Scottish Legends – How Would You Rank Them?

From darts’ earliest day’s many of its best players, and one-off personalities, originated in Scotland. As in other sports, including cycling, snooker and football, the Scots have produced fiercely determined, gritty champions with a dash of flair. But how would you rate the biggest of these tartan titans?

Could anyone leave out Rab?

Is Peter Wright in the top half dozen, does his World title move him into contention? Despite a lack of major titles is Rab Smith a contender on contribution alone? Will Rob Thornton make the list despite not being a World Champion? Could a popular player such as Hendo sneak in?

In this week’s ‘Six of the Best’ Darts World and James Lincoln produce a feature that both ranks the order of the darting thistle and paints a picture of these Scots ‘Legends of the Oche’.

See if you agree with their choices here: Six of the Scottish best!

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