” and also “I’d love to stamp on your ugly head”. Sherrock responded on Twitter: “All I did was not win a game of darts, this is so wrong.”

Laura Turner also hit back on Twitter, saying:

“Seeing so much of this at the moment…absolutely disgusting. @Fsherrock – you’re playing fab darts and you’re a beautiful person on and off the oche…

don’t let this idiot or anyone else make you think differently.”


Jamie Caven added: “Disgusting….. we’ve all been on the end of it at some point, and more than likely due to a bet going wrong. It’s peoples choice to bet, but the players are just doing their job. These trolls ruin social media for the real fans.”

Sky Sports commentator Stuart Pyke backed her as well saying: “Absolutely disgusting. Report him straight away and stay strong Fallon.”

ITV presenter Jacqui Oatley tweeted:

“I’d love to stamp on your ugly head,” says the big guy with his cute little girl in his profile pic.

What would he do to someone who sent a similar message to his daughter when she’s older? 

It’s not the first time Sherrock, who also drew with Glen Durrant in the Premier League earlier this year, has been given abuse.

World No.1 Michael Van Gerwen is in the same Modus Sports stable as Sherrock and has helped her deal with the pressures of instant fame.

And several of the game’s superstars have reached out to her with guidance after nasty trolls subjected her to social media abuse.

It has also been revealed that Luke Humphries received abuse from the same yob which stated: “Hope you die you c***” and “you cheating w*****, should be banned for life, fat p****”.

Sherrock Suffers Sick “S***” Online Abuse!

FALLON SHERROCK became the latest victim of social media abuse after a fan called her a “s***” and “slag” following an online defeat.

The Milton Keynes star, who became the first woman to beat a man in the World Championships, got the stick on Twitter yesterday.

In a direct message the yob messaged Sherrock “Your so s*** you slag” and also “I’d love to stamp on your ugly head”.

Sherrock responded on Twitter:

“All I did was not win a game of darts, this is so wrong.”

Fellow online playing star David Evans leapt to her defence and stated: “I completely feel your pain, Fallon”. 

“I get them too and it is so wrong just because they have lost 50p on a bet. Just do what I do and block them and ignore it I know it’s hard to do but I’m doing this it lets them know that they haven’t got to you.”

Sky Sports commentator Stuart Pyke also added:

“Absolutely disgusting. Report is straight away and stay strong Fallon.”

It’s not the first time Sherrock, who also drew with Glen Durrant in the Premier League earlier this year, has been given abuse. World No.1 Michael Van Gerwen is in the same Modus Sports stable as Sherrock and has helped her deal with the pressures of instant fame.

And several of the game’s superstars have reached previously out to her with guidance after nasty trolls subjected her to social media abuse.

CELEBDARTY! Fallon adjusts to fame and maybe a jungle.

ARROWS queen Fallon Sherrock admits it would be easier to tackle eating bugs and face huge spiders on I’m A Celebrity than beat a man at the Ally Pally.

The Milton Keynes mum-of-one is still basking in the limelight after becoming the first woman to beat a man in the PDC World Championships and grab a draw with Glen Durrant in the Premier League.While her World Series debut has been put on ice until 2021, Sherrock admits she could be set for even bigger things off the oche.

She admits: “I think in the long run I might get some opportunities to push myself a bit further. I’m not really what just yet, I’m taking each day as it comes. I’ve had a couple of things come up, I’m not going to say anything because they’re not confirmed yet. Fingers crossed.“Obviously any opportunity like that if it came my way, I’d take it. I think everyone would take it if they got the opportunity. I’ve never been afraid to challenge myself, so anything different I will go for it. I’m so excited to see what happens in the future. “I can dance, a little bit. Can I eat bugs? Yes no problem. Spider and heights are much easier than beating a man at the Ally Pally, any day of the week!”

Sherrock has been flooded with messages from celebs since her wins over Ted Evetts and Mensur Suljovic at the Ally Pally including Billie Jean King and Sex In The City star Sarah Jessica Parker. She even played in a celeb event with Italian football legend Luca Toni.

Sherrock added: “It has started to sink in the amount of messages I had from people. It’s disbelief to get messages from these massive people and they know who I am. They are talking about me. I’m just a normal person. It’s just incredible. I’m so proud and happy with everything. “I’ve had a lot from Jacqui Oatley, she was messaging me support throughout the Worlds. I’ve met some more celebs, I played darts with Luca Toni in Germany, he was awesome. He congratulated me. I’ve had so much, I’ve lost count.”

Sherrock, who has certainly backed up her stage performances with impressive lockdown online displays, admits she’s suddenly got a big target on her back.

But she dismisses any suggestion that the pressure is too much on her shoulders, adding: “It’s not really been that difficult. I have got a target on my back now, I never had that before. Instead of people saying ‘I’ve got to play her, it’s fine’, now everyone wants to beat Fallon Sherrock, she is the one we want to beat.“I’m so happy about that in one way because it means I’ve got a game on my hands and I always like to be pushed as much as I can. In that respect I’m really happy.

“I don’t take any notice of stuff said on social media. If I see anything negative I just don’t read it. If anything it just spurs me on a bit more. I want to prove everyone wrong and makes me even more determined. I know what I can do, I’ve just never had the opportunity to prove it before.“I’ve possibly got a bit more pressure on me but I don’t put pressure on myself. I just try and ignore everything going on around me and play my own darts.“

I’m really happy that Lisa Ashton got the tour card it proves again that us women can compete with the men. Now there’s two women that are going to beat the men.“Getting through Q School is such a hard thing to do so that was an achievement in itself for Lisa. I feel so proud and positive that she will go week-in, week-out and so us proud. It’s only going to push the ladies’ game even further. It’s all positives.”

World No.1 Michael Van Gerwen is in the same Modus Sports stable as Sherrock and has helped her deal with the pressures of instant fame.And several of the game’s superstars have reached out to her with guidance after nasty trolls subjected her to social media abuse. But criticism from keyboard warriors is nothing compared to the battle mum-of-one Sherrock faces in looking after autistic son Rory. Not that the five-year-old has any moans about his mum’s new hectic lifestyle.

She added: “I’ve explained to him what I’m doing when I’m going away and he loves it. Now he just wants to try and play darts and always try and hit the bullseye!“All through the week though it’s mummy’s rules for him and then he’s away at my mum’s and he’s got no rules, he sees it as a little holiday. So he’s loving life at the moment.“I feel like I’m doing this all for him. It was hard for me being away from him. But I call him on FaceTime three times every day I’m away. So I still feel like I’m there. It’s working well at the moment.

“I’m doing all this work for him. I want to do this for the long run, for his future.

It just makes me want to carry on and do my best.”

Pix: Taylor Lanning.

US Darts Masters Re-Scheduled.

The 2020 US Darts Masters, which was scheduled for June 5-6 in the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden, has been postponed and moved back to June 4-5 2021.


The sport’s top stars, led by current World Champion Peter Wright, world number one Michael van Gerwen and history-maker Fallon Sherrock, were set to take on leading players from North America in June as the PDC’s World Series of Darts visited New York for the first time.

With the global restrictions currently in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the decision has been made to move the US Darts Masters and North American Championship back 12 months to be staged on June 4-5 2021.

All original tickets will be honored for the corresponding session of the 2021 event.

“There was huge excitement about taking the US Darts Masters to Madison Square Garden, not just from the players set to compete in June but also across the wider North American darting community,” said PDC Chief Executive Matthew Porter.

“However, with the ongoing worldwide situation we felt that the right decision was to postpone the World Series’ visit to New York for 12 months.

“This decision only strengthens our resolve to make the 2021 US Darts Masters and North American Championship a success as part of our global World Series of Darts tour.”

The US Darts Masters will begin on Friday June 4 2021 with the first round, as the eight PDC representatives take on the eight North American representatives.

The afternoon session on Saturday June 5 will then see the North American Championship take place, as the eight North American representatives compete in their own knockout event.

The US Darts Masters then concludes in the evening session on Saturday June 5 with the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final.

Tickets purchased for the original dates will remain valid for the equivalent session of the new dates. Ticket information is available through Ticketmaster.

Nordic Masters Rearranged – New Dates For Inaugural Event.

The inaugural PDC World Series of Darts event in Copenhagen has been moved back four months, with the Nordic Darts Masters now to be stage d on October 23-24.

Official PDC Logo

The sport’s top stars, led by World Champion Peter Wright and world number one Michael van Gerwen, were set to take on leading players from across the Nordic & Baltic region on June 12-13 at Forum Copenhagen.

With the global restrictions currently in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the decision has been made to move the Nordic Darts Masters to be staged later in 2020.

The inaugural event at Forum Copenhagen will begin on Friday October 23 with the first round, which sees the eight PDC stars drawn against the eight regional representatives.

The tournament then concludes with two sessions on Saturday October 24, with the quarter-finals in the afternoon session followed by the semi-finals and final in the evening session.

The four PDC Tour Card Holders from the Nordic & Baltic region retain their places in the tournament, with Lithuania’s Darius Labanauskas – a World Championship quarter-finalist this year – joined by Finland’s Marko Kantele, Sweden’s Daniel Larsson and Latvia’s Madars Razma in competing.

Three Danish representatives will also compete in the tournament, with the final place being awarded to a PDCNB qualifier.

FALLON SHERROCK Pic: Christopher Dean

The PDC representatives are also set to include Fallon Sherrock, who created history and worldwide headlines as the first woman to win at the PDC World Championship in December.

Tickets purchased for the original dates of the Nordic Darts Masters will remain valid for the equivalent session of the new dates. Refunds can be applied for through Ticketmaster (

2020 Nordic Darts Masters

  • Nordic & Baltic Representatives
  • Marko Kantele (Finland)
  • Darius Labanauskas (Lithuania)
  • Daniel Larsson (Sweden)
  • Madars Razma (Latvia)
  • 3x Danish Representatives + 1x Qualifier

Friday October 23

  • Evening Session
  • First Round

Saturday October 24

  • Afternoon Session
  • Quarter-Finals
  • Evening Session
  • Semi-Finals & Final

Sherrock Shines In Isle Of Man Weekend.

In what might be the last major darts gathering, for quite sometime, The Isle of Man festival took place recently, in Douglas. The longstanding event was held under the auspices of England Darts and the WDF.


Fallon Sherrock enjoyed a phenomenal weekend at the Isle of Man Darts Festival, claiming the three singles titles and the ladies pairs event, Beau Greaves was defeated in all four finals. After her efforts at the (PDC) World Championship, Premier League and appearance at the UK Open, Sherrock has returned to BDO events. The experience and efforts with the PDC have clearly boosted her.


The 25-year-old picked up the Isle of Man Classic (4-2), Open (4-2) and Masters (4-3), while also winning the ladies’ pairs with Casey Gallagher (3-2). Teenager Greaves was runner-up in all the three singles events, and with Deta Hedman in the pairs event.

Frenchman Tricole has had a high profile start to 2020, so far.

The Men’s events were taken by Thibault Tricole and Micheal Warburton respectively. Warburton defeated a resurgent Martin Adams in the final of the Open.

Luke Littler claimed the youth title overcoming Charlie Manby in the trophy match.

Former hairdresser Sherrock took to social media after the phenomenal weekend: ‘Ecstatic feeling today having won all 3 singles events and the pairs, full credit to Beau Greaves for her performances as well.’

Sherrock will rise to second in the BDO rankings, behind Greaves, and third within the WDF. The Queen of the Palace wil be back in PDC action in the World Series events, starting with the US Darts Masters on 5 June in New York and going to Copenhagen the following week.

A gap before the New South Wales Darts Masters, NZ Darts Masters and Queensland Darts Masters, all played in August, all of which will be shown on ITV4.

Fallon will play these events, however this will mean that she will miss any BDO events that are held, this will include the World Trophy, which co-insides with the competition in Queensland.

Patrick Chaplin’s: The Last Word. Women,World Champions And The BDO!

To give our online readers some extra material, during the current times of increased isolation and physical distancing, we are re publishing som epieces from recent editions of the Darts World Magazine (Print Edition). Below Is Patrick Chaplin’s from February:

Headliner Hogger? Fallon Sherrock
Pic: Christopher Dean / Scantech Media

So the World Championships are over for another year; one a spectacle, the other, well I’m not so sure…

But of course the one person who hogged all the headlines was Milton Keynes’ Fallon Sherrock and deservedly so. What a performance! You don’t need me to tell you the story. We all know that Fallon became the first female player to beat a top male player in a World Championship and went on to beat another before falling to a third. In all my years of writing about the ladies game I’ve never known anything like it and I guess neither have you.

The media response to Fallon’s breaking through the ‘glass ceiling’ was immense, even warranting column inches in The Economist magazine! Journalist Bo Franklin wrote

Ms Sherrock, a far cry from the beer-bellied blokes who used to typify the game, symbolises how, in recent years, darts has gone from a peculiar British pastime to an entertainment juggernaut with transatlantic ambitions.

This has been great for Fallon who will surely go on to even better things but it’s also so good for women’s darts. Now that women’s darts has attracted the world’s attention what will happen? How can the momentum be maintained? I was hoping that it would start with impressive ladies’ performances in the BDO World Championships which largely, I have to say, disappointed.

Sadly Fallon’s success was, if only temporarily, overshadowed by the BDO having to slash the prize money in its World Championships something that, it appears, warranted Fallon withdrawing from that tournament. Part of me felt disappointed for her and the sport of darts but the other part said “Good on you Fallon. You now have control.”

Fallon will now work with her management and the PDC (probably harder than she has ever worked before) and who knows where it may lead. Of course, other women have preceded her by qualifying for the PDC World Championships. I expect the best of them, including Lisa Ashton, Anastasia Dobromyslova and Mikuru Suzuki, to lead the rest of the pack into this new era of women’s darts. If the opportunities present themselves then I am absolutely sure they will embrace them and that many others will then follow.

Fallon has shown that it can be done. (We all knew it could. We just didn’t know exactly when.) A top woman player can beat top men. Now all we need is for a woman to go one better and become PDC World Champion, I guess not yet awhile, but having said that who thought Fallon could beat Ted Evetts, let alone 11th seed Mensur Suljovic and then give Chris Dobey a run for his money? Come on. Be honest!

2020 will be a very important year for women’s darts. Who’s to say they can’t emulate the success of women in cricket and football who have made great strides in their sports in such a relatively short space of time?

Just under the wire, of 50 years of age, Wright claimed his first World title.

Emotional scenes too when, at last, Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright lifted his first world title, so well-deserved. We’ve all watched him come so close but fail at the final hurdle. He desperately wanted to win the title before he was 50 and he did just that by the narrowest of margins (He reaches that age next month) but he also broke his duck by at last beating MvG in a major final. No more ‘The Nearly Man’, I can see Wrighty taking all before him this coming year buoyed up by that singular, vital win at Ally Pally and a new found confidence born of that success and guaranteed financial stability.

New Signings for 2020 include MVG & VVV!

And talking of MvG, I was thrilled to learn in early January that ‘Mighty Mike’ and his great friend Vincent van der Voort have both been signed by WINMAU. Reaction on social media has been incredible with many agreeing that WINMAU is by far the best place to be. How can I disagree with that? After all, WINMAU sponsor my research! No surprise though that business has been ‘crazy’ for MvG and Vincent’s products at WINMAU since the very moment of the announcements of the signings.

On a much sadder note it seems, at the time of writing, that the BDO is in turmoil and that January 2020 will go down in darts history as the month that the organisation responsible for making darts what it is today descended into terminal decline. I have no inside knowledge, and writing this a few days before the BDO World Championship ends, can only judge from what I read in the national newspapers, social media and the BDO website. PDC Chairman Barry Hearn, was reported in Metro as stating “They’re f***ed”.

Certainly that appears to be the case but part of me hopes that the organisation that started the ‘modern era’ for darts can think deeply about its future and, if it decides that it has one, goes about carefully redefining its purpose and reassessing its worth. Who knows? The BDO Board may decide that it can serve no useful purpose in which case then this previously ground-breaking darts organisation will, like the NDAGB before it, be consigned to the history books.

Can the BDO survive? I’d appreciate your views. However, it may well be that, by the time you read this, the question is purely academic.

Patrick Chaplin

Patrick is adarts historian, enthusiast and academic. His work is supported by Winmau and can be seen in fuller detail here.

Rileys Qualifiers Struggle At UK Open – Williams and Hayden Among Few Highlights.

The 2020 Ladbrokes UK Open featured sixteen Rileys ‘Amateur’ Qualifiers. These players qualified through the non professional route through qualifying events in Rileys clubs across the country. How are they doing in 2020?

PDC Getting Caught In The Crossfire: Cross Dazzles In Second Run To A Quarterfinal
Rob Cross made his first big impact at the UK Open – Could 2020 see another star born?

In recent years the qualifiers have had great success with Rob Cross, Barry Lynn and Paul Hogan reaching the later stages and going on to further success.

Darts World will be following this years group of qualifiers and seeing how the progress:

Jason Heaver – Out – Defeated in L128 by Kyle McKinstry
Jamie Clark – Out – Defeated at L160 by Rhys Hayden
Adam Huckvale – Out – Defeated at L160 stage by Stephan Burton
Kelvin Self- Out – Defeated by Leung at L160
Fallon Sherrock – Out – Defeated at L160 stage by Mike De Dekker
Scott Taylor – Out – Defeated by Cody Harris at L160
Adam Smith-Neale – Out – Defeated at L128 by Callan Rydz
Kevin Burness – Out – Defeated at L160 by Harald Liegtinger
Lewis Williams – Out L64- wins over Robert Owen and Adrian Gray!
Rhys Hayden – Out L64 – Wins over James Richardson and Alcinas

Robert Owen – Out – Defeated at L160 by fellow Rileys Qualifier Lewis Williams
Darren Beveridge – Out – Defeated at L160 by Nathan Rafferty
James Richardson – Out – Defeated by Rhys Hayden
Justin Smith – Out – Defeated 5-6 by Wesley Harms
Alfie Thompson – Out – Defeated in L160
Jason Askew – Out – L96 Defeated by Jelle Klassen

DW will regularly update this article until the last Rileys qualifier bows out of the event.

Featured pic: Lewis Williams – by L Lustig / PDC

OCHE Magazine: Issue II, Out Now!

For those who like their darts, with a dash of GQ style, the second edition of OCHE magazine is imminent.

A new vision. OCHE has certainly grabbed the attention of darts people.

The smooth, image laden publication is the pet project of sports journalist Phil Lanning with many of the images being provided by his son Taylor.

As the link above shows, readers can expect more big name interviews and a slick, glossy presentation.

It can only be good for our sport that a more varied media offering is available to fans, players and commercial partners. Good luck OCHE!

Nordic Masters 2020 – Full Details

World number one Michael van Gerwen, World Champion Peter Wright and history-maker Fallon Sherrock are among the eight PDC stars who will travel to Copenhagen for the 2020 Nordic Darts Masters in June.

The PDC’s World Series of Darts will visit Scandinavia for the first time on June 12-13 for the inaugural Nordic Darts Masters – tickets are available now through Ticketmaster.

The 16-player tournament will see eight top PDC stars come up against eight players from the region across two days of top-class action.


Joining Van Gerwen, Wright and Sherrock in Denmark will be two-time World Youth Champion Dimitri Van den Bergh, whose ability to shine on the biggest stages in the sport has seen him twice reach the quarter-finals of the World Championship and the final of the 2018 German Darts Masters.

Reigning US Darts Masters champion Nathan Aspinall will be joined by six-time World Series event winner Gary Anderson, while world number three Gerwyn Price and former World Champion Rob Cross complete the line-up.

World Championship quarter-finalist Darius Labanauskas and new Tour Card Holder Daniel Larsson will headline the eight local talents.

The eight Nordic & Baltic Representatives will include four PDC Tour Card Holders, led by Lithuania’s Labanauskas and Sweden’s Larsson, who came through the PDC Qualifying School.

Finland’s Marko Kantele and Latvia’s Madars Razma will also compete, with the remaining four places to be split among three Danish players and one qualifier.

The PDC players will take on the eight Nordic and Baltic representatives in round one of the Nordic Darts Masters on Friday June 12.

The action on Saturday June 13 will be held across two sessions, with the quarter-finals in the afternoon, followed by the semi-finals and final in the evening.

The World Series of Darts, promoted by the Professional Darts Corporation, incorporates a series of worldwide tournaments throughout each year, allowing local prospects their chance to challenge the biggest names in darts, with further events in 2020 to be held in New York, Australia and New Zealand.

Copenhagen’s arrival as a new destination on the World Series tour represents the great strides made by players in the Nordic and Baltic region over the past ten years, which has seen a number of players compete on the PDC tour.

Over 300,000 fans will attend PDC events annually, while the World Series has visited Dubai, Singapore, China and Japan since being introduced six years ago.

Tickets for the Nordic Darts Masters, which is being staged in conjunction with Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group), are available now through Ticketmaster.

2020 Nordic Darts Masters

PDC Representatives

Michael van Gerwen       Netherlands        Three-time World Champion

Peter Wright                     Scotland              2020 World Champion

Gerwyn Price                    Wales                   Two-time Grand Slam of Darts champion

Rob Cross                           England                2018 World Champion

Gary Anderson                 Scotland              Two-time World Champion

Nathan Aspinall                England                2019 US Darts Masters champion

Dimitri Van den Bergh    Belgium               Two-time World Youth Champion

Fallon Sherrock                England            First female to win at PDC World Championship

Nordic & Baltic Representatives

Marko Kantele                  Finland                 Seven-time World Cup of Darts competitor

Darius Labanauskas         Lithuania             2020 World Championship quarter-finalist

Daniel Larsson                  Sweden                Four-time World Cup of Darts competitor

Madars Razma                  Latvia                   2020 World Championship qualifier

3x Danish Representatives

1x Qualifier

2020 Nordic Darts Masters

Friday June 12

Evening Session

First Round

Saturday June 13

Afternoon Session


Evening Session

Semi-Finals & Final


Written by Josh Phillips