Richardson Tops Remote Darts League After Night 16.

James Richardson moved back to the top of the Remote Darts League table on Wednesday as he
continued his unbeaten run with wins over Joe Chaney, Thibault Tricole, and Stacey Pace.


The opening game of the night saw Richardson up against America’s Joe Chaney. Going into the evening, Richardson was the only player in the league phase unbeaten having picked up 16 points from a possible 18 in 9 previous matches in the Remote Darts League. The match began with 3 straight holds of throw with Richardson winning 2 of the 3 legs both in 19 darts and pinning a first 180 of the match. In the fourth leg, Richardson broke in 18 darts before Chaney pinned back to back legs in 17 and 18 darts respectively to square the match up at 3 apiece. From there on in, Richardson commanded the match by winning 3 straight legs in 18, 20 and 14 respectively to seal the win 6-3 and keep his unbeaten run going to 10 matches.

The second game of the night saw Frenchman Thibault Tricole go up against America’s Stacey Pace,
with Stacey still searching for her point of the campaign having lost 9 of her previous 9 matches in the
league phase. The match began with Stacey breaking the Frenchman’s throw in 16 darts before Thibault
broke back in 17 darts to square the match up at 1 apiece. From there on in, Thibault commanded the
match by winning 5 legs on in the spin which included winning legs in 17, 24, 13,12 and 17 darts
respectively and 2 180’s pinned. The win saw Thibault go within 3 points off 4th spot going into his 2nd
game of the night.

The third game of the night in arguably the toughest tie out of all 6 games was between Thibault Tricole
and James Richardson. A win for Richardson would see him go top of the table going into his final game
of the evening. The first 5 legs were all breaks of throw as Richardson won 3 of the 5 legs in 15, 13 and
13 darts respectively whilst Tricole had pinned a first 180 of the match in the opening leg. From there on
in, Richardson sort of commanded the game as Tricole never really got close to him as Richardson
pinned back to back legs in 17 and 12 darts respectively as well as pinning a first 180 in going 5-2 up
and throwing for the match. Tricole then broke back in 21 darts before Richardson finished the match off
pinning a 2nd 180 and a 17-dart leg to seal it 6-3 and keep his unbeaten run going to 11 matches.

Next up was battle of the American’s as Stacey Pace took on Joe Chaney. The match began with 3 straight breaks of throw with Chaney winning 2 of the 3 legs in 21 and 19 darts respectively to go 2-1 ahead. Back to back legs in 17 and 15 darts saw him move 4-1 up before Stacey broke back in 17 darts and a 1st 180 to break the deficit to just 2 legs at 4-2. Chaney then won back to back legs in 21 and 19 darts respectively to seal the win 6-2 and a 1st victory of the evening to go level on points with Thibault Tricole, whom he will play in the final match of the night.

Game five saw Stacey Pace up against James Richardson, with Richardson needing just a point to end the night top of the table and Stacey still searching for her 1st point of the campaign.

The match began with 4 straight holds of throw with Richardson winning both of the legs by pinning a
180 in each of them. A 16 dart break in the 5th leg from Richardson saw him move 3-2 ahead and there
was no looking back as he won 3 legs on the spin there on in, pinning them in 17, 18 and 26 darts
respectively and also a 3rd 180 along the way to seal the win 6-2 and condemn Pace to a 3rd defeat
from 3 in the evening’s play and a 12th defeat from 12 so far in the Remote Darts League.

The win saw Richardson move ahead of Paul Hogan to top of the table and keep his unbeaten run going to 12 matches.

Thibault Tricole has impressed many during 2020.

The final game of the evening was between Joe Chaney and Thibault Tricole, with both levels on points
go into the match. The match began with Chaney winning the 1st leg in 18 darts before back to back legs
from Tricole in 17 and 18 darts respectively before a break back from Chaney in the 4th leg to square the
match up at 2 apiece. Three straight legs from Chaney in 17,18 and 16 darts respectively saw him move
5-2 ahead and go within one of victory before Tricole got it back to 5-3 by winning the leg in 16 darts and
firing in a 1st 180 of the match. In the 9th leg, Chaney sealed the match in 19 darts to ensure he will end
the evening ahead of Tricole in the table after seeing him off 6-3.

The Remote Darts League returns on Thursday with Thibault Tricole back in action along with America’s
Larry Butler, Canada’s David Cameron and New Zealand’s Darren Herewini.

The Remote Darts League continues with the action will be streamed on Facebook and YouTube
on the Remote Darts League site/channel.

North American Arrows – Steve Brown Updates Us.

Danny Baggish, Paula Murphy and Chris Lim star in Steve Brown’s Feb/March Review of the North American scene. But there is a late guest appearance from a legendary high flyer!

Winmau are the new sponsor for the Las Vegas Memorial Open

The Winmau-Fleetwood Memorial, Las Vegas Open, (please note the new sponsor!) is over for another year, and what a fabulous weekend it was! Entries were up on 2019, and as I predicted, we had a much greater international representation. From a field of 280, the final was a hard-fought affair between Chris Lim and Danny Baggish.

While it could have gone either way, it was Lim who always held a slight advantage. The first two legs went with the darts, before the Californian broke Baggish’s serve. The next three went with the darts, before Lim again broke Baggish. The 2019 North American Champ broke back immediately, but with the remaining legs going with the throw, it was Chris Lim who took the title back to San Bernadino. Alex Reyes and England’s Steve Grubb were the beaten semi-finalists.

Danny Baggish – Had a Superb Weekend at the Winmau Fleetwood Memorial Event. (Pic: PDC)

While Baggish was unable to win the men’s singles for Florida, the Sunshine State positively dominated the women’s providing three of the four semi-finalists! They also provided both finalists, with Paula Murphy lifting the trophy for the fifth time in six years. One one of her all-too-rare appearances outside her home state, Kelly Meares again showed her undoubted class, but Paula was just too strong. Robin Curry and Kris Grimal rounded out the Top 4.

Last year’s Men’s 501 Champion Robbie Phillips took the cricket from Joe Chaney, while Robin Curry prevented Paula Murphy from completing the double. Losing at the semi-final stage were Elliot Milk, Aaron Christian, Stacey Pace, and Cassy Scantlen.

Before the Open kicked off, we had our two (cricket and 501) National Championships.
In Thursday’s cricket, there were some very familiar names in the finals of both events. Not for the first time, Paula Murphy and Sandy Hudson went head-to-head for the women’s championship, and it was Paula who emerged triumphant. Making the semis were Robin Curry and Stacey Pace.

In the men’s event, Joe Huffman and Danny Baggish gave us a fabulous display of high-quality darts, with Baggish prevailing. It was hard on Huffman, who had opened up a 3-1 lead, only for his opponent to bounce back and win the next four legs, and the title. Semi-finalists were Chris Lim, and one to watch for the future, Maine’s Dave Green. On to the 501 National Championship on Friday, and Elliot Milk captured his first National Championship with a fine 4-2 victory over 2019 ADO Number 1, Joe Chaney. Larry Butler and Danny Baggish finished one round back, Elliot wasn’t the only first-time champ, as Julie Weger took the women’s 501 home to Illinois, having edged out 2018 winner, Sandy Hudson. Lisa Yee and defending champion Debbie Ivey were the semifinalists.

Larry Butler makes the ADO National team! (pic: PDC/WDC)

Before the action started on Saturday, the 2019 National Points Champions were announced, along with the ADO National Team Members. Paula Murphy was points champion for the women yet again, and will be joined by Stacey Pace and Marlise Kiel on the National Team, while (as mentioned above), Joe Chaney topped the men’s table. “Chanesaw” s National Team-Mates will be Tom Sawyer, Robbie Phillips, Larry Butler, Bruce Robbins, and Danny Baggish.