DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover

Between The Covers: Darts World Issue 569 Highlights

The latest edition of Darts World magazine has been made available free of charge during the COVID-19 pandemic period, via our digital platform. Our editorial team has done a superb job in ensuring that our readers, sponsors, advertisers and contributors continue to enjoy Darts World Magazine during these difficult times. We look forward to launching our all-new magazine later this summer!

DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover
DartsWorld Magazine May 2020 Cover

Highlights (Issue 569) include:

The Crafty Cockney – A Legendary Legacy – JR Lott paints an affectionate picture of Eric Bristow.

Switchblade – A superb new practice routine and how Darts World has boosted its success.

Wizard’s Wizdom – Colin Osborne shares his experiences of virtual darts and introduces The Wizard’s apprentice.

Mic Drop – World Championship official John Fowler illustrates the effects of lockdown on the wider darts family.

Guess Who – Win a signed set of Red Dragon darts if you can name the players in the identikit photo.

Six of the Best – Tartan tungsten titans. James Lincoln and JR Lott look at the oche legends from Scotland and offer their top six.

Mental Health Bullseyes – Darts World sought expert advice to enable us to offer readers some top tips on coping mentally during these tricky times.

The 9 Dart Questions – ‘Hendo’ is the first player to star in our latest feature. His answers will both please and intrigue.

The Devonshire Discussion – Is there a greatest game? Andrew looks at how we all have biases and, perhaps, there is only our favourite game?

Ones to Watch – Darts World reader James Smith offers his choice of six great games from 2020 that you can watch at your leisure.

Unsung Heroes – Lionel Smith. JR Lott looks back at the influence of the Staffordshire legend.

Game On – The Birth of the BDO. Alan Towe looks back to the dawn of the county scene and the beginnings of the BDO.

Player of The Month – Your chance to win a set of Winmau Pro-Line darts. Simply nominate the player you feel is most deserving and tell us why!

The Checkout – An acknowledgement of how our sport has stepped up to play its part in these difficult days! Thank you.

Read the full issue, and over fifty more (free of charge), in our digital archive: here

Diary Of Darting Distance: John Fowler Shares Tales Of Darting Life On Hold.

Darts World have been in regular contact with our contributors, both print and online, during these difficult days. Each have expressed a combination of sadness, disappointment and apprehension at what the future may hold. However, they have all also felt that others are worse of than they are and that they should make the best they can of things.

John Fowler, World Championship official, popular MC and author of ‘Mic Drop’ has offered to share his experiences through a regular diary. As always with John it is honest, revealing and quite moving at times. We hope readers gain from his sharing it:

John’s usually irrepressible personality has taken taken a a different tone during the Lock Down. he share it here:

Thursday 9th April:

2 and a half weeks into the “Lockdown” situation I find myself going out for a good long walk, at least 5 miles a day alone with my thoughts. Today I was a bit more cheerful than I have been and came up with a poem that many of you will have seen on Facebook. The weather was very kind and it was enjoyable. Beats staring at 4 walls I suppose:

While this footpath I walk along, 
The sky is full of skylark song,
A flock of bullfinch thirty strong, 
Serenade me on my way;

Listening to the buzzing bees,
Above the sound of a gentle breeze,
With the fresh new leaves upon the trees, 
On this beautiful spring day;

A brace of pheasant took to the air,
They gave me quite a scare,
I did not know that they were there, 
But I’m still alive so that’s okay.

Friday 10th April:

“Good Friday” although nothing “good” about today apart from the weather. I should have been working with Ronnie Baxter in Plymouth tonight before travelling to Germany for an exhibition with Jackpot, Diamond, Superchin and Duzza and then staying over there for the Bulls German open weekend in Kalkar next weekend. Another exhibition postponed today which doesn’t help my mood.

Saturday 11th April:

Another 5 or so mile walk today, different route to the last 2 days. I went down by the canal, another fine day, mood a little better today. Although disappointed about not being in Germany, working, at least I had an enquiry for later in the year or early 2021.

Sunday 12th April:

Another fine day, I was a little bit naughty so don’t tell anyone but walked a lot today totalling about 11 miles. To be fair, where I live, you don’t see many people where I walk and definitely give them a wide berth when I do. I spend lots of time thinking whilst walking, does that count as multitasking? Just hoping that this situation sorts itself out soon.

Stay safe all.


Editors note: John has form when this poetry lark, there is a rumour that he had poems published in darts world over 30 years ago! We shall try to track them down!

Between The Covers – Darts World (566) Print Highlights.

The latest edition of the Darts World print magazine is still available. A few individual copies remain for those without a subscription. Alternatively you can subscribe here: https://www.dartsworld.com/product/magazine/


Highlights include:

  • JR Lott – Duzza’s Year
  • John Fowler – Mic Drop
  • Guess Who – Win a Signed Set of Red Dragon Darts.
  • World Champions – Reviews of the PDC & BDO Championships & Red Dragon’s Unique Trio.
  • Player of the Month – Who has impressed this month?
  • Unsung Heroes – Who is in the months spotlight?
  • Wizard’s Wizdom – Colin Osborne spells out his affection for the UK Open and the changing nature of the darts season.
  • County, Open and League darts reports and results.
  • Patrick Chaplin – The Last Word

Darts World – February Issue – A Chat with Glen Durrant & Loads More.

The February Issue of Darts World magazine will be out shortly. This month’s issue is packed full of with columns and pieces on subjects across the darting world. Here are a few you may want to look forward to:

John gives us the Indig02 lowdown.

Mic Drop John Fowler gives us another insight into his life on the road. This month includes the BDO World Championships and working with a legend.

Glen Durrant JR Lott in conversation with the three time World Champion. Everything from ‘The Hitman’ being a better player than him! Through to trying avoid the news of his Premier League selection.

Choose Your Weapons – We look at a World Record setting dart used by a current World Champion.

Guess Who? – Your chance to win a signed set of Red Dragon darts.

Colin Osborne Joins Darts World!

Wizards WizdomColin Osborne looks back to the start of his career and takes a closer look at today’s game.

Player of the Month – Nominate a player who deserves to join our Hall of Fame, see who has won last months award and you could earn yourself a set of Pro-Line darts from Winmau.

County News & The Circuit – All the results, news and reports from around the UK.

The Last WordPatrick Chaplin always had the last word. What will he hold forth on this month?

Mic Drop! The December Instalment from John Fowler’s Darting Life.

John Folwer is a an MC, Host and Darts Referee. He has worked with legendary players and promoted darts all over the globe. He recently made his World Championship Officiating debut. His monthly column appears in Darts World Magazine.

Here is December 2019’s Episode:

Hello again readers, what a month I’ve had since my last report. A fantastic week in the sun at the Northern Cyprus open, culminating in calling the finals, sharing those duties with Mick Connerton, on the Sunday  afternoon, great job my friend.

I actually played in two of the events, reaching the last 16 of the warm up singles for players that had no partners in the mixed pairs. I decided to enter the Men’s singles on the Saturday night where I was drawn against the number 14 seed, Gabriel Pascaru of Romania. I missed 4 darts at a double in the 1st leg and the rest as they say is history. I may get to referee for him at the World Championships at the O2 Indigo in January. 

John has now called, referreed and officiated in three major TV events and one major final.

No sooner had I landed back in England, it was time to repack my bag for a weekend in Essex at the iconic Circus Tavern for the World Masters as seen on Eurosport. It was brilliant to meet up with the majority of the refereeing team again, great job again folks. I called four great matches on the Saturday, then two quarter finals, one of the semi finals and the first five sets of the final. 

Congratulations to John O’shea on his victory and commiserations to Scott Waites, the runner up and to all the other qualifiers too. Well done to Lisa Ashton on her victory in the ladies tournament. It was great to see Bobby George and his lovely wife Marie in attendance on the Sunday. Many thanks to everyone for their kind comments and words of encouragement, they are really appreciated.

I am very much looking forward to January at the O2 Indigo. Toward the end of October 2019, at an exhibition in Wittlich,in front of 1500 fans, I finally added Raymond van Barneveld to the list of World champions that I have worked with. It was a fantastic night, in another beautiful part of Germany, that also included Ian White, Max Hopp and Gabriel Clemens.

John likes to enjoy all aspects of our great game! The social element is just as important as the official one.

By the time that you read this I will have officiated at the Malta open for the 3rd time in 4 years. Looking forward to a weekend in Dublin with Devon Petersen and Stephen Bunting at the beginning of December, always a great experience in the Emerald Isle. 2020 looks like it will provide more fantastic times with the diary filling up nicely. Already plenty of events booked in Germany and Switzerland is also booked again. Also my first darts event in Jersey has been confirmed. 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for reading, hopefully you enjoy reading about it as much as I do writing about it. 

Signing off for 2019 and wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year in 2020.

Fowler & The Wizard Share ‘Pundit’ Honours as ‘Experts’ Fall Short.

The dartsworld.com team of writers, officials, players and friends had a tough time predicting events during this years World Championships. Non picked the winner, non suggested that Fallon Sherrock would progress and only one even managed a finalist!

Only The Coach picked a finalist and even MVG could not deliver in the end.

The Coach – Managed to pick a finalist. He suggested that MVG would have a reasonable run through, where as the other may have to fight their way through a tough draw. His other picks did not live up to their billing.

JR Lott – Our columnist had a good year predicting Cross for the Matchplay and that Ian White would make progress on his previous stage form. His world champs efforts were less impressive. Adrian Lewis, Gary Anderson & Krystof Ratajadski all flattered to deceive before being defeated in very good games!

Colin managed a decent debut in dartsworld.com punditry and will return in 2020.

The WizardColin Osborne made his dartsworld.com debut, as a pundit, and did better than most. Gerwyn Price reached the semi and Chris Dobey had a fine run to the later stages. We will hear from more from the Wizard in 2020.

Chis Dobey was tipped for a good event by Colin Osborne, himself a former Qtr Finalist.

The Manufacturer – Despite huge inside knowledge Gerwyn’s run to the semi was the best our industry insider could manage. both his other two selections fell early. But we are sure he will have more important things on his mind this new year.


The Official View – Our resident referee, and contributor, John Fowler proved that current knowledge and player relationships can be very useful. John predicted that Glen Durrant would perform well and that Steve Beaton was in good shape and would out perform his Ally Pally record, both happened!

Summary –

Between them our experts managed to spot a few decent runs and some one off results. But non spotted the winner and few could claim much overall success. Must try harder!

This years winners’ were John Fowler & The Wizard both could claim that two out of their three suggestions provided good value!

Darts World January Edition – Available Now!

The January (2020) Edition (No.565) of Darts World is available now for subscriptions or purchases head here: https://www.dartsworld.com/product/magazine/

Highlights include;

John Fowler’s Mic Drop: John Looks forward to his World Championship debut for the BDO at the 02 arena in January. As always he includes some anecdotes from his travels and MCing. See how his tips faired at the PDC Worlds!

Reviews – Daryl Gurney’s Special edition signature dart is reviewed in depth

Letters to the Editor: returns with some interesting opinions and comments including a review of Dr Eddie Normans contributions to our sport.

Olly Croft Obituary – Patrick Chaplin offers his fulsome tribute to the founder of the BDO.

All our usual features such as Tournament News and County Results are included as well as Competitions and chances to win darts equipment from Winmau and Red Dragon.


Darts World December issue – Out Now!

Championing The Sport of Darts…. for more than 40 years, the latest issue of Darts World (no. 564) is now available.

Gerwyn price appears on his 2nd DW issue in 3 months.

Highlights include;

The Harrows Barbados Festival of Darts – 17 years on The Barbados Festival Goes from Strength to Strength.

Unsung Heroes – Who is Latest Player To Be Given Overdue Credit?

The Last Word – Patrick Chaplin discusses fantasy biographies and darts books that might make good Christmas gifts and even novelty darts items from years gone by.

Win a set of Pro-Line darts every month.

Competitions & Prizes – Win a Set of Winmau Proline Darts or a signed set of Red Dragon Arrows. Player of the Month & The Name Game feature again in this months edition.

Choose Your Weapons – Check Out the Target Swiss Point (03) our testers at A.I.M and their team seemed very impressed.

County Lines – Our monthly round-up of news, views and results from the county circuit.

Catch Up with John Fowler’s adventures.

Tales From The Open Road – John Folwer’s Latest Anectdotes.

This Darting Life – Open events, charity functions and loads more…….

Around the Boards – North American & other regional news & information.

Grab your issue here: https://www.dartsworld.com/product/magazine/

Out Now – Grab Your November Copy of Darts World Magazine!

MVG at the Grand Prix, Unsung Hero, Top 5 Bargain Barrels, County News, Competitions and Loads more! Order yours here: http://www.dartsworld.com/product/magazine/

Look out for highlights, previews, competition winners and extended articles all at dartsworld.com.

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Between the Covers! What’s in November’s Issue

We are just over a week away from the latest edition of Darts World. You may have noticed we are adding more and more features and contributors every month. Here are few to look forward to ……..

  • Colin Lloyd: answers ‘The Big Questions
Former No.1 Colin Lloyd talks to Darts World.

Our regular interview with one of the nicest people in darts.

Who does Lloydy think has the best throw?

Who would he rather be?

John Fowler: Life on ‘The Open Road

Our newly adopted BDO Official gives his inside view.

  • Choose Your Weapons: Target Swiss Point.
Look out for our reviews of this ingenious new system

We look at the latest point system and the Swiss Point 03 model.

  • Patrick Chaplin: Gives ‘The Last Word‘ every month. November finishes with Patrick’s thoughts on everything from Olly Croft to Shayne Burgess!

  • JR Lott: Introduces us to his Unsung Heroes

Player of the Month – Win a Winmau Prize, Guess Who? – Win a Set of Red Dragon Darts

In addition, there will be; Towe The Line, Top 5 Value Darts, County Lines, and much more………

Our next edition will be available on November 1st, to buy or to subscribe go here:http://www.dartsworld.com/product/magazine/