Unibet Home Tour 19 & 20: Durrant Dominant As Murray Springs Surprise.

Glen Durrant picked up a hat-trick of victories to top Group 19 of the Unibet Home Tour on Tuesday night.


Premier League table-topper Durrant picked up where he left off just over six weeks ago as he averaged 101.8 in a 5-1 defeat of Dutchman Vincent van der Meer in his opening game of the night.

Durrant followed that up with a 5-3 defeat Justin Pipe, who was Durrant’s nearest challenger on the night, finishing second with two victories.

Heading into the final game of the evening, Durrant knew he needed four legs against Maik Kuivenhoven to top the group ahead of Pipe.

The 50-year-old duly delivered with a 100.1 average to see off Kuivenhoven 5-3, ensuring he ended the night undefeated.

Ryan Murray won the Unibet Home Tour Group 20 on Wednesday, edging out Joe Cullen to take the honours.

The Scot enjoyed a successful night, winning matches against Jermaine Wattimena and John Michael as he held onto top spot.

Cullen had defeated Murray 5-4 and also saw off Michael 5-3 in the night’s final contest, but missed match darts against Wattimena as he lost in a deciding leg cost the Yorkshireman dearly.

The Unibet Home Tour continues on Thursday, with world number four Rob Cross in action in Group 21.

The Unibet Home Tour can be watched live and free through PDCTV for registered users (new users can sign up for FREE here), as well as through bookmakers’ websites and international broadcasters.

Unibet Home Tour 
Group 19 – Tuesday May 5
Glen Durrant 5-1 Vincent van der Meer
Justin Pipe 5-1 Maik Kuivenhoven
Maik Kuivenhoven 5-1 Vincent van der Meer
Glen Durrant 5-3 Justin Pipe
Justin Pipe 5-2 Vincent van der Meer
Glen Durrant 5-3 Maik Kuivenhoven

Group 20 – Wednesday May 6 (1930 BST)
Joe Cullen 5-4 Ryan Murray
Jermaine Wattimena 2-5 John Michael
Ryan Murray 5-3 John Michael
Joe Cullen 4-5 Jermaine Wattimena
Jermaine Wattimena 1-5 Ryan Murray
John Michael 3-5 Joe Cullen

Weoley Castle WMC Host Superb December Opens – Full Results and Report.

Weoley Castle WMC was kept busy at the beginning of December when they played hosts to no fewer than four competitions, two on Saturday and two on Sunday. Alan Towe gives the details below:

Saturday’s main competition semi-finals saw Jermaine Wattimena record a straight 6-0 win over Ronny Huybrechts while Warwickshire’s Steve Hine made his exit losing 6-4 to Rhys Haden. The final went the full thirteen legs distance with Rhys Haden beating Jermaine Wattimena 7-6 to pick up the winners top prize of £1,000 with Wattimena collecting £400 as runner-up.

Losing semi-finalists Ronny Huybrechts and Steve Hine each received £180 and there was £60 for players reaching the quarter-finals Kim Huybrechts, Dave Pallett, Diogo Portela and Colin Osborne. Suzanne Smith received £50 for being the last lady standing in the competition.

The Ladies event top prize of £300 went to Yvonne Taylor who beat West Midlands county player Jacqueline Maiden with a close 5-4 result in the final, Jacqueline taking home £160. Losing semi-finalists Suzanne Smith and Josie Paterson received £80 each and there was £45 for players going out in the quarter finals and £25 for players reaching the last sixteen.

Nick Fullwell showed his form just before the World Championships.


£1,200 was on offer for the winner of Sunday’s main event and collecting that was former West Midlands man Nick Fullwell who had a final 5-4 win over Brian Dawson who received £500. There was £250 for Scott Hope and Warwickshire’s Nigel Heydon who lost out in the last four and £75 for each of the losing quarter finalists. Warwickshire’s Natalie Gilbert was the lady to go the furthest in the knockout and collected £50.

It was déjà vu for Yvonne Taylor on Sunday as with the same 5-4 result by which she defeated Jacqueline Maiden the previous day she lifted the winners £300 once again by beating Chris Savvery who collected £160. Again there was £80 for losing semi-finalists, £45 for quarter finalists and £25 for reaching the last sixteen.

Full results:Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Darts Classic:Preliminary Round:- Craig Owens 4 Pete Wills 0, Adam Bowman 1 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Jan Robbins 1 Jamie Robinson 4, Jackie Goethals 1 Luke Moreton 4, Scott Hope 4 James Richardson 3, Ryan Palmer 4 Marie Leahy 0, James Thompson 3 Simon Edwards 4, Kevin Dowling 4 Sean Bell 1, Terry Roach 4 Kenny Bedder jnr 3, Ronny Huybrechts 4 Nathan Harris 0, Dave Hopkins 1 Luke Smith 4, Katie Dolman 0 Dave Pallett 4, Prakash Jiwa 3 Andy Alker 4, Wayne Harrison 4 Mandie Howard 1, Daviee Hill 4 Phillip Richardson 1, Jelle Klaasen 4 Neil Hopwood 0, Dan Nicholls 4 Deb Dexter 0, Matt Gallett 4 Ann-Marie Potts 0, Liam Kelly 3 Ritchie Edhouse 4, Josh Richardson 4 Graham Dews 0, Melissa Daly 0 Adam Gallett 4, Diogo Portela 4 Andy Pullen 1, Natalie Gilbert 4 Josie Paterson 2, Kyle Arbury 4 Tom Hykin 0, Robert Owen 2 Damon Heta 4, Dave Honey 4 Mike Connolly 2, Justin Broton 4 Ben Hollowood 3, Stella Sims 4 Jamie Steward 1, Mick Todd 3 Nigel Heydon 4, Steve Hadgraft 0 William Borland 4, Andrew Slinger 2 Chris Savvery 4, Richard Hosey 3 Robert Modra 4, Stephen Naisbitt 0 Connor Arbury 4, Graham Hall 3 Rhys Haden 4, Alan Caves 4 Steve Gannon 1, Kevin Painter 4 Conner Whitehouse 0, Eddy Smith 0 Ian McFarlane 4, Aaron Castagnette 2 Carl Webb 4, Last 64:- Ian Mills 0 Matt Padgett 4, Peter Wright 4 Heather Wright 0, Wes Newton 3 Kim Huybrechts 4, Chris Plummer 1 Craig Owens 4, Jermaine Wattimena 4 Jamie Robinson 2, Luke Moreton 0 Scott Hope 4, Ryan Palmer 4 Simon Edwards 2, Kevin Dowling 3 Terry Roach 4, Mark Barilli 4 Nick Fullwell 2, Simon Key 4 Dyson Parody 2, Kevin Garcia 3 Jack Wareing 4, Kirsty Haw 0 Ronny Huybechts 4, Luke Smith 2 Dave Pallett 4, Andy Alker 4 Wayne Harrison 0, Daviee Hill 0 Jelle Klaasen 4, Dan Nicholls 0 Matt Gallett 4, Steve Carrett 4 Scott McParlin 1, Tracey Garner 0 Steve Hine 4, Ryan Evans 4 Tony Hamilton 2, Ritchie Edhouse 4 Josh Richardson 2, Adam Gallett 1 Diogo Portela 4, Natalie Gilbert 4 Kyle Arbury 1, Damon Heta 3 Dave Honey 4, Justin Broton 4 Stella Sims 1, Colin Osborne 4 Kyle Anderson 0, James Hykin 4 Suzanne Smith 3, John Bowles 4 Billy the Greek 1, Nigel Heydon 4 William Borland 3, Chris Savvery 1 Robert Modra 4, Connor Arbury 3 Rhys Haden 4, Alan Caves 0 Kevin Painter 4, Ian McFarlane 4 Carl Webb 1, Last 32:- Matt Padgett 4 Peter Wright 1, Kim Huybrechts 4 Craig Owens 2, Jermaine Wattimena 4 Scott Hope 2, Ryan Palmer 3 Terry Roach 4, Mark Barilli 4 Simon Key 3, Jack Wareing 3 Ronny Huybrechts 4, Dave Pallett 4 Andy Alker 1, Jelle Klaasen 4 Matt Gallett 3, Steve Carrett 3 Steve Hine 4, Ryan Evans 4 Ritchie Edhouse 1, Diogo Portela 4 Natalie Gilbert 3, Dave Honey 4 Justin Broton 0, Colin Osborne 4 James Hykin 3, John Bowles 2 Nigel Heydon 4, Robert Modra 1 Rhys Haden 4, Kevin Painter 3 Ian McFarlane 4, Last 16:- Matt Padgett 1 Kim Huybrechts 5, Jermaine Wattimena 5 Terry Roach 3, Mark Barilli 3 Ronny Huybrechts 5, Dave Pallett 5 Jelle Klaasen 3, Steve Hune 5 Ryan Evans 2, Diogo Portela 5 Dave Honey 3, Colin Osborne 5 Nigel Heydon 0, Rhys Haden 5 Ian McFarlane 3, Quarter-Finals:- Kim Huybrechts 2 Jermaine Wattimena 6, Ronny Huybrechts 6 Dave Pallett 4, Steve Hine 6 Diogo Portela 4, Colin Osborne 4 Rhys Haden 6, Semi-Finals:- Jermaine Wattimena 6 Ronny Huybrechts 0, Steve Hine 4 Rhys Haden 6, Final:- Jermaine Wattimena 6 Rhys Haden 7.


Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Ladies Open (Saturday):Preliminary Round:- Lauren Honey 0 Jo Deamer 4, Terri Bellamy 1 Stephanie Clarke 4, Yvonne Taylor 4 Amanda Pullen 0, Emma Smith 3 Chloe Luscott 4, Mandy Solomans 4 Maz Bissett 0, Ann-Marie Potts 4 Melissa Daly 3, Tara Deamer 4 Jessica McGlone 1, Kat McLean 4 Chris Savvery 3, Lynne Arnold 0 Korrin Beddow 4, Jacqueline Maiden 4 Emma Dawson 0, Claire Dicken 1 Natalie Gilbert 4, Jan Robbins 0 Mandie Howard 4, Shirley Carrett 2 Mandy Morgan 4, Last 32:- Chloe McKivett 0 Jo Deamer 4, Sarah Roberts 4 Laura Caven 0, Harriett Taylor 1 Stephanie Clarke 4, Marie Leahy 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Heather Wright 4 Chloe Luscott 1, Christina Cronin 0 Mandy Solomans 4,

Suzanne Smith 4 Ann-Marie Potts 0, Debbie Davies 0 Tara Deamer 4, Kirsty Haw 0 Kat McLean 4, Kim Holden 4 Travey Garner 1, Katie Dolman 1 Korrin Beddow 4, Debbie Dexter 1 Jacqueline Maiden 4, Stella Sims 1 Natalie Gilbert 4, Mel Robinson 4 Steph Konya 2, Zena Grande 0 Mandie Howard 4, Josie Paterson 4 Mandy Morgan 3, Last 16:- Jo Deamer 3 Sarah Roberts 4, Stephanie Clarke 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Heather Wright 4 Mandy Solomans 3, Suzanne Smith 4 Tara Deamer 1, Kat McLean 4 Kim Holden 2, Korrin Beddow 0 Jacqueline Maiden 4, Natalie Gilbert 4 Mel Robinson 1, Mandie Howard 3 Josie Paterson 4, Quarter-Finals:- Sarah Roberts 3 Yvonne Taylor 4, Heather Wright 1 Suzanne Smith 4, Kat McLean 2 Jacqueline Maiden 4, Natalie Gilbert 3 Josie Paterson 4, Semi-Finals:- Yvonne Taylor 5 Suzanne Smith 3, Jacqueline Maiden 5 Josie Paterson 2, Final:- Yvonne Taylor 5 Jacqueline Maiden 4.


Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Darts Open:Preliminary Round:- Christina Cronin 0 Heather Wright 4, Kenny Bedder snr 2 Ann-Marie Potts 4, Charlie Cookson 1 Seb Denton 4, Ryan Palmer 4 Paul Proctor 1, Keith McManus 1 Nick Fullwell 4, Phil Bisset 4 Nipper Thomas 2, Jack Wareing 4 Chris Ward 0, Tom Hykin 0 Jamie Hughes 4, Jamie Stewart 0 Wes Newton 4, Nick Jennings 4 Kevin Smith 1, Connor Whitehouse 1 Rob Modra 4, Kirsty Haw 0 Suzanne Smith 4, Terry Roach 2 Ritche Edhouse 4, Luke Dubois 4 Wayne Harrison 3, James Hykin 4 Chris Hall 0, Peter Wright 1 Scott Hope 4, Josh Richardson 4 Liam Fox 0, Andy Alker 4 Scott Hykin 0, Darren Field 1 Lee Evans 4, Carl Webb 1 James Richardson 4, Scott McParlin 4 Andrew Slinger 1, Dave Honey 1 James Thompson 4, Jack Harrison 2 Guntis Zemelis 4, Sean Bell 4 Lee Morton 1, Richard Hosey 4 Dan White 0, Jackie Goethals 0 Warren Webb 4, Ronny Huybrechts 4 Tara Deamer 0, Craig Owens 4 Aaron Castagnette 0, Rhys Haden 4 Emmett Leonard 1, Tracey Garner 0 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Justin Taylor 2 Josie Paterson 4, Matt Meddoms 0 Kyle Anderson 4, Eddy Smith 2 Jamie Robinson 4, Mart Greenwood 0 Dyson Parody 4, Tony Hamilton 2 Luke Moreton 4, Melissa Daly 1 Craig Morgan 4, Wayne Willis 3 Andrew Pullen 4, Spag Pasetti 4 Alan Caves 1, Ian Mills 0 Shane Sheridan 4, Steve Hadgraft 4 Marie Leahy 0, Nigel Heydon 4 Jelle Klaasen 2, Luke Woodhouse 4 Neil Steventon 1, Damon Heta 4 Robert Owen 0, Chris Savvery 0 Kenny Bedder jnr 4, Alex Shiner 0 Justin Brodon 4, Damiel Singleton 4 Terry Heath 2, Katie Dolman 0 Jan Robbins 4, Michael Harding 2 Diogo Portelo 4, Graham Dews 1 Ian McFarlane 4, Chris Plummer 4 Alex Williams 1, Dennis Smith 4 Kim Huybrechts 2, Last 64:- Simon Edwards 4 Heather Wright 0, Ann-Marie Potts 4 Seb Denton 2, Ryan Palmer 1 Nick Fullwell 4, Phil Bisset 2 Jack Wareing 4, Daviee Hill 2 Jamie Hughes 4, Wes Newton 2 Nick Jennings 4, Colin Osborne 4 Rob Modra 3, Suzanne Smith 4 Ritchie Edhouse 2, Ryan Evans 4 Luke Dubois 3, James Hykin 0 Scott Hope 4, Rudi Weymbersch 0 Josh Richardson 4, Andy Alker 4 Lee Evans 2, Tony Blake 0 James Richardson 4, Scott McParlin 1 James Thompson 4, Stevie Gannon 1 Guntis Zemelis 4, Sean Bell 1 Richard Hosey 4, Tom Parker 4 Warren Webb 0, Ronny Huybrechts 1 Craig Owens 4, Rhys Haden 1 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Josie Patterson 1 Kyle Anderson 4, Steven Rowe 0 Jamie Robinson 4, Dyson Parody 4 Luke Moreton 1, Brian Dawson 4 Craig Morgan 2, Andrew Pullen 4 Spag Pasetti 1, John Best 1 Shane Sheridan 4, Steve Hadgraft 2 Nigel Heydon 4, Luke Woodhouse 4 Damon Heta 2, Kenny Bedder jnr 4 Justin Broton 1, Steve Carrett 4 Daniel Singleton 0, Jan Robbins 1 Diogo Portela 4, Luke Smith 3 Ian McFarlane 4, Chris Plummer 2 Dennis Smith 4, Last 32:- Simon Edwards 4 Ann-Marie Potts 3, Nick Fullwell 4 Jack Wareing 3, Jamie Hughes 4 Nick Jennings 0, Colin Osborne 4 Suzanne Smith 1, Ryan Evans 0 Scott Hope 4, Josh Richardson 2 Andy Alker 4, James Richardson 4 James Thompson 2, Guntis Zemelis 2 Richard Hosey 4, Tom Parker 1 Craig Owens 4, Jermaine Wattimena 4 Kyle Anderson 2, Jamie Robinson 2 Dyson Parody 4, Brian Dawson 4 Andrew Pullen 2, Shane Sheridan 0 Nigel Heydon 4, Luke Woodhouse 3 Kenny Bedder jnr 4, Steve Carrett 0 Diogo Portela 4, Ian McFarlane 3 Dennis Smith 4, Last 16:- Simon Edwards 3 Nick Fullwell 4, Jamie Hughes 1 Colin Osborne 4, Scott Hope 4 Andy Alker 2, James Richardson 1 Richard Hosey 4, Craig Owens 2 Jermaine Wattimena 4, Dyson Parody 1 Brian Dawson 4, Nigel Heydon 4 Kenny Bedder jnr 0, Diogo Portela 3 Dennis Smith 4, Quarter-Finals:- Nick Fullwell 4 Colin Osborne 0, Scott Hope 4 Richard Hosey 3,Jermaine Wattimena 2 Brian Dawson 4, Nigel Heydon 4 Dennis Smith 0, Semi-Finals:- Nick Fullwell 5 Scott Hope 4, Brian Dawson 5 Nigel Heydon 3, Final:- Nick Fullwell 5 Brian Dawson 4.


Weoley Castle WMC Birmingham Ladies Open (Sunday):Preliminary Round:- Chez Allcock 4 Stacey Waring 3, Melissa Daly 4 Claire Dicken 2, Courtney Hine 0 Ann-Marie Potts 4, Emma Breenie Smith 3 Mandy Howard 4, Last 32:- Suzanne Smith 4 Chez Allcock 0, Marie Symons 4 Marie Leahy 3, Kat McLean 4 Jessica McGlone 0, Tracey Garner 3 Debbie Dexter 4, Jacqueline Maiden 3 Melissa Daly 4, Kim Holden 4 Laura Caven 1, Samantha Maiden 4 Stella Sims 3, Steph Konya 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Zena Grande 0 Ann-Marie Potts 4, Mandy Solomans 4 Natalie Gilbert 3, Katie Dolman 2 Josie Paterson 4, Debbie Davies 4 Christina Cronin 2, Terri Bellamy 1 Mandie Howard 4, Marie Millward 0 Jan Robbins 4, Mel Robinson 4 Kirsty Haw 2, Chris Savvery 4 Heather Wright 2, Last 16:- Suzanne Smith 4 Marie Symons 1, Kat McLean 4 Debbie Dexter 1, Melissa Daly 4 Kim Holden 1, Samantha Maiden 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Ann-Marie Potts 2 mandy Solomans 4, Josie Paterson 2 Debbie Davies 4, Mandie Howard 2 Jan Roberts 4, Mel Robinson 0 Chris Savvery 4, Quarter-Finals:- Suzanne Smith 4 Kat McLean 1, Melissa Daly 1 Yvonne Taylor 4, Mandy Solomans 4 Debbie Davies 1, Jan Robbins 0 chris Savvery 4, Semi-Finals:- Suzanne Smith 2 Yvonne Taylor 5, Mandy Solomans 3 Chris Savvery 5, Final:- Yvonne Taylor 5 Chris Savvery 4.

Alan Towe is supported by Red Dragon Darts

His work is available at: http://alantowedarts.co.uk

Iceman Advances to Qtrs with Superb Comeback.

Gerwyn Price produced a sensational comeback to recover from 5-0 down to beat Nathan Aspinall 10-6 on day three of the Unibet European Championship.

PIC:Kais Bodensieck/PDC Europe’

The Grand Slam champion booked his place in the last eight of the competition averaging 103.85, defying a superb opening salvo from his English opponent to progress.

The game started with Aspinall racing in to a 5-0 lead to take control of the match and put himself in a position to qualify for the quarter-finals of the European Championship for the first time.

The interval seemed to come at a good time for Price, who gathered himself and began what would become an incredible comeback win.

The Welshman strung together five consecutive legs to level the tie before Aspinall got back on track with a hold of throw to lead 6-5.

The crucial moment of the match came in the 15th leg when having already missed two darts to go within a leg of Price, Aspinall had to stand and watch as his opponent took out 132 on the bull to move within a leg of the match.

Price’s passage to the last eight was then complete as he took out 24 on double 12 to secure a massive win.

“When you’re 5-0 down you just think to yourself ‘try to win a leg or two to make the score look decent,’” Price admitted

“So when I got it back to 5-5 I didn’t even care about losing because I was just happy it was going to be a respectable score. I think the 132 to go 9-6 up won me the match.

“If Wales can win the Rugby World Cup semi-final tomorrow morning and I can win this tournament tomorrow night I will be a very happy man!”

Price moves into Qtr finals.
pic: Kais Bodensieck/PDC Europe’

The Welshman will now face Vincent van der Voort after the first game of the evening saw the Dutchman punish Chris Dobey for missing 17 darts at doubles, and secure a 10-5 win to progress to his first televised ranking quarter-final in over four years.

The former UK Open finalist kept his opponent at arm’s length throughout the encounter and finished with an average of 96.63, hitting 45% of his attempts at doubles.

“In August I was debating whether to carry on playing, I had a long talk with Michael [van Gerwen] about it and he encouraged me not to give up,” Van der Voort revealed.

“So I decided that for these next five years I’m going to give it everything I’ve got to get myself back to the top.

“Before I was just turning up and playing, now I’m here because I want to win and perform.”

Michael Smith’s quest to claim a first televised ranking title will roll on to Sunday as the world number four claimed a 10-7 win over Stephen Bunting.

Smith hit the front early on, racing into a 3-0 lead and hitting a 158 finish before Bunting reduced the deficit to just one at the first break.

The World Matchplay finalist then moved into a 9-5 lead where he looked set to secure the win, before accidentally swallowing some ice, which appeared to slow his charge.

A tops-tops 100 finish did eventually get Smith over the line though and he will face Jeffrey de Zwaan in the last eight.

“I felt good and all of a sudden I swallowed a bit of ice when I was having a drink, my eyes were watering whilst I was trying to take out 96,” joked Smith after the game.

“I’m just happy to get the win, that’s the most important thing and I’m still going for tomorrow.”

The win sets up a quarter-final clash with Jeffrey de Zwaan, after the Dutchman overcame his fellow countryman Jermaine Wattimena in a 10-6 success.

de Zwann triumphs in all dutch clash.
Kais Bodensieck/PDC Europe

Six 180s and over 50% on his finishing saw the 23-year-old qualified for his first televised quarter-final since the World Matchplay in 2018.

The meeting with Smith will be only their second televised clash, with the Englishman winning the first match at the World Championship in 2015. 

“It was a really tough game, we are from the same country so I really wanted to beat him,” said De Zwaan after his win over Wattimena.

“I lost my first World Championship match against Michael Smith, but I have a good record against him since then so I will do my best and see what happens.”

The 2019 Unibet European Championship will conclude on Sunday with the quarter-finals taking place during the afternoon session, with the evening playing host to the semi’s and final where a new European champion will be crowned.

Saturday October 26
Evening Session
Second Round x4

Vincent dan der Voort 10-5 Chris Dobey
Michael Smith 10-7 Stephen Bunting
Gerwyn Price 10-6 Nathan Aspinall
Jeffrey de Zwaan 10-6 Jermaine Wattimena

Sunday October 27 (1245 local time, 1145 GMT)
Afternoon Session

Ricky Evans v Rob Cross
Dave Chisnall v Daryl Gurney
Michael Smith v Jeffrey de Zwaan
Vincent van der Voort v Gerwyn Price

Evening Session (1900 local time, 1800 GMT)
Semi-Finals & Final

World Grand Prix – Field Confirmed. Six Debutants in 2019 Event.

The field has been confirmed for the 2019 BoyleSports World Grand Prix, with six players to make their Dublin debuts in October.

Last Years Final was an MVG victory over Snakebite.
Pic: L Lustig / PDC

The double-start tournament will return to the Citywest Convention Centre from October 6-12, with tickets still available through ticketmaster.ie.

Following Sunday’s Players Championship 26, the field has now been confirmed with the top eight players on the PDC Order of Merit seeded for the event.

The next eight players on the PDC Order of Merit and the top 16 players on the ProTour Order of Merit complete the 32-player field.

UK Open Champion Nathan Aspinall will make his World Grand Prix debut, alongside Krzysztof Ratajski, Glen Durrant, Jamie Hughes, Chris Dobey and Dimitri Van den Bergh.

Reigning champion Michael van Gerwen is the number one seed, while former winners Daryl Gurney and James Wade are also among the eight seeded players.

World Matchplay winner Rob Cross is seeded second, with former finalist Gary Anderson the fourth seed, World Championship finalist Michael Smith seeded fifth, Grand Slam of Darts champion Gerwyn Price seeded sixth and 2018 runner-up Peter Wright seeded seventh.

Aspinall is joined amongst the PDC Order of Merit qualifiers by 2019 European Tour event winners Ian White, Mensur Suljovic, Dave Chisnall and Joe Cullen, as well as 2010 World Grand Prix finalist Adrian Lewis.

2012 Dublin runner-up Mervyn King and World Youth Champion Van den Bergh held on to claim the final two ProTour Order of Merit qualifying spots.

Reigning Lakeside Champion Durrant joins two former winners of that event, Steve Beaton and Stephen Bunting, Germany’s Max Hopp and Dutch quartet Jermaine Wattimena, Jeffrey de Zwaan, Danny Noppert and Vincent van der Voort as qualifiers.

Making his debut in the WGP – Jermaine always showcases fast-flowing entertainment for the fans. (Photo: Lawrence Lustig)

Scotland’s John Henderson will be returning to the venue where he enjoyed a memorable run to the 2017 semi-finals, including a win over Van Gerwen during that career-best televised finish.

With a record £450,000 in prize money to play for, the action will be broadcast live on Sky Sports for UK viewers, on PDCTV-HD for Rest of the World Subscribers and through the PDC’s global broadcast partners worldwide.

The draw for the 2019 BoyleSports World Grand Prix will take place on Friday September 27 at 0930 BST and will be shown on Facebook Live through the OfficialPDC Facebook Page.

2019 BoyleSports World Grand Prix

PDC Order of Merit Qualifiers (Seeding in brackets)

(1) Michael van Gerwen

(2) Rob Cross

(3) Daryl Gurney

(4) Gary Anderson

(5) Michael Smith

(6) Gerwyn Price

(7) Peter Wright

(8) James Wade

Mensur Suljovic

Ian White

Dave Chisnall

Simon Whitlock

Nathan Aspinall

Jonny Clayton

Adrian Lewis

Joe Cullen

ProTour Order of Merit Qualifiers

Krzysztof Ratajski

Glen Durrant

Jermaine Wattimena

Jamie Hughes

Jeffrey de Zwaan

Ricky Evans

Steve Beaton

Keegan Brown

Chris Dobey

Stephen Bunting

Danny Noppert

Max Hopp

John Henderson

Vincent van der Voort

Mervyn King

Dimitri Van den Bergh


Written by Josh Phillips

5 Take-Aways from the Danish Darts Open.

This weekends Danish Darts Open, from Copenhagen, proved an entertaining spectacle with plenty of shocks, a popular winner and some insights into the future;

Kais Bodensieck/PDC Europe

Rise of the Second Rank.

Normally ‘Second Rank’ can be used as an insult to those not quite good enough for the very top. In the PDC however, it is no insult whatsoever. There is a very strong group of players who cannot, yet, be classed as the elite, but who can defeat any other top player on their day. In addition to their single match potential, they are capable of claiming events if those at the very top slip up even slightly.

The Asp – Top of the Second Rank? Pic: PDC

Dave Chisnall and Ian White perhaps sum this group up. Both have claimed multiple titles on this seasons tour, both are just outside the Premier League (top 8) rankings and both are not yet claiming multiple major titles. Johnny Clayton, Nathan Aspinall and Mensur seem to fit in here as well.

De Sousa Could Go Further.

Jose De Sousa is beginning to look comfortable with playing serious darts at the highest level. His efforts on the Pro Tour have not gone unnoticed and he has a winning pedigree from his soft-tip days. He is beginning to back that up with strong performances on stage. Jose turned those good performances into wins in Denmark and may have crossed a bridge. It is never easy for those based away from the UK but the European Tour has made it more likely that players based elsewhere will prosper.

Wattimena Exploits World Cup Gains.


It cannot have been easy to both partner the world number-one and step into the shoes of a Dutch legend in RVB. Yet, Jermaine did so and played some great stuff during the World Cup of Darts. He seemed to take advantage, of a newfound status and delivered strongly when defeating Ian White. It will be interesting to see whether this boost continues in the longer run.

Shepherd Continues His Quiet Return.

I have been discreetly following the efforts of the 2007 World Championship finalist for quite a while. He seems much more at peace with himself and has been returning to his old self. He has qualified for many of the European Tour evens and has been steadily improving. Defeating Rob Cross in Rd 2 will give him some extra confidence and the financial rewards will be welcome. Kirk is an irrepressible character who would, benefit the game and, provide a great story if he were to reach the higher echelons again. Don’t write off the possibility, he has proven before that he has the game to defeat anyone who takes him lightly.

World Cup Hangovers?

Holding this event within a week of the World Cup of Darts is far from ideal. However, it gives other players a chance to shine. Some high profile names did not take part and others seemed to be weary. None of the semi-finalists had gotten past round one in the World Cup and the two that made it underperformed, for Wales and thus had a point to prove. Could it be that the World Cup should move to a less crowded time on the calendar? Or perhaps it is better to have some up and coming venues and events that allow a variety of names to come through?

Johnny Clayton – Performed well to reach the later stages. Possibly a beneficial early World Cup exit? Pic: PDC

All in all the Danish Darts Open was a great success in 2019 and it should go from strength to strength. The Danes have been strong darts fans for quite a while and seem to be getting even more enthused. Perhaps next years event will be rescheduled in its favour?

Credit: Featured Pic: Kais Bodensieck/PDC Europe

BetVictor World Cup of Darts – Teams Confirmed.

Japan – Seigo Asada (pictured) & Haruki Muramatsu will represent the far east nation in this years World Cup.


The teams for the 2019 BetVictor World Cup of Darts have been confirmed, with Jermaine Wattimena and Michael Smith set to make their debuts in the 32-nation tournament next month.

The ninth PDC World Cup of Darts will see 32 countries competing from June 6-9 at the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, featuring a combination of Doubles and Singles matches throughout the event.

With £350,000 in prize money on offer, including £70,000 for the winning pair, the tournament will be bigger than ever this year as both the Netherlands and England aim to win a fifth title.


Reigning champions, the Netherlands will see World Champion Michael van Gerwen partnered by Wattimena, who has moved above four-time World Cup winner Raymond van Barneveld on the PDC Order of Merit since last year’s staging of the event.

With nations represented by two-player teams, competitors are initially selected based on the PDC Order of Merit, where two or more players are ranked, and England’s team will see Rob Cross partnered by Smith.

World Championship finalist Smith will be making his debut in the World Cup, while 2018 World Champion Cross is representing his country for a second time.

Scotland will see Gary Anderson and Peter Wright team up for a fifth time, having reached the final in 2015 and 2018, while 2018 semi-finalists Australia see Simon Whitlock and Kyle Anderson compete together for a fourth successive year.

Wales see Grand Slam of Darts champion Gerwyn Price and Jonny Clayton pair up for a second time, while Players Championship Finals winner Daryl Gurney links up for a fourth year running with Brendan Dolan for Northern Ireland.

The Republic of Ireland will be represented by Steve Lennon and recent Players Championship event winner William O’Connor, while the Belgian team sees 2013 runner-up Kim Huybrechts joined again by World Youth Champion Dimitri Van den Bergh.

Host Nation Germany will be represented by Max Hopp ( Pic :PDC) and Martin Schindler.

Host Nation Germany see Max Hopp and Martin Schindler continue the partnership which has seen them reach the quarter-finals for the past two years, and Mensur Suljovic is joined in the Austrian team by Zoran Lerchbacher.

Spain’s Cristo Reyes and Toni Alcinas and Finland’s Marko Kantele and Kim Viljanen maintain their partnerships from 2018, while Karel Sedlacek is joined in the Czech Republic team by Pavel Jirkal.

Sweden’s Magnus Caris is set to bow out of professional darts after making his eighth World Cup of Darts appearance, and he is partnered by Dennis Nilsson for his farewell on the big stage.

Denmark’s Per Laursen maintains his ever-present record in the World Cup as he partners debutant Niels Heinsøe, while America’s Darin Young is also making a ninth World Cup appearance and will team up with debutant Chuck Puleo.

Canada’s Dawson Murschell is joined by Jim Long, who sits third on the CDC rankings in North America and also competed in the 2019 World Championship.

New Zealand’s Cody Harris is joined by DPNZ number one Haupai Puha, while Russia’s Boris Koltsov is partnered by Aleksei Kadochnikov from the EADC rankings.

Lithuania, who replace Switzerland in this year’s event, make their debut in the event as emerging star Darius Labanauskas links up with Mindauskas Barauskas.

South Africa’s Devon Petersen will link up with qualifier Vernon Bouwers, Diogo Portela is joined in the Brazil team by Artur Valle and Hungary’s Pal Szekely is partnered by Janos Vegso.

China’s qualifiers were youngsters Xiaochen Zong and Qingyu Zhan, with Dyson Parody extending his ever-present record for Gibraltar alongside debutant Anthony Lopez.

Italian pair Andrea Micheletti and Stefano Tomassetti won through a qualifier to represent their country, while Greek ace John Michael partners Veniamin Symeonidis for a second successive year.

Legendary star Paul Lim is partnered for Singapore by Harith Lim for a sixth successive year, while 2018 quarter-finalists Japan are again represented by Seigo Asada and World Cup ever-present Haruki Muramatsu.

PDC Asian Tour Order of Merit leader Royden Lam is partnered for Hong Kong by Kai Fan Leung, while the Philippines’ return to the World Cup sees them represented by Lourence Ilagan and Noel Malicdem.

With seedings based on the cumulative PDC ranking of the two players, England will be the top seeds going into this year’s event.

Scotland will be seeded second, with Wales third and the Netherlands fourth, with Australia, Northern Ireland, Belgium and Austria completing the seeded players.

The draw for the BetVictor World Cup of Darts will be made on Thursday May 16.

The 2019 BetVictor World Cup of Darts will be held at the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, Germany from June 6-9. Tickets are available now through PDC Europe.

2019 BetVictor World Cup of Darts

Nations & Competing Players

(Seed 1) England – Rob Cross & Michael Smith

(Seed 2) Scotland – Gary Anderson & Peter Wright

(Seed 3) Wales – Gerwyn Price & Jonny Clayton

(Seed 4) Netherlands – Michael van Gerwen & Jermaine Wattimena

(Seed 5) Australia – Simon Whitlock & Kyle Anderson

(Seed 6) Northern Ireland – Daryl Gurney & Brendan Dolan

(Seed 7) Belgium – Kim Huybrechts & Dimitri Van den Bergh

(Seed 8) Austria – Mensur Suljovic & Zoran Lerchbacher

Brazil – Diogo Portela & Artur Valle

Canada – Dawson Murschell & Jim Long

China – Xiaochen Zong & Qingyu Zhan

Czech Republic – Pavel Jirkal & Karel Sedlacek

Denmark – Per Laursen & Niels Heinsøe

Finland – Marko Kantele & Kim Viljanen

Germany – Max Hopp & Martin Schindler

Gibraltar – Dyson Parody & Antony Lopez

Greece – John Michael & Veniamin Symeonidis

Hong Kong – Royden Lam & Kai Fan Leung

Hungary – Pal Szekely & Janos Vegso

Italy – Andrea Micheletti & Stefano Tomassetti

Japan – Seigo Asada & Haruki Muramatsu

Lithuania – Darius Labanauskas & Mindauskas Barauskas

New Zealand – Cody Harris & Haupai Puha

Philippines – Lourence Ilagan & Noel Malicdem

Poland – Krzysztof Ratajski & Tytus Kanik

Republic of Ireland – Steve Lennon & William O’Connor

Russia – Boris Koltsov & Aleksei Kadochnikov

Singapore – Paul Lim & Harith Lim

South Africa – Devon Petersen & Vernon Bouwers

Spain – Cristo Reyes & Toni Alcinas

Sweden – Dennis Nilsson & Magnus Caris

United States of America – Darin Young & Chuck Puleo