The Glamorgan Dragon Roars – Victory over Lincolnshire.

Glamorgan County Report. – Kev Jones.

Fortress Pennydarren again came into play against Lincolnshire in Glamorgan’s latest BICC Premier Division Match, with an overall result of 24-15.

The Ladies B lost 2-4, the win’s coming from Lady of the Match Michelle Jones 3-0 with a 19.03 average (hitting a 180 in the game) and Sue Hall 3-2 with an 18.43.

The Men’s B managed a 6-6 Draw, with win’s for Jeff Thomas 4-1 (23.97), Ralph Barnett 4-3 (23.32), Dan Thomas 4-0 (27.08), Dan Thompson 4-3 (24.12), Jeff Bass 4-1 (21.81) and Man of the Match Gareth Partridge 4-1 with a 27.13 average.

The Ladies A had their best result of the season with a 5-1 win against a strong Lincolnshire outfit win’s from Chris Savvery 3-2 (21.32), Lady of the Match Rhian O’Sullivan 3-0 with a 27.33 average, Rhian also hit two 180’s for good measure, Alannah Waters-Evans 3-1 (18.99), Jan Robbins 3-2 (20.77) and Claire Crocombe3-0 (15.18).

The Men’s A completed a great Sunday performance winning 8-4, their win’s coming from David Rogers 4-2(25.62), Lloyd Browning 4-1 (24.53), Man of the Match Shaun Dibbs 4-3 (28.99), Dale Hughes 4-1 (27.02),Dai Caller 4-0 with some excellent finishing to average 27.83, Wayne Davies 4-1 (28.85), Tim Jones 4-2 (28.40) and James Richards 4-0 (27.83).

In the Men’s B there were 180’s for Jeff Thomas (2), Dan Thomas (2), Keirion Carter (2) and one each for NeilParry, Ralph Barnett, Gareth Partridge and Clive Langford. With Ton plus finishes from Jeff Thomas 134,Ralph Barnett 121,Dan Thompson 120, Richie Edwards 110, and Josh Lloyd 100.

In the Men’s A there were 180’s for Lloyd Browning (3), David Rogers (2), Shaun Dibbs (2), and one each for Mike Huntley and Tim Jones. Ton plus outs came from Dai Caller 141 and 109, Dale Hughes 152 and David Rogers 100.

The Men’s League Premier Division Pontypridd are building up a lead at the top on 62 points followed by Maesteg. In second on 55 pts, Cwm Rhondda are third on 53pts but have a game in hand and Swansea A are fourth on 46.

In the First Division Porthcawl have the lead on 39 points, Swansea B are second on 33pts but have a game in Hand, Caerphilly are third on 32pts with Tonyrefail fourth on 30pts.

Leading the average table is Mike Huntley of Maesteg 36.03 Dynamic Average, second is Dale Hughes of Pontypridd on 35.87 D/A, third is Tim Jones of Briton Ferry A on 35.67 D/A and fourth is Rob Owen of Maesteg On 35.47 D/A.

The Ladies League has Valleys at the top on 38 points, Tonyrefail are second on 32, third are Swansea A30, Swansea B are fourth on 28 but have two games in hand, Kenfig Hill and Upper Afan Valley are on 24 pts But have one game in hand.

Leading the average Table is Rhian O’Sullivan (Swansea B) 28.47 Dynamic Average second is Eve Watson(Swansea B) on 26.13 D/A and third is Alannah Waters-Evans (Swansea B) on 26.09 D/A.

Dates for your Glamorgan Diary

28th /29th March BICC Northamptonshire (Home) Pennydarren Social Club

The Glamorgan Dragon – County & Open Event Review.

Glamorgan County Report:

Glamorgan still hold third spot overall in the BICC Premier Division despite losing 14-25 away at Lancashire, After an early start, the Ladies B were first to the Oche and struggled with only one hour to practice losing 2-4, wins from, Lady of the match, Eve Watson 3-2 (18.53) and Nicola Biddick 3-2 (16.85).

The men’s B got a 6-6 draw with win’s from Captain Richie Edwards 4-3 (24.99), Ralph Barnett 4-1 (25.55),

Tim Jones 4-2 (26.94), Keirion Carter 4-1 (25.72), Man of the Match Mark Challenger 4-0 (29.47) and Dai Caller

4-2 (26.99). There were 180’s for Neil Parry (2), and one each for Mark Challenger and Dai Caller and ton plus finishes for Mark Challenger 102 and Ralph Barnett 100.

The ladies A also had a 2-4 defeat their win’s coming from Lady of the match Chris Savvery 3-0 (20.88) and Rhian O’Sullivan 3-1 (16.97).

The Men’s A got off to a flyer with first on Graham Brooks getting Man of the Match with a 4-0 win and a 31.31 average, Cavan Phillips followed with a 4-2 win (27.05), Sean Fisher had a 4-0 victory (29.47), Lancashire took the next five sets before Dale Hughes won 4-2 with a 28.61 average.

There were 180’s for Graham Brooks, Shaun Dibbs, Mike Huntley, Lloyd Browning, Dale Hughes and Jeff Bass,With ton plus finishes for Lloyd Browning 112 and Dale Hughes 110.

Glamorgan have two away games next at Yorkshire and Warwickshire.

League Darts:

The men’s Premier Division is lead by Pontypridd on 48 points, second are Maesteg on 46 pts with Cwm Rhondda third on 41 pts, holding a game in hand, fourth are Briton Ferry A on 37 pts.

In the First Division Porthcawl have the lead on 34 points, Swansea B are second on 27 pts, but have a game in hand, also on 27 points are Tonyrefail and Caerphilly both having played eight games.

Leading the average table is Dale Hughes of Pontypridd 35.06 Dynamic Average, second is Mike Huntley of Maesteg on 34.93 D/A, third is Rob Owen of Maesteg on 34.76 D/A and fourth is Tim Jones, of Briton Ferry A, on 33.65 D/A.

The Ladies Super League sees Valleys at the top on 26 points, Tonyrefail are second on 22, third are Swansea B on 20, with a game in hand, Kenfig Hill and Upper Afan Valley are next on 18 and Swansea A, who also have a game in hand, are on 15.

Leading the average Table is Rhian O’Sullivan (Swansea B) 25.81 Dynamic Average second is Michelle Lloyd

(Kenfig Hill) on 24.48 D/A and third is Alannah Waters-Evans (Swansea B) on 24.42 D/A.

The Merthyr Open

Jim Williams claimed the tough to win Merthyr Open 2020.

This event saw the Champion and Runner up in the World Championship at the O2, do battle, just a few days earlier, at Merthyr Labour Club. Jim Williams came out on top beating Wayne Warren 6-3 in the Final.

Losing Semi Finalists: Nick Fullwell (Lincolnshire) and Rhys Griffin (Glamorgan).

Losing Quarter Finalists: Liam Johnson (Glamorgan), Gareth Dunn (Glamorgan, Kevin Thomas (Glamorgan) and Mark Layton (Breconshire).

Last 16: were Scott Bayliss, Brian Flew, Mark Challenger, Richard Langlois, Richie Burnett, Johnny Haines, Liam Meek and Geraint Thomas.

The Club would like to thank everybody for turning up and making the day a success and look forward to seeing you all next year.

The Bargoed Labour Club Open took place on New Years Day with a very good field and quality darts thrown all day.

The furthest Lady was Sue ‘sosage’ Price from Rhaeader, losing Semi-Finalists were Neil Lewis and Mark Layton.

Runner Up: Alex Small

Winner: Chris Aubrey.

Dates for your Diary

8th / 9th February BICC Yorkshire (Away)

Pentebach Open

15th February Hills Plymouth Cricket Club, Merthyr

29th /1st Feb March BICC Warwickshire (Away)


Return of The Dragon. Glamorgan County Report.

Kevin Davies dropped us this summary of Glamorgan’s recent efforts. If you have a review or reports, from County or Open darts events, send it to:

Glamorgan got off to a great start in the Premier Division match against Hampshire at Pennydarren Social Club Merthyr, with an overall win of 26-13.


The Ladies B started the weekend winning 4-2 with wins from Jan Robbins 3-0 and lady of the match with a 19.27 average, Claire Crocombe 3-2 with a 15.26 average, Joanne Pugh 3-1 with a 16.16 average and Sandra Quinn 3-2 with a 17.95 average.

The Men’s B followed up with an 8-4 win, the players getting the points were Shaun Dibbs 4-2 (28.24), Dai Powell 4-3 (26.98), Mike Huntley 4-1 (25.68), Daniel Thomas 4-3 (24.88), Hywel Manuel 4-0 (25.37), debutant Neil Parry 4-0, a Man of the Match effort from Dai Caller 4-3 which included three ton-plus outs of 164-141-101, to average 28.42, and Tim Jones 4-1 with a (25.94).

The Ladies A lost 2-4 with our points coming from Lady of the Match Rhian O’Sullivan 3-1 26.68 and Chris Savvery 3-1 with a 21.57 there were also 180’s from Rhian O’Sullivan and Eve Watson.

The Men’s A started slowly losing the first three sets but never looked back after that winning 9-3, with wins from Clive Langford 4-2 (26.68), Jeff Bass 4-0 (28.23), David Rogers 4-0 (28.23), Graham Brooks 4-1 (22.75), Dale Hughes 4-1 (28.80), Man of the Match James Richards 4-0 (30.83), Sean Fisher 4-3 (29.40) and Wayne Davies 4-1 (25.84).

In the Men’s B there were 180’s for Dai Powell (3) and Hywel Manuel (1) and in the Men’s A Keirion Carter, James Richards and Sean Fisher with two each and one each for Richie Edwards, Cavan Phillips, Graham Brooks and Dale Hughes. With ton-plus outs by Sean Fisher 132 and Lloyd Browning 116.


The Men’s Super League sees early pace setters Pontypridd lead the table on 22 points from last season’s Champions Cwm Rhondda on 21 points, third are Maesteg on 18 points and fourth are Treharris on 14 points.

In the First Division, Porthcawl and Caerphilly share top spot separated by leg count, from in third place Swansea B who have 9 points but have only played two games.

Leading the Average Tables is Dale Hughes (Pontypridd) with a 32.28 Dynamic Average, second is Rob Owen (Maesteg) 30.83 D/A, and in third place is James Richards (Pontypridd 30.63 D/A.


The Ladies Super League sees Valleys and Tonyrefail level on 8 points, Swansea A and Upper Afan Valley

Are next on 6 points with Swansea B on 5 points and Kenfig Hill on 2 points but the last two teams have only played one game. Leading the average table is Rhian O’Sullivan (Swansea B) 27.53 Dynamic Average second is Michelle Lloyd on (Kenfig Hill) 21.59 D/A and third is Nikki Biddick (Swansea B) on 21.39 D/A.


Dates for your Diary

2nd /3rd November BICC Essex (Home) Pennydarren Social Club, Merthyr

9th November Wattstown Open

10th November J K’s Briton Ferry Open

16th November Mountain Ash Open Nixons Club Mountain Ash

24th November J K’s Briton Ferry Ladies Open