Home Tour Semis: Anderson And The Cobra Through!

Gary Anderson and Jelle Klaasen secured places in the Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs Championship Group on Wednesday.

Jelle Klaasen joins Gary Anderson in the final group!

Two-time World Champion Anderson and former Lakeside Champion Klaasen booked their spot in Friday’s Home Tour decider by claiming wins over Dave Chisnall and Mike De Decker in their opening two matches of Semi-Finals Group One.

Chisnall gained consolation with a 6-5 win over De Decker in their final match of the night, before Anderson saw off Klaasen 6-2 to top the Group One table.

It now makes it nine victories in a row on the Home Tour for Anderson, having won all three of his groups undefeated. 

The final two places in Friday’s Championship Group are on offer in Thursday’s Semi-Finals Group Two, as top 16 stars Rob Cross, Nathan Aspinall, Jonny Clayton and Joe Cullen face off.

The Low6 Home Tour can be watched live and free through PDCTV for registered users (new users can sign up for FREE here), as well as through bookmakers’ websites and international broadcasters.

Registered PDCTV members can also watch for FREE through the official PDC App.

Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs
Semi-Finals Group One – Wednesday June 3 (1930 BST)
Gary Anderson 6-5 Mike De Decker
Dave Chisnall 2-6 Jelle Klaasen
Mike De Decker 3-6 Jelle Klaasen
Gary Anderson 6-3 Dave Chisnall
Dave Chisnall 6-5 Mike De Decker
Jelle Klaasen 2-6 Gary Anderson

Home Tour Semis Underway!

Jonny Clayton completed the semi-finals line-up of the Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs by winning Group Eight last night.

World number 15 Clayton maintained his unbeaten record on the Home Tour, claiming a hat-trick of victories to book his place in Thursday’s second night of semi-finals action.

The Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs continue with the first night of semi-finals tonight, featuring Gary Anderson, Dave Chisnall, Jelle Klaasen and Mike De Decker.

You can catch all of the Low6 Play-Off action live for free on PDCTV from 1930 BST

Darts World Exclusive: Klaasen Reveals Secret To Home Tour Success!

EXCLUSIVE: JELLE KLAASEN has admitted he watches FISH to help keep his rhythm for PDC Home Tour glory.

Former BDO World Champion Jelle Klaasen has been showing signs of a return to form in 2020. The Home Tour seems to have have him hooked!

The former BDO World Champion takes on Gary Anderson, Dave Chisnall and Mike De Decker in tonight’s group semi-final.

But The Cobra, 35, reveals that he has a special routine to help keep his glory hopes afloat in the online streaming event. He said: “I want to win and want to do my best. You can’t compare this to a normal tournament like get in the rhythm and play your normal game. 

“Now when someone finishes a leg you have to wait 20 seconds and the rhythm has gone. “I’ve been sometimes having an 11 or 12-dart leg, waiting 20 seconds and then starting the next leg with 45. I think if you can win this tournament but it’s totally different than normal events.

“It doesn’t matter who you play. If you play a fast player or slow player, you just have to play the board or yourself. “The rhythm isn’t a problem when you are playing the leg but in-between legs it’s like ‘what am I going to do now’. I can’t stand still and you lose the focus a little bit.

“I’ve got a big saltwater aquarium and every time between legs, I just sit down and look at the fish until Dan Dawson says ‘game on’ again.

“Normally the big fish is at the end of the leg, not at the beginning!

“I think the most difficult bit is when you listen to the commentator Dan and you are behind and he says ‘you have to win the next four legs’, that can ruin your game because normally we don’t hear that.”

Klaasen was the subject of a cheating storm after his opening group wins with many on social media claiming his winning tops dart wasn’t in the right bed. But the super-quick Dutch ace confirmed it was just a poor picture on his phone and that the dart was in. He added: “It would be nice if I could end the game with that finish, 10, 20, tops. Then I’d get my camera and zoom in to show everyone!

“The social media abuse has been like this for years for everyone. The problem is that people are betting on the games and if you lose a leg or a game and maybe they could have won £100, you get so many bad messages. “You never hear anything nice if you win the game and they win the money. It’s a little bit frustrating but the best thing is don’t reply to them. I really don’t care, if they lose the bet, it’s their fault not mine.

After recent injury troubles, Jelle has limited his practise to prevent a return of tendinitis.

“For me to win the tournament with that finish though, to have the last laugh would be nice.” Klaasen revealed that the coronavirus crisis came at the wrong time for him as he was finding excellent form after injury problems with tendinitis. He said: “I don’t practice that much because it’s a big risk to me because if I do too much I can get tendinitis back again.

“But I have done more practice the last few weeks and the arm feels fine and I’m happy with that, so I can practice a couple of hours a day.

“The good and the bad thing with this virus is when I’m at home I like to try different things. I changed my set-up a lot of times over the past few weeks, trying to find the perfect combination. It’s feeling good so I’m looking forward to the Home Tour semi-final. “I’m a little bit disappointed with the timing of the coronavirus. I was starting to play better and better, making the quarter-finals of the UK Open. I thought I would be doing better and going up the rankings.”

Ando’s Not Top of The Pops!

GARY ANDERSON believes a stage lollipop man won’t catch on when darts returns to the big stage. Helpers with Stop-and-Go signs have been trialed in darts events in Germany to ensure players know when to throw and keep a safe distance.

Anderson likes to throw & go. Will the new measures affect this?

The PDC is set to announce their schedule for future tournaments, and it’s likely the World Matchplay in Blackpool will take place without fans. There will be strict social-distancing measures in place to comply with government rules – and a stage lollipop man. But Ando, who plays his PDC Home Tour semi-final tonight (Weds), isn’t keen, admitting:

“I can’t see that catching on. You have to throw your darts, take them out of the board and get off the oche at your own tempo without waiting to be told. I don’t think it’s for me.”

“In darts, as much as any other sport, the fans are part and parcel of the whole occasion.“We’re up on stage doing our jobs, but they generate the atmosphere by enjoying themselves and wearing their gear.

“I watched some of the snooker the other night and that seemed to have the same kind of atmosphere behind closed doors as it has in front of a crowd – it’s a quiet sport by nature. “I can’t deny I’ve loved the peace and quiet of being at home for two months, but it’s a bit weird playing online against somebody who could be thousands of miles away.“

“Even in Pro Tour events on the floor, there is usually a bit of noise in the background, and I’m still getting used to competing when there’s just silence all around me. “I like to think I play the right way: I throw my darts, get out of the way as quick as possible and let the other guy have a go – but it’s weird when the other guy isn’t there, it’s not easy to get into a rhythm.”

waiting around between throws is all part and parcel of the Home Tour and after initial doubts Gary has adapted well.

Ando, 49, takes on Jelle Klaasen, Dave Chisnall, and Mike De Decker in the online streaming event semi-final and is yet to lose a leg over the past two groups. But he’s also not keen for life to get back to normal just yet, adding: “It will be strange if we bring darts back on stage behind closed doors, but the country’s in a mess.“I’m one of those folk who thinks we should stick at it (lockdown) until the virus is wiped out completely unless we want to go back to square one again.

“We’re being told to send our kids back to school, but if MPs are not willing to go back to the House of Commons yet, why is it safer for teachers and their kids”?

“You try telling a five-year-old kid he’s going back to school but he’s not allowed to play with his pals in the playground. It’s not going to happen.”

Anderson originally could not get strong enough WiFi for the Home Tour and it would be typical if he now went on to win the event. Gary also admits he’s enjoying time at home and away from the tour. He said:

“To be honest, I’m quite happy with my own company – everyone knows I’m at my happiest when I’m back home, so I’ve quite enjoyed the last couple of months.”

“When I practice at home, I’ve normally got a couple of mates who come round, and obviously that’s not been happening lately so I haven’t had a lot of practice. “In that regard, I’ve been quite pleased with the way it’s gone on the Home Tour – I was pleased with how I played against Luke Humphries the other night, and at times I’ve felt like I’ve been getting my throwback to what it was.”

Home Tour Re-Starts Tonight!

The Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs will begin on Tuesday May 26 as the PDC’s home-staged tournament returns for the second phase of action, featuring the 32 group winners.

Low6 HHome Tour Play Off Groups.

The first phase of the Home Tour saw elite level darts brought from the homes of 101 PDC Tour Card Holders around the world to the homes of fans through remote live broadcasts.

Among the highlights of the first 32 nights was Luke Woodhouse’s nine-darter from his kitchen on his way to winning Group Two, while World Champions Peter Wright, Rob Cross and Gary Anderson also progressed to the second phase.

The 32 group winners are now set to compete in the Play-Offs over a further 11 consecutive nights of live action from Tuesday May 26 onwards, with a champion crowned at the climax of the tournament on Friday June 5. 

The 32 players have been seeded in order of their PDC Order of Merit ranking for the Last 32, and placed into groups based on the regular PDC seeding pattern.
The players who win Groups One-Four will proceed to play in Semi-Final One on Wednesday June 3, with the winners from Groups Five-Eight moving through to Semi-Final Two on Thursday June 4.
The top two players from each of the Semi-Final groups will then move through to compete in the Championship Group on Friday June 5.
All games from the Last 32 onwards are the best of 11 legs, with each group being a round-robin format.

Reigning World Champion Wright, who became the last player to secure a Play-Off place in Monday’s Group 32, will headline the opening night of the Play-Offs in Group One, which also contains Cristo Reyes, Jelle Klaasen and Ryan Murray.Premier League table-topper Glen Durrant lines up in Group Two, while two-time World Champion Anderson, who improved his internet connection especially to take part in the event, will compete in Group Three.Multiple TV finalist Dave Chisnall is drawn in Group Four, while reigning World Matchplay champion 5thCross is set to star in Group Five.Joe Cullen, who posted some stunning averages in the first phase, lines up in Group Six, former UK Open winner Nathan Aspinall is drawn in Group Seven and Jonny Clayton is set to star in Group Eight.

All Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs action will be broadcast live on PDCTV for FREE to ALL registered PDCTV users, regardless of membership type.Registered PDCTV members can also watch for FREE through the official PDC App.

Fans in Great Britain and Ireland can also watch the action through the Sky Sports app.

As well as being shown through a series of bookmakers’ websites, the Low6 Home Tour Play-Offs will be broadcast live by a number of the PDC’s international broadcast partners.

Muzz Lightyear Exclusive – To The Bedroom And Beyond!

RYAN MURRAY is thankful he moved his dartboard out of his son’s bedroom so he can play two World Champions in peace!

Can ‘Muzz’ make the most of his Corona blighted debut year? (Pic: L Lustig / PDC)

The Edinburgh ace, dubbed Muzz Lightyear, will face Peter Wright, Jelle Klaasen, and Cristo Reyes in the next group phase of the PDC Home Tour on Monday night. He only got his Tour Card in January but has seen his debut year wrecked by the coronavirus crisis.

However Murray, 32, roared through his opening group in the PDC lockdown online home event and now has a dream draw. He said: “I was looking forward to the Home Tour. I’ve recently changed at home. The dartboard was in the children’s room but now I’ve moved it to my own bedroom.

“There’s no distractions in there. It was hard to play with my kids shouting to their friends while playing on the Xbox!“

The kids will be going out for a nature trail when I’m playing the Home Tour so I get some peace and quiet, no running up and down the stairs to to the toilet.

“We’ve got a tortoise but that’s the only pet and he’s not likely to give us any problems!”

Murray admits it’s been a frustrating time since achieving the ‘golden ticket’ of a Tour Card but is still buzzing for the future. He said: “It feels like every time I get so close to something, it always goes wrong. Thankfully I’ve now got this Home Tour to play in.“It’s obviously frustrating that the darts has stopped. I’d just got the Tour Card and was playing good. But I’m sure the PDC will sort it out so it’s fair.

 “To be honest, the PDC and PDPA are in touch almost every day making sure all the players are OK, they have been fantastic. They always do the best for us.“

I’d qualified for two European tours but they are obviously on hold for the moment. That was something big I’d qualified for. It will happen hopefully at some point.”

Phil Lanning| 5-times award-winning journalist/publicist

Unibet Home Tour: The Cobra Claims Group Seven.

Dutchman Jelle Klaasen took victory in Thursday’s Unibet Home Tour Group Seven.

Jelle Klaasen
Jelle Klaasen his group in a very tight contest.
(pic: PDC)

The former Premier League star edged out Ryan Meikle on Leg Difference to top the league table, with the pair ending the night with two victories apiece.

Klaasen picked up wins over Northern Ireland’s Gavin Carlin and Germany’s Gabriel Clemens, while Meikle defeated the Dutchman and Carlin on the night.

Clemens had opened proceedings with a 5-3 win over Meikle, but a 5-4 loss to Carlin in his final contest ended the German Darts Masters finalist’s hopes of victory.

The Unibet Home Tour can be watched live and free through PDCTV for registered users (new users can sign up for FREE here), as well as through bookmakers’ websites and international broadcasters.

PDC Home Tour

Registered PDCTV members can also watch for FREE through the official PDC App.

Unibet Home Tour 
Group Seven – Thursday April 23 (1930 BST)
Gabriel Clemens 5-3 Ryan Meikle
Jelle Klaasen 5-2 Gavin Carlin
Ryan Meikle 5-1 Gavin Carlin
Gabriel Clemens 3-5 Jelle Klaasen
Jelle Klaasen 4-5 Ryan Meikle
Gavin Carlin 5-4 Gabriel Clemens

Home Tour Fixture List. Night Five-Eight.

The line-ups and fixtures have been confirmed for Groups Five to Eight of the PDC Home Tour, as the innovative new tournament continues next week.

Clayton has been enjoying a good spell since extending his Red Dragon contract in 2019.

Nine-time PDC televised event winner James Wade will headline Wednesday’s Group Six action, with world number 15 Jonny Clayton and former Premier League player Jelle Klaasen also in action across the four nights.

PDC Home Tour

Tuesday will see the fifth of 32 consecutive nights of live PDC action take place, as World Youth Champion Luke Humphries faces Welsh PDC newcomer Nick Kenny in the opening game of Group Five.

Popular South African star Devon Petersen, a winner of one of the ‘Darts At Home’ test events, will also compete in Group Five, along with former Players Championship event winner Joe Murnan.

Wednesday’s Group Six will be headlined by world number eight Wade, who will take on former World Grand Prix quarter-finalist Adrian Gray in his first match.

Recent Players Championship winner Ryan Searle will star in Group Six, alongside Andy Boulton.

Thursday will once again see elite level darts brought from the homes of the pros to fans worldwide, as Dutchman Klaasen meets multiple Development Tour winner Ryan Meikle in his Group Seven opener.

Rising German talent Gabriel Clemens and Northern Ireland’s Gavin Carlin are also set to star in Group Seven.

Friday will mark the first week of the Home Tour, as Welsh number two Clayton plays Adam Hunt in his first game, while Richard North and David Pallett will also join the live broadcast.

A nightly league format will see all four competitors play each other once in matches played over the best of nine legs, with a winner crowned each night.

Luke Woodhouse marked the Home Tour with it’s first 9-Dart moment!

The opening two nights of Home Tour action have seen Jamie Lewis and Luke Woodhouse win Groups One and Two respectively, with Woodhouse sensationally hitting a nine-dart leg from his kitchen on Saturday night against Gerwyn Price.

Following the conclusion of the initial 32 nights of league phase action, the 32 group winners will advance to the second phase of the competition.

With each night’s action commencing at 1930 BST, darts commentator Dan Dawson will be on hand to talk through proceedings, which will also include live score graphics on screen.

All Home Tour action will be broadcast live on PDCTV for FREE to ALL registered PDCTV users, regardless of whether you have a paid or free membership.

Registered PDCTV members can also watch for FREE through the official PDC App.

As well as being shown through a series of bookmakers’ websites, the Unibet Home Tour will also be broadcast live by a number of the PDC’s international broadcast partners.

Unibet Home Tour
Group Five Fixtures
Tuesday April 21

Luke Humphries v Nick Kenny
Devon Petersen v Joe Murnan
Nick Kenny v Joe Murnan
Luke Humphries v Devon Petersen
Devon Petersen v Nick Kenny
Joe Murnan v Luke Humphries
Group Six Fixtures
Wednesday April 22

James Wade v Adrian Gray
Ryan Searle v Andy Boulton
Adrian Gray v Andy Boulton
James Wade v Ryan Searle
Ryan Searle v Adrian Gray
Andy Boulton v James Wade
Group Seven Fixtures
Thursday April 23

Jelle Klaasen v Ryan Meikle
Gabriel Clemens v Gavin Carlin
Ryan Meikle v Gavin Carlin
Jelle Klaasen v Gabriel Clemens
Gabriel Clemens v Ryan Meikle
Gavin Carlin v Jelle Klaasen
Group Eight Fixtures
Friday April 24

Jonny Clayton v Adam Hunt
Richard North v David Pallett
Adam Hunt v David Pallett
Jonny Clayton v Richard North
Richard North v Adam Hunt
David Pallett v Jonny Clayton

Tournament Rules
* All matches are the best of nine legs.
* The player listed on the left of the fixture will throw first in odd-numbered legs.
* Two Points awarded for a win.
* Should players finish level on Points, the Leg Difference will be used to decide positions. Should Points and Leg Difference be equal between two players, then the winner of the game between the two players will determine who finishes higher. Should Points and Leg Difference be equal between three players, the Overall Average of each player (across the three games on the night) will be used to determine who finishes higher.

Weoley Castle WMC Host Superb December Opens – Full Results and Report.

Weoley Castle WMC was kept busy at the beginning of December when they played hosts to no fewer than four competitions, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. Alan Towe gives the details below:

Saturday’s main competition semi-finals saw Jermaine Wattimena record a straight 6-0 win over Ronny Huybrechts while Warwickshire’s Steve Hine made his exit losing 6-4 to Rhys Haden. The final went the full thirteen legs distance with Rhys Haden beating Jermaine Wattimena 7-6 to pick up the winners top prize of £1,000 with Wattimena collecting £400 as runner-up.

Losing semi-finalists Ronny Huybrechts and Steve Hine each received £180 and there was £60 for players reaching the quarter-finals Kim Huybrechts, Dave Pallett, Diogo Portela and Colin Osborne. Suzanne Smith received £50 for being the last lady standing in the competition.

The Ladies event top prize of £300 went to Yvonne Taylor who beat West Midlands county player Jacqueline Maiden with a close 5-4 result in the final, Jacqueline taking home £160. Losing semi-finalists Suzanne Smith and Josie Paterson received £80 each and there was £45 for players going out in the quarter finals and £25 for players reaching the last sixteen.

Nick Fullwell showed his form just before the World Championships.


£1,200 was on offer for the winner of Sunday’s main event and collecting that was former West Midlands man Nick Fullwell who had a final 5-4 win over Brian Dawson who received £500. There was £250 for Scott Hope and Warwickshire’s Nigel Heydon who lost out in the last four and £75 for each of the losing quarter finalists. Warwickshire’s Natalie Gilbert was the lady to go the furthest in the knockout and collected £50.

It was déjà vu for Yvonne Taylor on Sunday as with the same 5-4 result by which she defeated Jacqueline Maiden the previous day she lifted the winners £300 once again by beating Chris Savvery who collected £160. Again there was £80 for losing semi-finalists, £45 for quarter finalists and £25 for reaching the last sixteen.

Full results:Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Darts Classic:Preliminary Round:- Craig Owens 4 Pete Wills 0, Adam Bowman 1 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Jan Robbins 1 Jamie Robinson 4, Jackie Goethals 1 Luke Moreton 4, Scott Hope 4 James Richardson 3, Ryan Palmer 4 Marie Leahy 0, James Thompson 3 Simon Edwards 4, Kevin Dowling 4 Sean Bell 1, Terry Roach 4 Kenny Bedder jnr 3, Ronny Huybrechts 4 Nathan Harris 0, Dave Hopkins 1 Luke Smith 4, Katie Dolman 0 Dave Pallett 4, Prakash Jiwa 3 Andy Alker 4, Wayne Harrison 4 Mandie Howard 1, Daviee Hill 4 Phillip Richardson 1, Jelle Klaasen 4 Neil Hopwood 0, Dan Nicholls 4 Deb Dexter 0, Matt Gallett 4 Ann-Marie Potts 0, Liam Kelly 3 Ritchie Edhouse 4, Josh Richardson 4 Graham Dews 0, Melissa Daly 0 Adam Gallett 4, Diogo Portela 4 Andy Pullen 1, Natalie Gilbert 4 Josie Paterson 2, Kyle Arbury 4 Tom Hykin 0, Robert Owen 2 Damon Heta 4, Dave Honey 4 Mike Connolly 2, Justin Broton 4 Ben Hollowood 3, Stella Sims 4 Jamie Steward 1, Mick Todd 3 Nigel Heydon 4, Steve Hadgraft 0 William Borland 4, Andrew Slinger 2 Chris Savvery 4, Richard Hosey 3 Robert Modra 4, Stephen Naisbitt 0 Connor Arbury 4, Graham Hall 3 Rhys Haden 4, Alan Caves 4 Steve Gannon 1, Kevin Painter 4 Conner Whitehouse 0, Eddy Smith 0 Ian McFarlane 4, Aaron Castagnette 2 Carl Webb 4, Last 64:- Ian Mills 0 Matt Padgett 4, Peter Wright 4 Heather Wright 0, Wes Newton 3 Kim Huybrechts 4, Chris Plummer 1 Craig Owens 4, Jermaine Wattimena 4 Jamie Robinson 2, Luke Moreton 0 Scott Hope 4, Ryan Palmer 4 Simon Edwards 2, Kevin Dowling 3 Terry Roach 4, Mark Barilli 4 Nick Fullwell 2, Simon Key 4 Dyson Parody 2, Kevin Garcia 3 Jack Wareing 4, Kirsty Haw 0 Ronny Huybechts 4, Luke Smith 2 Dave Pallett 4, Andy Alker 4 Wayne Harrison 0, Daviee Hill 0 Jelle Klaasen 4, Dan Nicholls 0 Matt Gallett 4, Steve Carrett 4 Scott McParlin 1, Tracey Garner 0 Steve Hine 4, Ryan Evans 4 Tony Hamilton 2, Ritchie Edhouse 4 Josh Richardson 2, Adam Gallett 1 Diogo Portela 4, Natalie Gilbert 4 Kyle Arbury 1, Damon Heta 3 Dave Honey 4, Justin Broton 4 Stella Sims 1, Colin Osborne 4 Kyle Anderson 0, James Hykin 4 Suzanne Smith 3, John Bowles 4 Billy the Greek 1, Nigel Heydon 4 William Borland 3, Chris Savvery 1 Robert Modra 4, Connor Arbury 3 Rhys Haden 4, Alan Caves 0 Kevin Painter 4, Ian McFarlane 4 Carl Webb 1, Last 32:- Matt Padgett 4 Peter Wright 1, Kim Huybrechts 4 Craig Owens 2, Jermaine Wattimena 4 Scott Hope 2, Ryan Palmer 3 Terry Roach 4, Mark Barilli 4 Simon Key 3, Jack Wareing 3 Ronny Huybrechts 4, Dave Pallett 4 Andy Alker 1, Jelle Klaasen 4 Matt Gallett 3, Steve Carrett 3 Steve Hine 4, Ryan Evans 4 Ritchie Edhouse 1, Diogo Portela 4 Natalie Gilbert 3, Dave Honey 4 Justin Broton 0, Colin Osborne 4 James Hykin 3, John Bowles 2 Nigel Heydon 4, Robert Modra 1 Rhys Haden 4, Kevin Painter 3 Ian McFarlane 4, Last 16:- Matt Padgett 1 Kim Huybrechts 5, Jermaine Wattimena 5 Terry Roach 3, Mark Barilli 3 Ronny Huybrechts 5, Dave Pallett 5 Jelle Klaasen 3, Steve Hune 5 Ryan Evans 2, Diogo Portela 5 Dave Honey 3, Colin Osborne 5 Nigel Heydon 0, Rhys Haden 5 Ian McFarlane 3, Quarter-Finals:- Kim Huybrechts 2 Jermaine Wattimena 6, Ronny Huybrechts 6 Dave Pallett 4, Steve Hine 6 Diogo Portela 4, Colin Osborne 4 Rhys Haden 6, Semi-Finals:- Jermaine Wattimena 6 Ronny Huybrechts 0, Steve Hine 4 Rhys Haden 6, Final:- Jermaine Wattimena 6 Rhys Haden 7.


Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Ladies Open (Saturday):Preliminary Round:- Lauren Honey 0 Jo Deamer 4, Terri Bellamy 1 Stephanie Clarke 4, Yvonne Taylor 4 Amanda Pullen 0, Emma Smith 3 Chloe Luscott 4, Mandy Solomans 4 Maz Bissett 0, Ann-Marie Potts 4 Melissa Daly 3, Tara Deamer 4 Jessica McGlone 1, Kat McLean 4 Chris Savvery 3, Lynne Arnold 0 Korrin Beddow 4, Jacqueline Maiden 4 Emma Dawson 0, Claire Dicken 1 Natalie Gilbert 4, Jan Robbins 0 Mandie Howard 4, Shirley Carrett 2 Mandy Morgan 4, Last 32:- Chloe McKivett 0 Jo Deamer 4, Sarah Roberts 4 Laura Caven 0, Harriett Taylor 1 Stephanie Clarke 4, Marie Leahy 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Heather Wright 4 Chloe Luscott 1, Christina Cronin 0 Mandy Solomans 4,

Suzanne Smith 4 Ann-Marie Potts 0, Debbie Davies 0 Tara Deamer 4, Kirsty Haw 0 Kat McLean 4, Kim Holden 4 Travey Garner 1, Katie Dolman 1 Korrin Beddow 4, Debbie Dexter 1 Jacqueline Maiden 4, Stella Sims 1 Natalie Gilbert 4, Mel Robinson 4 Steph Konya 2, Zena Grande 0 Mandie Howard 4, Josie Paterson 4 Mandy Morgan 3, Last 16:- Jo Deamer 3 Sarah Roberts 4, Stephanie Clarke 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Heather Wright 4 Mandy Solomans 3, Suzanne Smith 4 Tara Deamer 1, Kat McLean 4 Kim Holden 2, Korrin Beddow 0 Jacqueline Maiden 4, Natalie Gilbert 4 Mel Robinson 1, Mandie Howard 3 Josie Paterson 4, Quarter-Finals:- Sarah Roberts 3 Yvonne Taylor 4, Heather Wright 1 Suzanne Smith 4, Kat McLean 2 Jacqueline Maiden 4, Natalie Gilbert 3 Josie Paterson 4, Semi-Finals:- Yvonne Taylor 5 Suzanne Smith 3, Jacqueline Maiden 5 Josie Paterson 2, Final:- Yvonne Taylor 5 Jacqueline Maiden 4.


Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Darts Open:Preliminary Round:- Christina Cronin 0 Heather Wright 4, Kenny Bedder snr 2 Ann-Marie Potts 4, Charlie Cookson 1 Seb Denton 4, Ryan Palmer 4 Paul Proctor 1, Keith McManus 1 Nick Fullwell 4, Phil Bisset 4 Nipper Thomas 2, Jack Wareing 4 Chris Ward 0, Tom Hykin 0 Jamie Hughes 4, Jamie Stewart 0 Wes Newton 4, Nick Jennings 4 Kevin Smith 1, Connor Whitehouse 1 Rob Modra 4, Kirsty Haw 0 Suzanne Smith 4, Terry Roach 2 Ritche Edhouse 4, Luke Dubois 4 Wayne Harrison 3, James Hykin 4 Chris Hall 0, Peter Wright 1 Scott Hope 4, Josh Richardson 4 Liam Fox 0, Andy Alker 4 Scott Hykin 0, Darren Field 1 Lee Evans 4, Carl Webb 1 James Richardson 4, Scott McParlin 4 Andrew Slinger 1, Dave Honey 1 James Thompson 4, Jack Harrison 2 Guntis Zemelis 4, Sean Bell 4 Lee Morton 1, Richard Hosey 4 Dan White 0, Jackie Goethals 0 Warren Webb 4, Ronny Huybrechts 4 Tara Deamer 0, Craig Owens 4 Aaron Castagnette 0, Rhys Haden 4 Emmett Leonard 1, Tracey Garner 0 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Justin Taylor 2 Josie Paterson 4, Matt Meddoms 0 Kyle Anderson 4, Eddy Smith 2 Jamie Robinson 4, Mart Greenwood 0 Dyson Parody 4, Tony Hamilton 2 Luke Moreton 4, Melissa Daly 1 Craig Morgan 4, Wayne Willis 3 Andrew Pullen 4, Spag Pasetti 4 Alan Caves 1, Ian Mills 0 Shane Sheridan 4, Steve Hadgraft 4 Marie Leahy 0, Nigel Heydon 4 Jelle Klaasen 2, Luke Woodhouse 4 Neil Steventon 1, Damon Heta 4 Robert Owen 0, Chris Savvery 0 Kenny Bedder jnr 4, Alex Shiner 0 Justin Brodon 4, Damiel Singleton 4 Terry Heath 2, Katie Dolman 0 Jan Robbins 4, Michael Harding 2 Diogo Portelo 4, Graham Dews 1 Ian McFarlane 4, Chris Plummer 4 Alex Williams 1, Dennis Smith 4 Kim Huybrechts 2, Last 64:- Simon Edwards 4 Heather Wright 0, Ann-Marie Potts 4 Seb Denton 2, Ryan Palmer 1 Nick Fullwell 4, Phil Bisset 2 Jack Wareing 4, Daviee Hill 2 Jamie Hughes 4, Wes Newton 2 Nick Jennings 4, Colin Osborne 4 Rob Modra 3, Suzanne Smith 4 Ritchie Edhouse 2, Ryan Evans 4 Luke Dubois 3, James Hykin 0 Scott Hope 4, Rudi Weymbersch 0 Josh Richardson 4, Andy Alker 4 Lee Evans 2, Tony Blake 0 James Richardson 4, Scott McParlin 1 James Thompson 4, Stevie Gannon 1 Guntis Zemelis 4, Sean Bell 1 Richard Hosey 4, Tom Parker 4 Warren Webb 0, Ronny Huybrechts 1 Craig Owens 4, Rhys Haden 1 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Josie Patterson 1 Kyle Anderson 4, Steven Rowe 0 Jamie Robinson 4, Dyson Parody 4 Luke Moreton 1, Brian Dawson 4 Craig Morgan 2, Andrew Pullen 4 Spag Pasetti 1, John Best 1 Shane Sheridan 4, Steve Hadgraft 2 Nigel Heydon 4, Luke Woodhouse 4 Damon Heta 2, Kenny Bedder jnr 4 Justin Broton 1, Steve Carrett 4 Daniel Singleton 0, Jan Robbins 1 Diogo Portela 4, Luke Smith 3 Ian McFarlane 4, Chris Plummer 2 Dennis Smith 4, Last 32:- Simon Edwards 4 Ann-Marie Potts 3, Nick Fullwell 4 Jack Wareing 3, Jamie Hughes 4 Nick Jennings 0, Colin Osborne 4 Suzanne Smith 1, Ryan Evans 0 Scott Hope 4, Josh Richardson 2 Andy Alker 4, James Richardson 4 James Thompson 2, Guntis Zemelis 2 Richard Hosey 4, Tom Parker 1 Craig Owens 4, Jermaine Wattimena 4 Kyle Anderson 2, Jamie Robinson 2 Dyson Parody 4, Brian Dawson 4 Andrew Pullen 2, Shane Sheridan 0 Nigel Heydon 4, Luke Woodhouse 3 Kenny Bedder jnr 4, Steve Carrett 0 Diogo Portela 4, Ian McFarlane 3 Dennis Smith 4, Last 16:- Simon Edwards 3 Nick Fullwell 4, Jamie Hughes 1 Colin Osborne 4, Scott Hope 4 Andy Alker 2, James Richardson 1 Richard Hosey 4, Craig Owens 2 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Dyson Parody 1 Brian Dawson 4, Nigel Heydon 4 Kenny Bedder jnr 0, Diogo Portela 3 Dennis Smith 4, Quarter-Finals:- Nick Fullwell 4 Colin Osborne 0, Scott Hope 4 Richard Hosey 3,Jermaine Wattimena 2 Brian Dawson 4, Nigel Heydon 4 Dennis Smith 0, Semi-Finals:- Nick Fullwell 5 Scott Hope 4, Brian Dawson 5 Nigel Heydon 3, Final:- Nick Fullwell 5 Brian Dawson 4.


Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Ladies Open (Sunday):Preliminary Round:- Chez Allcock 4 Stacey Waring 3, Melissa Daly 4 Claire Dicken 2, Courtney Hine 0 Ann-Marie Potts 4, Emma Breenie Smith 3 Mandy Howard 4, Last 32:- Suzanne Smith 4 Chez Allcock 0, Marie Symons 4 Marie Leahy 3, Kat McLean 4 Jessica McGlone 0, Tracey Garner 3 Debbie Dexter 4, Jacqueline Maiden 3 Melissa Daly 4, Kim Holden 4 Laura Caven 1, Samantha Maiden 4 Stella Sims 3, Steph Konya 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Zena Grande 0 Ann-Marie Potts 4, Mandy Solomans 4 Natalie Gilbert 3, Katie Dolman 2 Josie Paterson 4, Debbie Davies 4 Christina Cronin 2, Terri Bellamy 1 Mandie Howard 4, Marie Millward 0 Jan Robbins 4, Mel Robinson 4 Kirsty Haw 2, Chris Savvery 4 Heather Wright 2, Last 16:- Suzanne Smith 4 Marie Symons 1, Kat McLean 4 Debbie Dexter 1, Melissa Daly 4 Kim Holden 1, Samantha Maiden 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Ann-Marie Potts 2 mandy Solomans 4, Josie Paterson 2 Debbie Davies 4, Mandie Howard 2 Jan Roberts 4, Mel Robinson 0 Chris Savvery 4, Quarter-Finals:- Suzanne Smith 4 Kat McLean 1, Melissa Daly 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Mandy Solomans 4 Debbie Davies 1, Jan Robbins 0 chris Savvery 4, Semi-Finals:- Suzanne Smith 2 Yvonne Taylor 5, Mandy Solomans 3 Chris Savvery 5, Final:- Yvonne Taylor 5 Chris Savvery 4.

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World Championships: Day 1 Review.

Michael van Gerwen survived a scare from Dutch rival Jelle Klaasen as he opened his title defence on Day One of the 2019/20 William Hill World Darts Championship at London’s Alexandra Palace on Friday.


The opening day of darts’ biggest event saw Van Gerwen recover from a set down to prevent an upset win for Klaasen, who defeated Northern Ireland’s Kevin Burness in the first game of the tournament.

Van Gerwen landed match-changing finishes of 170 and 130 on his way to victory, with the world number one now set to enjoy a nine-day break from the festive feast of darts before returing for round three.

“I think I played a poor game, it wasn’t there tonight,” admitted a frustrated Van Gerwen.

“I was trying really hard, probably too hard but I’m through and that’s all that matters.

“I’ve been working really hard to play well in this tournament so for me to perform like this is hard for me to take.

“But even when you’re not playing well you have to hit the big shots at the right time and I managed to do that tonight.”

The opening set saw Van Gerwen surrender a two-leg lead, as Klaasen took out 116 to take a surprise lead.

Klaasen then broke throw in the next set and was throwing to double his lead in sets, only for Van Gerwen to land a 170 checkout to turn the match on its head.

The third set saw Van Gerwen land a 130 checkout with Klaasen sat on a finish, which set the three-time World Champion up to win four of the last five legs.

Earlier in the night, Luke Humphries enjoyed a winning return to the scene of his sensational run to the quarter-finals 12 months ago with a hard-fought 3-1 win over Devon Petersen.


Humphries, who ended Rob Cross’ reign as World Champion at last year’s event, landed four ton-plus finishes including a game-changing 160 checkout in the final set.

A strong showing from South African Petersen saw the pressure piled on Humphries throughout, but the recently-crowned World Youth Champion found a number of last dart in hand finishes to set up a round two meeting with Jermaine Wattimena on Saturday.

“That was a really hard game to win, Devon made life very difficult for me up there,” said a relieved Humphries.

“Devon was outscoring me but my doubles were good, and just like Michael van Gerwen I hit the doubles when I needed them most.

“I’ve got some good memories here from last year and there was a little bit of pressure on me because I don’t want people to think last year was a one-off.

“I didn’t score well tonight but I know that’s a one-off for me and tomorrow we will see a much better performance from myself.”

Day One also saw former World Championship quarter-finalist Kim Huybrechts came through an intense battle with Geert Nentjes, winning 3-2 to set up a second round meeting with Rob Cross on Saturday.


A game which saw six ton-plus checkouts, including a 164 from Huybrechts, saw the Belgian snatch the first set from Nentjes before the Dutch youngster took the next two to lead 2-1.

Huybrechts battled back to take the tie to a fifth set, and the former World Cup finalist held his nerve in the decider to make it through to the last 64.

The William Hill World Championship continues on Saturday with two sessions of first and second round action, as Raymond van Barneveld begins his farewell tournament against America’s Darin Young.

Day Two will be broadcast live on the Sky Sports Darts channel and through NOW TV in the UK, on PDCTV-HD for Rest of the World Subscribers and through the PDC’s worldwide broadcast partners including DAZN and RTL7.
Friday December 13
3x First Round, 1x Second Round
Jelle Klaasen 3-1 Kevin Burness (First Round)
Kim Huybrechts 3-2 Geert Nentjes (First Round)
Luke Humphries 3-1 Devon Petersen (First Round)
Michael van Gerwen 3-1 Jelle Klaasen (Second Round)

Saturday December 14
Afternoon Session (1230 GMT)
3x First Round, 1x Second Round
Darius Labanauskas v Matthew Edgar (First Round)
Ryan Meikle v Yuki Yamada (First Round)
Luke Woodhouse v Paul Lim (First Round)
Jermaine Wattimena v Luke Humphries (Second Round)

Evening Session (1900 GMT)
3x First Round, 1x Second Round
Mark McGeeney v Matt Campbell (First Round)
Jamie Hughes v Zoran Lerchbacher (First Round)
Raymond van Barneveld v Darin Young (First Round)
Rob Cross v Kim Huybrechts (Second Round)